Bright Moon Sword Immortal/C6 Stellar Rain Pavilion
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Bright Moon Sword Immortal/C6 Stellar Rain Pavilion
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C6 Stellar Rain Pavilion

"Old grandpa, I've troubled you."

"Ai, it's nothing. You just have to be careful along the way. This is my travel notes, and also a gold card. It can be exchanged for gold coins in various large trading unions and given to you as a gift. It might be of some help to you. "

"Thank you, old grandpa." Little Xingyu accepted Epson's gift, waved goodbye, and turned to leave. Epson watched the lonely figure disappear over the horizon in a few steps.

"Grandfather, will he still come back?"

"Probably. Perhaps one day, you will meet him again. "

"Yes, I want to grow up as fast as possible."

He shook his head and led Liffey back to the village.

After walking for hundreds of miles, Little Xingyu shook his head and faced his first bloody trouble. Scratching the back of his head and regaining his innocence from before, he concealed his figure and rode his sword into the sky before flying northwest. After flying for about 8000 miles, Little Xingyu stopped his sword aura. Under the clouds was a mountain range with many mountains. The mountain ranges were overlapping each other, creating an extraordinary scene where ferocious beasts were hiding. The most astonishing thing was that there was actually a large city in the depths of the mountain. With the city as the center, there were countless small cities like spider webs extending throughout the mountain range. It was truly strange that there were so many people living here in this dangerous place filled with vicious beasts.

After going down to take a look, Little Xingyu kept his Nascent Soul sword and landed at the foot of the mountain near the big city. He walked on the main road and headed towards the big city.

"Sin Capital." This name was rather interesting. As its name implied, Sin Capital was the most chaotic and sinful city in the entire continent, and was not a place an ordinary person could live in.

Sin Capital possessed all kinds of commodities, evil people, and information of the entire continent. Whatever you want, whatever you want to know, you can get here, you know.

Sin Capital had its own laws and regulations. No matter who violated them, they would be punished to the extreme. It was also said that there were three mighty God Realm warriors guarding this place. Therefore, no matter how strong a criminal he was, he had to be obedient in accordance with the rules.

Putting away his notes, Little Xingyu swaggered towards the city gate.

"Stop, where is this child coming from? 10 gold coins to pay for the entry fee. "

"Ah?" "Gold coins." Little Xingyu waved his hand and threw a bag of gold coins over.

The guard caught it and shook it, the sound of the gold coins was very soothing. The guard immediately showed a humble yet happy expression, "En, not bad, you can go in."

After Little Xingyu entered the city for a while, he let out a mischievous laugh. Behind him, there was a scream and a roar!

"Little bastard, I'll kill you!" This came from the pitiful guard who was collecting gold coins.

The gold coin inside the cloth bag turned into a huge rock and directly smashed the guard's leg. Bright red blood flowed out, making him feel worse than a pig. Sigh, there's nothing I can do about it. Who asked him to be so greedy?

Little Xingyu laughed and disappeared into the crowd. The guards that were chasing him naturally couldn't find the culprit. Should I report this to my superior? The superior didn't care about such small matters. After all, it wasn't a big deal.

Thirty years ago, when his Sin Capital was in great turmoil, the Sword God, the White-haired Demon God, had slaughtered three hundred of the guards when he entered the city. Half of them were guarding the city gates, oh, and on the way, he destroyed one of the city gates. The city gate that Little Xingyu entered through was the Sword God Gate.

The bustle of the capital was comparable to that of an ordinary city. People were busy walking, some with kind smiles, some with indifferent loneliness, some with sharp eyes, some with a look of sadness, or like deranged beggars … In short, everyone was like a kind person, a kind passerby. This was a kind and beautiful environment.

Oh, no, no, no, it's all an illusion, you've been fooled by your eyes. See that beggar? The lame one who liked to nibble on chicken legs was a Saint Magister who was crazy enough to use forbidden spells to attack the Western Radiant Temple, one of the two halls of light, the headquarters of the Church of Holy Light. Shh, don't say I said that.

Is this a Sin Capital? Little Xingyu muttered. He continued to walk inside.

Guest shop, restaurant, gambling house, bathhouse, flower shop, weapon shop, bookstore, mysterious secret book shop, small pet shopping center, messenger, magic street lamp, rare bird shop, cricket shop, herb shop … The variety of shops and entertainment places is overwhelming.

Gold coins, gold coins, oh, I can't buy anything. Little Xingyu stopped after going around a few stores helplessly. I wonder how much money is in the card that the old grandpa gave me. I need to go to the Chamber of Commerce to exchange it.

He scanned with his divine sense and found that there was one here.

Little Xingyu took a few steps, changed his body, and disappeared from the middle of the street. A golden finger trembled. An afterimage? Is this young lord a human or a ghost?

Here it is. A magnificent and large building sat in the center of the West Street — — Earth Bear Chamber of Commerce. At the entrance of the Chamber of Commerce, there was a giant statue. The main character was a cute little bear with an enlarged head. The little bear held the honey and its mouth was filled with honey. With a mischievous and satisfied expression, it seemed to be intoxicated with the sweetness of the honey.

