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C4 Away

The primer.

Sword Immortal's Fury, Snowfall, and Blood Floating.

The Heaven-shaking Sword Chop devoured Heaven and Earth.

Sovereigns perished. Sword Immortals were lost and lost.

The snow-capped mountain peak had its own white robe.

She was wearing a spotless white gown with specks of white snow on it.

The bright red blood had long since been covered by the snow.

You will be judged by the Lord!

The light of doomsday!

Their arrival once again broke the silence.

The Devil Clan which had lost his life gave him a mocking look.

The pure and holy light of the blazing sun was blocked, and the terrifying sword light appeared once again. The pitiful ten-winged angel died in unison.

The scythe of the god of death quietly rose up to celebrate his harvest.

The coldness of the sword immortal was even more terrifying than hell. Countless streams of light rose, making him look like a beautiful Xingyu.

You were born that night. You were the son of a sword immortal, so I named you — Jian Xingyu." "Oh, Xiao Yu, you can't be so naughty in the future." "The old Taoist, wearing a straw hat, a white beard, and a head of white hair, dressed in a tattered blue pullover, muddy rags and with two big toes exposed, once again lectured the twelve-year-old child in front of him." Look, this is a thousand year old lingzhi, why did you just say you pulled it out? Now that the Lingzhi Qi was gone, it did not have much use. Look again, this is a three-thousand-year-old ginseng. You actually pulled it out for a toy and threw it away. God. What crime are you trying to commit? " The old Daoist began to feel heartache.

As for the child in front of him, he was extremely uneasy. His two small hands were placed behind his back as he continuously twisted them. His face was flushed red as he looked at the old man.

"The old man finally finished talking and looked at the child." Do you remember? "

"Yes, yes." The child continuously replied, but a crafty look appeared in his eyes, "Grandfather, are you alright?"

"There's nothing else."

"Then I'll go play." A gust of wind blew past. The old man's beard swayed in the wind, and the child disappeared without a trace. Not long after, the silent ancient forest once again began to clamor.

"Oh my god, Zi Xu, those bastards from Zi Xuan's Celestial Realm, what kind of child is this?! "Pity my collection." The old man picked up the Lingzhi that had lost its spiritual energy and was extremely depressed. A few days ago his medicine was almost wasted by the child.

Who is this child? His name was Jian Xingyu. This old man, who was also a different kind of person in the Outer World. Originally, he wanted to bring him to the Outer World, but unexpectedly, the people from the Celestial Realm robbed him of his existence. Then, for some reason, this child went to him, and was even wrapped up in the Profound Void Pavilion's treasure, the Phantom Shadow Crystal.

After a thousand years, he finally opened the Shadow Crystals to save his child. Fortunately, everything was safe. Amongst them, there were several pieces of Heavenly Crystal jade slip. They were the cultivation techniques of the Mystic Void Pavilion and the letter slips that the people of the Mystic Void Pavilion were facing at that time. At that time, the more the old Daoist saw, the more shocked he was. In the end, the old Daoist came to live in seclusion as entrusted by the jade slip and slowly taught Jian Xingyu.

This planet was a world where demon-like civilizations coexisted. There were four continents: Ai Wen Devil Clan Continent, Saint Mortal Continent, Ice Snow Continent, and Eastern Continent.

Huh? The heavens were in chaos, and disaster struck again? Not everyone felt very good. Sigh, it's only been twelve years, and God won't give me more time? Leaving behind a few jade slip s and a Universe Ring. Everyone reluctantly looked at their surroundings, then a rainbow colored celestial light flashed and disappeared.

The sky darkened. Jian Xingyu, who was playing very happily, returned to the bamboo house. Grandpa! I'm back! I even got monkey wine from a baby monkey, your favorite! "


Silence. Why isn't Grandpa here? Wu Tie scratched the back of his head. Grandpa usually comes out very happy. Could it be that he had angered his grandfather? Thinking about that, Little Xingyu became anxious. Rushing into the bamboo house, he wanted to apologize to his grandfather.

No one. In the clean room, besides the central night pearl emitting a gentle light, there was no one else. On the table, eleven jade slip s and a simple ring shone under the Night Pearl. Little Xingyu walked over, placed the Monkey Wine on the table, picked up a piece of the green jade slip, and used his Spiritual Sense to probe it.

The familiar image of his grandfather appeared. His face seemed to have lost a lot of weight, and there was a look of reluctance in his eyes.

