Bright Moon Sword Immortal/C27 Sobriety and Tranquillity
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Bright Moon Sword Immortal/C27 Sobriety and Tranquillity
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C27 Sobriety and Tranquillity

Diao was touching his neck. It was a little cold, blood, and a little hot.

Diao Dian could not see Zhu Yepiao move, but he could clearly see Zhu Yepiao's ice-cold face freeze for a split-second in front of his eyes.

Even back in those days, the killer who almost killed him did not make him feel cold about his death. What kind of master was this young man in front of him?

Silence, a long silence.

Jian Xingyu hugged his sword and closed his eyes to ponder. Zhu Yepiao was still looking at the crowd coldly.

"Ghost!" It was unknown who shouted and ran, but the crowd also ran for their lives.

The weird master and disciple's store regained its calm.

"Why didn't you attack?!" After returning to the trading firm, Li Lide shouted at Diao.

He pointed at his own neck, a bloody wound.

Li Lide touched his own neck. It was also a bloody wound, neither deep nor shallow. At that time, it really scared his life out of him.

Shrinking back his neck, Li Lide wiped away the cold sweat that had formed on his forehead, "Forget about this. Also, send someone to send some silver notes to pressure Constable Song. You should go rest."

Diao silently left.

There were many interesting and strange stories in Phoenix Cry City, but now there was one more.

There was a shop in a remote street called the Idle Painting Pavilion. It didn't sell anything, but it was still open every day. It was said that there was a pair of eccentric teachers and disciples inside. The master was like an idiot, always carrying a perplexed look, holding a sword, either sitting or standing, and doing nothing else, not saying a word.

All day long, his disciple carried a wooden sword on his back and learned from his master. When he was in the mood, he would occasionally practice in the small courtyard behind the shop. He was no different from a child.

What was even more interesting was that the head storekeeper of the Heavenly Jewel Island, Li Lide, would come every year to pay his respects to the Pavilion of Heavenly Marks and then respectfully leave.

Diao left Li Lide. He did not leave Phoenix Cry City. Instead, he set up a small shop in front of the Idle Painting Pavilion. He cut bamboo chairs, made vines, and sold vegetable baskets. His business was not bad.

Mid-Autumn Festival, August 15th. The moon was round and beautiful.

Zhu Yepiao remembered that every time this happened, his Master would stand in the yard and watch the moon. On that day, Zhu Yepiao discovered that his Master's entire body was emitting a faint moonlight. It was very soft and beautiful.

That day, his Master had gone missing. He never stepped out of the Painting Pavilion, so Zhu Yepiao was unable to find him. He could only wait quietly.

When the moon was high on the treetops, Jian Xingyu came back with two parcels in his hands.

Jian Xingyu opened the first package. Inside, there was a bunch of strange beast hair and a piece of jade that was emitting a faint moonlight.

Jian Xingyu picked up the jade and observed it for a while. The surface of the jade started to peel off, revealing the wondrous jade within.

Zhu Yepiao could not see the sword qi nor feel the sword qi, but the jade stone in Jian Xingyu's hand gradually turned into a jade ink stone. Zhu Yepiao could not see the sword qi nor feel the sword qi, but the jade stone in Jian Xingyu's hand slowly turned into a jade ink stone.

Jian Xingyu glanced at Zhu Yepiao and wiped the edge of the jade slip. A small, exquisite character, "Bamboo", appeared on the jade slip.

After the production was completed, Jian Xingyu threw the jade pen and the bag to Zhu Yepiao. "From today onwards, you will learn to draw. If you have finished, you will throw it into the shop."

Zhu Yepiao looked at Jian Xingyu in a daze. He didn't know why, but he still did as he was told. It was rare for his master to say anything.

"Don't look at me like that. I'm awake. Ah ha, that's right, call me Master. " Jian Xingyu suddenly said excitedly.

"Master." Zhu Yepiao shouted, although he felt it was weird.

Jian Xingyu was very happy. He kicked Zhu Yepiao, "Go busy yourself. I told you not to look at me like that." His disciple's Innate Ability was still very high.

Jian Xingyu was now truly awake.

Looking at his own body, he couldn't see anything wrong with it. He could sense that the Argent White Sword was still there, but he couldn't find it.

This was perhaps the biggest joke in Cultivation World. Nascent Soul Sword Argent White Sword was equivalent to the Nascent Soul of other cultivators.

His nascent soul was nowhere to be found. It was laughable and helpless.

Argent White Sword Qi, Jian Xingyu waved his hand and released a faint crescent of Sword Qi. There was no sound at all as the Sword Qi entered the ground, leaving behind a small dot. Has the power increased? Jian Xingyu was a bit confused.

Stepping out, he could still stand in the air. He didn't rely on the Sword Essence, but on his control of it.

Realm? Jian Xingyu could only helplessly shake his head at the lack of spiritual energy in his body. He really did not know what realm he was in.

Mortal? Definitely not; cultivators? A cultivator without spiritual energy dares to call himself a cultivator? Deity Cultivator? Not to mention, there wasn't even a trace of holy golden or extreme demonic energy left.

