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C26 Confusion

In the empty space of the bamboo forest, a youth wearing an indigo robe was dancing on his sword.

Beside the empty ground, a twelve or thirteen year old boy dressed in coarse brown clothes watched curiously and seriously. Occasionally, he would pick up a wooden sword and imitate a sword dance.

Who was this youth? It was Jian Xingyu. He, had danced in the sword at the peak of the Hao Baifeng for five years. Five years later, Jian Xingyu no longer had any hint of cultivation aura, and the Argent White Sword in his body had also disappeared. Mr. Yanyun thought Jian Xingyu might wake up sober, but Jian Xingyu did not know him. Helpless, Mr. Yanyun could only bring Jian Xingyu to a remote mountain town in the northern part of the Eastern Continent.

As for the Hao Baifeng, as well as the surrounding five hundred kilometers, they were temporarily managed by Mr. Yanyun. The most interesting thing was that after Jian Xingyu left, sixteen more Sword Cultivator had come in succession to open their own cultivation grounds. This Thousand Li Mountain Range was named the Sword Ridge because of this.

One of the Sword Cultivator s who was cultivating inappropriately coveted the Hao Baifeng Spirit Spring Spirit Eye, and relied on his late stage Spirit Severing cultivation to forcefully break through the array, but unexpectedly, the Mystical Heaven Curve Moon Flowing Sword Formation became stronger, and in less than an incense's time, he was already dead. From then on, no one had any thoughts of seizing Hao Baifeng. The unappearing Haobai, Steeler Jian Xingyu was naturally mystified.

Four hours later, Jian Xingyu put his sword away and started to ponder. The youth also put away his wooden sword and began to ponder.

A mile away from here was a small brook. In the brook waters, there was a green scaled fish. It was extremely delicious and delicious. Every time he finished practicing swordsmanship, Jian Xingyu would come here to catch two tails. He would barbeque them to eat, give one tail to himself, and give one tail to the young man.

Day after day, the flowers blossomed and fell. Spring passed and winter came. Another nine years had passed.

"Master, can I leave the mountain now? I want to see the outside world. " The youth in front of him was no longer the youth from back then. He was tall and handsome, and had an imposing air to him.

Jian Xingyu put down the roasted fish in his hand and looked at the teenager. He seemed to have thought of something and suddenly forgot something, but he still nodded his head.

"Thank you, Master." The youth was extremely excited. The young man was called Zhu Yepiao, an orphan of this village. When he was young, his parents met with misfortune when they went hunting for demonic beasts deep in the mountains. Because he had no parents, the taciturn him was greatly bullied until he met his master, Jian Xingyu.

It was his fortuitous encounter. Once again, he was bullied into coming to this bamboo forest and meeting Jian Xingyu, who was practicing his swordsmanship. As usual, Jian Xingyu was deep in thought as soon as the sword practice ended. The young Zhu Yepiao knelt down and asked Jian Xingyu to be his teacher. For some reason, Jian Xingyu nodded and accepted this disciple in confusion. Zhu Yepiao was lucky enough to get this cheap master.

Zhu Yepiao had achieved something after nine years of learning the sword. Although he had been using the wooden sword this entire time, the power of the sword could not be underestimated.

The wooden sword was made of cut bamboo by Jian Xingyu. He threw it to Zhu Yepiao after he performed a few sets of sword techniques. The sword intent left in the wooden sword was probably enough for Jian Xingyu to comprehend for a lifetime.

When the wooden sword first had a sword ray, Zhu Yepiao was shocked and didn't know what to do. Because his master's sword had never had a sword ray, Zhu Yepiao took a long time to absorb it into his sword.

He had asked his cheap master Jian Xingyu. Jian Xingyu just stared at him blankly without saying a word.

Later on, the wooden sword could fly out sword qi with extraordinary power. Zhu Yepiao was very excited, but his master's sword never released a single sword qi, Zhu Yepiao knew that he wouldn't say anything. The helpless Zhu Yepiao practiced the sword countless times again. Every time he practiced, the sword Qi would not leak out at all.

Realm? Zhu Yepiao did not know what level he was at, but he must be very far away from his Master Jian Xingyu.

