Bright Moon Sword Immortal/C28 Homemade Killing Intent
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Bright Moon Sword Immortal/C28 Homemade Killing Intent
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C28 Homemade Killing Intent

Vengeance in the martial arts world, hatred in the martial arts world. Once one step of the martial arts world was gone, there would be no end to it. Would one have to live a quiet life with fantasies in their hearts? Facing the sea, the flowers blooming in the spring, it's just a ridiculous fairy tale.

"Killing intent, Master." Zhu Yepiao stopped drawing. On the Xuan paper, the old man was resting under a tree. The tree was incomplete and incomplete.

"Trouble. Go out and take a look. " Jian Xingyu waved his hand: "Don't let anyone see it if you make a move. Look at what you drew, it's a failure again." Jian Xingyu reached out his hand as if he wanted to destroy the painting, but the moment he touched the painting, he suddenly stopped. Heh, it's a good painting with a bit of success.

The old man looked lifelessly at the sky, completely devoid of any life. He was in stark contrast to the people who passed by and ignored the old man's extravagant clothes. In the eyes of the old man, the passersby were dead, just like the dead sky.

"Diao, hand over the treasure map and the treasure box. The organization might spare your life." Six man in black surrounded Diao Diao in the yard. Diao's sword was dripping blood. man in black's thin sword was also dripping blood.

"Can you just let me go if I hand it over?" Diao Kui helplessly sneered, "Hahaha, since when did the organization become so magnanimous? I am still not clear about how the Left Emissary of the Hidden Hall died in the past. "

man in black could not hide it from Diao, "It's been a long time since you got your cultivation. You've been away from the organization for so many years and you haven't leaked it. The leader says that if you return to the organization, the Hidden Hall will still have your place."

"You don't have to think about you. You have to think about your wife and the child in her womb."

"Since I have already left, there is no turning back. Those whom the leader wanted to kill, had never changed their mind. Battle, I have no way out, you don't need to hold back. Killers never need too much. " Diao Dian's eyes were ice-cold as his fighting spirit rose.

"All of you, back away."

The five man in black listened to the order and retreated to the side, hiding in the darkness, guarding against any sudden situation that might happen in the four directions.

"Great!" "It's been so many years since we've fought." Diao picked up his knife again, his will to fight triumphant. "Come on, let's see how much you've improved over the years."

"Sigh, you won't have a chance."

man in black slowly drew his sword. In Diao Dian's eyes, it was so slow.

He wanted to move and raise his sword to block, but he couldn't. The air around him seemed to have frozen. He didn't see how man in black had unsheathed his sword, he only saw the sword reach his throat.

His improvement was truly swift. Back then, in his eyes, he was nothing more than a doll that was being tangled up with others every day. Diao Diao could not help but want to smile in relief.

In the nick of time, an invisible sword qi blocked an inch away from Diao's throat, forcibly stopping man in black's sword.

The tip of his sword paused as Diao Kui abruptly retreated, his broadsword protecting the empty space around him.

"Friend of yours, please do not interfere when it's night time." man in black focused.

With the wooden sword in his hand, Zhu Yepiao landed on the field and suddenly, five sword intents locked onto Zhu Yepiao.

"Ha, it doesn't feel good to be watched." With a wave of Zhu Yepiao's hand, the five hidden man in black's acupoints were locked by the sword qi.

"What do you mean?" man in black did not dare to slack off.

"Aha, if there's anything, let's sit down and talk about it. Fighting is not good." Zhu Yepiao looked relaxed as he walked over to Diao's side to check on his injuries. If there were no major injuries, he would be fine after lying down for a month or two. Zhu Yepiao thought as he looked at Diao's multiple injuries.

To be able to control the sword aura so precisely, this young man's attainment in the path of the sword was definitely not inferior to his. No, it was several levels higher than his own. Perhaps even the leader might not be his match.

Jian Xingyu sat on the rooftop of a tall building in the distance, holding a jade cup in one hand and a jade teapot in the other. This brat actually imitated me. Let him drink some jasper tea after we fight this time.

