Bungee Jumping/C12 Chapter 12
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Bungee Jumping/C12 Chapter 12
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C12 Chapter 12

I'm talking to Powers. President Daru's assistant, Sequeira, came to the lobby and invited Balls and me into the meeting room.

I've been to the Gido presidential palace a few times, so I'm very familiar with it both inside and outside. Upstairs is the president's office, Downstairs is the meeting room. The meeting room is probably the simplest meeting room I've ever seen, with a few rattan chairs inside. Along with the rattan coffee table, there are some traditional handicrafts made of shells and fish bones hanging on the wall. The difference this time is. . . A portrait of President Daru appeared in the meeting hall, hanging on the wall behind the rattan chair. In the portrait, The burly Daru sat in front of his desk, both hands on his desk. He held a pen in his right hand, his two eyes staring forward with bright eyes.

"This is a painting drawn by a Jido painter from Europe. He just hung it up," Daru said. Seeing that I'm interested in that painting, Powers introduced it.

"The painting is not bad," I said. Actually, I don't know much about painting, but the painting is indeed very lifelike. It has the majesty of the President and also the aura of a fisherman.

"Is Zhong Liang here on behalf of the President?" I didn't see him, so I heard his voice first. Just as I was chatting with Balls about painting, I heard President Daru asking loudly. Before he finished speaking, President Daru had already entered the meeting hall.

"Thank you for the time you took to meet me. I'm very honored. " I smiled as I went forward to shake his hand and hug him. I could feel his rough hands and wide chest. "I also thank you and Madam for participating in my reception. "

"No need to thank me. Have you recovered from your injuries?" Daru saw me limping and asked while pointing at the rattan chair next to him for me to sit down.

"Much better. " After Daru sat down, I also sat on the rattan chair he pointed at. When Daru sits down, the rattan chair creak a few times.

Balls sits on the rattan chair beside Daru in succession. Daru and Balls sat together, forming a clear contrast. It was very funny. Daru was tall and strong, and Balls was thin and weak. Daru was bold and forthright. Balls was gentle and refined. Daru looked like a tomboy, while Balls looked like Zhang Sheng. Daru wore simple and plain clothes. Balls was very particular about his attire. He would definitely be dressed properly for the event. He was meticulous and meticulous. Their appearances and personalities were different from each other, but they complemented each other very well.

"That. . . What's that called? It's the person who bumped into our Mr Proxy. Have you found him?" The moment he sat down, Darru asked Powers.

"Wales, not. . . Not yet. " Powers probably hadn't expected Darius to ask this question, so he didn't know how to answer for a moment. "I asked the police chief, and he told me. . . They found the motorcycle that caused the accident. The motorcycle belonged to a Gido. However, it wasn't his motorcycle that day. The one riding the motorcycle and bumping into Mr. Jido was a friend of his. He had come from Jibi. He was afraid of being found out. He left Yoshido the next day. "

This is the first time I've heard what Balls said, and I'm very surprised. After the incident, I contacted Police Director Yusufu a few times, and he even spoke to me once the day before. Yusufu kept saying that they were still investigating.

"Something like this really shouldn't have happened" President Daru said, "We're sorry, sir. You must take measures to ensure Mr. Agent's personal safety"

"Thank you for your concern, sir President" In front of the President, I don't want to talk about this anymore. I've decided, I'll ask Powers when I have time.

"Welcome to Gido again," Darru turned around and said intimately to me. "I told you long ago that you would come back. Am I right?"

"Mr. President, thanks for your kind words," I smiled knowingly. Once, I was entrusted by Ambassador Juhua. . . On a business trip to Gido alone, I was fortunate enough to meet President Lu. During the meeting, Daru said he wanted us to set up an embassy in Gido. Daru half-jokingly and half-seriously said, "I hope you'll be the ambassador for the building. " Not long after, I was indeed ordered to build the building as an ambassador.

Daru nodded and didn't say anything.

"Please allow me to take this opportunity to convey Ambassador Juhua's greetings to you"

"Thank you, Mr. Agent, please convey my greetings to Ambassador Juhua"

"Okay, I will definitely convey it"

"You know, Mr. Agent, I have a special relationship with China. "

I nodded. Of course I know how Daru feels about us. Daru was the one who started the diplomatic relationship between the two countries. The moment Gidov became independent, Daru's government decided to establish diplomatic relations with us. After establishing diplomatic relations, Daru visited our country three times in a row to build a deep friendship with us. Daru was very familiar with the relationship between the two countries. As soon as we talk about the relationship between the two countries, he will mention our support for the Independence Movement of Gido. He will mention our support for the Jido Independence Movement. When the two countries were establishing diplomatic relations, we gave Jido a batch of resources as a gift. Among them were fishing gear and a bicycle, which Daru also mentioned.

"We value our relationship with your country," Daru continued, "I believe that after you come, our relationship will develop greatly. "

"With your personal care, our relationship will definitely continue to develop," I said.

