Bungee Jumping/C14 Chapter 14
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Bungee Jumping/C14 Chapter 14
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C14 Chapter 14

I took the time to adopt a dog. After being hit by a motorcycle, I wanted to raise a dog to protect myself, but I couldn't find a suitable one. You have to know, Jido is a small place, it's not easy to find a suitable dog. Brian helped me look around. I didn't find it. I asked Renjie to help me pay attention, and Renjie didn't make any progress either. Later, I heard that there was a female dog in the Yusuf family. She just gave birth to a small nest. I specifically went to Yousufu's house.

Yousufu isn't here, the fat sister-in-law is here.

I explained the purpose of my visit to the fat sister-in-law. When the fat sister-in-law heard that I'm here to get the dog, she immediately knew that I'm here to ask for it. She was very happy.

"Okay, okay," the fat sister-in-law said. "We just had a bunch of puppies. They are growing day by day and we can't afford to raise them. We wanted to get rid of them, but you have to. That would be great. "

I saw that there were a total of three dogs in the Yusuf Family. They were furry and I liked them in my heart. I asked the fat sister-in-law, "What kind of dog is this?"

"Labrador," the fat sister-in-law said, "This dog has a good temperament. He's a kinsman and is also a good watchdog. "

"Okay, I'll take one with me. " Once she heard that it was a good watchdog, I asked for one without hesitation. Before I left, I left enough money for the fat sister-in-law. I can't take it for free.

It's a little male dog.

When I returned to the embassy, I took a bath for the dog. As I took a bath, I thought of a name.

"Look at you, you have yellow hair, why don't I call you yellow hair," I said.

Ever since I got the dog yellow hair, my life has changed. I have a companion. I am no longer alone. I went out to work and returned to the embassy, and there was a little dog barking, He sent me away and waited for me to come back. I feed it every day, tease it, and train it. I work outside, I train blondie in English. I will use native language. When there is no puppy, I can only speak to myself. Now, I have the chance to speak the native language every day. I asked the puppy to sit down. The puppy sat down and told the puppy to lie down. The puppy would lie down and not let the puppy bark. The puppy wouldn't bark. As long as I'm at the embassy, the puppy will circle around me. I work in the yard, the puppy will circle around. I'll cook, and the puppy will watch from the side.

One day, I remember it was a Sunday, and I took the blondie around George Island. Blondie was very excited. He jogged all the way and kept peeing on the side of the road. He picked up one of his hind legs and peed a little. It was in a circle around its new territory.

When I reached the top of the island, I saw a reef bay. The reef bay is the name I came up with, I don't know the name of the locals. When I saw the reef bay, the seawater just started to rise. The mouth of the bay was exposed to rocks of various shapes and sizes, forming a circle. There were even more reefs gathered in the bay. Some were lying, some were sitting, and some were standing. The tide surged in from the depths of the boundless Southern Continent Sea, first surrounding the reefs. Then, it submerged the reefs in half. The submerged and half-submerged reefs were surrounded by strange, irregular flows of seawater. The whirlpools spun in circles, and they spun as they passed through. It was as if they were going to sweep away the reefs and go back and forth. It kept going back and forth, as if it would not stop until it reached its goal.

I am not specifically going to see the reef bay, but I was shocked by the scene I saw at the reef bay. I stopped in my tracks. I stood by the edge of the cliff and watched what was happening in the reef bay. I have never seen such rapid seawater, the collisions between seawater and reefs, A force that seemed to be able to crush everything. The seawater rushed over with the momentum of the wind and the tides, carrying a cold killing intent that was flying in the air. It crashed into the cliff, creating a huge sound. Water splashed out, splashing onto my body. I couldn't help but shiver. I took a few steps back. The blondie was scared badly, screaming in terror as he ran back.

