Bungee Jumping/C16 Chapter Chapter 16
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Bungee Jumping/C16 Chapter Chapter 16
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C16 Chapter Chapter 16

That night, I went straight from the hospital to Smith's residence at the E Embassy in Gido to attend his E National Day reception. Smith's residence is a pretty good house with brick walls, iron roof, and a very large courtyard. A large tent was temporarily built in the courtyard. When I arrived, it was already late. Smith was talking. I quietly stood in the crowd of guests.

The reception was an indispensable social activity in the diplomatic community. Actually, I don't like this sort of reception, eating. . . I'm not full, I can't drink well either. But whether you like it or not. . . You have to get used to such occasions. The reception is just a general term, English is called Reception, there can be a few different forms. The simplest is the cocktail party, Provides drinks and some fingerford, which is also a hand-held snack. There was also the cold meal reception, The food prepared will be a bit more. There was also another form, although it was also called a reception, In fact, it was equivalent to a formal banquet and one could sit around the table. The dishes were also served one by one. It was not important for diplomats to eat and drink at the reception. What was important was the occasion, you could see many people you normally would not be able to see. If you talk to them, you can also get information you normally don't get. If you're lucky, If he found the right person, he could also do things directly.

After the speech ended, I went up to Smith and exchanged a few words with him. I also greeted the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Balls, who had just finished speaking. Balls asked about the hospital project. I told him that I've already reported it to the country, but I haven't received a reply.

Balls said, "President Daru is very concerned about this matter, and he hopes to get your positive response as soon as possible"

I said, "I believe our country will definitely give positive consideration. Once there's an answer, I'll tell you right away"

"Alright, I'll wait for your good news," said Balls.

Someone came over to look for Balls, so I left. Just as I was about to go to the bar to get a drink, I suddenly heard someone calling me. I turned around and saw that it was Kirby's representative, Renjie.

"Hello! Mr. Booster," I quickly replied.

"About what you said, I asked them. They said that they didn't say that the person who hit you was Kibi," Renjie whispered into my ear.

"Ishhatso?" I said in shock," But they told me that it was a Kibi person. "

"They said it wasn't," Renjie insisted.

"Then who did they say was?" I asked.

"They didn't say it," Renjie answered.

"That's strange," I said. At the same time, he thought, There must be something wrong with this. Gidor told me that the person who bumped into me was Kibi. They denied it again. In other words, it was against different people. They had different excuses. It could only mean that they didn't tell the truth. They must be hiding something. Then, what were they hiding?

"I'm glad that the person who bumped into you wasn't Snorlax. I also don't believe that Snorlax would do such a thing. " Renjie's mood clearly relaxed. I can understand Renjie's mood. No one would be willing to take the blame if they met.

I was thinking about how to reply to Renjie's words. Someone interrupted, "What are you two talking about? It's so mysterious. "

Looking up, it was Donkey-faced Derp. I've been waiting for a day. He didn't come. I didn't expect to see him here.

Renjie saw Depei come over and made an excuse to leave.

"Sorry, I broke my appointment this morning," Depei said with a smile. "You know, just when I was about to go out, the vice president went to find me, and I've been busy up till now. "

"Oh, I see," I replied indifferently. I'm not sure if what he said was true or false. Based on the few experiences I had with him, I know that we can't judge a donkey's face by common sense.

"Mr. Agent, if you don't mind, we can talk in private," Depei said.

We left the tent. When we passed by the bar, Depei took a glass of red wine, and I took a glass of fresh coconut juice to a corner of the courtyard. There was a tall coconut tree there with coconut hanging on it. We were standing under the coconut tree.

"It's still comfortable here. The tent is a little stuffy," I said.

"I heard you've met the President?" Depei asked.

"Yes," I answered.

"I heard you guys talked about building a hospital?" It seemed like Donkey DePi knew everything.

"We talked about it," Wang Yao said. Since Donkey Demi knows, there's no need for me to hide it.

"You agreed?"

