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C5 Sword Qi

The summer night was beautiful, especially on a cool night with a cool breeze.

The insects spoke of their joy or their troubles; the nightingales sang of their love, melodious and melodious; the wind caressed the leaves, smiling with the fragrance of the leaves as a gift to distant creatures.

The huge bonfire was ready, and the children ran happily around, helping adults carry fruit and all kinds of wonderful instruments that could sing the song of the forest.

Ancient songs began to ring out from the elders' mouths. They thanked their ancestors for the gift of nature. The youngsters reverently listened, remembering. The children were curious as to what was going on. They probably thought that it was very good, very good. For a moment, they forgot about their own pleasures.

At the end of the three songs, the old astrologer, Epson, raised his glass and said, "For our new friend, Jian Xingyu, thank you to our ancestors. Raise your glass, cheers! Celebrate the joy of a summer bonfire! "Now, let the bonfire party begin!"

Little Xingyu sipped the fruit wine in his cup. It was very sweet and fragrant.

The simple mountaineers played the ancient musical instruments, and the young men and beautiful girls danced around the campfire in search of a mate. The children continued to run about, chasing their pleasure, or fighting for someone's fruit, or for a little girl.

Ipsen chanted a simple spell, releasing the magic fireworks in his hands. The sky was suddenly filled with a hundred beautiful flowers.

Little Xingyu forgot his worries and ran to the children to play with them.

"Brother Xingyu, do you know magic?" Suddenly, a pretty girl tugged at the corner of Little Xingyu's clothes.

"Magic?" Little Xingyu wondered, "Is that so?"

Little Xingyu formed a hand seal with his small hand and a beautiful white flower appeared in his hand. A faint fragrance that was like the moonlight slowly spread out.

"Wow, how beautiful. "Big Brother Xingyu is amazing." The little girl looked at the flower hopefully, "Can you give it to me?"

"Sure. However, it can only last for six hours. Little Xingyu handed the flower over, and the little girl received it happily. Grandfather told me that this is called Dao Arts and not Magic. "

It was unknown whether the little girl heard it or not, but she focused on looking at the flower. Under the moonlight, she looked even more beautiful.

"Oh, oh, oh, Xingyu became a beautiful flower and gave it to our princess. The princess happily received the flower, the flower made the princess more beautiful, and our princess made the flower more beautiful. Oh, oh, oh, look, stunned Xingyu, you've embarrassed our princess' face, oh."

"My name is Lifei." After which, he quickly ran away and hid in the crowd.

Little Xingyu smiled awkwardly and subconsciously scratched the back of his head.

The children and adults burst into laughter again. After the laughter, Little Xingyu blended into his friends once again, immersing himself in the joy.

Epson looked lovingly at the children, then at Liffey with the flowers behind her, and smiled.

Suddenly, the rapid sound of hooves broke the happy atmosphere. A black armored knight rode his horse to the periphery of the crowd. The six year old boy, Gus, was scared stiff. Saliva dripped from his mouth and his eyes were wide open. The crowd couldn't help but close their eyes.

Like the wind, Garth's eyes were still wide open as he drooled. He flew up, he really flew, he didn't crash into the wall, he landed safely, he landed safely, everything seemed so inconceivable. Little Xingyu stood beside Gus and patted him lightly. Immediately, Gus started to cry loudly.

"Who are you?" Little Xingyu asked angrily. A silent and immense aura burst forth, and the black clad knight and the knights behind him couldn't help but fall down from this pressure.

He had been about to ask. Seeing all the riders fall, he couldn't help but be extremely shocked. The leader of the Black Cloaked Knights had the emblem of a Great Swordmaster of the fifth step, could it be that he was an imposter? As such, he could not believe his eyes and could not help but choke.

"You? "You?"

Little Xingyu walked over step by step. The black clad Knight trembled, choking on dust as he did not dare to cough out.

Little Xingyu slightly raised his eyebrows and retracted his imposing manner. The pressure on the Knights instantly eased up and they started panting heavily. However, there were still a few newly advanced swordsmen who had already fainted.