I suddenly thought of my current situation in Gido, not like this reef bay. It's not like the surging water in this reef bay. Yes, that's right. The complicated reef currents in the bay. . . That's the current situation I'm facing in Gido. In the previous stage, I was busy, Knock open doors and pay respects to the gods and deities. What I gain is more understanding of this island, there are positive ones. There were negative ones, there were those he knew before. There were also those he heard for the first time. I heard what I felt, and once again confirmed that my judgement was correct. In a place like Gido. . . Don't look at how small and inconspicuous it is. . . Even though it looked calm on the surface, it was actually not simple at all. The power struggle within this country's political circle, The mutual deception between the two was no less than the fights in other places. The various forces were constantly clashing and tearing each other apart. Just like the chaos and disorder in the reef bay.

I've settled my mind in the rumbling of the tides. There are at least five different forces in Yoshido that exist at the same time. They were fighting each other. I was deeply drawn into it. The first one was naturally Daru and Balls. This was the only central force I could rely on. Without Daru's support, I simply can't stand in Gido. The second group is Muni and Donkey Depei. I'll hold the opening reception, Muni first said it, but he didn't come. He sent his office director, Defide, to attend. When I came to my appointment, he didn't want to see me. Last time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held an event. Muni was the guest of honor and made a speech at the meeting. I was there too. I took the opportunity to greet him during the meeting, and personally suggested that I want to go and formally pay my respects. Muni didn't reject me. Muni politely asked me to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. That's a good reason. After that, I urged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs several times that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs didn't make any arrangements based on Vice President Muni's schedule. I understand. The schedule wasn't open, it was a common excuse for diplomacy. Actually, it's just that Muni doesn't want to see me. When I met Daru, Daru mentioned that the National Party also had different views on the relationship between the two countries. I guess Daru was referring to Muni. In other words, Muni is swaying between us and a third party. He is like a shrewd businessman, He is scheming how to maximize his own benefits. However, No matter how much he swayed, I understood in my heart that he was still what I needed. . . He is also the most likely target to fight for.

The third party is James' opposition party, the People's Party. To me, the People's Party is the most troublesome. The leader of the People's Party, James is very close to the third party. In a situation where the ruling party and the opposition party are irreconcilable, I can't just go and find him to do my job. Contact with James, It's no different from destroying the Great Wall. No matter how tolerant and magnanimous Daru was, he would still be unhappy. I don't need to offend Daru just because I'm close to James. The gains won't make up for the losses. So, On my chessboard, the People's Party is a dead chess piece. Unless it's absolutely necessary, I can't touch it. The fourth one is the third one. There's nothing much to say about the third party. We are competing with the third party. Our relationship with the third party is that, if there is me, there is no him. . . If there is him, there is no me. There is no room for negotiation. A third party is another hidden party. According to Brian, Someone from the third party came before I came to Gido. After I came, I never saw them again. But this doesn't mean that the third party quit. It hasn't been long since I came here. I could clearly feel that the third party was secretly watching me, waiting for an opportunity to come out and stir up trouble. The fifth party was the Country P that the bearded Brown represented. Although I only had two short interactions with the bearded man, I can already feel his hostility. I heard from Powers that the bearded man has a dozen diplomats under his command. He also has twenty or so local employees. I don't know why they have so many people. For me, Their numbers are enough to form an army. They definitely don't understand why I'm the only one in this embassy. The bearded man, Plus his people, they'll be my strong opponents.

Looking at the dangerous reefs in the reef bay, thinking about the political undercurrents that I faced in Gido, My heart is filled with deep sorrow. I asked myself, in a place like this with dangerous reefs and undercurrents everywhere, I am all alone, can I defend myself by myself? Can I retreat unharmed? I once again realize. . . [Even though the building is difficult, at most it is just a rehearsal. . . ] [What is even more difficult is still to come. ] Building a building was difficult, but protecting this building would only be more difficult. To survive in a complicated environment. . . I have no other choice, the only thing I can do is to have Brakeup and Diggin. Brakeup, Keep your spirits up, that's on the spiritual level. Diggin, Dig cover properly. Dig a bunker, I have to protect myself first.

Blondie shouts from the side, waking me from my thoughts.

"Oh right," I bent down, picked up the blondie, patted his head and said, "With you as my partner, I'm no longer alone. I'm no longer fighting alone. "

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