"Young hero, what good wine did you drink?" "It's actually so fragrant." The middle-aged man in the fur robe brought a young man with him to Jian Xingyu's side.

"Jade tea, not wine." Jian Xingyu said plainly, his gaze still remaining on the yard.

Although Zhu Yepiao was skilled in swordsmanship, as someone who had just stepped out of the martial arts world, he was not aware of the dangers in the martial arts world. Three Grandmasters of the Grandmaster Realm were still hiding in the shadows.

Of the two people in front of him, the big man in the red robe was a nomadic villager in the north. His cultivation was only at the middle Xiantian realm, and the youth's Innate Ability was not bad.

"You can't drink it, you can't take it." Jian Xingyu said casually.

The big man was resentful, but the youth was arrogant. "Who the hell do you think you are, daring to speak to my Master in such a manner?"

"Aha, interesting." Jian Xingyu glanced at the two and continued looking into the distance.

"Shut up!" The big guy slapped the young man and apologized to Jian Xingyu, "Senior, little disciple is still young and doesn't know anything, please spare his life."

The large man fiercely glared at the youth. "Why aren't you kneeling down?"

"Young people don't know things, young people don't know things …" I'm not interested in his life, but it won't be long. " Jian Xingyu Si did not care about these two people. She poured another cup of jasper tea and slowly savored it. Finally, a grandmaster in the distance could not take it anymore and made his move.

The big guy saw that Jian Xingyu didn't blame him, so he quickly took the teenager and left.

The palace master of Freezing Ice Palace, Yan Bing, is dressed in the garb of a fairy. She looks to be over twenty years of age, but who would have thought that she was actually an old monster who had lived for over two hundred years?" The Mid Great Grandmaster Yan Bing had always been proud. She didn't use a great sword, and instead condensed water to form an ice sword to fight with Zhu Yepiao. For a time, the small courtyard was filled with cold.

Zhu Yepiao had integrated the entire yard into his sword intent. Naturally, his footwork was mysterious and could be used as he wished.

The more she fought, the more shocked Yan Bing became. This young man was amazing! She was actually suppressed by his sword intent, and she could not even bring out 90% of her power.

"You've lost." Zhu Yepiao suddenly retracted his sword. It had already approached Yan Bing's throat three times just now, but Zhu Yepiao had already retracted his sword.

"Impossible, until the very end everything is unknown." Yan Bing was angry. She had been running amuck for decades and had never lost before, but now she was going to lose to a youth like this. She was unwilling. "Sword … Profound Ice!"

Suddenly making a move, the frost broke through his sword intent in an instant and solidified his blood and bones. Three white threads chased after him. His forehead, throat, and heart were all locked on.

Zhu Yepiao was surprised. He used all of his power to dispel the cold, forcefully diverting his body away. At the same time, he brandished the wooden sword in his hand and sent out three sword Qis to resolve the white silk.

In the end, he did not manage to dodge it all. A white thread went through his left arm, freezing it into ice. At the same time, a cold Qi spread to his shoulder. The situation had taken a sharp turn for the worse. Zhu Yepiao was in danger.

Zhu Yepiao had never killed anyone before because even now, he had never seen his master Jian Xingyu kill anyone. That was probably not right.

Yan Bingjian went straight for his vital points, attacking with every move he took. Anger rose in Zhu Yepiao's heart. This woman was truly infuriating. Sword intent rose as killing intent filled the air and sword qi gushed out. Yan Bing's sword move was controlled once again. Zhu Yepiao couldn't use his full strength, so he was in a deadlock again.

Wu Tie had not learned the complete sword art for more than ten years, and Jian Xingyu did not teach him the complete sword art either. Finally, after Jian Xingyu drank a few cups of jade-green tea for Zhu Yepiao, he finally managed to break through into the Grandmaster Realm. Only then, did he manage to comprehend a set of his own sword technique. Since it was due to the help of his master, Zhu Yepiao was grateful to Jian Xingyu, so he asked Jian Xingyu to give him a name. Coincidentally, Jian Xingyu was sipping a jasper tea. After hearing Jian Xingyu's disciple's request, he stared at the cup of tea for a long time and seriously said to Wu Tie, "This sword art is made from jasper tea. Let's call it the jade-like sword art.

