Bungee Jumping/C1 Article 1
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Bungee Jumping/C1 Article 1
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C1 Article 1

That was more than 20 years ago.

To be honest, I really didn't think I'd make it to Gido that day. I also couldn't complete the special task given to me by Ambassador Juhua. The plane malfunctioned again. This was the second malfunction of the same flight on the same day. After the first malfunction, the pilot drove the plane back to Kirby. Then it was five hours of long, torturous waiting. No one would have thought that. . . After boarding the plane again, the fault appeared again.

In the morning, I waved goodbye to my colleagues at the airport at the Kiebi Embassy who sent me off. Then, I turned around and boarded a flight to another Southern Continent island country, Jido.

The moment I got on the plane, I noticed that other than me, there was only me in the cabin. There was no one else in the cabin who was of the same nationality as me. Actually, to me, this is something I've long since gotten used to. In the era when planes are far from being popularized in our country, I've already flown all over the world. I can't even remember how many times I took a plane in my life. On the plane, I'm often the only one who's an anomaly. Other than the first few times, I haven't cared about this for a long time. This time, for some reason, The moment I got on the plane, I subconsciously looked at the entire cabin. In the end, it was the same as many times in the past. I am still alone, and there are no other passengers with the same skin color as me. I felt disappointed and depressed about this.

I also noticed that the front half of the plane is filled with passengers, about twenty of them. The back half of the seats were all taken away, and the empty space was filled with boxes of goods. I guess that was definitely the new move the aviation company came up with to earn money. This route has a limited number of customers. It's split into two parts for both customer and commodity, both of which need to be taken care of at the same time. The aviation company could make use of the limited space on the plane to make profits. Otherwise, they would most likely lose money. However, when people and goods coexisted in the cabin, not only did it look messy and disorderly, It makes people feel insecure.

It was an old British propeller passenger plane. The body of the plane was painted with a few English letters of the "Southern Airlines Company" and the logo of the blue organ bird had been painted. It was missing a few strokes and looked variegated. The seat cushion in the cabin had faded. In a more developed country, Such a plane should have been eliminated a long time ago. Actually, I suspect that this plane was eliminated by other bigger international airlines.

After the plane took off again, it flew smoothly for a period of time. I sat in the seat next to the aisle, Once again, I calculated what I should do after Gido. I went to Jido to build a school, which is to build our country's embassy in Jido. In the diplomatic circle, it is said to be building a building. To build an embassy, from nothing to nothing, There are a lot of things to do. Since Ambassador Juhua talked to me three days ago, asking me to go to Jido to build the embassy alone, As long as I'm free, my brain will be like a computer. He automatically switched to thinking mode and thought about what he was going to do after arriving at Jido. What I need to do in front of me. . . Just thinking about it was very trivial, including finding an address for the embassy. Holding a reception and paying a visit to the leader of Gido. Thinking about it, I feel a bit hungry. . . I was also a little tired, so I simply ate the sandwich provided by the plane. The loud roar of the plane didn't affect me, so I fell asleep in a daze.

After an unknown period of time, I was jolted awake by the intense trembling. I was surprised to find that the plane was falling rapidly. I could strongly feel that when a person's internal organs were being lifted up when they were falling rapidly, it was a kind of physiological landing. I can hear screams and cries of terror in the cabin. Damnit! There must be another malfunction. I cursed in my heart. But I was very calm. I was sure that I didn't lose my composure at that time, and there wasn't a trace of panic in my eyes. In the diplomatic community, There was a story that had been circulating: an international flight had malfunctioned during flight, and everyone on board panicked. Only one person remained calm as usual. This person was not the captain, nor was he the chief flight attendant. He was a diplomat. I think, at that time, I must be this legendary diplomat.

Indeed, this kind of dangerous situation is nothing to a diplomat like me. In my opinion, Jumping on the plane is the same as handing yourself over to fate. Or rather, it would be more accurate to say that. . . If he became a diplomat, it would be the same as handing himself over to fate. A diplomatic career is filled with all kinds of dangers. The more dangerous the situation, the more dangerous it is. And it was no wonder that he was trained to be invulnerable in these experiences. In the midst of chaos, he could still observe, think, and deal with sudden situations rationally. Disorder was an important mental quality that a diplomat must possess. I am very happy, I seem to have reached such a level.

On my left, a tanned, fat middle-aged woman sits by the window. The fat sister-in-law kept using her right hand to draw a cross in front of her chest. She kept muttering "God bless. " Her hands were shaking uncontrollably. Her right arm hit my left arm again and again, and I instinctively moved to the right side to give way. But it was of no use.

