Broken By You/C1 01- HIS NEFES
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Broken By You/C1 01- HIS NEFES
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Warning: 18+ only



Two Years Ago . . .

"Dora, you blind hoe. There's the road."

"Can you see it?" She asks for the hundredth time.

"Of course we can. We aren't blind motherfuckers like you." Elliot screamed, he was beyond frustrated. He kept throwing pillows at the screen, screaming like a maniac.

"What the hell are you two screaming about?" Sabrina, my elder sister walks into the room with anger written across her face.

"Dora." I point at the screen.

"If you two don't have anything to do doesn't mean I don't too. I'm working just in the next room." She snaps, glaring at us. Sabrina is a surgeon, a hard-working one, unlike me and Elliot. We didn't even get to put our feet in the medical hospital.

"This mansion has forty-eight bedrooms in total excluding the halls, backyard, and the living room. Help yourself wherever you want." Elliot says, turning back at the screen.

Sabrinas face turned red before she stomped out of the room, banging the door shut behind her.

"That was mean." I chuckle, pulling his hair.

"She deserved it." he shrugs.

"What's with your sour mood?" My tone was playful but the frown on Elliot's face said otherwise.

"I don't like this." he sighs.

"We can watch something else," I say.

"Not that, Sage. I don't like the idea of you getting married to my brother next week," he mumbles.

"Why? What's wrong?"

"I don't know. I'm just scared of losing you. You're my best friend, the only person I confine my everything with and Im scared you'll forget me after getting married." he pouts.

"No, my sugar pie. You and Enrique are both important to me equally and both of you are irreplaceable." I kiss his cheeks.

"I love you, Sage," he whispers hugging me.

"I love you too."

Elliot loathes Enrique, probably because he was always in Enriques shadow. Enrique excelled in everything while Elliot was worse than failing, the constant comparison and pressure made the brothers hate each other. Even Enrique never made any attempts to fix their bond, he was always busy taking care of the family and the business plus his studies. Its difficult to decide who is at fault, they both cared for their ego more than their relationship.

A knock on the door sounds again after a few minutes making Elliot groan.

Come in, brother," Elliot yells.

"I'm sure its Enrique, hes the only person who knocks," Elliot rolls his eyes.

The door opens revealing a smiling Enrique.

"Hey, love, are you busy?" Enrique asks, leaning on the doorframe.

"No, thank yew." Elliot rolls his eyes.

"You're not my love, cockblocker." Enrique chuckles jumping on the bed.

I giggle when he pulls me on his chest, wrapping his arms around me.

"Really, Enrique? I wanted to spend today with her." Elliot was fuming at this point.

"Yeah." I pout looking down at his handsome face.

''I'm sorry, baby," Enrique mumbles kissing the tip of my nose.

"Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you," Elliot screams stomping out of the room.

"What crawled up to his ass and died?" Enrique mutters.

"You." I giggle when he groans playfully.

"His ass is the last thing I'll ever be interested in but can't say the same about yours." he wiggles his eyebrows playfully.

"He's sad, Enrique." I pout.


"He thinks you'll steal me from him." I shrug.

"Sage, I would never steal you from Elliot," he whispers cupping my face.

"I told him th-"

"You were always mine, I don't need to steal you from that idiot." Enrique rolls his eyes.

"No, you annoyed him." I snap, slapping his hands away from me.

"He's always annoyed. You know, when he was born, he was so ugly that I cried for days." Enrique says.

"And what did you do when I was born?" I raise an eyebrow.

"I was stunned, I couldn't believe God would create something so beautiful, so precious, and yet gift it to sinful humans," he whispers caressing my cheek.

"No one is a sinner." I giggle.

"I am."


"I love you more than my god," he whispers.

"Hush Enrique, we should never say that. There are people we love but he is the one we should most of our trust and love in." I mumble.

"I cant. You're my everything, Sage. You're my nefes." he whispers.

"What's that?"

"It means, my breath. You're my breath, I'll die in just four minutes if you aren't by my side, Sage," he whispers when a tear rolls down my cheek.

"Then they can bury us in the same grave." I chirp.

"Yup, in the same grave." he chuckles.

"So, let's go." he pulls me up from the bed.

"Where?" I groan.

"My room." he winks. I giggle when he picks me up carrying me out of the room.

I'm Sage Khai Martinez, the youngest daughter of Jared Martinez. My dad is an imperious person, being the mayor of our town, and the only person who leads all of the clothing factories in our state gives him unlimited authority. He doesn't like competition because he thinks he doesn't have to put effort into something when he knows he is eventually going to win.

We've been living with the Knights ever since I can remember. Enrique was always around even though he was seven years older than me, he used to give me piggyback rides, sneak me candies, buy me ice cream and hold me close when I cried all night remembering my mother's death.

It wasn't easy to see my mother, lying in her own pool of blood at the age of five, it wasn't easy for any of us. Shawn, my brother still gets nightmares of that dreadful day, Sabrina still covers her tears up with a smile, and, I still wear my momma's crucifix as if she's with me.