Zhu Yepiao cried out in regret. If he had known earlier, he would have given himself a name. This cheap master had always been lazy and shameless.

After hundreds of rounds, Zhu Yepiao made a mistake and Yan Bing launched a fierce attack. Zhu Yepiao tilted his body and changed his sword move. Six bamboo leaves' marks flew across the air. Yan Bing was terrified. It was too late to call for help.

This sword was the third move of the Jade Sword Art, Bamboo Leaf Formless. He had comprehended it from the fallen bamboo leaves, and it was extremely strange and varied. It was difficult for the person who responded to it to receive it. It was called the Mysterious Sword.

"Sword … Profound Ice." When Yan Bing unleashed her unique skill, she wanted Zhu Yepiao to pay a price. However, Zhu Yepiao was pointed at by the sword, there was no trace of him left.

As they crisscrossed each other, bamboo leaves were imprinted on Yan Bing's body. Her right hand loosened and the ice sword fell to the ground. She spat out a vermillion red blood and her appearance gradually aged. In the blink of an eye, she became an old woman.

"Good sword …" "Good swordsmanship!" The old woman's blood vessels exploded as she slumped to the ground. A grandmaster of her generation, the Palace Master of Freezing Ice had died.

The first time he killed someone, Zhu Yepiao's eyes showed slight panic. He did not want to kill her, but Yan Bing's attacks left him helpless. Once he used his killing move, his opponent would be covered by his sword intent and would not be able to survive.

Zhu Yepiao did not have much time to think. While his eyes were a bit confused and his sword intent weakened, a powerful saber Qi and a powerful palm Qi attacked.

The frost sword qi in his body had not dissipated yet, and his left hand was also heavily injured. Adding on to that, he had exhausted a lot of his internal energy, how could Zhu Yepiao withstand the combined sneak attacks of the two great sects.

In the moment of life and death, a faint white shadow appeared in front of Zhu Yepiao. The faint fragrance made Zhu Yepiao slightly infatuated. With her clear and delicate hair and elegant figure, she lifted her fair and lily-white hands and lightly tapped the two ends, causing shallow ripples to appear in the air.

The saber Qi struck the Ripples and stirred up circles of ripples. It did not seem to have changed much.

From the moment the woman in white appeared and easily blocked the joint sneak attack of the two masters to saving Zhu Yepiao, it was just the span of a breath.

"Thank you for saving me, Miss." Although Zhu Yepiao was shocked by the beauty of this beautiful woman, his eyes became clear after a few seconds.

The lady in white looked at Jian Xingyu and paused for a moment. Wu Tie looked at him calmly. The woman in white turned around to look at the two great grandmasters.

"Greetings, Lady Wong!" A middle-aged man wearing a black robe with a blue crystal on his waist said. There was dissatisfaction in his tone. He seemed to be the real leader of the assassination organization.

"Lady Wong, good hand, good bye." This was an elegant and graceful young master, holding a fan in his hand. He had a very good demeanor. Those who didn't know the name of the martial arts world would probably look down on him, but those who knew his name would definitely worship him. An exquisite hand, an empty hand. Rumor had it that this person had once stolen a personal treasure from each of the current Martial Arts Masters and then retreated. How could this not cause others to admire him?

Lady Wong only glanced at the two of them for a moment before she calmly turned around. Gazing into the distance, she saw a person drinking tea on a tall building far away.

Jian Xingyu raised his glass and downed the cup in one gulp. This Lady Wong is very interesting. Jian Xingyu was very happy. He picked up the teapot and poured himself another cup of jasper tea. After only half a cup, the tea in the teapot ran dry. Ah, no tea, trouble. While he was moving his hand, he poured the jade-green tea into the pot again. When the tea was full, Jian Xingyu happily watched the people grow in the yard and slowly sipped the tea.

The excitement began again.

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