On my right side, through the aisle. In the front row, there was a middle-aged man. He was screaming hysterically and exaggeratedly. He had a long, prismatic face, and his mouth was wide open when he shouted. His falling chin stretched his face exaggeratedly, like a donkey's face. It looked very strange. To be honest, I don't like such a man. As for that. . . He didn't hold back at all.

From my seat, I can see the stewardess facing the passengers. They are two young and beautiful local air stewardesses. I think, They must have wanted to take some time to sit there and rest for a while. From the moment the passengers boarded the plane, no, no. It should be said that before the passengers boarded the plane, they had been busy for a long time. They did need to rest. When something happened to the plane, they still seemed to be at a loss. I noticed one of the flight attendants. It was probably the chief flight attendant who wanted to stand up. She definitely wanted to go to the cabin in front. She wanted to ask the captain what had happened so that she could give the passengers an explanation. However, under the violent shaking of the plane, She tried several times but failed. She had no choice but to give up unwillingly. I saw her shrug. She made a helpless expression. Of course, her shrug was shattered by the intense vibration of the plane. It was only left to be understood.

I raised my left hand to look at the time. Because of my blurred vision and the violent shaking of the plane, It took me quite a bit of effort to see that the needle on my watch was pointing at 4: 30 in the afternoon. I calculated, from Kibi to Yoshido. The entire journey will take about 3 hours and 10 minutes, and the takeoff time will be 2: 45 in the afternoon. That is to say, the flight has left Kibi Airport for 1 hour and 45 minutes, just enough to cover half of the flight. The flight in the morning had malfunctioned less than an hour and a half after leaving Kirby. At that time, the flight was not even halfway through, so the captain decided to return. If it wasn't for that return, The plane would have reached Jido by now. I deduce that returning now is meaningless. Below is the endless sea. There are no islands nearby that can land, so the captain can only bet everything. Choosing to fly the plane directly to the finish line, Gido.

My judgment was quickly confirmed to be correct. The plane did not turn around like in the morning, but continued forward.

I quickly thought of the possible risks I might face. This had long become an instinctive professional reaction. As long as there is an accident, as a diplomat, The first thing I think of is not my own life, but whether or not I have secrets on me. . . And whether or not secrets have the risk of being leaked. When the plane malfunctioned this morning, I had already checked myself. . . I'm still worried, so I started to think about it again. In the suitcase. There were some daily clothes and tools, as well as some items needed to open the shop. No problem. In the handbag, there were some toiletries and toiletries. There was also a Tang Shi and a Zhu Ziqing essay book. This time, I'm not a diplomatic messenger, I didn't bring any confidential documents. Originally, I wanted to bring one or two documents, but in the end I decided to give up. If I bring a document, I have to bring a package. I have to act as a temporary messenger and protect them all the way. More importantly, it was also a problem to keep them when they reached Gido. The embassy hasn't been built yet, so I don't have a place to keep those documents. Now, I am secretly glad that I didn't bring a document with me. It saved me a lot of trouble. The only possible risk is the password book. I need to contact China to reach Gido alone. The password is necessary, the password book must be brought. But fortunately, The password only needed to be used together with a few numbers that made up the password key. The password is meaningful. The password key was recorded in his brain. I silently repeated the password key in my mind. Un, no problem. I said to myself, as long as the password key doesn't leak, The password itself is meaningless.

Thinking of this, my heart relaxed a lot. The only thing that makes me depressed is that I have encountered such an accident before I even reached Jido. It is clearly not a good start. I vaguely feel that this trip to Jido to build the dojo will not be smooth sailing.

My attention shifted to the sound of the engine. Other than the occasional tinnitus that appeared in the past two years, my ears are very sensitive. In his diplomatic career, I've been on all kinds of planes, and I've been on them many times. As long as you have the heart, over time, you will be able to clearly distinguish whether the sound of the engine is normal or not. I pricked up my ears and listened carefully. The engine sound on the right was the same as in the morning. The problem was still with the engine on the left. The engine on the left seemed to have asthma, and from time to time, it was a little out of breath. It sounded like breathing could stop at any moment. Then, the engine on the left suddenly stopped. After a while, there was an ear-piercing noise. I guessed that the captain was trying to restart the engine.

I seemed to feel that the captain had some sort of telepathy. I could feel the captain's different emotions from the sound of the engine. He was uneasy, calm, anxious, and hopeful.

I silently cheer for the pilot in my heart.

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