Bungee Jumping/C17 17th Chapter
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Bungee Jumping/C17 17th Chapter
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C17 17th Chapter

See the crew guy again the next morning. It started to rain outside. Luckily, it was the sun rain. A gust of wind blew when he left, and it started raining. The car didn't go far before the rain stopped again. Perhaps it was because they left the boat that kept shaking and could never stand stably. After sleeping in the hospital for two days, the young man's complexion had become much more rosy. His spirit had also clearly improved. Seeing me come in, the young man was a little embarrassed. His eyes were fixed on something.

"Did you eat the food I brought?" I asked.

"I ate," the young man chuckled and said timidly.

"It's delicious, right?" I glanced at the bedside table. The porridge and pancakes I brought for him had all been eaten, leaving only the Herbal Tea Egg.

"Delicious," the young man chuckled again.

"From the accent, you're from the north, right?"

"Yes," the young man nodded.

"No wonder you're seasick," I said, "is it better now?"

"Much better," the young man replied.

"Do you have a crew permit?" I asked. I want to know who this young man is, and if there's anything I can do.

"Yes," the young man said, taking out his crew permit from his handbag. I took it and opened it. The young man's name is Liu Yang, 21 years old.

"He's so young," I said with an envious tone.

The young man smiled shyly.

"How did you get to Yoshido?" I asked.

Liu Yang looked up at me, then lowered his head and told me about his experience.

"When I and a few of my fellow villagers saw a domestic company hiring seafarers, we went to apply," Liu Yang said, "The company hired us very quickly. They sent us to a foreign fishery company as sailors. After a period of simple training, we were sent out to sea to fish. We came from the mountains, We've never been out to sea before. Once we go out to sea, We faint and vomit. The few of them were fine, but they got used to it in a few days. They were no longer seasick. I was the one who caused the most trouble. At first, I thought that I would be able to get used to it after fainting for a few more days. I didn't expect that the more I fainted, the more severe it became. I kept vomiting, and my internal organs were about to come out. While I was seasick, I had to work hard at the same time. My body was getting weaker and weaker, and I couldn't do it anymore. I can only lie on the boat and can't do anything. Originally, I thought that I would be out of the sea once. In ten days and a half, I would be able to return to land. Who knew that I would be out at sea for a few months? In the end, I really can't hold on any longer. If I continue to stay on the ship. . . I would definitely die at sea. I'm arguing about getting off the ship, and my fellow countrymen are also pleading with the captain for me, The captain saw that I really can't take it anymore, so he agreed to let me get off the ship. But it was so far away, He couldn't possibly send me back to China. At that time, our ship just happened to sail near this island. He put me down. When we got ashore, I didn't even know the name of this island. "

" This island is called Gido, it's a small island country in the South Continent "I say.

"Jido," Liu Yang said, "I've never heard of this name. "

" This is very normal. This is a small island, "I say. To tell you the truth, I, as a diplomat, had never heard of this place before coming to the Southern Continent. "

"Before we disembark," Liu Yang continued his story. It seemed like he must have held back a lot of things for a long time. He wanted to spit it out as soon as possible. "I cried with my fellow countrymen. We don't know what this place is, and we don't know if it will be good or bad after we get off the boat. I won't hide it from you. I didn't think that there would be an embassy on such a small island. When I opened my eyes yesterday and saw you, I couldn't believe my eyes. "

Liu Yang felt a bit embarrassed when he said that.

"I guess you definitely wouldn't dare to admit it," I said.

"Right, I didn't think that our people would be here. Besides. . . " Liu Yang suddenly stopped mid-sentence.

"You don't think I'm a local, do you? Am I that tanned? " I laughed. I suddenly understood why Liu Yang didn't dare to recognize me.

"A little," Liu Yang said softly.

I was speechless. I could only laugh at myself and change the topic.

"Don't worry, I'm here," I said. "Your luck is pretty good. Our embassy has just been built, and I'm the only one here. I'll do my best to help you. "

" Alone? " Liu Yang instantly stared at me with wide eyes and asked in surprise.

"Yeah, I'm alone," I said with a smile.

"Uh," Liu Yang was obviously unable to find a word.

"You don't have to think about anything now. Take good care of yourself. Once you're well, I'll think of a way to send you back to China," I said.

"Okay, I will. " Liu Yang nodded.

After saying goodbye to Liu Yang, he came out of the hospital. Thinking about how Gido had another comrade, I was extremely excited. Ever since I set foot on Yoshido Island, It has been a long time since I have seen my compatriots. Brian claims to have our blood, but I don't think he's from the same clan as me. I long to meet a true member of my own kind, Say a few words to comfort my homesickness. I never would have thought that. . . I would meet my fellow countrymen in such a way. When I saw Liu Yang, I felt a sense of familiarity and excitement that I hadn't felt for a long time.

Back at the embassy, the puppy yellow hair called out to welcome me. It circled around me, stuck out its tongue and licked my hand. Of course, it kept wagging its tail.

