Bungee Jumping/C15 Chapter 15
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Bungee Jumping/C15 Chapter 15
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C15 Chapter 15

Every morning when I get up, I draw a line on the calendar. After drawing a line, a day has passed. It wasn't easy for me to reach the 30th day, which means that I have been at Jido for an entire month. Up until now, no one has sent any news, and this embassy still needs me to defend it alone.

On this day, I received two calls. One was from Donkey Demetrius, and the other was from Donkey Demetrius. One was from Donkey Depei, and the other was from 'Fake Country' Brian. Every time the phone rang, the one who reacted the fastest was Blondie. The phone rang. Blondie would wake up. Sometimes, I would be in the yard tending to my vegetable farm. I couldn't hear the phone ringing. The blondie became my doorbell and phone. As long as the blondie calls, I will know. Otherwise, someone will come. Or the phone rings.

Donkey Demi called at 9: 00 in the morning. Demi took the initiative to call me, which surprised me. I haven't seen him since the opening of the reception.

"Mr. Agent, when do you have time? Let's meet up," Depei said sharply on the phone.

"I'm free for the next two days. I'll see when it's convenient for you," said Depei. A while ago, I was busy paying a visit to the various department heads. These two days were coincidentally empty and there were no other arrangements.

"Then today, I'll go to your embassy," Depei said.

"Today? What time?" I was a little surprised, but I couldn't tell that Depei was still impatient. Depei was anxious to see me, perhaps he had something urgent to discuss.

"10 o'clock in the morning, I wonder if it's suitable for you?" Depei said. Depei was a bit effeminate, but he was a bit more polite.

"You're saying that it's 10 o'clock this morning?" I thought I misheard him. It hasn't even been an hour since 10 o'clock.

"You think it's 10 PM?" "Yes, 10 o'clock in the morning. "

"Alright. However, according to etiquette, I think I should go to your office. " I said that because, generally speaking, I should go to his office.

" No need, Wang Yao said. I'll go to your embassy, "Depei said.

"Alright then," I said. After saying that, he respectfully complied. Perhaps it would be inconvenient for Depei to say anything in the office. If he thought of coming to the embassy, no one else would be able to hear him, I think.

To be honest, I'm still looking forward to meeting up with Donkey Demi. I don't like Demi, The first thing I feel when I see his face is discomfort. When I hear his accent, I can't help but have goosebumps all over my body. I can't guess what Depei wanted to say. But he's with Vice President Muni. He wants to see me, It should be Muni's idea. So far, I haven't seen Muni yet. It's a rare opportunity for me that Depei sent himself to me first. Perhaps I can find out what kind of medicine was in Muni's gourd through him. Right now, I really want to know what made Depei come to see me in such a hurry.

I boiled some water in advance and brewed a pot of jasmine tea. The embassy welcomes guests, Most of them use jasmine tea. The foreigners are different from us, they don't like to drink green tea. Jasmine tea has a rich aroma and is fresh and refreshing. Not only do they accept it, but they also like it. As time passed, Our embassy's reception of foreign guests is mainly made of Lily Flower Tea. The embassy that I've been to, without any exception, is like this.

"Why aren't you here yet?" I said to Blondie. Blondie looked at me with a confused expression.

At ten o'clock, Donkey Demi didn't come. Most of the people in the Southern Continent aren't on time. Looks like Donkey Demi isn't an exception, I think. My psychological expectation is that Donkey Demi will be 10 to 15 minutes late. Even half an hour and an hour is acceptable. A high official of the government came to the embassy to visit a diplomat, It was to give you face in the first place, being late was not an exaggeration. 15 minutes passed, I went to the door to look around a few times, but I didn't see any sign of Donkey De Pi. Half an hour passed. An hour passed, but Depei still didn't show his face.

I waited until after lunch, and the donkey face Demi also didn't show up. I made a few calls to his office, but no one answered.

Just as I was angry, Blondie called. I thought that it was Donkey Depei who came, so I quickly went to the door to take a look. When I realized that there was no one, I realized that it was the phone ringing. I quickly turned around and picked up the phone to answer. It wasn't Derby on the other side of the phone. It was Brian, "Fake Country. "

"Boss, can you come to the hospital?" From the tone, Brian sounded very anxious.

When I heard that the hospital didn't know what was going on, I asked, "Now? What's going on? Why are you in such a hurry? "

"It's like this. Boss, there's a crew member from your place who's very sick and has just been sent to the hospital. He doesn't speak English. If you have time, go and help him immediately," Brian spoke very quickly.

