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C29 Wong Wai

"Lady Wong, sorry for offending you." The Exquisite Hand and man in black attacked together. man in black's palm strike was sinister and sharp, the blade was accompanied by a deadly black wind and baleful qi.

However, Lady Wong remained as unmoving as a mountain. With just a wave of her hand, she was able to create ripples in the air like water. The attacks of the two experts created ripples in the air and then disappeared.

Lady Wong, do you really want to become enemies with us, Night? We have to have the treasure boxes and treasure maps! " man in black was unable to attack for a long time and threatened coldly. As the saying goes, if you can't beat them, you should leave behind some threatening words. That's about it.

Exquisite Hand had already thought of retreating a long time ago. Although the treasure was his goal, with so many people stealing it from him, in the end, he could only touch it for a bit before throwing it to everyone else. The sudden appearance of Lady Wong, the great beauty of the martial arts world, had made him stay behind. He was not sure if he could touch Lady Wong or not, so the fragrance of the beauty was not bad. However, he was unable to break through this annoying 'Water Ripple Energy'. He was truly discouraged. Now that the leader was ready to be fierce in the night and the two of them were attacking together, the pressure on Lady Wong would be greatly increased. If she could touch Lady Wong's fragrance at that time, it would be unbefitting of a gentleman.

Therefore, after some thought, man in black's pressure increased greatly.

Lady Wong waved her hand in the air, and a drop of water appeared in front of her. She gently pushed the drop of water toward Leader man in black.

man in black was shocked. He waved his palm and the shadows of thousands of blades formed a wall of blades, blocking the water droplets.

As soon as the water droplets touched the saber shadow, they began to spin at an extremely fast speed. With a loud clang, the sword shadows shattered into pieces. The water droplets penetrated man in black's left shoulder.

"The [Black Water Mantra] is indeed powerful." man in black said coldly.

Lady Wong ignored him and waved her delicate hands. Three circles of light rippled out in front of her. As Lady Wong moved, more and more water droplets formed. man in black couldn't help but take one step back. He was scared.

At this moment, a powerful palm energy struck Lady Wong from behind. Lady Wong had no choice but to leap into the air and cut through the air. Numerous light ripples spread out as the immense palm force dispersed three ripples in succession, landing on Lady Wong's shoulder.

The palm energy that Lady Wong had used to shatter the sixth layer was still as powerful as before. Lady Wong was sent flying sixty meters away before she crashed into the wall and collapsed with a loud bang.

Ripples formed on the surface of the water while Lady Wong, who had vomited blood, flew out from the rubble. Her white clothes were still unstained by a single speck of dust.

Lady Wong stood beside the ruins and looked into the distance. She then glanced at Zhu Yepiao and Diao, who were in the middle of recuperating.

"The little girl is so powerful. She was able to block my sixth layer palm energy when she just entered the Saint rank. She's truly extraordinary." An old man wearing a black robe slowly walked out from the shadows. The crowd of man in black bowed and retreated behind him.

Lady Wong looked at the old man quietly. Her white robe fluttered without any wind as ripples spread out from her body.

Unconsciously, Lady Wong looked at Jian Xingyu again, then looked at Zhu Yepiao, and finally opened her mouth and said, "Idiot, that master of yours won't do it?" Her voice was pleasant to the ear like a Nightingale, causing her to freeze for a moment. She never thought that Lady Wong, who had never seen her speak, would speak to Zhu Yepiao.

Zhu Yepiao, who was healing himself, exclaimed, "I don't know."

Lady Wong rolled her eyes at Zhu Yepiao helplessly.

"Ah ha, we actually know these two guys from a long time ago." You want to scheme against me? Jian Xingyu took another sip of the fragrant jasper tea.

As if by accident, two sword beams shot towards the distance. With two soft groans, another two old demons appeared.

Jian Xingyu continued to savor the tea seriously, as if the sword Qis had nothing to do with him.

The old man's face couldn't help but darken. Two more old men had come, and they were truly angered.

Old man? It would be more accurate to say that the devilish young man who had regained his youth was wrong as well. He could only be described as a young and handsome old monster. The blue-robed old demon was called Tiankong Yeshang, the gold-robed old demon was called Shiyue Yuntuo.

Tiankong Yeshang was the palace master of the North Pole, Xiao Ye Palace. He had entered the sage realm a hundred years ago. It was rumored that he had already entered the divine realm. He was Far North Sovereign, one of the three Martial Arts Masters.

Shiyue Yuntuo, the old man from Northwest Fly, had also entered the sage realm a hundred years ago, and was considered a good friend of Tiankong Yeshang. However, he did not have a title of supreme, so Tiankong Yeshang often used it to ridicule him. However, Shiyue Yuntuo's "Dust and Sand of the Nine Heavens" was extremely powerful, and Tiankong Yeshang did not dare to take it lightly. Therefore, he did not dare to joke too much. It was rumored that a hundred years ago, after Sky had obtained the title of Supreme, he and Shiyue Yuntuo had fought in the Six Colored Sand Plains.

"Old Devil, let's put it this way. We are actually here to buy a bamboo basket." Tiankong Yeshang said in all seriousness. He winked at her, and the fan almost fell to the ground. Tiankong Yeshang could only smile at Tiankong Yeshang as cold sweat dripped down his back.

"That's right, that's right. I heard that the bamboo basket set up by the natives is pretty good, and the neighbors are all saying the same thing." I couldn't get away with buying it from the tigress of my family. " Shiyue Yuntuo continued.

With that, the two came to Diao's side and patted him on the shoulder. They then began to discuss the matter of purchasing the bamboo basket.

