Bright Moon Sword Immortal/C8 Sunset Sword Formation
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Bright Moon Sword Immortal/C8 Sunset Sword Formation
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C8 Sunset Sword Formation

Little Xingyu opened the door and saw the flustered Mos. He said, "Moss, close the door properly. Just don't let them in. By the way, tell the new comer, Alice, that she should go and have a look. Other than that, you just need to give each of them one of these seven pieces of jade, including that Alice, and tell them to drop a drop of blood on the jade plate.

Mos ended up with seven jades. The seven jades were ordinary and nothing could be discerned. It was cool to the touch and there seemed to be a strange energy seeping into his body that made him feel very comfortable. Mos happily accepted them and left.

"Sin City is guarded by five Divine level experts. These people wouldn't dare to go against the laws they established." Little Xingyu muttered to himself and went back to his room.

"Ka Da, you brat, you are no good. That strong? This kid is not even giving you face? " A young man wearing a silver white silk robe laughed.

"Boss, isn't Alice present? Otherwise, how can I let him get away with it? " "Let's take advantage of Alice leaving and teach him a lesson."

"Haha, you see, they are going to stay in seclusion."

"Boss, isn't this all up to you?"

"That won't be difficult either. I'll just have to trouble my great-grandfather again." The young man in the silvery-white silk robe took a few steps forward and arrived at the door of Xingyu Ge residence.

"I'm a gentle man." The youth smiled and gathered his Qi into his fist. His right fist gradually turned golden as the pressure gradually grew stronger. Just as he was about to launch, he heard a soft shout!

"Stop!" A white shadow flashed as a gorgeous woman appeared in front of everyone. She raised her staff slightly and the blue gemstone on it gradually gathered. "Kevin Kapar, what are you trying to do?"

"Oh, so it's Miss Alice. Please excuse me. It was just an accident. Oh, I still have some matters to attend to, so I'll be leaving first. "Sorry." Kevin left confidently.

"You, Kada, take your men and get lost!"

"Alice, Alice!" "Please listen to my explanation, please listen to my explanation!"

"Alice …"


Alice entered Xingyu Pavilion. The door of Xingyu Pavilion closed once again. The cute Ka Da knocked on the door incessantly, but what he got in return was Alice's even louder roar.

"Scram!" Kada, if you knock again, I'll never see you! "

"Alice." Kada's hand, which was about to knock on the door, stopped.

"What are you looking at? Come back with me, practice with me today."

Hehe, everyone snickered and ran away.

Damn brat, I will make you regret it! As long as you don't come out!

"Moss, everyone here?" Little Xingyu asked in the restaurant.

"Yes, young master."

"Hmm? "What about Alice?"

"Young Master, she won't eat with us."

"Un, then forget it. Let's eat together. "

"This, Young Master." We should have eaten in the kitchen. "

"Don't worry about that. Get it ready and eat it on the table. I still have things to announce after we finish eating. "

"Thank you, young master!"

After everyone finished eating, they cleaned up and waited for Little Xingyu's orders.

"From tomorrow on, I will go into secluded meditation. No one is to approach my house, and no one is to knock on my door. I may be able to come out within a few months, and will be able to come out within a few years." All of you enter and exit Xingyu Pavilion freely led by the jade plate. You won't be able to enter Xingyu Pavilion without the jade plate. Moss, everyone of you sent out your jade plate, right? "

"Young master, the distribution is done."

"You don't need to care about anyone intruding into Xingyu Ge, and even more so, don't lead the way for them. Otherwise, you will be trapped as well. Of course, if you guys have any friends that would like to visit, each jade plate can bring one person in. "

A light flashed across Mr. Feng's eyes, but it was completely hidden. Little Xingyu seemed to be oblivious.

"Oh, right. Your monthly wages are two gold coins. At the end of each month, go and collect it from Steward Feng."

When the moon rose from the west mountain, Little Xingyu was peacefully meditating in the array he had set up.

"Hehe, we should be able to catch some rats tonight. I'm sorry, but I don't think I can see it. "

Little Xingyu sealed his facial features and sunk his mind into the sword-shaped nascent soul before starting to cultivate.

A few sneaky figures appeared outside Xingyu's pavilion.

"Brother, is this really a big deal? Or is it certain to succeed? "

"Definitely, this was what my brother told me. He was originally a servant of this house, just the severance pay alone was 20 gold coins, and it was said that he lost a large bag of gold coins and a lot of jewelry from that old housekeeper."

"Without the guards of the Chamber of Commerce, there are only four servants, an old man, and a little kid. If I don't do something as big as this, it would be really bad for my conscience."

The one-eyed man lifted his hair and looked at himself in the mirror. "Boss, I'm not as handsome as him." This was too much, and he was still so smart. The heavens were unfair! "Since the heavens have arranged it like this, my lord, if I don't make a fortune, I really am sorry, my dear lord!"

"Brothers, f * ck you guys, jump over the wall and get in! We're snatching the money!"