" Okay, I'll be right there. " Once I heard that our crew members were seriously ill and were admitted to the hospital, I quickly put down the phone and drove straight to the hospital without caring about the matter of the donkey-faced Derp.

The hospital was less than ten minutes away from the embassy. The hospital was located in a concave mountain that provided shelter from the wind. When choosing the location, it must have taken into account the fact that it could avoid the common hurricanes in the Southern Continent. The hospital buildings were relatively simple and crude. It was a three-row house with a white wall. The color of the blue iron sheet had almost faded. This was the best hospital in Yoshido. It did not seem to be as good as the village hospital in his hometown. No wonder President Daru wanted to repair the hospital first. When I saw the hospital, I truly felt that. . . Repairing the hospital is a good idea.

In a ward, I saw the crew member Brian mentioned. The beds in the ward were next to the beds, and there were patients occupying all of them. Our crew member was lying in the innermost hospital bed. When I saw him, his eyes were tightly shut, his brows were tightly knitted, his face was pale, his chin was sharp, and he had an expression of extreme pain.

"How did he get here?" I asked the doctor on duty.

"Mr. Agent, it's like this," the doctor on duty said. The doctor on duty was called Li Yao, a tall, middle-aged man. "Brian told me that he was very seasick. He vomited after eating, and he couldn't eat at all. If we continue sailing with the ship. . . His life would be in danger. Therefore, the ship sailed near the Gido Sea Area. The captain decided to stop at the port temporarily and send him ashore. It was Brian who called us, We went to the dock to get him to the hospital. Thank you for coming to see him. He doesn't know English, so we can't communicate with him. "

" How is he now? " I asked, "Is his life in danger?"

"From the looks of it now, his life might not be in danger," Doctor Li Yao said. "His main problem is that he can't eat because he's seasick. Currently, his nutrition can't keep up. We're injecting him with an infusion. I feel that when he reaches shore, he won't be seasick anymore. He will soon be able to eat by himself, and he will be able to recover very quickly. "

As I was talking to the doctor, the sailor slightly opened his eyes. I saw a young man's face, but he was about the same age as our son, Xiao Song. The young man's cheeks were protruding, his face was thin, and he looked weak and helpless. I immediately felt my heart ache.

When the young man saw me, his eyes revealed surprise and uneasiness. I went over and whispered to him, "I am Zhong Liang, the representative of the Jido Embassy. I am here specifically to see you"

It was obvious that the young man was very vigilant. I asked him what his name was and why he came to Gido. The young man didn't say a word. Then he weakly closed his eyes and ignored me. The young man definitely doesn't know who I am. He definitely wouldn't have thought that on such a remote island, there would be an embassy in our own country.

If the young man doesn't answer me, I won't ask any further questions.

"Is there anything left on the ship?" I turned around and asked Doctor Li Yao. I think there must be something left on the ship.

"It's all over there," Doctor Verthandi pointed at the table and said to me.

I saw a handbag and a box of instant noodles on the table. The handbag was not big. I guess it must have contained the crew's personal items. The instant noodles must have been specially left behind by the people on the ship. They must be worried that he wouldn't be used to local food. Our compatriots, other things are fine, but. . . Their stomachs are very stubborn, no matter what, they won't be able to eat other people's food. I myself am like this, No matter where I go, I must eat my own food. I can occasionally eat one or two meals in western food, but. . . It doesn't matter if you eat too much. I took a look at the packaging of instant noodles and found that they were all spicy beef noodles. I don't eat spicy noodles. I thought that a patient shouldn't eat spicy food either. I'm afraid I have to think of a way to get him some light food.

I instructed Doctor Li to take care of this China sailor before leaving the hospital.

When I returned to the embassy, I spent some time preparing a pot of porridge. I spread out a pancake and cooked a few Herbal Tea Eggs. I was sick, I like to eat porridge and stall cakes the most. I think the crew of China would also like to eat these things at this time. In the evening, I brought porridge, pancakes, and tea eggs and a bottle of sauces that were shipped from China. I drove to the hospital again.

When I entered the ward, the young man was lying on the bed with his eyes closed. When he heard that someone was coming, he opened his eyes to take a look but didn't say anything. I placed the dinner I brought on his bedside table and let him sit up to eat.

"I think you must want to eat something light. I made you porridge, pancakes, tea eggs, and some sauces. I don't know if you like it or not," I said.

The young man looked at me, then looked at the few things on the bedside table. His eyes were clear as if he wanted to eat, but his hands didn't move.

Seeing that the young man still had doubts about me, I couldn't force him, so I said to him:

"How about this, I have something to do tonight, so I'll leave it here. I'll come back to see you tomorrow. "

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