Broken By You/C3 03 - HORROR
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Broken By You/C3 03 - HORROR
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C3 03 - HORROR

The rest of the day goes with me and Elliot playing around with others. We painted Eve's face and watched her cry, put pink dye in Shawn's hair, and laughed until our tummies hurt when he walked out of the shower with pink hair.

At last, the designer came and I tried my dream gown on. Enrique had especially worked with so many designers for weeks to get me the perfect wedding gown and I’m so proud of this.

I giggle, running my fingers through the soft material of the gown. It was a ball-gown dress which made it difficult for me to walk in, the neckline was deep and off-shoulder which made me embarrassed because of the marks Enrique had given me last night.

They placed a floral diamond tiara on my head matching the floral crystals on my gown and made my hair. Then they worked on the veil, it was a long drop veil with an adorable border of crystals.

Then they placed a crystal veil on my face and let others in the room.

Sabrina and Shawn had a hard time holding their tears when they saw me and Elliot was frozen at his place just staring at me.

" Elli." I giggle, finally snapping him out of it.

" Send a picture to Enrique." Eleana squeals as they take pictures of me from all angles and send them to Enrique.

" So pretty," Sabrina says, hugging me.

" Wish Mumma was here," I whisper.

" Me too," she whispers kissing my forehead.

" Okay, I've sent the picture to Enrique and he is having an emotional breakdown in the middle of the airport now," Elliot announces as everyone bursts out laughing.

I and Elliot sit there on the couch as others begin working on their attires. Sabrina blasts our eardrums playing loud music as we all laugh at their funny dances. Elliot sat there accompanying me as others danced but I couldn’t because of the gown.

" Hey Elliot, can you go bring me my phone? I forgot it in my room." Eleana says.

" Ask a maid I'm busy." he huffs while playing with my hair.

" Don't worry Eleana, I'll go get it." I smile taking Elliot's help to stand up from the couch.

" You can't even stand properly. I'll go with you." Elliot says, linking his arms with mine as we walk towards Eleana's room.

" I don't know why this girl chose this room so far away," Elliot grumbles as we walk for five minutes but her room still wasn't in sight.

" My legs are aching," I whine.

" Firstly, you're wearing a thousand kg gown and then walking around with that six meters long veil, of course, your feet are gonna ache." he laughs.

" It's not a thousand kg." I huff angrily opening Elena's room door. It isn't a thousand kg but it felt like that as my shoulders and legs were already tired now.

" Why is it so dark here ?" Elliot huffs as we walk in trying to find the light switch.

" Elliot, that's my veil you're stepping on," I grumble when I feel a tug on my veil.

" I'm in front of you. How can I step on your veil, dumbo ?" he grumbles.

" B-" I'm cut off as a hand gets over my mouth muffling my scream.

" Sage, you good ?" Elliot asks as I try to break free.

" Girl, what's wrong ?" Elliot grumbles, finally switching the light on.

Horror crashes on his face as we find ourselves in a room full of men. I tried to scream again pulling his hand off my mouth but he was too strong.

" Get off her," Elliot screams as two men hold him down on his knees.

" Help. Sabrina. Shawn." Elliot screams but we both knew they won't hear us in that loud music and being so far from this room.

" Shut him up." One of them growls as a man places Eleana's shawl in Elliot's mouth.

I scream trying to break free as they chuckle.

" We came here to find the bitch who slapped my brother and got him beaten but instead of her, we found a sexier one." they laugh as one of them gropes my breast.

I scream Enrique's name hitting my arms and legs furiously. I just wanted him to come back.

" Should we wait for that bitch or give her punishment to this beauty ?" one of them asks, smirking at me.

" I think she's curvier than her, Mason." One of them chuckles looking at the man who was holding me.

" Then we'll just fuck her instead of that bitch." the man laughs as I feel a wet kiss being planted on my shoulder blade.

I screamed more, throwing my hands in all directions until I felt a wine bottle near my hand. Without wasting a moment I brought it up to the man holding me down and smashed it against his head.

He groaned falling on the floor as I looked at Elliot.

" Go." He screams from the muffled cloth.

I make my run out of the room tripping and falling on the gown a few times.

" HELP." I scream running into the corridors of the place where I grew up but today I was scared to my soul. My safe heaven felt unsafe and dangerous today.

" Shawn. Sabrina. Help." I scream as sobs wreck my body.

My mind was stuck in the room where I've left Elliot like a coward and came to save my life.

" Help someone please," I scream, forcing my legs to move faster but I felt the gown getting heavier with each step I took.

Maybe it was the gown or the fear in me which was slowly kicking into my system like a panic attack. I've never been touched by someone unknown in this way and my soul was trembling at that thought.

" Shawn," I scream for my brother when someone pulls my veil causing me to fall on my face.

I scream as the man turns me around getting on top of me. I screamed, trying to push me off when he struck me across my face.

" Leave me," I scream, getting a punch on my face.

A gasp left my lips as everything went silent for a while. I don't remember anyone raising their hand on me in my entire life, and this felt like it broke my jaw. I tried to scramble away from him, but he slammed me down on the floor with his weight.

" You nasty bitch." he growls, punching me again and again and again until thick darkness covers my eyes.

" Enrique," I whisper, falling into the darkness unknown to the fact that my life will be in the dark forever from now.

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