Shua, shua, shua. The twelve figures jumped over the wall and disappeared under the moonlight. No one in Xingyu Pavilion noticed.

"I, Kevin, would never do something like flipping over a wall to spend the night. Old Brother Kada, it's best if you leave such a difficult task for yourself." "Un, Mordred, Croll, you guys help Kevin."

"Ka Da, with the two of us helping you, there won't be a problem. Not to mention, he only has one child."

"Alright, I'll be waiting for your good news at Drunken Fragrance Inn tomorrow." Kevin turned around and was about to leave when he suddenly turned back around. He pulled out a bag and stuffed it into Ka Da's hands. "Haha, keep it well. I hope you will reap great rewards."

"Thank you, Big Brother."

"You're welcome. You're welcome. We're brothers, so why are we following each other?"

"Let's go!"

The three of them climbed over the wall.

"Kada, is it dawn?"

"No, isn't it the big moon?"

"What's going on?"

"Where are we?"

On the other side, the same conversation, the same doubts.

"Boss, why is it so strange?"

Scar Face, the one-eyed dragon slapped his subordinate's head, "You're asking me, how would I know?"

"This place is really f * cking strange!"

The sky was filled with red clouds, the wind was blowing softly and the grass was thick. There were tall mountains and clouds in the sky. There was a clear blue lake and lush green forest behind it.

"Boss. Boss. Seventh Bro. Eighth Bro. Ninth Bro is gone."

The bandit boss was furious as he counted the number of people missing. He could not help but feel infuriated as he cursed and called for everyone to gather at the same time. Who knew that when they were gathering, Ol 'Four would touch the grass by the water's edge and disappear. Everyone was dumbstruck. They couldn't leave, but they couldn't go either.

"Damn it, this is too much. We're trapped inside the array." Third brother, you are a mage, freeze the lake and burn the forest behind it. "


The third brother took out a staff from his storage ring. The top of the staff was red in color and gave off a strong aura of fire.

"In the name of the Fire God, I would like to borrow the Spirit of Heaven and Earth to praise the beauty of fire, the strangeness of fire and the might of fire … "Great Flame Explosion!"

The huge fireball flew towards the forest, and under the smiles of the robbers, it was devoured by the sunset. At the same time, a sword light flashed, shattering the third brother's staff.

"Ah!" The third brother let out a miserable cry and fainted on the spot. The Boss quickly went up to check, but fortunately, he was only unconscious and was fine.

"Kada." This is an illusory magic array, a very high level and strange one, we are trapped here. " "No," Murray said.

"It's best if we don't wander around and wait for help." Crowl looked around.

"How unlucky." Kada dropped to the ground. "Don't let me catch that kid! "Damn it!"

On the second day, the sun shone brightly and the weather was very good.

Alice came to Kapar Academy. "Alice, did you see Ka Da?" Kevin ran over and asked.

"Kada? You didn't see it? "

"And last night?"

"Last night? I've been in meditation and haven't seen anyone. "

"That's strange." Kevin shook his head.

"How strange." Alice prepared to leave.


"What else is there?"

"I think Kada is in trouble. There's also Mordred and Croll, they went over the wall to find you yesterday, but they haven't come back yet."

"What?" Over the wall? Hmph, what does it have to do with me? " Angry, Alice turned around and left.

"Wait another day, there might be news. There are only a few people in Xingyu Pavilion, so Kada should be fine. "

Another day passed, but there was still no news about the three missing people. At the same time, he heard that one of the hall masters of the Sin Capital, the One-eyed Blade Scar, had disappeared. Together with his eleven brothers, they also entered Xingyu Pavilion.

"Go ask grandpa for help." Kevin thought.

"Kid, you're here again. Why? What kind of trouble is it this time? "

Kapar looked like a young man. He was handsome and devilish. He wore a grey robe and held an ancient scroll in his hand.

"Grandfather, this is really troublesome."

"Oh? What trouble? Which lady did you offend? "

"The situation is like this. Kada and Morid, Kroll climbed over the wall to the opposite side of the academy last night to go to Xingyu Pavilion. Then he disappeared. At the same time, the gang of one-eyed Scarface also disappeared from Xingyu Pavilion. "

"Oh? That was interesting. On the other side, there was a little kid, an old madman, and four servants. "It seems like there's no need to make things difficult for the three top student of my academy."

Kapar put down his book. Could it be that old man Feng was joking, playing with those little guys? He shouldn't be that bored, right? Could it be that he really couldn't be lonely anymore?

"Don't worry, they will be fine." I'll go take a look later. "

"Sorry for the trouble, grandfather." Grandson will take his leave first. "

"Old Man Feng, Old Man Feng."

Eh? Since the sound transmission can't be sent in, there's something weird. Looks like I have to go take a look personally.

Kapar disappeared from the room and appeared outside the door of Wu and Steel Pavilion. People on the street didn't feel anything strange about him.

He knocked on the door.

Shortly after, a head appeared. It was Mos.