"Little Xingyu." Grandpa will be away from you for a while. You have to cultivate well and take good care of yourself. When you ascend, Grandpa will come to see you again. Those jade slip on the table were left to you by your masters. Didn't you always want that ring? Grandpa will leave it to you now. When I miss you, I'll just take a look at this ring. There were many magical equipment in the ring, so unless it was a last resort, he should not take them out. "Alright, grandpa is gone. I believe the smart Little Xingyu will find grandpa one day."

"Gradually, the silhouettes of the people disappeared like the starlight." "Grandfather!" Little Xingyu cried. This was the first time he cried for a long time. He slowly fell asleep.

The sky brightened up again as Little Xingyu cleaned up the bamboo house. He placed the jade slip into his ring, as well as some toys that his grandfather had made for him. The others did not move, but kept their positions, hoping that one day Grandpa would come back here. After leaving the bamboo house, he activated the restrictions. The bamboo house, the medicine cattail, the garden, the small pond, and many others all disappeared, as if they had never existed.

Looking at the location of the bamboo house, Little Xingyu's tears unconsciously fell. He wiped his eyes, turned around and left. The people in the forest seemed to have noticed Little Xingyu's departure. The little monkey, the little deer, the little squirrel, and the little tiger. Many animals followed behind Little Xingyu.

After a few miles, Little Xingyu stopped and smiled at his former friends.

"Thank you everyone. Everyone can go back, I'll come back to see you. " Little Xingyu waved his hands and felt too much reluctance.

"Zhizhi!" The little monkey waved its hairy hands and scuttled to Little Xingyu's side. It grabbed Little Xingyu's hand, leaned its head on Little Xingyu and rubbed its head a few times. Then, it raised its head and looked at Little Xingyu. Two streams of tears flowed down.

"Zhizhi!" The little monkey shouted a few more times behind him, and a few little monkeys scuttled out, each holding some fruits in their hands. Little Xingyu accepted them one by one. Thank you, everyone. Thank you, everyone! Goodbye everyone! "

The animals stayed where they were and watched Little Xingyu walk further and further away. It wasn't until Little Xingyu disappeared that they dispersed.

Little Xingyu walked alone on the road, feeling depressed.

Little Xingyu had already reached the early Nascent Soul Stage. He remembered that his grandfather said that he was born with Late Period of the Nascent Infant Stage at birth, but many of his grandfather didn't say anything about it, and avoided saying that he was born.

He didn't fly on his sword, nor did he fly with the light. He walked slowly. The forest had left him with far too many things, so he didn't want to leave her all of a sudden.

After about half a month of trekking, Little Xingyu finally left the forest. The first time I saw the outside world. There was a small river and dozens of houses. There were stone, mud, and thatch. Many people in rough clothes went to work with a contented and cheerful smile. There were also many children around his age who were playing around.

Along the river, you can see villages, towns, and cities. This was probably a village. The villagers spoke in a thick accent, a language called Gucci. Grandfather had let him learn it.

Little Xingyu had been standing at the entrance to the village for too long, attracted by the novelty of the office. A big man noticed him. From the looks of it, this child looked like a rich family's child. He was full of heroic spirit, and he was very handsome. He also had a special temperament that made it easy for people to get close to him.

The big guy walked over. "Child! Where are you from? "Why are you here alone?"

The big man's tone was very sincere, very simple. It was the aura of honest mud. Little Xingyu looked at the big guy and said, "Uncle, I came out of the forest."

"Forest?" The big man sucked in a breath of cold air. This child actually came out of the forest. According to the rules passed down from the ancestors, Level 3 Warriors were not allowed to enter the forest. There are many unknown dangers in the forest. He had been frightened of the forest when he was a boy, and his father had been killed by a forest python when he went hunting. The child in front of him walked out completely unscathed. The child's eyes were extremely clear, and he wasn't lying. It was too unbelievable, too amazing.

"You really came out of the forest?" The big man once again asked with certainty.

"Right." Little Xingyu nodded.

"Don't you have any relatives?"

"Yes, my grandfather. But Grandpa is gone. " Little Xingyu replied, "I came out to look for grandpa, have you seen him before?" He gestured the image of his grandfather.

After gesticulating for a long time, the big man felt that this old man could be a profound mage. After a long while, the man shook his head and said, "I've never seen him before. You should go to the little grass hut by the pond and ask the Village Head if he knows about it. The Village Head is the strongest elder in our village. "

"Oh, thank you uncle." Little Xingyu walked towards the grass hut by the pond.

"Excuse me, is this the home of the village chief's grandfather?" Little Xingyu asked politely.