"I've already reported it to our government, but I haven't received any feedback yet. "

"Oh!" Donkey-faced Demi seemed to be relieved. "I thought you guys had already agreed. "

"Not yet," I repeated.

"We are very grateful for your support for Gido" Depei's expression turned serious, "Vice President Muni values the development of our relationship"

"We also value the development of our relationship with Gido" I will follow his words. I'm waiting for Depei to say something. I know that the first sentence is just a passing sentence, and there will be a turning point. After that is the real reason why he came looking for me.

"I was thinking. . . " Depei raised the cup, drank a mouthful, and hesitated.

I didn't say anything, waiting for him to finish speaking. I instinctively felt that what Depei wanted to talk about was related to the construction of the hospital.

"I was thinking. . . " Depei's Tuntun stuck out his unusual behavior. "I was thinking. . . Of course, this is my personal opinion, not others. Especially not the vice president's. And it's just a thought. "

" You can say it, "I'll say.

"You know, we're about to hold an election soon" Demi said, "Vice President Muni will be a candidate for the Party to participate in the election. The situation is unfavorable for us. Do you know why? "

" I'd like to hear the details, "I said. I can probably tell you a few reasons. For example, Gido's economic situation is not good and his government's political achievements are not good. The opposition is doing well, and their power has increased, so on and so forth. All of these could be the reason. But I don't want to say, I want to hear what Donkey Depei has to say. He's one of Muni's people, his words can reflect their true thoughts.

"I don't think it's because Vice President Muni lacks political charisma" Demi said. "No. On the contrary, Vice President Muni is the most charismatic politician in Gindor. Yes, The most charismatic politician. Compared to the opposition, what we lack now is funds. The opposition got a lot of money from outside, They're using money to win over voters. So, I was thinking. . . "

" What did you say? " There was the sound of shattering glasses and the sound of screaming. I didn't hear his last words clearly.

"I mean you guys. . . You guys. . . " Depei moved his face closer. "Can you give us a sum directly. . . "

"Director," I interrupted Donkey Depei's words. "We'd better find a suitable time to talk about it. Tell me what you think and I'll introduce our policy to you. "

At this point, there was no need for Demi to continue. I already know what he wanted to say. Depei Tuntun stuck out his tongue, wanting to say something, but stopped himself. What he wanted to say was that he wanted us to directly provide them with cash. According to our policy, this is absolutely impossible. Support a party from another country, This does not conform to our principle of not interfering with other countries' internal affairs. I do not wish for Demi to continue, continue, I have no other choice. I can only reject him. Both sides will be embarrassed.

"You know, Mr. Agent," Depei roughly understood my attitude and changed his attitude. "You probably know that someone is contacting us. They are willing to support us. I'm looking for you to convey Vice President Muni's intentions, Vice President Muni still wants to develop a relationship with you"

I can tell, Donkey Depei is using words to threaten me. This guy came prepared. He has already made it very clear that if we don't provide cash support for them, they will look for someone else. This person is 100% certain. It belongs to that side. Depei wants to use that side to pressure us so that we can agree to provide cash support to them.

"Mr. Director," I can't be reserved anymore, even though reserved is the unique temperament of diplomats. Without any hesitation, he said to Donkey Depei, "I think there are two points that I need to make clear to you. One is that we appreciate the Jido government's understanding and support of our country's unification and territory, and that we have a good cooperation relationship with the Jido two countries. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, We have provided assistance to the Jido within our capabilities, bringing many benefits to the development of Jido's country and the people's lives. We will continue to do so. Secondly, we will adhere to the principle of not interfering with the internal affairs of other countries. This is a position that we will never change. We will not interfere with Gido's internal affairs, please understand this as well "

A gust of wind blew over, causing the leaves in the courtyard to rustle. A coconut fell from the tree, and with a "Teng," it fell next to Depei and me. Both the donkey face Depei and I were shocked. Both of us could have been hit.

"It's going to rain," Depei said. Someone shouted.

"It's going to rain," Depei said and ran back into the house.

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