Bungee Jumping/C13 Chapter 13
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Bungee Jumping/C13 Chapter 13
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C13 Chapter 13

The meeting with the president opened up a series of my inaugurations in Gido. In a short period of time, I limped between the various ministries of Gido to pay my respects to the various Ministers. Brian is still my crutch, Pick me up in the car. But I can't let him work for nothing. I'll tip him for the fees he needs to pay. Brian didn't want to charge at first. The reason is, of course, that he's our bloodline. I say that's not the reason, if you have our blood flowing in your veins. . . Then you must know one of our words: revenge between brothers. I also threaten him that if he doesn't accept it, then I can only look for someone else. After I say this, Only then did he agree to accept the money I paid him.

While paying a visit to the Jido government officials, I also pay a visit to the envoys from other countries stationed in Jido. Jido is a small country, and the number of envoys stationed in Jido can be counted with one hand. There are only five of them: Country P, Country E, Country A, and us. I first went to visit the Jibi embassy on behalf of Renjie.

Renjie is waiting for me at the door. After Brian put me down, I told him to go do his work first, then come and pick me up later.

"My friend, your injuries are healed?" As soon as I got off the car, Renjie walked over and hugged me. Renjie was tall and big, so when I hugged him, I had to raise both of my hands.

"It's completely done," I said.

"That's good. Did they catch the person who hit you?" Renjie asked.

"No, they said that person was gay. The day after he hit me, he ran back to Ki-Bi," I said. That time at the President's place, Powers said it was a Ki-man. Then I asked Balls and Yousufu, They gave the same answer. It seems that they were right about the watch, and they said the same thing to me. I don't know if what they said is true or not. Before I came to see Renjie, I wanted to ask him. . . Let's see if he has heard of it.

"Ki-man?" Renjie said with a confused expression, "How come I don't know?"

"That's strange, you actually don't know. " I was a bit surprised. If it was a Ki-man, Kedo should tell Renjie. In a sense, I hope to hear from Renjie that he knows. This way, it can prove that Powers and Yusuf are telling the truth. The one who hit me is the Kibbe. Now that Renjie says he doesn't know, that means that Balls and Yousufu aren't telling me the truth. If they didn't tell the truth, It could only mean that they wanted to hide something. What did they want to hide?

"They didn't tell me. " Renjie shook his head and repeated.

"Oh, so that's the case. " Since Renjie said that he didn't know, it wouldn't be good for me to continue asking.

"Sorry, we chatted at the door. " Renjie smiled and said, "Let's go to my office. "

Renjie led me into his office and guest room. Foreign customs combine office and guest functions into one. Renjie arranged for me to sit on a wooden chair in front of his desk, then he himself sat on the chair behind the desk. I saw. . . Behind Renjie, there was a portrait of President Kirby in the wall. I've seen President Landry before in Kirby, I could recognize him at a glance. Hanging a portrait of the head of state in an office is a habit in the Southern Continent.

A girl came in, it seems to be Renjie's secretary.

"Tea or coffee?" Renjie asked.

"Coffee," I said.

"Then two cups of coffee," Renjie said to the girl. The girl agreed and left.

"How many people do you have here?" I asked Renjie.

"Not many, only four people in total. Apart from me, there's a diplomat from Kirby, two local employees, a secretary, and a handyman, "said Renjie.

"That's right," I'm a little envious of Renjie. Compared to me alone, Renjie is really generous.

"Gido is about to hold an election. What do you think?" I asked. I first chatted with Renjie about Kibi, then I talked about Gido. The diplomats gathered together. The most we talked about was the matters of the country.

"Didn't you see that the President and the Vice President are having a conflict?" Renjie was very straightforward. This is the second time I've seen Renjie, After getting familiar with him, I knew that Renjie wasn't a professional diplomat. He was originally a businessman, Later, he snuck into politics, then was sent to Gido as an agent. He said he was acting as an agent, In fact, he was both an official and a businessman. He also did some business at the same time. It was killing two birds with one stone.

"What's the reason?" I asked. Although I've heard of it before, I still want to hear what Renjie has to say. Different people will look at the same thing from different perspectives.

"ITisalong History," Renjie pulled up his stance and prepared to tell a long story. "They had already formed a grudge when Gido was independent. I wonder if you've heard of it? "

I shook my head.