However, Jian Xingyu was foolish for so many years, and it was not for nothing. Feeling the Argent White Sword's intent in his hands, Jian Xingyu finally felt that he had something, something that he grabbed on to, but it was not clear.

Trouble is, he got rid of the sword energy in his hand. Jian Xingyu helplessly patted his head, walked into the shop, made a cup of tea, and started to drink.

Fortunately, there were still a lot of jasper tea left, so Jian Xingyu was glad.

While drinking tea, she watched her disciple draw, draw cups, fish, doors, people, rain, snow, fallen leaves …

Zhu Yepiao was very focused and very serious.

But no matter how good Wu Tie's drawing was, Jian Xingyu only took a glance at it and then took the painting to test his sword intent. Broken pieces of paper flew in the air like snowflakes.

The only thing he left behind was a picture, which depicted the pieces of paper in Jian Xingyu's hand flying in the air and his helpless expression.

"Disciple, come drink some tea." Jian Xingyu shattered another painting.

The jade-green tea was very delicious, and it was even a bit enchanting. However, after drinking it, one could tell from the way his master Jian Xingyu was secretly laughing. It was extremely unpleasant; this was Zhu Yepiao's firm thought. He still remembered that the first time he saw Jian Xingyu drink jade-like tea, he was very envious and the cheap master readily agreed.

Just one sip, and the dense spirit energy almost knocked him out. The spirit energy was scurrying all over his meridians, and the flesh and blood in his body seemed to have suddenly entered a pit of fire, and suddenly seemed to have fallen into an ice cave.

"Go practice your sword skills!" Under the order of his teacher, Zhu Yepiao was practicing his swordsmanship non-stop in the yard. Only after seven days did he manage to catch his breath and the spiritual energy in his body stabilized. After washing his muscles and marrow, he would always stink. The most tragic thing was that before he could calm the raging spiritual energy and true energy in his body, he had to endure it all the time.

Thinking of this, Zhu Yepiao pitifully begged, "Master, please spare me."

Jian Xingyu looked at Zhu Yepiao with disdain. He pointed at his acupoints and fed him 20 drops of jasper tea. Then, he opened his acupoints and threw Zhu Yepiao into the yard.

More than a year later, Diao unexpectedly met his other half in the process of weaving a bamboo basket.

It was a sacred story of a hero saving a beauty. Half a year ago, he had accidentally encountered a group of bandits and saved a beautiful woman, Su Hanngrong, from the hands of the bandits. Diao Dian also fell in love with Su Hannong at first sight, and readily agreed. From then on, they had a happy life in Phoenix City.

After the wedding, Diao Yiyi changed from his usual callousness to a more open and cheerful self. The neighbors would call out to him, "Old Diao, have you eaten yet?" Diao also replied with a laugh in his loud voice.

Diao Dian was initially fearful of the pair of master and disciple on the opposite side. After all, he had almost been killed by Zhu Yepiao.

On the day of the wedding, the master and disciple came to congratulate him and gave him three pieces of jades. The three pieces of jades were cool to the touch and refreshing to the touch. Diao knew they were no ordinary jade, and thanked him profusely. This made Diao very surprised, but also relieved, so often after busy to come over to chat with Zhu Yepiao. At that time, Jian Xingyu still hadn't woken up.

Last month, Jian Xingyu woke up and Zhu Yepiao was sent to paint. Coincidentally, Diao met Jian Xingyu, and Diao was shocked by Jian Xingyu, who could suddenly speak. Luckily, while chatting, he found Jian Xingyu very interesting and easy to get close to.

Exiting the Idle Painting Pavilion, Diao Mubai was confused, so he could only say, "How strange."

"What's strange? Why aren't you going back to eat? Su Hannong scolded.

"Wife, isn't this …"

Jian Xingyu smiled as he watched them leave. He seemed to remember that Su Hannong was a lady from a noble family when she first arrived.

As the days passed, Zhu Yepiao's painting got better and better.

"Teacher, are my paintings really that bad? The Grand Scholar of East Street said that my painting skills are quite good. " Zhu Yepiao looked at the debris on the ground in confusion.

"What's on the ground?" Jian Xingyu casually waved his hand and pieces of paper flew into the air.

"Shattered paper."

"What did you just draw?"


"What's the difference between the people you paint and the people outside?"

"One is on paper, the other is outside." Zhu Yepiao seemed to have thought of something and scratched his head in deep thought.

"The people outside have souls and lives. With souls, they were alive. No soul is dead. Your painting has no soul, it is dead. What's the use of a dead thing? "They will eventually be annihilated."

"Soul? What do I need to do to have a soul? "

"Ha, that's your problem."


"You always have to think on your own."

"Oh? And why did you tell me the answer just now? "

"Because I'm your master."

"Then why don't you tell me now?"

"You always have to think for yourself."


"Alright, let's drink some jasper tea."

"Ahhh ~ ~ Master, spare me!" I won't dare to do it again. "

"… …"

He looked at his wife and smiled happily. How many years had it been since he had smiled from the bottom of his heart? In five months, he would become a father. Thinking of this, Diao gently hugged his wife, brimming with happiness.

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