"You, what are you trying to do?" The once arrogant level five Great Sword Master, the black-clothed Knight, was lying on the ground. He looked at Little Xingyu as if he was a demon and could not help but step back.

Little Xingyu frowned again. He thought for a moment and said seriously, "I am a good person."

The black clad knight trembled slightly, feeling slightly relaxed.

However, Little Xingyu said again, "Sometimes I'm just a bad guy." He spread out his hands. "That's what Grandpa always says about me."

"You? You? What do you want? " The black-robed knight's heart trembled yet again.

"What do you want?"

"We, we have come to ask for Master Epvenson. We are from His Royal Highness, the second prince. "

"Two, His Royal Highness the second prince is right behind us."


He said that everyone was here and that he was a ghost. With this, the leisurely and leisurely Second Prince rode his white horse slowly towards them. Next to him was a white-robed ninth ranked Grand Mage, while the other was a ninth ranked Grand Swordmaster. Paladins thirty behind him, carriages, goods, etc.

When the second prince saw his subordinates all lying on the ground, some of them even fainted, their faces full of anger. There was a child standing in front of the knights. He asked, "Child, who fought these knights?"

"They fell on their own."

"Did he fall on his own?"

The black clad Knight was shocked by what he saw and was shocked by what he heard. His mouth trembled as if he wanted to say something, but when he saw Little Xingyu's crafty gaze, he swallowed it back down.

"How did they fall?"

"They almost bumped into Garth. After some trouble, they couldn't hold their horses any longer and ended up falling. "Ask them if you don't believe me."

"Sakol, what's going on with you?"

The black clad knight trembled, unable to speak. He was on the verge of tears. When the Second Prince saw this, his face turned even darker.

"May I ask if Master Epvenson is here?"

"Greetings to His Royal Highness, second prince."

"Master, I've kindly sent someone to invite you. There shouldn't be any need for you to treat my subordinates like this, right?"

"Your distinguished second prince, he almost bumped into a child. And you saw, in this messy scene, I thought it was the mountain robbers who came again."

"Master, is that so?" The second prince grasped the sword at his waist, "Useless thing. Someone, bring Sakol, the one who offended the master, back. I will punish him heavily when I go back."

A few knights came over to take Sakol away, but they couldn't move him at all. However, he could not utter a single word as he saw Sakol's strange and pained expression.

"Hmm? Master? "

"It wasn't the old grandpa who did this, it was me. He almost bumped into Gus and still hasn't apologized. How can he leave? "

"Little Xingyu, don't be rash."

"Don't worry, old grandpa, I'll take care of everything."

Seeing Little Xingyu pat his chest, everyone couldn't help laughing. And the second prince's expression was even more peculiar, it was more of a rage.

The Second Prince lashed out at Little Xingyu, and at the same time, the imposing aura of the Ninth Martial Grand Master and the Ninth Martial Grand Master locked onto Epson.

Like a shooting star, like the light of the moon or the moon, it lit up the darkness for a moment.

The long whip broke into thirty pieces.

Not waiting for anyone's surprise, the second prince let out a howl, and the hand holding the whip fell down. Blood gushed out, and the second prince fell off his horse in pain.

"Your Highness!"

"Your Highness!"

Little Xingyu looked at the blood in front of him and was stunned. This was the first time he saw so much blood, and it was actually his own doing.

Remember, sword immortals do not fear killing, nor do they fear blood, nor do they fear emotions, nor do they fear righteousness.

"Remember, you are the descendant of the Ancient Era's Sword Immortal. There are some things that you must face."

"Remember, the heavens have the right to live. All things have life and death, and justice is in the heart of the heavens! "

Not a single person had said this before.

"Poor child, sigh."

Sighing deeply, why did grandpa say that?


My parents? Where were they?

Little Xingyu remembered that everyone had their parents, so where was mine?

Why not be with me?


Could it be that Little Xingyu wasn't obedient?

Where did grandpa go?

