Bungee Jumping/C11 Chapter 11
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Bungee Jumping/C11 Chapter 11
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C11 Chapter 11

After about four or five days, Balls called me and told me that President Darru wanted to see me the next day.

"Have you recovered from your injuries? Can you go?" Balls asked concernedly.

"No problem," I said.

"If it doesn't work, we can find another time," Balls said with understanding.

"No problem, I will definitely go. I said, with an unquestionable tone. Actually, my injury hasn't healed yet, my left leg is still limping, but for the President to see such an important meeting, it's a rare opportunity, unless he's sick and can't get out of bed, even if he's limping, he still has to go.

"Wales, that's good, then. Then it's decided," Balls said, "Tomorrow at 11: 00 a. M. In the presidential palace. At that time, I'll go too. "

" No problem. "My tone now sounded a bit like Brian's," I'll definitely be there on time. "

I originally wanted to ask if Balls had found the motorcycle that hit me, but after thinking about it, since we're about to meet, I might as well wait until then.

After putting down the phone, I began to prepare for the meeting with the President. The diplomat represents the country. You can't speak casually to outsiders, not to mention that I'm going to meet the Lord of a country. The words spoken are of great responsibility and weight. So whatever you say, don't say anything. No matter what, he had to think it through in advance. He even had to design it well, and he had to have a well-thought-out plan. I specifically called Ambassador Ju Hua to ask him for instructions. I listened to Ambassador Juhua's instructions.

"How are you doing?" After discussing the important matters, Ambassador Juhua asked me about the situation after arriving at Gido.

"I'm doing fine, everything is going smoothly," I said.

I hid the fact that I was injured by the motorcycle.

The next day, Brian drove over to pick me up. Brian was hired by me. The car bought by the embassy hasn't been transported to Gido yet, so I can't walk properly. Besides, going to see the President is a big matter, so inviting Brian to drive for me is just nice to set up some small plans, which is also needed in the diplomatic banquet.

Brian arrived early at the embassy. When I called him, I repeatedly emphasized that he should arrive early. This time, Brian didn't let me down. He drove to the embassy early in the morning. Brian must have realized the importance of this event to me, so he didn't dare to be careless.

"This isn't your car?" I went out to take a look and found that Brian was wearing a white shirt. He wore a tie and a light grey pants. He was also wearing leather shoes, which was completely different from his usual attire. It was as if he had changed into a different person. Then he looked at the car he was driving, it was a black sedan, It wasn't that shabby little white car.

"This is a new one I bought, how about it?" Brian said with a smile.

"That's right," I said. Looks like this guy's business is pretty good, he has money to exchange for a car.

"I lied to you, Wang Yao said. I didn't buy this car, I borrowed it at the last minute," Brian saw that I believed him, so he laughed and said, "You go see our President, you can't drive my broken car, right?"

" Thank you, "I said. That's true, Brian's little white car was indeed a little shabby, plus it was white. The color was a bit light, so it was not suitable for official activities. Usually, the cars used in official occasions were dark series. Especially black, which looked solemn. It seemed that Brian also had a time to be careful. From this point of view, perhaps he really does have a bit of our bloodline.

The presidential palace is located in the city center of the capital, Lucas. There is an independent square in the center of the city, surrounded by four old buildings. Among the four buildings, One was a church, and the other was a police station. One was the post office, and the other was the presidential palace. This was the usual layout used during the colonization period. The presidential palace was the original presidential palace, and the other three buildings still retained their original functions. These four buildings were all made of bricks and wood. The second floor, the roof was covered with iron sheets. It was orange in color, and it was unique in the traditional architecture of Lucas, which was mainly made up of straw huts. It was especially eye-catching, and it could be considered as the most eye-catching architectural landscape of Lucas.

Brian parked his car in front of the Northern presidential palace. In China, our buildings focus on heading south from the north. The lighting is good, and the Feng Shui is good. The southern region is in the southern hemisphere, and the buildings head north from the south, which is exactly the opposite of ours.

The car just stopped, and before I could react. . . Brian quickly bypassed my seat and opened the door for me. He even put his hand under the frame of the car door to protect my head. Brian's actions were a bit exaggerated, A bit funny, but very professional. I smiled at Brian. As the agent, Today, not only did someone drive for me, there was also someone who opened the door for me. It makes me feel a bit proud and a bit unnatural at the same time.

Brian saw that it was inconvenient for me to move, so he helped me get out of the car.

"Thank you," I smiled and said to Brian, "You really think of me as a disabled person. "

"You're welcome, boss," Brian said seriously, I'm not used to it.