"Mr. Agent, there's something I need your help with," Daru changed his relaxed tone and his expression became serious. As Daru spoke, he moved his body. The rattan chair made a creaking sound, and my heart skipped a beat.

"You know, there is less than half a year left. We're going to hold the election," Daru continued. "I've been the president for more than a decade, and I've decided not to participate. You've probably heard, Vice President Muni will represent our party in the election. From the looks of it, the situation isn't good for him. If we were in the next few months, If we can't do something to convince the people. . . The opposition might come up on stage. You also know that the opposition advocates developing relations with a third party. They want to cut ties with you. It's not like our party has no objections. So, I think, While I'm still on stage, I hope I can do more things with you guys. . . Stabilize the relationship between the two countries, avoid anything that we don't want to see "

Daru's words caused my heart to tighten. Gido has two political parties, One is Daru's National Independence Party, and the other is. . . It was called the People's Party, and it was the opposition party. The leader of the People's Party, James, was also a member of the National Independence Party. He had even been Daru's Foreign Minister, but because of political discord, He fell out with Daru and pulled out a team. . . On the other side of the mountain, he kept getting bigger and bigger. . . Gradually posing a threat to the power of the National Independence Party. After James established the new party, in order to increase the distance between him and Daru, he faced Daru on a third party issue. Darryl has a close relationship with us, and he. . . He was close to the third party, and had even visited there before. I know all of this. But Daru mentioned that the National Independence Party also had different opinions, which shocked me. Who does Daru mean by different opinions? The sensitivity of my profession makes me uneasy.

"Sir President, if you have any ideas, just say it, I would like to hear more about it" I said.

"I would like to ask you to build a hospital for us" Daru said. You know, Our hospital was left behind during the colonization period. It's no longer what it looks like. The hospital is related to the livelihood of the people. If you can help with the maintenance and expansion, It will help us win the hearts of the people and win the election. We won the election. The relationship between the two countries will be guaranteed. "

"This is a big matter, I need to report to the country, "I said.

"I'm sorry to give you guys another difficult problem," Daru continued. " Also, we've discussed it, we think we can temporarily not build a new parliament building "

"No more repairs?" I'm a bit surprised. The construction of the new parliament building was suggested by Jido when Ambassador Juhua visited last time. I remember clearly, After Ambassador Juhua and his wife visited the House of Representatives, they came to see Daru, Daru had just taken his seat when he suggested that China help Jido build a new parliament building. After that visit, they returned to Kibi, I immediately followed Ambassador Juhua's instructions and reported Daru's request to the country. Just before I came to Gido this time, the country replied: In principle, we agree to Gido's request, and we will provide necessary loans. Help Gido build the parliament building. I have already informed Powers of our decision. Looks like they have a new idea.

"No more repairs. Permanent Secretary Balls has already told me that China has agreed to help us renovate the parliament," Daru glanced at Balls and continued. "We've studied it once more, Daru said. We do need to build a new parliament. But we've never borrowed money from foreign countries. We know that borrowing money is necessary, there is borrowing and repaying, That is a good friend. The suggestion would be a one-time investment. If money was invested, there would be no new income. We won't be able to pay back the money our friend lent us. Since that's the case, we might as well repair the hospital first. After all, The council only involves the interests of a few people, but hospitals are good for the people. What do you think, Mr. Agent? "

" About that, I need to ask Ambassador Juhua, "I said. Although the proposal and the building of the hospital are both built the same way, However, the budget for two different projects might not be the same, and it might even be a lot different. To make the country change its decision, I don't have confidence, I need to consult Ambassador Juhua.

"I know, we have troubled Mr. Agent, please understand," Darru seemed to see through my dilemma.

"I understand what you mean, Mr. President," I said, "I will truthfully report to Ambassador Juhua, and also report back to the country"

"There is also another matter that I would like to discuss with you, I have also discussed this with Ambassador Juhua before" President Daru continued. "Our Gido's medical conditions are limited, Our medical staff is short, and our standards aren't high either. You send medical teams to other countries. We hope that you can also send medical teams to us. Help us Jido people treat illnesses. Needless to say, your doctors have excellent medical skills. They will definitely be welcomed by the Jido people. I believe that you will be able to help me with this. "

"[The matter of sending the medical team, Sir President, we've already reported your request back to the country] I said, [As far as I know, we're giving positive consideration to it. ] I believe there will be a reply soon]"

"That's great" President Daru said, "Thank you very much. As I said, only you are our true friends. Unlike some countries, everything has to be done in terms of conditions"

I smiled knowingly and didn't say anything.

After the meeting ended, Daru insisted on personally sending me to the door. Daru asked when my wife would come. I told Daru truthfully that Lu Shuqin wanted to take care of her son's studies in the country and wouldn't be able to come for a while.

"Then it won't be easy for you to be here alone with us. If you have any difficulties, feel free to say it. " Daru pointed at Balls. "Tell him that he will take care of it for you. "

I nodded gratefully.

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