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Bright Moon Sword Immortal/C7 I Didn't Mean to Do It
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C7 I Didn't Mean to Do It

He resigned some of his servants and left five people behind. The old housekeeper, Mr. Feng, had a kind face and a long beard. His fat body was dressed in a loose butler's robe. He came and went with a kind smile, which made people feel very close to him, so he stayed. And Moss, and Kakal, and two young servants with quick hands and legs, and their sweethearts, Viv, Molly.

"Alright, you guys don't have to worry about being expelled. Each of you will receive a severance pay of 20 gold coins. Please go and collect it from the old housekeeper." Little Xingyu felt strange as he stood on the steps.

When the dejected servants heard this, they were overjoyed. One had to know that their annual salary here was only two gold coins. If they were paid ten years of wages in one go, they still wouldn't have to work. How could they not be happy? In an instant, the haze dissipated, and the servants happily queued up to take the money and leave.

Moss stood at the side and watched as the old butler paid him. The gold coins in the grey cloth bag behind the old butler seemed to be inexhaustible. The sound of the gold coins was really pleasing to the ears!

"You have no future." Weiwei stepped on Moss' leg, then pinched the flesh on his waist. "I'll definitely get more gold coins if I stay here!" Poor Moss showed a weird expression in pain, but he didn't dare to shout out, afraid that Little Xingyu would see it and fire him.

However, Little Xingyu had already seen it. He smiled at them, and the craftiness in his eyes was caught by Mos. Mos trembled all over and pulled open Weiwei's pincers, smiling awkwardly.

Xingyu Pavilion was very big. It had four buildings and a storeroom on the west side. There was a cellar underneath the storeroom. The cellar was filled with a large amount of grain and wine. When Fatty Lada sold his house, he accidentally sent out more than half of the fine wine that he had stored for so many years. Now, he was probably crying out in regret.

The middle floor was naturally the main building. Xingyu's Pavilion was five stories tall, and had over seventy rooms. It had a large hall, a dining hall, a kitchen, and many other things. This made Little Xingyu, who had been living deep in the mountains, very happy.

The east side of the garden has a pavilion, the pavilion has a lake, green waves, waterfowl habitat. There were many ornamental fish swimming in the water, along with strange rocks and green water grasses, it was quite good. Beside the lake, there was a path paved with goose soft stone. There were five steps by the side of the path, one willow, and fifteen steps by a bench. There were many flowers and strange trees growing by the side of the road.

Behind the main building was a vegetable garden, and behind the garden was a small house that was somewhat dilapidated. It was probably the residence of the old man who used to look at the garden. On the west side of the garden, there was a small maze built from ivy. In the center of the maze, there was a stone platform, which was about the place where the children would put their treasures.

That was roughly the case. Little Xingyu walked around and was very satisfied with the novelty of the place.

As long as he was a cultivator, there would be a defensive array around his residence, and Little Xingyu was no exception.

He scratched the back of his head and tugged at his long hair. After thinking for a while, he felt that something was missing. Right, it was a formation. The trouble was that he didn't know what kind of formation to set up. Formations were quite dull and boring. When he was living in the depths of the forest, the formations he cultivated in were all laid down by his grandfather. Even he himself didn't understand them, much less what they were saying. Later, when he was studying, he didn't study well. When Little Xingyu thought of this, he couldn't help but feel regret.

Patting his head, that's right, jade slip.

There were many jade slip left behind by different people, maybe some of them were there.

"Purple Void Sword Canon", "Blue Lotus Sword Canon", "Flowing Wind Sword Art", "Heavenly Transformation", "Void Shattering Sword Art", "Purple Profound Talisman Scripture", "Nine Chapters of the Blue Flute", "Dragon's Flute", "Nine Melodies"... Little Xingyu flipped over one by one and threw them on the table.

"All of them are sealed!" He slapped down with his palm, wanting to vent his anger. Thinking that these were ordinary tables and chairs, the tables that were separated by a hair's breadth immediately stopped. Unfortunately, the tables were still shattered and pieces of wood were scattered all over the floor.