In front of the presidential palace, a guest greeted me. The guest official is a young lady. Under the guidance of the lady, I limped into the presidential palace. The young lady told me that President Daru was meeting with a guest and told me to wait in the lobby. I sat down on a sofa in the lobby. I raised my hand to look at my watch, Seventeen minutes earlier, this is about the time I calculated. Diplomatic activity, The time to arrive is very particular. If you were attending a banquet, you normally wouldn't be able to arrive early. It would be best if he was late by five minutes, no more than ten minutes. Of course, domestic banquets were all arrived early. It was impolite to arrive early overseas. If it was a reception, It was normal to be late to 15 minutes. For an important event like meeting the President, they had to be there in advance.

On the coffee table in front of the sofa, there were a few magazines introducing Gido. I picked them up and casually flipped through them. The front hall was a little hot. Because I saw the President today, I wore a navy blue suit made a few years ago. A suit made in China with an inner lining is not suitable to wear in the tropical area.

After waiting for about half an hour, I saw Country P's representative Brown walk out from inside. Brown's chubby body, coupled with his beard, was unforgettable after seeing him once. Brown didn't leave a good impression on me at the reception of the building that day.

"Good morning, Mr. Proxy. " There weren't many diplomats in Gido, so they didn't look up. Out of courtesy, I got up and greeted Brown.

"Oh, good morning, Mr. Proxy" Brown saw me and was a bit surprised. He hesitated for a moment before stopping, "You came to see the President too?"

"Yes," I said, I came to see the President. You just met him? "

"Yes, I just met with the President. @ @ @ # 16D70f7ician @ @ # 10034B120 @ # f65A850c71 @ @ @ # fd6550c1 @ @ # @ # fd0233f @ # @ @ # 22B36city # @ # @ @ # I didn't know that President Darryl still wanted to see you, "Brown said, But I didn't know that President Darryl still wanted to see you, but I still didn't know that President Darryl wanted to see you. His tone was still not sinister and did not match his appearance at all. "I just had an Introduction with the President, I think you'll also have an Introduction"

"@ @ # @ # 8B86 De72Harvey # @ @. " I expressionlessly looked at Brown. After hearing Brown's words, I don't want to answer him anymore. Brown had a hidden meaning in his words. In a few short sentences, he used the word Integrity three times. The word Integrity was used three times. The translation in Mandarin was usually interesting and interesting. It was a positive side, but Brown said it here. . . Obviously, it was another layer of "interesting. " Judging from his tone and expression, This Integration was not at all interesting at all. Brown and President Darryl probably didn't have a smooth conversation.

"Harvey Danielle," Brown narrowed his eyes and looked at me as well. Answer me. After that, he walked out of the lobby with his big belly. Brown squinted his eyes and looked at me, making me feel familiar. But I can't remember. I'm a bit blind, I can't remember people. I blame my blindness on seeing too many people. I saw too many people, so I mixed them all together.

Brown had just left when Balls came out from inside.

"Your wounds are healed," Balls asked.

"They're almost healed," I said. "There's no big problem walking now. "

"That's good. "

"Thank you for your concern. "

"[No need to thank me] Balls said, "Right, before you go in to see the President, there's something I want to discuss with you"

"Just tell me," I was just about to ask if Powers had found the motorcycle that hit me, but hearing what Powers said, I put it aside.

"It's like this," Balls said. "You know, our Gido's infrastructure is very poor. Our airport has been out of repair for a long time and is no longer in good shape. Our council needs to be rebuilt. And our hospital has become a critical room. When your Ambassador Juhua came, President Daru also talked to him. "

"I know that, I also participated in the meeting. " The last time Ambassador Juhua came to see the President was with me.

"Just now, President Daru met with Country P's representative Brown. You must have met him just now, so you also discussed these projects," Balls said, "We originally wanted to ask Country P to do one or two projects for us, but we couldn't accept their conditions. "

"What conditions did they propose?" I asked.

"Brown didn't say the specific conditions," Balls said. "But from his words and from his words, we can tell that he's very dissatisfied with us agreeing to build the embassy in Jido. "

"Then can it be understood that they want to use your severance of ties with us as a condition?" I said.

"I think so," Balls said. "We can't agree to that. President Daru told Brown that there's no room for negotiation on this issue. Gido is a sovereign country. We can only decide on Gido's matters ourselves. "

" Thank you, President Serdaru. They're too incoherent, I say. I now understand why Brown would say that his meeting with Darryl was with Integrity. F * ck, I cursed in my heart. They didn't even let go of a small country, picking Jido to fight with us. There is indeed no distinction between large countries and small countries in international conflicts. What should come definitely can't be avoided. It seems that I have thought it through simply. I thought that our relationship with Gido would be set in stone the moment the building reception was held. Obviously not. The exchange of blows had just begun.

"Welle, they've always liked this" Balls shrugged his shoulders and shrugged, "So, President Darru is willing to deal with you guys. You respect our small country, treat us equally. In a while, President Daru will definitely talk about the project. I'll say hello to you first so you know what to do "

" Thank you "I said.

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