"What can I do for you?"

"I'm looking for Steward Feng."

"Alright, please wait a moment."

"What is it? Can't you let me go in first? "

"Please wait a moment. I'll go find Master Feng first."

"Old boy, why are you here?" Feng Feiyun smilingly said.

"Crazy old man, I came here specifically to see you, are you going to put me outside the door like this?"

"You can come in with me, but you have to keep up."

"Alright, let's go in and take a look."

Following Mr. Feng's footsteps, Kapar entered the Steel Pavilion. His entire body quivered, and he felt invigorated from head to toe.

"The elemental essence here is really dense, making me feel extremely comfortable."

"Don't sigh. Follow me or you'll suffer."

While he was lamenting, Kapar noticed that the space around him changed. The sky was filled with sunset clouds, and maple leaves were floating in the air. It was an unspeakable beauty. It was mesmerizing.

When he suddenly regained his senses, he saw the crazy old man standing to the side. It was Mr. Feng who saw Kapar falling into the array and pulled him back.

"Ha, what a powerful illusion array."

"I told you to be quiet."

"Did that kid do this?"

"Yes." I think after a whole day of fiddling with the boy, the whole courtyard has become like this. "

"Then how do you usually go in and out?"

"The little guy brought out a few jade plate s, and each of them can carry one on their body, allowing them to enter and leave freely."

"Bring it over for me to take a look."

"Don't take it, take it over. We're both going to be trapped here."

"Heh heh, I lost my composure. This really is a good thing. "

"Even if you take it, it won't work. This is a blood-bound soul item."

"Could you introduce us? I'm rather curious. "

"That little guy went into seclusion. He might have been in seclusion for a few months or even a few years. He said so himself."

"Crazy old man, can you see what kind of array this is?"

"This is an extremely high level array, the illusion array is only a part of it. "The powerful killing array hasn't been activated yet, otherwise those kids from your academy would have been turned into dust long ago."

"Stand here and let me show you."

Once Mr. Feng kept the jade plate in his space, the scenery changed and Kapar and Mr. Feng entered the illusion array.

With a twist of his body, Mister Feng appeared again. However, with a wave of his hand, a sword beam was sent flying towards the rock in the distance.

The clouds changed, and a few red clouds fell down, engulfing the sword ray. The red clouds swelled up, and it was extremely beautiful as it floated gently towards Master Feng. The red clouds did not hurry nor slow down. After a hundred steps, the red clouds suddenly disappeared, and a few sharp red sword beams pierced through Mister Feng like lightning. Mister Feng immediately turned into a shadow and disappeared, and the red clouds also disappeared, allowing the world to return to peace.

Mr. Feng, who was standing beside Kapar, trembled and a stream of blood flowed out of his mouth.

"I was too careless. It was even worse than I expected." That little fellow is not simple. "

"So fierce, if this illusion array turns into a killing array, it can also kill us."

"We're here. Once we enter the house, everything will be fine."

"Ah, Principal!"

"Alice." I didn't expect you to live here too. Let me take a look.

"Right." Alice watched in surprise as the principal, Kapar, and Mr. Feng chatted and laughed as they headed towards the reception room. There were two Divine level experts, one of them was the principal while the other was the butler!

"This little guy is definitely a monster, truly too terrifying. I just don't know where he came from." Kapar was worried.

"This little guy came to look for someone, so he left it at Sin Capital. It was said that his grandfather had placed a bounty of one million gold coins on him in the Mercenary Union. Oh, yes, he has something to do with Epson. "

"Epson? This is very good, as long as nothing bad happens. "

The two chatted for a long time before they split up.

On the fourth day, Kada, Moride, Kroll, was lying groggily on the street outside the Xingyu Pavilion. On the other side of the street, there were twelve robbers.

The Institute had been abandoned, and the Thieves had once again invaded the Xingyu Pavilion in order to recover the situation. The same thing had happened to them, and they had been hungry for three days, after which there had been no further incidents. As for Little Xingyu, he was in closed-door training. He was focused on his cultivation, paying no attention to external matters, and was gradually being forgotten by outsiders. However, Xingyu's Pavilion's illusion array was known to outsiders. Gradually, more and more people began to break through the array, and only with the appearance of a Divine level expert did Mr Feng manage to calm down.

The most fortunate was Alice. In a short period of time, her cultivation realm had rapidly increased. She had actually broken through the Magister realm and reached the great Magister realm in just four years. It was truly amazing.

Day after day, month after month, finally, after nine years, Little Xingyu came out of seclusion.

Little Xingyu rolled his eyes at the sky, "Looking at my appearance, am I still young?"

"Big Xingyu, my mistake."

"Xingyu? Big brother? Call me Jian Xingyu."

"Sure, sure."

"Heh heh."

Not good, I see that the Sunset Sword Formation is activated, and the Infinite Sunset Sword Qi blew me out of Xingyu Ge.

"Brat, just you wait!"

"I won't send you off, haha."

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