"Sigh!" Little Xingyu squatted down to clean them up one by one. No matter what, it was his grandpa who left them for him.

"Eh?" The words of the primary Sword Cultivator s were not sealed. " Little Xingyu jumped up happily, and the jade slip that was just caught on his robe scattered on the ground again.

"Sword. The sword user's essence. It can draw in the energy of heaven and earth to train the sword user's body's sharpness."

Strangely, Little Xingyu scratched the back of his head, "The path of becoming one with the sword is to become one with the sword, and the path of becoming a Sword Heart is to become one with the Sword Cultivator. Sword Cultivator was separated into two types: pure Spirit Sword Cultivator and non-Spirit Sword Cultivator. A spiritless person could not draw in spiritual energy from the heavens and earth to train their body. Heaven and Earth Vital Energy were all over the place, most of them were dangerous, and there were very few who succeeded. There were spirit cultivators, who could draw in nature's spirit energy to train in the sword, they could use it to train in the spirit energy of the Sword Cultivator, and they could split it into two types: the twin Nascent Souls, the single Nascent Souls, and the dual Nascent Souls. The difference is that the might of the Single Nascent Sword Sword Cultivator is stronger than the Twin Nascent Souls, and the Twin Nascent Souls are stronger than the Single Nascent Souls.

With a flash of white light, the Nascent Soul left the body of the sword and swam around Little Xingyu mischievously. This sword was flat and long, with the edge of the sword faintly discernible. It could not be considered ugly, nor could it be considered beautiful. Fortunately, the sword's penetrating white light covered up the unpleasantness of the sword.

Little Xingyu scratched the back of his head, "Bro, the sword shape that the jade slip is talking about is not like you. "It seems to be lacking a lot."

The crystal white sword trembled and let out a clear cry in protest at Little Xingyu's words.

"But no matter, you will become extremely strong and handsome when I cultivate the Single Nascent Sword Cultivator."

The translucent white sword stood there proudly, its clear cry resounding once more.

"Hmm? Someone was coming. You can go back first. "

With a flash of the white luster sword, it returned to Little Xingyu's body. With a wave of his sleeve, all the jade slip retracted their sleeves. Seeing the broken table on the floor, they scratched the back of their heads and laughed awkwardly.

"Young Master, Young Master, someone is looking for you!" Someone knocked on the door. It was the old housekeeper, Mr. Feng.

He opened the door and asked, "Who's looking for me?"

"It's Kapar's students from opposite us. They want to rent your house."

"Rent a house? "No problem. Just let them live here."

"No, they want to rent your entire courtyard."

"So I can't live here?"

"Is that so?"

"Absolutely not. It's fine if a few people come in, but how can I leave? " Seeing Mr. Feng's troubled expression, Little Xingyu frowned, "Come, take me out to have a look."

"Senior Ka Da, I found out clearly, this was originally the Earth Bear Merchant Guild's side courtyard, located in the Sin Capital manager's house. "Later on, he sold it to a little kid. I assume that senior only has to put in a little bit of temptation before he can get this courtyard." It seemed that one of the top students of Kapar Academy, Willie, was trying to curry favor with Ka Da.

"Hmph, not for me, but for me, Alice."

The beautiful woman in the white mage robe didn't say a word as she quietly waited.

A short while later, a young man wearing a strange attire and with a strange hairstyle walked out under the guidance of old mister Feng. Of course, this was the attire of cultivators. It should not have appeared in the secular world, let alone the extremely rare exception of cultivators or the unusual Sword Cultivator. The youth was extremely handsome and beautiful, causing Alice to be stunned while Ka Da and Willie were stunned.

This young man was Little Xingyu.

"Hmm? Are you here to rent a house? " Little Xingyu said and frowned. He was very unhappy with their rudeness.

The first person to recover was Alice. "Yes, it's us. "My name is Alice, this is …" Her voice sounded like a nightingale, which was very pleasant to hear.