"Yellow, be good. I'm busy these few days. " I said to the yellow dog, "I have someone to take care of. He's someone from our family. I have to take good care of him. "

Yellow Hair looked at me dumbly. Of course, he didn't understand what I was thinking. Liu Yang reminds me of my son Xiao Song. Ever since I saw Liu Yang, I even began to hallucinate, thinking that Liu Yang is Xiao Song, and Xiao Song is Liu Yang. When Liu Yang came to Jido, it was Little Song who came to Jido. He came to see me, to accompany me, to make me no longer feel lonely.

When I walked into the courtyard, my thoughts were still on my son. Over the years, I always felt that I owed my son too much. If I say it out loud, others might find it hard to understand. Getting married less than two months ago, I went overseas and stayed permanently. I couldn't even go home when my son, Xiao Song, was born. Thinking about it, The number of days I spent with my son can be counted on one hand. A story has been circulating in the diplomatic circle. Once, there was a diplomat who had stayed abroad for many years on vacation. When he returned home, His son refused to acknowledge him as his father and hid behind his mother. He refused to call him father. When it was time to sleep, his son asked his mother. . . "Mom, why hasn't this uncle left yet?"

This story had been passed down for many years. He didn't know if it was true or if someone fabricated it. I have always believed that this story is true. It is impossible to fabricate it out of thin air. Thus, every time someone speaks of it. . . My heart is always sour. When Little Song was still young, I went back home for vacation. For a few days, he didn't recognize me as his father. Little Song didn't ask, "Why hasn't this uncle left yet?" But his son struggled for a few days before he called out, "Father. " I cried. I said to Lu Shuqin, I want to stay in the country for a while longer. Accompany my son well. However, this is not up to me. Our generation just happens to be in the era of national foreign affairs development. The Foreign Diplomatic Embassy requires a large number of people, and I won't be able to stay in the country for long before I leave the country. The time I spend abroad far exceeds the time I spend in the country.

Before the competition, my son is in his second year of high school. I originally wanted to accompany my son to attend the college entrance examination before going abroad to do my duty as a father. In the end, my wishful thinking failed once again. After receiving the notice to work at the embassy in Kiebi, I specifically went to seek my son's opinion.

"Dad, you can leave. I'm fine," my son said. "You're at home, and I'm under a lot of pressure. Besides, ever since I grew up, you've never cared about me. I'm used to it. "

My son's words are stuck in my heart. I have to admit that I don't care much about him. Without me by my side, Little Song's growth is always one less piece. It is difficult for children who lack the love of a mother, and it is also not easy for children who lack the love of a father. Especially their sons. Fortunately, his son was able to live up to his expectations, and didn't relax just because his father wasn't by his side. Ever since he was young, he had been helping his mother do housework. His results in school had always been at the top. This makes me feel gratified. The children of diplomats, because their families are often in an incomplete state, It's easy to have problems, even to learn to be bad. Among my colleagues, Such examples are often heard. Little Song has never made me worry like this.

I'm sitting on an iron chair in the courtyard. In front of me are tropical plants and trees. The blondie follows me and lies at the foot of the iron chair.

The only thing that made me feel regretful was that my son was unwilling to take over his father's career. I hope that my son will take over my class in the future. Be a diplomat. But my son is unwilling. When I was in high school, I wanted my son to join the humanities class. In the future, I'll go to a foreign university. My son refused to accept it no matter what. I happened to be in China at that time. I went to find my son to discuss and do his work. My son, however, bluntly told me that he wouldn't enter the Foreign Language College. And that he won't be a diplomat in the future. I ask him why. My son rolled his eyes at me and said, No reason.

"Do you know why he didn't want to?" I asked the blondie who was squatting beside me. Yellow Hair glanced at me, then turned his head around.

If my son doesn't say it, I understand. My son doesn't want to be like me, living a life of exile, not even caring about his home. I remember one time. . . Lu Shuqin went to change the gas tank. At that time, they used gas tanks at home. I always went to change when I was at home. I wasn't there, so Lu Shuqin could only go. She hung a gas tank on her bicycle. It's fine when it's empty, but when it's full, it'll take me a lot of effort to ride it. Lu Shuqin didn't dare to ride it. She can only push it away, but it's not easy to push it. That time, Lu Shuqin was cut by a passing car, and she fell to the ground along with her car. The skin on her hands and knees had been scratched. Lu Shuqin returned home with tears streaming down her face, complaining that she wasn't home. Her son's heart ached for her mother. His mother cried, and so did he. At that time, His ten-year-old son swore that he would never be a diplomat for the rest of his life, and that he would stay at home with his mother. From then on, Every time the house changed the gas tank, his son would go with his mother. This kind of thing. . . Lu Shuqin didn't dare to write to me, afraid that I would be worried overseas. She only told me about it when I returned to the country.

Because of this, I didn't try to persuade my son to choose science class.

Liu Yang made me unconsciously grow up in love, and it also seemed to stimulate my fatherly love. I feel like the heavens are giving me a special chance. Let me make up for my son's debt. I've always wanted to prove that as long as you give me time. . . As long as my son is by my side, I have a vast and deep fatherly love like the ocean. . . I can totally be a qualified good father.

The yellow fur barked twice. I looked at my watch. It's already lunch time. The yellow hair must be hungry. I have to get something to eat, give it to myself, and also give it to Yellow Hair.

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