"When they chose the President, a few people came out to fight for it. Among them, the ones with the most hope were Daru and Muni," Renjie continued, "Daru fishermen were born, and they were good at fishing since they were young, Renjie continued. He was very famous in Jido. Daru went to university in our Ji-Bi University, and could have stayed in Ji-Bi. Maybe he went to Europe to further his studies, but he went back to Gido. After he came back, Daru threw himself into Gido's independent movement. In comparison, Muni's family was much better. He was born in a business family and had received Western education since he was young. He and Daru had different political ideologies from the very beginning. In other words, the two of them had different family backgrounds. Different ideologies can't be more normal. "

"Yes," I said, I've heard all of what Renjie said. I was in charge of Gido at Kibi Time. I should be more familiar with Daru's situation. Daru was political wise, and in his twenties, he stood out in Gido's political circle. He was a member of the Gido autonomous parliament before he was elected and became the minister of the autonomous government at the age of 20. He became the president before the age of thirty-five, and now he was only forty-five. When he was independent, Daru was elected as the first president, and became the founder of the Republic of Gido.

"Come back and talk about that presidential election again" Renjie continued, "A few important candidates were at odds with each other, someone suggested that Gido was Japan, and that the Gido people were fishermen who lived by fishing. Whoever wants to be president should be Yoshido's best fisherman. Why don't we have a fishing competition, and whoever wins will be president "

I laughed. The person who came up with this move must be Daru's supporter.

"You definitely think it's a joke when you hear it," Renjie looked at me and laughed. He said seriously, "but it's absolutely true, That's true. At that time, most people agreed. Only Muni didn't agree. Muni knew that in terms of brains, Muni didn't lose to Daru, and was even slightly stronger than Daru. In terms of fishing, he was definitely no match for Daru. But Muni couldn't call out to him alone. In the end, there was still a fishing competition set as a condition to go out to sea for a night. To see who can fish more, and who can be the president. There was no need to say more about the result. The game is one-sided, Daru wins the game. And then he became Gido's first President. "

Although Renjie said it confidently, saying that what he said was the truth, But needless to say, it was just a legend, It was just a beautiful legend. Life was like this. Sometimes, everyone needed a little legend. It was just like cooking with some special seasoning. But there was one thing that Renjie was right about. Darius was a fishing expert. It was said that. . . Even after becoming the President, Darryl still went fishing by himself. Shake hands with him, You can feel how strong and strong his hands are. I once heard from Balls that Gido's men are going out to sea to catch fish. We have to catch a family that can eat for a week. There's also one more thing that I can tell from Renjie's story. That is, the conflict between Daru and Muni has been going on for a long time, so it should be true.

"Think about it," Renjie continued. "If Daru becomes president like this, will Muni be convinced? From then on, the two of them got into a fight. For the sake of peace, Daru let Muni be the vice president. But the two of them have always been aloof on the surface. This year, Daru suddenly announced that he would no longer be participating in the election. He confirmed that Muni would be participating. Muni can't wait to take his place. The difference in policy between the two of them is getting bigger and bigger. "

" Then what do you think their main problem is? " I asked. Sometimes, I think diplomats love to break the claypot more than reporters. I have this problem. I can also tell that Renjie is a chatterbox. Since he is willing to say it, I can ask a few more questions and understand more about the situation.

"There are many differences on many issues. For example, regarding the fishery problem, the health problem, and the budget problem of the government, the two of them have different views, especially on social welfare. The two of them have the biggest differences. " Renjie said.

"Then do you think they have different views on foreign policy?" I asked. Even though I asked, what I want to know the most is whether they have any differences in our relationship with the two countries.

"Let me guess, you want to ask if they have any differences in their relationship with you," said Lun Jie with a smile. He had obviously guessed what I was thinking. "I can't say for sure. I don't know enough about the situation. You should feel it the most. Have you seen them up until now?"

"I've met the President, but the Vice President hasn't. I've asked him out a few times, and he says his schedule isn't ready yet, I say.

"In my opinion, this isn't a good sign" Renjie said, "He didn't see you, which reflects his attitude towards you"

"You're right," I said. Although I don't want to think that way, But as the saying goes, a bystander can see clearly. I have to admit that what Renjie said is right.

When he sent me out to shake hands and say goodbye, Renjie suddenly asked, "It was them who said that the person who hit you was a Kibi person, right?"

"Yes," I was stunned for a moment before saying. It seemed that Renjie was not very interested in this statement.

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