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C9 Sant'van City

"Who, who are you? How did you get in? " Moss looked at Jian Xingyu as if he had seen a ghost.

"Who do you think I am?" Jian Xingyu smiled faintly.

"You, you are the young master?!" Mos was overjoyed. All these years, his life had been really comfortable. He had almost nothing to do in Xingyu Pavilion.

"Moss, don't I look like one?" Jian Xingyu laughed.

"Young Master, you … you are too amazing."

"Oh, go prepare something delicious for me. I haven't eaten anything in a long time."

"Moss, I'll do it right away."

"Hello, mister Feng." Jian Xingyu greeted Steward Feng.

"Hello, young master. Congratulations on emerging from seclusion."

"What happened to what I told you?"

"The Mercenary Guild has no news for you."

"Oh." Jian Xingyu felt a little sad.

"What's that?" "Hrm?" Jian Xingyu's sword-like eyebrows slightly twitched. He could feel that three powerful characters had suddenly entered the Sunset Sword Formation and they were all powerful characters. He was just in time to try out their skills.

"This formation is so vicious." The skinny man in the black robe struck out with his palm. The air was dark and gloomy, and wherever it passed, the vegetation would wither and wither. The sunset glow quickly dissipated and turned into three streams of dark-red sword qi that flew towards the black robed man. The black robed man had unleashed several palm attacks which collided with the sword Qi and exploded, causing sand and rocks to fly everywhere in a mess.

"Third brother, don't be reckless. If you don't use brute force in this formation, it won't make things difficult for you. It's only an ordinary illusion formation." Seeing that the man in black was about to attack, the fat man in red quickly stopped him.

"Brother, what should we do? Could it be that I have been looked down upon by the younger generation inside? "

The white haired Long Sword youth said: "Although the sword qi is sharp, it does not contain any killing intent. I am afraid that this is not the full power of the formation."

"Second brother, are you saying that this formation hasn't been fully activated?" The third brother spoke in a sinister manner.

"That's right, but there should be a flaw in this formation." There it is! " The Second Brother of the White Robe said, "There!"

The maple leaves floated in the air, as if sensing the presence of something. They changed as they fell, from shallow to deep, and from deep to deep, they all turned to sunset.

"Big brother, remember the direction that the Long Sword was pointing at just now."

"Let's sing with pride!" The white-haired youth sent out the first wave of sword qi. The sword qi seemed to have materialized as it went straight towards the direction he was pointing at. The sunset glow suddenly vanished and transformed into a red Long Sword, cutting down quickly. Instantly, mountains collapsed and the earth split apart as sword Qi shot out in all directions.

"Earth Splitting Mountain Valley!" The white-haired youth released a second sword qi. The sunset glow turned into nine Giant Sword and descended, the impact of the two sword qi caused the originally beautiful scenery of the illusion array to disappear, turning into a desolate land. The nine Giant Sword were not a match for him and all shattered. The remaining pressure did not diminish as they continued to rush forward.

"Who wants to break through my Sword Formation?" With a light shout, a stream of white sword Qi dissipated the sword Qi produced by the white-haired youth.

This youth was extraordinarily handsome. He wore a white robe, had long flowing hair, had a Spirit Sword on his back, and without being unsheathed, his sword energy was astonishing. His sword was like a person, and he was like a sword.

"Who are you?" Jian Xingyu asked coldly.

"You don't have to worry about who we are. Three years ago, we came to send a message that all the experts above Divine level are to report to Saint Mortal City. Why don't you go there?"

"Oh? Is that true? "So what if I'm going? So what if I don't?"

"Brat, you're too arrogant!" The third brother spoke in a sinister manner.

"So what if you're arrogant? Can you bite me? "Old Zombie!"

"Brat, you're too arrogant!" The third brother was infuriated. He flew into the air and struck out three times in a row.

"Humph!" Just as the black cloaked man was about to fly up, Jian Xingyu's sword Qi shot out, aiming straight for the black cloaked man's chest. He then sent out another three sword strikes. The two swords intersected, shaking the heavens and the earth.

"That brat is vicious!" The white-haired youth used his sword in time to block Jian Xingyu's sword qi and solve the problem for Ol 'Three.

"Is that all?" Jian Xingyu laughed proudly.

"Kid, you're so arrogant with such a little cultivation. Your life will be short in the future." The red robed short fatty taunted.

"Dwarf, you're the only one with some ability, but do you think you can do anything to me?"

"You'll know whether or not you can try."


"I am an elder and will allow you three moves."

"Shorty fatty, don't overestimate yourself. I'll let you take the initiative. If you don't grasp the opportunity, be careful of your life!"

"Watch out, short fat guy!"

"Clear Wind Sword Incantation, Wind Blowing on Plants and Plants!" A green sword qi shot out, heading straight for the short fatty's throat.


The short fatty gathered soil and turned it into stone. The huge rock shattered, and the sword Qi disappeared. The short fatty's expression changed slightly.

"Watch out! Second Sword, Rain of the Winds!" Countless sword Qis condensed around Jian Xingyu as they floated towards the short fatty like a drizzle.

"Soaring Dust!" The short fatty was neither impatient nor impatient. He turned his earth origin energy into a tornado of sand as he struck back.

Starlight shone, flying fire streams of light, sand and sword Qis cancelled each other out.

"Brat, take out your ultimate move. Don't try to do something so useless. My time is limited."

"That's good. The bright white light of the Moon of Clear Sky!" Jian Xingyu took out his Spirit Sword and sword light shot out in all directions. The bright moon in the sky was so bright that it seemed to cover the earth as the crescent moon turned into a Giant Sword and pierced towards the short fatty.

The short fatty's expression changed greatly. "Sword Cultivator!"