Could it be that Little Xingyu was really not obedient?

"… …" Like a dream, a faint white light flashed from Little Xingyu's body. The battle spirit dissipated, the sword shattered, and the level nine Great Swordmaster flew backwards and fell to the ground, his whole body dripping with blood. It was unknown whether he was dead or alive.

Little Xingyu did not move as he looked at the Knights before him and said, "I apologize to Gus."

"Right, right, sorry …" Sakol shuddered.

"Yes." "You can go."

"Your Royal Highness, your hand cannot receive it."

"Kill them!"

All of the Knights wanted to go up, but none of them had the guts. Even the great swordsman of the ninth step was courting his own death. All the people looked at me, and I looked at you, and none of them dared to go up.

The bright moon in the starry sky was flowing with brilliant lights and vibrant colors.

The second prince was still cursing in anger and bellowing the last word, "Kill!" "Kill!" "Kill!" The head of the second prince, who was in the arms of a great mage, landed on the ground. Yet, not a single drop of blood flowed out.

"Ah!" The Grand Mage, terrified, threw away the corpse of the Second Prince.

"You, you killed the second prince, you are the devil! You are the devil! "

The Grand Mage raised his staff, chanting an incantation, and a dense amount of light essence gathered.

The white light was as pale as the stars.

The Grand Mage collapsed to the ground. Dead. Maintain his last position.

The adults covered the child's eyes and looked at everything in shock.

Lifei covered her mouth with her left hand, looking at the flowers in her right hand and then at Little Xingyu.

Little Xingyu looked at the starry sky with tears streaming down his face. It was unknown what he was thinking.

"Is this the devil?"

"Is he really?"

"… …" After a long while, the villagers quietly dispersed with fear.

The knights quietly retreated, and seeing that the demon did not obstruct them, they ran even faster.

Behind him, Lifei was still staring at the stunned boy in front of her.

The starry sky suddenly lit up, and shooting stars streaked across the sky like rain. They were colorful and beautiful.

A few meteors exploded like fireworks. They were extraordinarily beautiful and disappeared into the sky.

"The Sword Emperor ordered us to protect this origin star at all costs!

"Yes sir!"

The swords were like shooting stars, all of them complex. In the distant universe, a great battle was unfolding.

The handsome man stared at the great battle before him. He gently waved his hand, and the myriad of sword immortals behind him fearlessly charged forward in waves.

No matter if it was demons, demons, birdmen, immortals, or blood, they were all flying in the endless sky.

"This piece of starry sky belongs to my Evil Sword Region." "Yes." Ning waved his bright red robes, and thousands of sword immortals shot forward like meteors to reinforce him. If you are not convinced, you can continue. "

He seemed to be muttering to himself, but no one around him dared to make a sound.

"Esteemed Sword Emperor, you …"

"Don't use those fake gifts. Also, don't play any tricks. I don't like it."

A beam of sword light flashed past, chopping apart several stars, beheading a Demon Lord who had snuck into the battlefield. The sword light did not stop, turning back, beheading an Angel King.

"Look, this is so fun, don't be too polite."

"Sword Emperor! "You?"

"Hey, don't be too courteous. Hahaha, you all know that I am the one who is most vulnerable to courtesies."

"Your Evil Sword Region belongs to my demon clan, why must you do this?"

"Hehe? I belong to the devil? "Hahaha, what a cute joke. Mn, that's right. I belong to the demon, so why didn't you serve me?"


"Ah, my patience is limited. Don't play any tricks on me. Although chopping through a Space Gate isn't really a fun thing, I don't mind doing it a few more times. "

"Let's retreat." In the distant void, the alliance of demons, devils, and angels retreated from the portal.

"Go back and tell your master if my sword energy is still fine. Hahaha!"

The group of sword immortals also silently retreated, disappearing into the void.

The starry sky was as bright, beautiful, and profound as ever.

"Kid, don't let me down."

The Sword Emperor thought out loud. He glanced at the distant mortal planet and then vanished into the stars.

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