Bungee Jumping/C10 Chapter 10
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Bungee Jumping/C10 Chapter 10
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C10 Chapter 10

I'm changing my meds, the phone rings. I jumped with one leg to answer the phone. The one who called was Balls. When Balls heard that I was hit by a motorcycle, he called to console me.

"I heard that Mr. Agent was hit by a motorcycle. We feel very sad," Balls said. "At the same time, we also apologize to you. "

"Thank you for your concern," I said.

"How's your situation now? I'll take some time to visit you," Balls said.

"I'm fine, but I can't walk anymore," said Balls. "I'm afraid the event will be postponed for the next few days. "

"Wales, you don't have to worry about this. Rest well. We'll talk about the meeting when you can walk," Balls said.

"Thank you. " I said," Mr. Chang Mi, I hope to find the culprit. "

I've thought about this request from Balls. I was injured by a motorcycle in Gido. It was an accident. It could also be that someone did it on purpose. I can move if I want to protect my own safety. I can also raise dogs, but that's not enough. I have to seek protection from the country. This is the right given to diplomats by the Vietnam Diplomatic Relations Convention, as well as a request to stay in the country. Resident in the country must unconditionally protect the life and property of diplomats. In other words, Yoshido was obligated to find the perpetrator and find out the truth. And provide me with the necessary security. I've thought about it, send a formal notice to the Jido Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a few days. Make these requests. Since Powers has taken the initiative to call me, I can use this opportunity to ask him first. I'm all alone, In a strange place, I can't protect myself. I can only protect myself by staying in the government to ensure that similar things don't happen to me anymore.

"Wells! Don't worry, Mr. Agent," Balls said seriously, "I've already told the police director, Mr. Yusuf. We'll definitely investigate the culprit as soon as possible. I'll let you know if there's any news. At the same time, we promise you that we'll do our best to ensure that such a thing won't happen again"

"Thank you Mr. Chang, thank you for your concern," I said, "at the same time, I also hope to get news of you as soon as possible"

"Okay, we will investigate this matter as soon as possible," Balls said.

I thank Balls for his promise. I hope they can chase us to the end. As long as they are determined, it shouldn't be difficult to investigate. There aren't many people in this place, Jido. Just like Brian had said, there weren't many people with motorcycles. It was a problem to find out who shouldn't be. But the problem was, could Gido have such determination? I have no confidence.

Healing at home is a period of suffering for both the mind and the body. The bump on my head actually didn't cause any major problems and didn't cause a concussion. Even if there is, I can't investigate. Fortunately, the bump disappeared very quickly and did not leave behind any sequelae. However, the injuries on his arms and knees couldn't be healed. I started to think that. . . In the tropical wound, it would heal quickly, but in the end, it wasn't. In the tropical region, It was easy to move. The wound had just formed a scab, and if he wasn't careful. . . It split open again, and it even turned into pus. Just like that, It was fine, it was fine, it was fine, it was fine. He could only be very careful and do nothing. In a place like Jido. . . There was no television except for a draft of a message. There wasn't even a copy of the newspaper. There was only one radio station, and it only broadcasted for four hours a day. It's the only way I know about the outside world. I want to go out and do some things, and there are a lot of things waiting for me to do. But I can't go, because I can't walk. I want to plant some vegetables in the yard. So that I can satisfy my craving. Ever since I came to Jido, I haven't eaten any decent Ye Zicai. But it's not possible either, because I can't squat down. I can only sit or lie down, limping as I walk around the house. I have to be careful when cooking. When I was bored, I took out the Tang Shi and Zhu Ziqing essays I brought with me. Looking back and forth, it seems that what I saw were "raising your head to look at the bright moon. Lowering my head to think of my hometown "and my father's back view, my heart was filled with unresolvable homesickness.

When one was sick, one was the most vulnerable. And on a lone island far away from family and even from the people of the country, A person is sick, and no one comes to see me. . . No one came to ask for warmth, no one even handed me a bowl of hot soup noodles. I feel an unprecedented loneliness and grievance in my heart. I remembered that after I received the notice to go to the Kieby Residency, I went home to tell Lu Shuqin. She said that I wanted to go to Kieby's permanent residence.

"What country is Kiebi?" My son, Xiao Song, heard him and asked me.

I was about to answer, but Xiao Song added, "Dad, why do you keep going to those countries that I've never heard of?"

I didn't say anything.

I didn't know what to say. I understand my son's thoughts. If I go to a country with a thunderous reputation. . . In a country with a high development level, Xiao Song will have face in front of other children. When it comes to a country like Kirby, Little Song naturally can't raise his spirits. Not only was he unable to raise his spirits, he even felt somewhat embarrassed. He felt somewhat disdainful, feeling that his father wasn't doing well enough. That's right. The place I went to was getting smaller and smaller, and I was getting poorer and poorer. This is the first time I'm going to a neighboring country in Asia. The second time I went to Africa, and now I'm going to the Southern Continent. I've never been to America or Europe. Not to mention her son, Lu Shuqin didn't understand either. She felt that her husband was useless and that he was going to a good place. Only her husband went to a backward place every time and became a professional in a poor country.

To be honest, my heart is also filled with contradictions. On the one hand, Diplomatic work is beyond my control, and I have no choice. When I need it, I can't and can't shirk it. Perhaps it is the opposite of what normal people think. I always feel that hardship and not enjoyment is the right thing to do diplomacy. Our generation is used to obeying the organization's arrangements. In my opinion, I can refuse to go to a country with good conditions, but I can't refuse a tough place. Perhaps this is decided by my personality. If no one goes to a tough place, If no one does difficult things, then what about our diplomacy? I always thought, I have such a realm. On the other hand, it's not that I don't want to go to a better place. Sometimes, I also think. . . Why can't I go to a more developed country with better conditions. . . A more famous country, like America or England. . . I can live a better life and let my son live a better life. Of course, Sometimes, I think, as the saying goes, only when you have worked hard can you be sweeter. Perhaps I'm in the most difficult place right now. One day, I'll have a chance to go to a better place. Then my suffering today is to exchange for tomorrow's good. Two different thoughts will appear in my mind, repeating in my heart. But no matter which one it is, I can't tell it to Lu Shuqin and my son.

Put down the Tang Shi in his hand. I moved to the desk and casually recorded the following words:

The journey back to my hometown is 90,000 miles, and time goes back to 300 autumn. Hai Ya Island guarded by itself. It was bitter, lonely, and without tears.

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