The short fatty immediately threw out an earthen yellow light barrier, covered his body, and took out a few other magical equipment to protect himself. At the same time, he put on his battle armor, which shone with a bright light.

The sword aura broke through the earthen yellow light barrier without losing any strength. It cut through several magical equipment, broke the battle armor, and passed through. The short fatty's body exploded into pieces on the spot. A fist-sized Nascent Soul flew in the air in panic. Its Nascent Soul was dim and extremely unstable, as if it could disappear at any time.

"Big brother!"

"Big brother!"

"Dwarf, no way!" "Hahaha!"

"Kid, you!" "One of these days I'm going to kill you!" As the Nascent Soul flew into the air, it forgot that it was still within the array. It was immediately shattered by the clouds that filled the sky, turning into specks of starlight and dissipating.

"You killed my big brother! Little brat, Saint Mortal City will not let you off! " The third brother spoke in a sinister manner.

"Kid, quickly let us leave." The white haired Long Sword slightly rose.

"Since you won't let me go, how can I let you leave?"

"Kid, once we fall, the elders of Saint Mortal outside the formation will definitely know about it. We do not believe that you will not take a step away from this place. You are of the same rank as us, but the elder is at least three levels higher.

"So what? Killing one is killing, killing three is also killing!"

"Attack!" Third Bro and Second Bro made their move at the same time and ambushed Jian Xingyu.

Jian Xingyu chuckled and disappeared. Second Bro's powerful moves were also being devoured by the sunset.

"Let me show you the real Sunset Sword Formation!"

"First form, Soaring Red Clouds!"

"Brat, you dare?!"

Just as the third brother and the white-haired youth were in a critical situation, a loud shout came from the sky! It shook the entire Sin Capital a few times.

A figure flashed and entered the formation. It swept up Black Robe, Third Brother, and the white-haired youth before disappearing in the blink of an eye. The red glow of the setting sun also dispersed.

Jian Xingyu's sword light flashed as he followed and stood high up in the sky. The sword of the Nascent Soul under his feet glowed with a white light, warm and gentle.

"Hello, old man!"

"Haha, in this world, there is still someone who dares to call me that! Count yourself in! However, you barely have the qualifications to do so." The third brother and the white-haired youth stood there in a sorry state.

"Oh? Geezer, aren't you asking me to kill your people? "

"I'm not here to find trouble with you. Earth Red Robe is not your opponent, and his skills are inferior. Even if he dies, there's nothing to say." Kid, to have such cultivation at such a young age, you are truly a genius under the heavens. It's just that your sword Qi is too sharp, so killing it won't benefit your future cultivation. This time, we, Saint Mortal City, once again invite you to participate in the Hundred Year Meeting. "

"What party?" Why must I attend? "

"You'll understand when you get there, and when the time comes, there will still be many benefits, especially when it comes to helping you cultivate faster. How about it? Kid, think carefully. Right, maybe you can ask me about what you want to know as well. "

"Alright, I'll definitely go."


When Jian Xingyu returned to the Xingyu Pavilion, Kapar, Mr. Wind, and three other old men were waiting.

"Greetings, City Lords."

"There is no need to be so courteous, Sword Hero."

"It seems you've seen through me since the beginning, haha." Mr. Feng laughed, "I am the so-called Lunatic Sword God. This is Kapar, Earth Element Mage. This is Agnes, Ice Element Mage. This is the dragon knight, and this is the spirit mage, Lag Zyer."

Jian Xingyu saw them one by one, and then took out a few rare Spirit Fruit Spirit Wine and invited the five of them to have a taste, "This is the Spirit Fruit Spirit Wine that we collected before, please have a taste."

"This time, the person from Saint Mortal City is no small matter. How is Young Hero Jian going to prepare this?" Kapar said.

"I just came out of seclusion, so I'm not sure about the situation. I wonder what is Saint Mortal city doing here? "

Mister Feng wiped the sweat off his forehead. He did not know who had come, so he had just killed one. Seeing that his opponent was several levels higher than him, he said, "I'm sure that Young Hero Jian rarely walks after entering the God Stage and still doesn't know anything about this continent." Kapar said, "The space in our world is not stable. Rumor has it that tens of thousands of years ago, some unknown existence broke through several dimensions and brought countless galaxies together. Due to the lack of time, the universe was not stable. In the world that we live in, huge spatial rifts appear every six hundred years, which either devour living beings or attract creatures from other worlds to invade our world. The former is fine, but the latter, all the living beings that can invade our world are extremely powerful existences. Therefore, every six hundred years, the experts of the four great continents would gather together, search in all directions, and fight against possible calamities together. Thus, Saint Mortal City was established. The experts of Saint Mortal City use the stars as the standard, and the lowest rank are the one to six star guards. Above that was the Star Emissary Level 12, and above that was the Star Sky Level 3. This had always been common in the continent. The swordsman had killed a three star guard. "

"Oh. So this was why they invited him? I was rude, and killed one of them. " Jian Xingyu shook his head, his expression showed no regret.

"The person the Sword Young Hero killed was from the Red Cloud Pavilion of the north. There are many mysterious people in this tower, all of them are Divine level or higher. Although they do not walk around the continent very often, provoking them is still an extremely troublesome task. " said Mr. Wind.

"How troublesome." Jian Xingyu shook his head, "Oh right, how much longer until the convention?"

"One more year."

"That's good. Eat fruit. Eat fruit. " Everyone laughed as they tasted the wine. All of them were praising it.

After chatting for a long time, the five City Lords said their goodbyes one by one. Jian Xingyu also knew a lot of things about the continent. Returning to his room, he started searching for jade slip. In a short year, he had to learn a few life saving sword techniques.

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