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C25 Apoplexy

Not good, Luo Zixiao, Duanren Emperor thought in his heart. He immediately stopped his charge and closed in, but the endless sword qi separated the two again.

This was not a beautiful scene, it was clearly a Sword Formation that wanted to take one's life!

Seeing the countless white sword auras flowing in the formation and gradually condensing into three crescent moons, the two of them immediately activated their defensive magic treasures to protect themselves.

Luo Zixiao took a step forward, and three black balls of light shot out from his palm. They raced towards the crescent moon. The silent explosion surprised Luo Zixiao. The many years of experience in life and death had made Luo Zixiao as calm as a mountain and he didn't panic in the face of danger. But when he saw a miniature stone beast appear in his hand, it shined with a green light and dropped in front of him.

The black bone carvings on the beast moved in a mysterious pattern. After a few roars, the beast turned into a 200-foot-long ink Qilin.

Right at this moment, several crescent moons attacked. Black light flashed across the eyes of the stone beast as it opened its huge mouth and spat out a few black fireballs, completely annihilating the crescent moon.

"Aha, what a powerful Ink Kylin." Jian Xingyu looked at the giant Qilin and didn't seem to mind at all. He took out the green flute from his sleeve and looked at the moon song. "What will happen to you guys?"

The profound music of a flute rang out. It was melodious and melodious, causing those who heard it to be intoxicated with it. The beauty of it was difficult to express.

The song was beautiful, and the beauty made people forget about themselves. The picture of the moon was beautiful, and the beauty thought that she was a piece of the moon.

The spell became more and more chaotic. The saber in his hand seemed to be too heavy. Duan Li Sha suddenly felt pain. This pain was actually a wonderful feeling. Duan Li Sha opened his mouth but nothing came out.

The scenery around him constantly changed. The moonlight, the scales of the moon, the moonlight. It was simply too beautiful.

He did not know when, but he had let go of the blade in his hand and allowed the sword qi to rush at him.

Sword Qi, the sword Qi in the moonlight, was so beautiful. His own blood could perhaps make this beautiful moonlight even more beautiful. This thought suddenly crossed Duan Li's mind. He was clueless as to why this was the case.

The defensive Qi barrier had been penetrated, shattered, and the battle armor had been broken as well.

When the sword qi entered his body, did it feel like his heart was being torn apart? I haven't felt it in a long, long, long time. What was it that Duan Li had grabbed onto? Pain! It was very painful! It hurt so much!

Was it a long time ago, a long time ago, more than three hundred years ago?

"Ru Er, don't worry. I will definitely come back to pick you up. I've already told my parents that after this is over, they can marry you and bring you home." Yue Ming embraced the beautiful person, promising them eternal life.

Ru'er smiled foolishly in her arms. "Brother Ming, I believe in you. "Go and come back quickly."

After the two of them parted ways, Yue Ming walked out of the room and stopped in his tracks. He looked into Ru'Er's eyes and exclaimed, "Ru'Er, you're so beautiful!"

"Hurry up and go, you're still so stupid." Ru'er waved her hand, covering her mouth as she smiled.

As if he was afraid of losing something, Yue Ming ran back to Ruo'er's side, pulled her into his embrace and caressed her long hair. "Let me hug you again, okay?" The voice was very soft.

"Right." Ru'Er replied softly.

It was unknown how many days later, Yue Ming came back with an eight carriers palanquin. He wanted to marry Ru Er as his wife, protect her for the rest of his life, and fulfill his lifetime promise.

However, what he saw was just a pile of dirt. Ru'er had died.

"Ru'er!" He threw his head back and roared, but he could no longer call back the people who had left.

Jian Xingyu was stunned. He looked at Duan Li Sha, who was covered in blood.

"Ru'er!" Another heart-wrenching scream.

Jian Xingyu didn't understand. What was he doing? As for him, why would he stop playing the 'Moon Melody'? What was that look in his eyes?

Endless amounts of Argent White Sword Qi once again shot over, and it magnified in Duan Li's eyes. The moonlight was really beautiful, Ru'Er, I'm here, I won't leave you anymore.

The sword qi shattered Duan Li's worries. At that moment, under the moonlight, the couple that was embracing each other disappeared into the darkness.

Jian Xingyu didn't know why he had to protect Duan Li's heavily injured Nascent Soul. Duan Li's Nascent Soul reluctantly opened his eyes and smiled at Jian Xingyu. Jian Xingyu made a hand sign and the Nascent Soul turned into specks of light that disappeared into the sky.

Let him disarm. Perhaps this way, he would be able to enter the cycle of reincarnation and find the person he loved once again.

Jian Xingyu was thinking about something as he stood in the array dumbly, allowing the Sword Formation to operate automatically.

When the moon song sounded, Luo Zixiao already knew that something was wrong. He saw that Duan Li Sha's sword attacks were getting weaker and weaker, and although he was anxious and worried about Duan Li Li, he could not save him. In the end, Duan Li Sha had lost himself to the Sword Formation.

This Sword Formation was simply too strong. The crescent moon that was formed from the fusion of sword Qi was attacking him quickly, and he could only use his own magic treasure to defend himself. This was because even if he managed to dodge, the crescent moon would still return to stab him.

Fortunately, he had the Ink Kylin. Otherwise, with his strength at the intermediate stage of the Body Refining Stage, he would have died in less than half an incense's time.

The sound of the "Moon Melody" entered Luo Zixiao's mind and caused him to become absent-minded. The scenery around him started to change and Luo Zixiao knew that something was wrong. He constantly urged his blood essence to turn it into Essence Qi to support his consciousness.

