Bright Moon Sword Immortal/C3 Luminous Moon Sword Immortal Earth Fire Mausoleum
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Bright Moon Sword Immortal/C3 Luminous Moon Sword Immortal Earth Fire Mausoleum
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C3 Luminous Moon Sword Immortal Earth Fire Mausoleum

Jian Xingyu, the main character. Sword Art: Illusionary Flash! The bright moon hung high in the boundless sky of the vast sea! Azure Moonlight, One Slash to the Heavens! The sword rises to a liquid gold, the moonlight is like a song!

The sword technique he used after losing his memories: Violet Palace Realm's Twelve Sword Techniques: Void Shattering Sword! The Twelve Sword Arts of the Violet Palace Realm – Heaven's Birth! Sword Domain of the Heart, Great Void Zitao!

Tiankong Yeshang, Far North Sovereign, Ancient Battlefield Death Ice Region King. Martial Arts: Frozen Thousand Li Snowfall, Mysterious Pearl Light! 3-star fixed moon! Forbidden Skills: Ten Thousand Li Glacier!

Shiyue Yuntuo, Martial God. Martial Arts: Thousand Li Yellow Sand Propagation, One Line of Yellow Sand, Great Desolation of Heaven and Earth Yellow Sand Palm.

Qiu Huan Shan, Martial God, Martial Arts: [Black Water Mantra], [Illusory Water Arts] (obtained from Land Fire Mausoleum). Lady Wong's master.

Van Yang, the God of Magic. Mysterious, unknown.

Martial God, the leader of the assassination organization.

The North Sea old crocodile had always been evading Tiankong Yeshang's pursuit.

"Southern Sea Bewildering City."

Thousand Autumn Guide, the little general that guarded the city with the Bewildering City of the South Sea.

Ji Dao, Patriarch of Bewildering City of the Southern Ocean Region, Middle Period of the Spirit Separating Stage. Mantra: Heaven, Earth, Yin Yang, Flame Mantra! Celestial Artifact: Sword Accumulation Cauldron.

Yi Chuchen, the friend of Ji Dao. Late Spirit Severing, Art: Seven Star Thunder Magic.

Taoist Luo, flying talisman seller of the South China Sea's Bewildering City, cultivation base is unknown.

Su, the only beggar on the Southern Ocean Bewildering City, his cultivation level was unknown.

Dusk of the Moon, mid-stage of the Body Refinement Realm.

Yin Wuhui, Early Period of the Spirit Separating Stage.

Yin Wuzhi, late stage of Body Transformation. He died in Niu Niuye's hands.

Jian Wuchen, Sword Cultivator, Middle Period of the Transcendency Stage. Poem title: Love like grass year new, Jiannan landscape before the spring. Endless pleasures and pleasures, dust and dust deep ancient road. Sword Secret Art: Sword of Intent! Sword: Heartless!

Liu Xuan, Ji Dao's disciple, died in the blood sky during the early stage of the awakening.

"Soul-buried Valley."

"Evil Devil Ancestor" Hsing Xiaosha, the leader of Soul-buried Valley, early stage of fusion. Spell: Six Devils Devouring the Heavens!

Fourth Demon King: Niu Niuye, Early Period of the Spirit Separating Stage. Died to the death of the Cold Eagles.

Blood Sky, Magic Cultivator, Middle Period of the Spirit Separating Stage. Spell: Blood Demon Nerve. Weapon: Blood Blade.

Zang Yang, Early Period of the Spirit Separating Stage.

Tai Lou, Early Period of the Spirit Separating Stage. "Weapon, silver needle." [Misty Rain Steps].

Canterera, the God of Death, was at the intermediate stage of the Body Refinement Realm. His escaping ability was top-notch.

"Geocentric Valley."

Stupid Yi Hui, one of Geocentric Valley's surviving disciples, died under the Evil Devil Ancestor Hsing Xiaosha.

Song Antong, Late Period of the Nascent Infant Stage, Yi Hui's couple, had died under the heavenly tribulation.

Large meat bun, king of spirit bodies, illusory form, cultivation unknown. From the mysterious blue light.

"Land Fire Mausoleum."

Battle Immortal Situ Hong, son of the True Immortal cultivator, Old Man Earth Fire from Rogue Immortal, died ten thousand years ago.

The Three Great Deathly Eagles were around the middle to late stage.

The bone ship.

Dual Blade Dance of the martial arts world, King of the Blade Domain of Death, one of the five great kings of the ancient battlefield. Cultivation, Middle Period of the Transcendency Stage and above. Martial Arts: Dual Blades, Life and Death Judgement! Twin Blades: Vast Ocean of Death! The Death Spirit Saber! He died in Tiankong Yeshang's Ten Thousand Li Ice Mountain.

Hakuda, Skeleton Mage of the Mortal God Realm.

Poison Dragon King, one of the five great kings of the ancient battlefield.

Pure Heart Su Moqiu, ancient Pill Cultivator, True Immortal Stage Level 9, once again passed his tribulation. Dan You was speaking to himself. Xudan Form!

Martial God Luoyang's avatar had an unknown cultivation level. Martial Arts: Unity of Yin and Yang, Myriad Martial Arts: One! Yin and Yang are limitless, dissipating into nothingness! Chaos of Yin and Yang, Art of Breaking the Void! Yin and Yang were still void, Heaven and Earth were in chaos! Yin Yang Universe, reverse nature!

Hearing Rain Immortal Emperor Mo Chen's cultivation was unknown. Poem title: "Chang Yi Jin Qing covered Zhu Ge, a music of Qin Xiao far away heaven. Half-life Smoke rain polyester brocade, a cup of moonlight scattered yellow flowers. A hundred years of life and a dream. Weak waters surge, sweeping through the world. " Sword Secret Art: Dugu Wuyu, broken sword to block the wind!

"Heavenly Star City."

Gongsun Ming, Cyan Xiang Sect. Holy Star City, the Head Deacon.

Handsome Young Master, the Head Deacon of Sacred Star City.

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