"Oh, my dear boy, come in." An old, amiable voice came from the hut.

Little Xingyu pushed open the door and entered. An old man wearing a pointed wizard hat was fiddling with a pile of beautiful crystals. He was muttering to himself. Little Xingyu looked curiously.

"Village Head Grandpa, have you seen my Grandpa before?" One was wearing (a straw hat with the shape of a straw hat, and the shape of a different person). "Old man." Little Xingyu's face was completely red.

"Oh, child, where are you from?" The old man looked curiously at the strange child.

"In the forest."

"Lost forest?" "The old man was as surprised as the big man, but he quickly returned to his normal state." Heavens, let grandpa see you. " The old man looked curiously at Little Xingyu. Little Xingyu also looked curiously at the old man.

"I've never seen your grandpa before." The old man shook his head. Little Xingyu was immediately a bit depressed. However, I can help you calculate it. The Village Head Grandpa is a great astrologer. " The old man flaunted proudly as he also wanted to comfort Little Xingyu.

This gave Little Xingyu some hope. He raised his head and looked at the Village Chief's grandfather.

The old man fiddled with the thirty-six crystals in front of him, placing them in a magic array. Gradually, the magic array lit up, countless starlight shone from the array, and the crystal ball in the center of the array started to become transparent and chaotic. The old man chanted an obscure incantation, continuously activating the formation.

For some reason, the old man felt that this was an extremely strenuous task, not an ordinary one. Helpless, I took out my magic staff from my sleeve and started chanting an even more obscure magic incantation. Mysterious Star, Your Attendant, Epvenson Spicer, begs your answer. "Prophecy of the Stars!"

The wind rose, the clouds surged, and the sky changed. Sand and rocks flew everywhere. The shabby thatched cottage was on the verge of collapse under the blowing wind. The old man continued to persevere as he continued to channel magic into the magic array. The magic array became brighter and brighter, and the crystal ball at the center of the array also became brighter and brighter. Just as the old man was unable to endure any longer, a huge bolt of lightning struck the crystal ball. The crystal ball exploded, and the coloured crystals turned into white powder in an instant. The old man fell to the ground, spitting blood. The thatched cottage was on fire.

"Village Head Grandpa!" Little Xingyu panicked, picked up the old man and ran out of the house. Right at this moment, the thatched cottage fell to the ground, and a huge fire was set ablaze.

Strangely, as the lightning fell behind, the sky instantly returned to normal. The frightened people also calmed down.

Blood dripped from the corner of the old man's mouth as he said to the anxious Little Xingyu, "It's alright, it's fine. It's just a small wound." The old man couldn't figure out the whereabouts of his grandfather, so he finally used the astrologer's most powerful spell — the Great Star Prophecy. Moreover, he failed and suffered a severe backlash from the spell, causing him to lose at least ten years of his life.

Little Xingyu could feel the weak breath of the old man, everything was caused by him, Little Xingyu blamed himself deeply. The villagers who had rushed over upon hearing the news also surrounded the area. He looked at the old elder with concern and curiously at the child.

"Oh, by the way, my grandfather said that eating this kind of pill can be cured if you're injured." Little Xingyu suddenly turned into a round pill in front of everyone's eyes, which was spreading all the way to their lungs, relaxing and refreshing their mind. Without waiting for them to react, he stuffed it into the old man's mouth. The moment the pill entered the old man's mouth, the old man felt as if the pill had transformed into a ball of clear air and entered his lungs, repairing his broken body. Endless amounts of energy circulated within his body. After a while, the old man felt that his cultivation level had increased once again. It was an incomparably mysterious realm. What kind of spiritual medicine was this? It actually had such a wondrous effect.

Little Xingyu didn't really understand either, he only knew that this was casually made by his grandpa. At that time, he wanted to play around with that weird pill furnace of his grandpa's.

A fishy stench came over. The villagers dispersed while Little Xingyu pinched his nose. The old man also felt it and smiled awkwardly. He stood up to thank everyone for their concern and went to clean up.

After a long time, the old man returned. The village chief seemed to be a hundred years younger than he was, and his black hair grew out of his temples, and his rough old skin was ruddy, and the wrinkles were gone, and he was in good spirits.

Everyone was more curious about Little Xingyu, so Little Xingyu couldn't help but feel strange about it.

"Thank you, my dear boy. Come with me." Astrologer Epson Spicer led Little Xingyu to a stone room. The villagers happily dispersed because the village chief was fine. Moreover, they prepared to hold a bonfire party to welcome this magical child.

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