Every time he practiced the sword, the grass under his Master's feet seemed to have never changed; no one seemed to have stepped on it. On the other hand, the grass beneath his feet had long since become lopsided, to the point where only hard brown soil remained.

"Master, do you want to go out and take a look?" Zhu Yepiao looked at Jian Xingyu, who had always remained young and unchanging. Although he was once puzzled, he had gotten used to it after a while and was no longer puzzled.

Other than practicing sword moves, pondering, and roasting fish, Zhu Yepiao had never seen his Master do anything else.

"Master, you should go out and take a look as well. Uncle Liu, who came back from listening to the big city, said that there are a lot of people there, and it's very exciting outside. "

"People?" Jian Xingyu muttered softly.

Zhu Yepiao was slightly shocked, this was the second time he heard his Master speak. The last time was when a middle-aged scholar, who looked like a teacher, came to visit Master five years ago.

Jian Xingyu fell into deep thought again as his right hand gently caressed the sword on his knee.


Jian Xingyu didn't have any luggage, only a sword.

Zhu Yepiao packed some clothes, fine, soft fur, and rare wild beasts. These should be able to be sold for a good price in the big city, so it could be used as a way to travel.

When they left, many villagers came to see them off. It was for no other reason but the fact that Jian Xingyu had saved the village from the calamity of mounted bandits nine years ago.

That year, the horse bandits came. The villagers knew in advance that they would be hiding in the mountains, but they were still chased by the horse bandits.

At that moment, Jian Xingyu, who returned with the roasted fish, met him.

Originally, Jian Xingyu wanted to walk through the two groups of people. After all, they were not in his consciousness.

However, in the eyes of the mounted gangsters, this was an incomparably arrogant brat. If they rushed over, this brat could be crushed to death with a single hand.

The bandit leader never expected that three meters away from Jian Xingyu, he would be lying on the ground covered in blood as if he was struck. The other bandit followed suit and stopped in their tracks.

Jian Xingyu turned around in confusion and looked at the mounted gangsters.

The blood seemed very familiar.

The villagers' frightened faces were also very familiar.

That year, they had forgotten which year it was. The fear in their faces after death, their blood, as well as the endless blood. And she … who was she? Pain, who was she? I seem to have forgotten. She …

Jian Xingyu looked at the mounted gangsters and watched quietly.

There was no pressure, no killing intent.

The bandit leader had long lost control of himself as he fell to the ground. He was afraid now. In Jian Xingyu's eyes, he saw endless blood, endless death and endless darkness … The underlings didn't dare to move. They didn't know how their leader had fallen, but it was too sudden.

In their eyes, the leader had always been a god-like existence. It was difficult to surpass, and impossible to surpass.

In front of this young man, the Eldest Leader was instead so unsightly, as if he'd seen the grim reaper.

Silence. Deathly silence.

He finally regained his composure.

Jian Xingyu did not make a move. His eyes were filled with confusion again. He turned around and left as if nothing had happened. He was going back to the bamboo forest to practice his sword skills.

The leader walked in a sorry state, and looked quite useless. Only after walking for a long time did he dare to muster up his last bit of strength and shout, "Take me with you."

The mounted gangsters carried their leader and retreated in a sorry state. The mountain village was safe.

When the guests left, the peddlers did not forget to add more goods as a gift. It was because they did not want the guests to suffer a loss, and the customers would reject it many times, so they would accept some of the gifts.

The tea stand at the edge of the town seemed to be free of charge. The tea stand was managed by an old man and his granddaughter. The tea was brought by the mountain people. The kind old man and the kind girl rarely received money from their guests. In order to repay these two, they always left behind some goods as compensation with the excuse of leaving behind some dowry for the young girl.

This was a kind little town.

The Master and disciple walked into the distance without any hindrances.

Rain and snow could never fall on Master's body. It was very magical. Zhu Yepiao had wanted to ask many times, but Master always looked on in confusion, not saying anything. Afterwards, Master forgot to ask himself.

Phoenix Cry Country.

The largest city within a circumference of a thousand miles. The center of economy, culture, and administration. The population was ten million.

Feng Ming seemed very familiar with this name. Jian Xingyu stopped.