"My name is Kada. This is Willie."

"Oh, you want to rent a house, right?" Little Xingyu rolled his eyes and swept his eyes at the three, "You can do it, but the others can't." Three hundred gold coins a year. You can stay on the second floor and choose any three houses. "

"Three hundred gold coins, three rooms, why don't you just rob me?" We want the whole yard. How about we buy it for one hundred thousand gold coins? " Willie was furious and almost charged at him to hit him.

"Whether you're willing or not is up to her. The two of you aren't qualified to live here."

"You?" Ka Da was also angry. "Brat, don't go too far!"

"I'll stay here." Alice said.

"Alright, Mister Feng, take this young lady to choose a room. Oh, Moss, send the other two away!"

"Please, both of you."

"Kid, don't be too arrogant!" Willie made a sudden move. His fists were thick with elements, and the air was cold.

Little Xingyu's eyes widened as if he was frightened. He took a few steps back and his right foot just happened to land on Willie's left foot. As a result, Willie's ferocious and excited punch missed. He kept charging forward and threw himself down the street in a gorgeous manner.

While Willie was eating the mud, Little Xingyu grabbed the chair beside him and smacked it down. Willie didn't even have time to react before he was knocked unconscious on the spot. Fortunately, his skin was rough and his flesh thick, so he didn't bleed much.

"I didn't do it on purpose. He wanted to hit me first." Little Xingyu pointed to the unconscious Willie and explained to Ka Da in a wronged manner. Although he said this in his mouth, he was thinking, "I did it on purpose, hehe."

Kada looked at Willie and saw that nothing was wrong. "Just wait, boy. It's best if you don't step out of the courtyard."

"Threats?" Little Xingyu glanced at Alice as he laughed in his heart. He didn't have any fun to play with, so it wasn't bad to play with me.

Kada was filled with anger, he had no choice but to do so because he was surrounded by beauties. Alice turned her face to Alice and said, "Alice, let's go somewhere else."

"No, I really like this side. I'll choose this side."

"Alright, we'll help you carry your luggage."

"No need, I can keep my storage ring."

"Please." Mos once again asked Kada to leave.

After settling all the troublesome matters, Little Xingyu went back to his room to continue researching on Elementary Sword Cultivator Writing . Innate Level (Foundation Establishment), Grandmaster Level (Ling Ji), Sword Saint Level (Core Formation), and Sword God Level (Nascent Soul). Common sword god, corresponding Nascent Infant Stage, such a strange name, adding a Fan. Damn it, I can't even read it.

Sword Cultivator's Nascent Infant Stage had been formed by the early stage of the sword body's Nascent Soul, but the sword body was slightly weaker, making it unsuitable for battle outside the body. At the middle stage of the Nascent Soul stage, the Nascent Soul would be able to stabilize the sword body. At the late stage, the Nascent Soul would only be able to fight outside the sword body.

Formation Page, Sunset Sword Formation, Snow Frost Sword Formation, Dragon-Returning Chess Formation, three lines of Sword Formation, drawn in the painting … There were so many of them, it gave him a headache. No matter what, Little Xingyu just randomly found a few defense Sword Formation and set them up.

The array base was thirteen connected Spirit Sword, which were considered normal Spirit Sword. When the light of sunset shone, the array was the strongest, able to attack and defend. The formation base's thirteen swords were hidden from view, making it hard for an ordinary person to detect them.

After setting up the Sunset Sword Formation, Little Xingyu also set up a Spirit Convergence Array and a calligraphy and calligraphy array in his house. The brush and ink painting array was rumored to have been created by a Sword Cultivator who loved painting. Sword Formation s were established on the basis of mediocrity, and their might and concealment had great advantages.

A day passed and Little Xingyu stretched his back, preparing to find something to eat. Who knew that Moss would rush over and knock on the door, "Young Master, it's bad, the students of Kapar Academy blocked our door! Dozens of them! "

Little Xingyu habitually scratched his head and muttered: "So troublesome."

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