This flute melody was just too beautiful. Even the Ink Kylin was affected, and its movements gradually slowed down.

The shadow of death loomed over Luo Zixiao. He never thought that there would be a day like this, nor did he think that he would fall at the hands of a Nascent Infant Stage junior. He hated, hated himself for being so impatient, hated himself for unlucky enough to encounter a crazy Sword Cultivator.

The more he hated it, the more the power of the spell became stronger, and he managed to withstand the waves of sword Qis.

The Ink Kylin was the first one to be unable to hold on and stopped all of its resistance. It became a target and countless amounts of Argent White Sword Qi bombarded its body and after a series of explosions, the Ink Kylin collapsed into pieces. With a flash of black light, it returned to its original miniature stone beast and turned into ash and dust in the blink of an eye.

Luo Zixiao was extremely shocked. He did not expect the Ink Kylin to be destroyed in the hands of this Sword Formation because it was the most precious treasure in the sect, with the cultivation of Middle Period of the Spirit Separating Stage as well as being the pinnacle existence of all Cultivation World. Luo Zixiao couldn't help but feel a chill in his heart. Even though he was afraid, he still refused to give up. He held up another black cloth that was shining with the stars to increase his defense.

It was unknown what kind of magic treasure this star-lit black cloth was but it was truly impressive. As the endless sword Qis slammed into the black cloth, only a few ripples appeared on the surface of the black cloth before the sword Qis were completely erased into nothingness.

The beautiful moonlight diagram was terrifying, the beautiful flute melody was enchanting, and Luo Zixiao's technique was gradually slowing down.

Hate! Infinite hatred! Endless hatred was ignited in Luo Zixiao's heart. He was unwilling to die just like that.

Suddenly, Luo Zixiao discovered that his hatred could slightly offset the melody of the flute. He couldn't help but feel slightly happy. This way, as long as the hatred in his heart didn't go away, he would be able to endure for a longer period of time.

Such a huge Sword Formation would definitely consume a lot of Fa Li to control. The brat was only at the middle stage of the Nascent Soul Stage, and once he ran out of Fa Li, he would have the chance to escape. Luo Zixiao felt slightly at ease.

At this time, he did not know that in order to save him, another thirty or so Three Yin Sect disciples had rashly barged into the array and were smashed into pieces by the sword qi from the Sword Formation, destroyed in body and spirit.

Finally, he could no longer hold on? Why would he have such thoughts? Luo Zixiao was shocked. Hate, hatred, he could no longer raise it. The killing intent gradually dissipated, and the hatred was gone. Moonlight. Moonlight. Moonlight. He suddenly wanted to blend in with the beauty within.

At this moment, a heart-wrenching scream woke him up. It was actually the voice of Duan Lisha, "Ru'er!"

At that moment, the beautiful flute music stopped and a crack appeared on the Sword Formation. Luo Zixiao's eyes lit up as he channeled his last bit of spirit energy and attacked the crack with all his might.

The moment the crack expanded, Luo Zixiao turned into a ray of black light and rushed out from the crack.

To save Li Li Chou? It was too late, too late.

After rushing out of the Sword Formation s, Luo Zixiao directly fell into the sect's formation and ordered them to retreat.

If Jian Xingyu had chased him out at this time, Luo Zixiao was sure that he would have perished here.

Another "Ru'er!" was heard. Luo Zixiao's entire body shuddered as a tear fell from his eyes, "Let's go!" He knew that his brother, Duan Li Chou, was finished.

Boy, one day I will come back for revenge. Luo Zixiao's eyes were cold as he quickly retreated with the Three Yin Sect.

Many days had passed since his battle with the Three Yin Sect. After the battle, Jian Xingyu had been sitting at the top of the Hao Baifeng, supporting his chin with his hand, he was thinking about something.

One scene after another, it was the scene before Duan Li's death, the heart-wrenching screams, grief, anger, helplessness, pain, and the eyes that seemed to be released from despair. What are these?

She? Her laughter, it was so nice, her smile was so beautiful.

How was the ancient land like her? She hoped that underneath the stone room, she wouldn't be afraid of the darkness. With Xiao Jin accompanying her, she wouldn't feel lonely.

What was her name? Why did I forget? What had happened? How could I be forgetting something? What was that? Why can't I remember?

No, I don't want to! Jian Xingyu wanted to shout out loud. He didn't know what had happened, but he was gradually forgetting as his memories were lost.

His laughter, his smile, and his figure gradually faded away!

"No!" Jian Xingyu roared towards the sky.

I remember, I remember something, I must remember something.

Jian Xingyu brandished his sword and pulled out the Spirit Sword on his back. He danced on the platform on the summit with all sorts of sword moves and sword techniques. He performed them over and over without any Sword Essence.

Jian Xingyu didn't know why he kept dancing. He only remembered that he couldn't stop, otherwise, he would forget something and his heart would hurt.

Day after day, month after month, regardless of the rain or the wind, regardless of the heat, even though he had been struck by lightning several times, he still got up and waved his sword again and again.

His cultivation was decreasing day by day and his memories were disappearing day by day … Early Nascent Soul Stage, late Core Formation Stage, mid, early, Spirit Decimation Stage, late Foundation Establishment Stage, mid, early Qi Cultivation Stage …

Mr. Yanyun had come to see Jian Xingyu many times. He wanted to make a move, but he put it down and could only shake his head and leave silently.

Finally, one day, Jian Xingyu suddenly felt very hungry. It had been a long time since he had felt this way. He fainted, lay unconscious at the peak of the Hao Baifeng, and fell into a deep sleep.

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