He kicks open his door and throws me on the bed closing the door behind him. Enrique's room was the most beautiful and neatest in the whole mansion. He never allowed me and Elliot together in his room knowing we'll cause chaos here.

I moan wrapping my arms around his neck as he pulls my body flush to his.

He pushes me down on the bed harshly before taking off his blazer and shirt. I bite my lips looking at my man standing there with ripping muscles and six packs. He smirks at me taking off his pants as I let out a small moan.

" Take it off before I rip it." he whispers huskily.

I let out a shaky breath before zipping open my dress and throwing it on the ground. Enrique gets on top of me slowly discarding my other pieces of clothes until I was laying under him in nothing.

" So pretty." he whispers kissing his name tattooed on my collarbone.

" I love you." I whisper kissing my name on his chest.

He gave me a surprise by tattooing my name right near his heart so the next day , I dragged Elliot to the tattoo store and got his name on my collarbone . . . Elliot had to carry me home after that because I was only half alive.

His chest had my name as Khai

And mine had his as Kian

His first name is too long and I would have probably died if I got that written on me.

He leans down kissing my shoulder and neck as I moan. Enrique brushes his hand over my clit as I jerk my hips up rubbing onto him.

He moans kneading my breasts as I throw my head back letting out little whimpers in pleasure.

Taking a condom from the nightstand , he rips it open with his teeth while looking straight into my eyes. He takes his length wearing the condom before tapping on my folds before rubbing his knob over my clit. Enrique leans in licking my bottom lip.

" I love you." he whispers kissing me softly.

" I love you too."

He didn't let me complete as he slammed into me. I let out a loud moan scratching his back as he pulls out only to thrust back in with more force.

" Kian." I moan moving my hips up to meet his thrusts.

" I guess you'll need a wheelchair tomorrow," he whispers thrusting into my savagely.

I moan throwing my legs wide apart as he slams his hips into me roughly. My insides burned, stretched and stung as he went so rough but I moaned wrapping my arms around him.

" So tight and wet my love." he whispers kissing my forehead.

I moaned as I felt the pressure build up in my body. I let out shaky moans and incoherent words before I came on his cock. Enrique chuckles slamming into me without a break.

He takes my hands from his back and places them on the bed moving inside me but I break off his hold making him growl.

" You're very naughty today." he whispers opening the drawer beside his bed. The sound of handcuffs unknowingly makes me wetter as the cool metal gets secured around my wrist and pinned with the headboard.

" I've been thinking of being inside you the whole day." he whispers slowly thrusting into me.

I sucked in a deep breath as my eyes watered. His hardness was killing me. Enrique let's out a loud moan humping me harder as I begin pulling on the handcuffs in extreme pleasure he was driving me in.

Soft little cries left my lips as Enrique pounded into me. My eyes rolled back in pleasure as my legs shook , my hands felt numb because of the handcuffs and I was enjoying each moment of this.

He leans down chewing my nipples as I rub my heels on the bed. Everything about this felt so amazing , so good that I wanted to live in this moment forever.

I moan as he growls choking me. My insides were trembling sucking him deeper into me.

I lick my lips in ecstasy as he chokes me while not decreasing his speed of fucking me while he had me tied on his bed.

"Kian" I scream milking his cock with my juices.

Sweat drips from my forehead as I fall back on the bed drowned in exhaustion but Enrique wasn't close to being finished with me.

" I like you on my bed all tied up and shaking in pleasure. Your face all red and your eyes drowned in lust and exhaustion. I love you so fucking much." he whispers as his fingers begin massaging my clit into a circular motion.

" Holy fuck , you're strangling me." he groans throwing his head back.

I giggle looking up at his sharp jawline as he moves inside me. Sweat shines on his chest making me lick my lips and wish my hands were open so I could run my hands on them.

" I'm going to cum so badly." I whisper as he leans down biting my lower lip.

" Hold on. Don't cum until I say so." he whispers sucking my nipples.

I begin screaming incoherent words as the pressure gets unbearable to hold.

" Cum for me love." he whispers. I scream pulling on the handcuffs as my body let's go of it.

I felt him grow hard as a cork and enlarge in me as a cry left my lips. His lips trembled as he came hard.

" I love you." he whispers.

" I love you too." I whisper licking my dry lips.

We lay there silently catching our breathes as I look at Enrique who was playing with my hair.

" Open the handcuffs now ?" I ask as he smirks.

" Who said I was done with you yet ?" he chuckles picking up another condom packet.

Oh , this is going to be a long night.


Here's a little note which might help you recognize the characters well.

Sabrina, Sage, and Shawn are siblings. Jared Martinez is their father, their mom is dead.

Enrique, Elena, and Elliot are siblings. Mason Princeton is their father, Josephine is their stepmom and Lopez is their real mother but she went to London after her divorce.

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