Diao Ge only felt that his injuries had recovered after being patted. He was overjoyed and grateful. He cooperated with the two to discuss the matter of the bamboo basket.

The black-robed old man didn't know whether to laugh or cry. His face turned even darker as he said, "Our assassin, as long as he hands over the treasure map and the treasure box today, we can let him go at night and let you buy the bamboo basket."

The word 'bamboo basket' was slightly more serious, and Guan Fu was somewhat gnashing his teeth.

"It's fine. Say it, we'll buy it from you." Tiankong Yeshang waved his hand and began to discuss with Diao about how to sell the baskets and other things about working together for a long time.

"Sky, October. I offer you the honor of being old friends of the same level. I'll give you face, but you shouldn't go too far." As she gradually released her spectating aura, the energy waves around Lady Wong's body became increasingly stronger and eventually broke into pieces.

With a groan, Lady Wong retreated to the side.

"Guan Fu, do you want to fight?" Shiyue Yuntuo rolled up his sleeves and got into a position with an impressive momentum.

"Stop, stop, stop! If you keep fighting here, then I'm afraid the entire Phoenix Cry City will be destroyed by you. Why don't you go outside the city?" Tiankong Yeshang quickly suggested. This guy probably can't stay idle either.

With a slight movement of dust, the three old demons disappeared from the courtyard. Shortly after, a deafening explosion resounded from the distant horizon. Mountains collapsed and the ground cracked.

Jian Xingyu put away his tea and looked at the sky. The moon was about to set.

The killers in the dark, the brilliant hands, and some people who came later all disappeared in the yard, but Jian Xingyu threw them all out.

Jian Xingyu descended from the sky with a faint smile on his face. He looked at his disciple and said, "Disciple, you are really embarrassing me."

Jian Xingyu waved his sleeves and a few strands of sword Qi pierced through the veins and veins of those who wanted to jump over the wall. After hearing a few painful groans, the people outside the courtyard regained their calm once again.

"It's safe here now." Jian Xingyu stretched his back and said, "Disciple, bring your beloved one and master home."

"Master …"



"Ah, yes." Jian Xingyu turned around, "Give me your treasure box and treasure map."

"Senior, please wait a moment." Diao Diao didn't know why he agreed so straightforwardly. Perhaps he really wanted to get that peaceful life, and also had an inexplicable trust in Jian Xingyu.

After a while, he took out a sealed treasure box and an ancient silk map.

"Treasure Map, ah, the tomb of ancient wargod Luo Yang after his death. To pass through the River of Death, Setting Sun Cliff, Hundred Miles of Cloud Road, One Line Bridge, Ancient Battlefield, and finally Land Fire Mausoleum. There are still six keys, all this nonsense. Disciple, you've been drawing for so long, take it and study it. "

Treasure box?

"Senior, the treasure box needs to be opened with a special key." He wanted to say something to stop her, but it was already too late.

The treasure box shattered in an instant and a light green key appeared in Jian Xingyu's hand. As for the rest, they were all transformed by Jian Xingyu's sword intent in an instant.

"There's no trouble. This is probably the key to the Land Fire Mausoleum, there's still five less." Jian Xingyu said.

"Master, our map is incomplete, we still lack three pictures, our map is the last part." Zhu Yepiao said.

"I also have a map and a key." Lady Wong took out an incomplete map and a blue key. This caused everyone to be slightly surprised.

"Hmm, wait for those three brats. They should have map keys or something."

As expected, after destroying several mountains, Tiankong Yeshang and Shiyue Yuntuo appeared in the yard in a sorry state.

"Aha, you three brats, I have two keys and two maps in my hands right now. Both of them are for Land Fire Mausoleum, if you want to go, you can take them out. Of course, you can also take them from me." Jian Xingyu threw the map to the trio and the keys to Lady Wong.

"You can take a look first, and take out yours as well." Jian Xingyu casually grabbed a chair and sat down to taste the tea again.

As expected, each of the three people had a map. The five diagrams merged into one, and a complete treasure map appeared. On the map, a giant qilin was imprinted.

Jian Xingyu slightly frowned when he saw the Qilin. He seemed to be extremely afraid of it in his heart, but at the same time, he was also extremely angry.

The three of them each had one key, six for one. Troublesome.

Tiankong Yeshang was the first to speak: "Land Fire Mausoleum is extremely dangerous, it's not like the Ancient War God's reputation is empty, but the key is still missing. To see old monsters, it's all up to you guys, if the master of the key is strong enough, you can also call him over."

The situation was better than the person. Tiankong Yeshang and Shiyue Yuntuo were both experts that could fight him to a standstill, not to mention there was also Jian Xingyu whose strength could not be clearly seen, and his Land Fire Mausoleum was indeed not an ordinary one.

"Alright, but I have a request. The person who found the key is from the bottom to the bottom. I want to bring another person with me."

"No problem, bring as much as you want. You can't blame us for dying, Land Fire Mausoleum isn't any fun place." Shiyue Yuntuo joked.

With a cold snort, Guan Fu led the crowd away. In the sky, he bid farewell and left. Before he left, he didn't forget to bring two bamboo baskets with him. It seemed that he really did come to buy the baskets.

"Disciple, you're home." Jian Xingyu yawned, "Go get the medicine for your sweetheart, I need to sleep first." I haven't slept for a long time. "

Exquisite Hand stood in the distance and saw Zhu Yepiao helping Lady Wong into the Idiot Pavilion. She shook her head and smiled before disappearing into the darkness.

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