Little Xingyu looked at the bear in curiosity and left a line of small paper on the back of the bear: "Jian Xingyu, let's go!" The speed of the words was extremely fast, so he didn't even notice the company's guard greeting him. He only saw the elegant youth standing in front of the Earth Bear for a while, completely attracted by its charm. Mr. Effie, who established the Chamber of Commerce back then, was really amazing. With the charm of a cute Earth Bear, he conquered all the competitors, causing the Earth Bear Chamber of Commerce to be able to survive in the continent for 3,000 years. It was all thanks to this cute Earth Bear. Thus, whenever the people from the merchant guild saw someone looking at this adorable Earth Bear, they would feel a sense of pride and joy.

Unfortunately, they didn't know about Little Xingyu's prank on the cute Earth Bear.

Hehe, Little Xingyu smiled and walked towards the Chamber of Commerce with a bashful look on his face.

"Hello, esteemed guest. May I ask if you need any help?"

A door, a beautiful young lady walked over to welcome him with a standard smile, warm service.

"Hello, big sister. I need to exchange for some money."

"Alright, let's go this way. Desk number three."


Little Xingyu followed the direction that Miss Mei was pointing at and arrived at the third reception desk. On platform three was a handsome young man in his twenties. He wore a unique and appropriate formal attire, and on his chest was a light silver emblem of the union, the Earthen Bear Chamber of Commerce.

"Dear guest, can Melson help you in any way?"

"Exchange for some gold coins." Little Xingyu handed Epson's purplish-gold card.

"5-star purple card." Mayerson looked surprised, looked at Ka and then at Little Xingyu.

"Is there a problem?" Little Xingyu scratched the back of his head and pulled his hair.

"No, no, I'm sorry, I lost my composure. This is the first time I've received an honored guest like you."


"Please come here."

"Where to?"

"Top guest room."

Eh? Little Xingyu frowned, and scratched the hair on the back of his head, "No need, just exchange some gold for me." "I still have things to do. How much can I exchange?"

"A lot."

"How much is a lot?"

"A lot of it is, uh, sorry, how much do you want to take out?"

"Mm, to be able to buy a big house in this city, there must be enough pocket money."

"Er, Mayerson recommends that you withdraw one hundred thousand gold coins first. Only do you have a place to put it? Do you need a storage ring? "

Melson noticed that Little Xingyu didn't have that magical storage ring, nor bracelet of holding, so he was kind.

"All right. "Right, is there a map of the city?"

"Yes. "Please wait a moment, we'll arrange it immediately for you."

Mayerson told his assistant to go inside with the purple-gold card.

Mayerson's assistant was called Senmel, which was an interesting name. But Senmel was very stiff and looked at Little Xingyu embarrassedly. Little Xingyu gave him a bashful smile and then sat on a chair to wait.

The moment he sat down, several beautiful attendants brought some fragrant tea and dessert for Little Xingyu to enjoy. Little Xingyu also did not hold back and directly picked it up to taste. Although it wasn't as delicious as the wine from grandpa in the forest, it was still not bad.

"Esteemed guest, may I ask your name?" A chubby gentleman walked out with a face full of smiles. The fat on his face and belly quivered with his steps. He looked very adorable.

"My name is Jian Xingyu."

"Oh, Young Master Jian." The fat gentleman covered his mouth, "Oh, Young Master Xingyu. Hello, hello. I'm Rada, the supervisor here. How is Master Epvenson? "

"You're talking about old grandpa. Very good." Where is the gold I want? "

"Here, here. Please keep it. This is a storage ring, you can take it out as you wish with your spiritual energy. There was a map inside. "I heard you want a big house. I happen to have an empty one and a huge garden, which is in the West Street area, a little far from here but very close to Kapar Academy. If you don't mind, I can sell it to you for only 50,000 gold coins.

"It's really nice there. I believe you will like it. "

"Alright." Little Xingyu looked at the fatty's eyes. It didn't seem like he was lying. The fatty was very sincere and agreed with a nod.

"There are three hundred thousand gold coins in your storage ring. Please keep them." This is your Purple Card. "

"Well, thank you. I'm leaving. No need to send me off. "

Rada rubbed his fat belly and said with a smile, "Welcome back."

The gold deposit card of the Earth Bear Merchant Guild was divided into bronze, silver, gold, platinum, purple gold, and multicolored gold cards. Each card was divided into seven ranks, which corresponded to a different rank, strength, and money. The only exception was the Five-Colored Golden Card.

A Fifth Order Purple Gold Card was equivalent to a Saint Ruler's status. As for the others, there weren't any Saint Rankers, so no matter how much money you had, they would only be treated as a Golden-purple Fourth Order.

Upon hearing that there was a purple-gold level 5 customer, Rada immediately ran over. Every year, there would be an expert receiving him. The reception would affect his money and status in the Earth Bear Chamber of Commerce.

Thus, he naturally had to be excited and passionate. Although he saw such a young boy, he did his best to give Little Xingyu the villa that was priced at 250,000 gold coins with a begging price.

Having said that, although Little Xingyu was very satisfied with their service, but unfortunately, he didn't feel anything towards the person who just came out of the forest. As for the chubby Mr. Radha, I think he'll remember, right? If not, poor Radha is going to cry.

"Elegant villa." Little Xingyu's eyes lit up. This was the fat guy's house? Such a name, coupled with Rada's figure, Little Xingyu felt that it was a bit weird.

Xingyu Pavilion. With a wave of his hand and a wave of the sword, the elegant villa changed its name. The handwriting was simple and elegant, the meaning behind the sword intent was not bad. Satisfied, Little Xingyu stepped into the Xingyu Pavilion.

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