Jian Xingyu took out a pearl and threw it to Zhu Yepiao, "Exchange it for money. Buy a small shop and stay here."

The Illumination Pearls were usually the thousand-year Night Pearls that were produced by giant clams in the deep sea. After being processed by a cultivator, they were used by the cultivators to illuminate the darkness and the cave.

Money was a good thing. Zhu Yepiao didn't have much money, so Zhu Yepiao didn't think much of it after exchanging a Pearl of Illumination for a stack of banknotes and a blue crystal coin at a large jewelry store.

"Follow that kid." The Jewelry Master Li Lide said softly to the guard beside him.

The guard was called Diao, an expert who had stepped into the Xiantian realm. Four years ago, he was heavily injured by his enemies, and when he was on the run, he was saved by Li Lide's caravan. According to the agreement, he would follow Li Lide for five years to repay the debt of gratitude.

This year was the last month of the last year, and after this month Diao was free.

Zhu Yepiao was walking on the street like an ordinary person, so it was impossible to tell that he was a sword expert. Zhu Yepiao carried a wooden sword on his back. How old was he now? Diao Xin laughed inwardly.

The passersby also laughed when they saw Zhu Yepiao, but Zhu Yepiao didn't care at all.

"Master, I've brought the money."

Jian Xingyu nodded and started walking around the streets with Zhu Yepiao.

Diao followed far behind.

Diao wondered why this Zhu Yepiao, who should be older than Jian Xingyu, was so respectful to him. Perhaps it was some rich young master, but from the looks of it, it didn't seem like it.

After following them for a long time, the two young men finally stopped at a secluded street. They talked for a long time with the owner of a small shop.

Afterwards, the small shop owner ran back to the shop to busy himself for a while, as if the two of them had said their goodbyes, and the two young men entered the shop.

Diao Fei left, returning to the Jewelry Store to report on the situation.

Unfortunately, Diao Diao didn't stay for long. Zhu Yepiao picked up the wooden sword and brandished it. The words' Old Zhang's essay 'on the signboard in the shop became' Leisurely Painting Pavilion '.

Such exquisite control of the sword qi, in the martial arts world today, who could reach such a level? Xiantian master? In front of such an expert, even ants would be inferior.

As the sun was setting, a few officials broke into the Idiot Pavilion. The moment the leader of the constables came in, he led the charge to smash some of the goods in the shop. The constables behind him were even more unscrupulous as they smashed and held onto some of the goods.

Jian Xingyu looked at him in confusion, neither sad nor happy. In the eyes of outsiders, this brat must have been frightened.

"What are you doing?" Zhu Yepiao stopped the constable.

"What for?" The constable waved the large blade at his waist, then pointed at Li Lide who was behind him, "Did you see that, this is the boss of the Heavenly Jewel Jewelry Store, he reported you stealing their jewelry, and wants you to come with us."

Zhu Yepiao coldly looked at Li Lide, "Is that what you said?" The killing intent in his eyes slightly condensed.

When Zhu Yepiao was young, he was often bullied by the children who had parents. Now that he had grown up and encountered this kind of situation, the anger in his heart could not help but rise.

Li Lide looked at Zhu Yepiao and felt slightly afraid. Seeing Diao beside him, he became even more daring.

"Kid, you dared to threaten me after stealing my jewelry? Today, Constable Song is here. None of you will be able to escape, so I advise you to hand over the other jewels, otherwise even the immortals will not be able to save you. "

"Hahaha, so you are here for the jewels?" Zhu Yepiao looked at them coldly: "Government business collusion?"

Holding the wooden sword in his hand, he didn't let any trace of its formless power leak out. In the eyes of outsiders, he was an extremely angry fool. Without any ability, he used a wooden sword to fight against the official holding a saber! No other comments. He was courting death.

Quick, constables, the people from the Heavenly Jewel Master Trading Company started laughing maniacally without restraint.

"Hahaha, boy, you are truly funny. Put away the wooden sword that your child is holding. Hahaha, seeing how funny you are …" Constable Song's tears were about to fall from his eyes.

Unfortunately, the next moment, all of them opened their eyes wide and stopped laughing, including Diao Kui.

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