Bungee Jumping/C18 Chapter Chapter 18
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Bungee Jumping/C18 Chapter Chapter 18
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C18 Chapter Chapter 18

Just as I was taking care of Liu Yang, I received an instruction from within the country that at this year's RH International Annual Assembly, some countries will once again raise a proposal against our country, asking us to do our work in our country and get enough votes to veto this proposal when voting.

Ambassador Ju Hua immediately called me and told me that this matter is of great importance and that I must think of a way to complete the mission. I said, I will do my best.

"Are there any difficulties?" Juhua asked.

"No, Ambassador, no," I said twice. Last year, I went to Yoshido for the same thing, and the result was good. Yoshido supported us. With the precedent from last year, it shouldn't be too much of a problem to get Gido to continue supporting us this year. I have this confidence.

But I think it's easy.

Putting down the phone, I looked back at the phone. The phone is a strange existence. Just a small thing, It connected me to the world. Anything that happens in other places can also be synchronized here. I want to receive instructions at the same time, My colleagues from all over the world also received the same instructions. We will all do the same thing in the same time dimension. I have a small sense of pride, although I am far away in Gido, I am also a participant in this entire incident.

I spent some time preparing a photograph and then took it to see Balls. The note was a letter from one government to another. The beginning and the end were all in a certain format, and the content had to be written in the middle. The letter seemed to have a specific format, There was a big universe inside, and there was no time to train. It was very difficult to create a vivid picture.

When I saw Balls, I passed the picture to him.

"I told him in the photo conference that this year's RH International Organization annual meeting is about to start," I said, "as far as we know, Some countries will also put forward proposals against our country like last year. We firmly object to their actions. Kido is our friendly country, We hope that Gido will support us as usual during this year's annual meeting. "

"Welle, Mr. Proxy, I think there shouldn't be any problem with this. " After watching the photo, Balls said straightforwardly, "Last year, we supported you. I remember that you specifically came to Gido. There shouldn't be any problem this time. "

"Thank you very much. " Hearing what Balls said, I was very happy. "Then I'll report it to Ambassador Juhua. He'll definitely be happy to hear it. "

"There's no rush. Wait for me for a day or two," Balls said. "I'll confirm it with the higher-ups as soon as possible, and then I'll formally send you a message. "

"That's for the best. I hope to get a call as soon as possible," I said.

"Okay," Balls said.

I shook hands with Balls and said goodbye before happily walking out of the office. I didn't expect things to go so smoothly. It was so smooth that I couldn't believe it. Sure enough, I didn't even take a few steps out of the aisle when I unexpectedly bumped into that bearded Brown.

"I guess you must be here to see Bowers' secret," Brown stopped in his tracks and said in a strange manner.

"That's right. I guess you must be here to see him," I replied without batting an eyelid. There was no need to hide something like seeing Balls.

"Hahaha," Brown laughed, his beard trembling. He also started to shake. His overweight body too. "You're right, I'm also here to see Balls' secret. But I can also guess why you came to find Balls. "

" Hahahaha, we're the same, "I laughed loudly.

"But, buddy," Brown stopped laughing. "You won't succeed this time. "

"Is that so?" Brown's words were clearly provocative. I dragged out my voice and asked him back.

"You guys were lucky last time. I wasn't in Gido then," Brown added.

"Maybe," I said.

"This time, there's no 'maybe'," Brown stretched out his right index finger and shook it in front of his mouth.

"Then we'll wait and see," I said.

Brown made an OK gesture. Brown made two consecutive gestures that looked familiar to me, but I can't remember where I've seen them before.

I also made an OK gesture.

Brown turned around to leave.

"Oh, right," I called Brown, "a bungee jumping competition was going to be held here in a while. Whoever lost would go bungee jumping. How about it?" Bungee jumping is said to originate from the Southern Continent and is a special cultural tradition of the Southern Continent. I saw it when I was at Kibi. Gido also bungee jumping. I heard from Brian a few days ago that a bungee jumping competition is going to be held once a year in a while.

"What did you say? You said bungee jumping? Why? " Brown stopped in his tracks, his face full of doubt.

"Yeah, bungee jumping. Whoever loses will go bungee jumping," I repeated. "Bungee jumping? Why bungee jumping?" Brown repeated, shook his head, spread his hands, and dragged his fat body away.

My words are a declaration of war to Brown, a spur of the moment. A little impulsive. As soon as I said it, I felt a little regretful. At the annual meeting of RH International Organization, there was an unfavorable proposal against us. The mastermind behind this is Country P. When the bearded Brown saw Powers, he didn't need to guess to know that. . . He came for this matter. To be honest, Country P had been operating in Jido for many years. The amount of assistance given to Jido far exceeds ours. Although Powers has made a promise to me, can Gido withstand the pressure from Country P? Will Gido support us at the cost of offending Country P? I suddenly have a premonition. Regarding the RH proposal, things will not be as simple as what Balls said. The possibility of it being repeated is very high.

I left the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with an ominous feeling.

Whatever I'm afraid of comes. The next day, Powers called me.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Agent," Powers said, "That matter is not easy to handle. "

"What matter?" I asked even though I knew the answer. I immediately understood what Balls was referring to, but in my heart, I hope that Balls was referring to something else, not the RH organization's annual meeting.

"It's the RH organization's annual meeting we talked about yesterday," Balls said.

"Why?" I asked.

"WELL. . . WELL. . . " Balls started stuttering.

"On this matter, we hope that Yoshido will definitely support us," I said.

"WELL. . . WELL. . . " Balls still didn't know what to say. This wasn't like his usual style.

"Did Brown come looking for you yesterday as well?" I asked.

"He did look for me, but. . . " Balls wanted to say something but stopped himself.

"Did they give you a lot of pressure?" I chased after him and asked.

"You know, we're connected to you in terms of feelings, and we've always supported you," Balls said. Balls spoke tactfully, but I could tell that he was admitting that the bearded Brown had given him a lot of pressure.

"Is it because of them that things aren't easy to handle?" I still haven't given up. I have written a letter of challenge to Brown. I can't lose to him for no reason.

"This isn't something that can be explained in one or two sentences. " If Balls didn't say yes, then so be it. And neither did he say no. He was impeccable in terms of diplomacy. "How about this?" Balls said, "You go and look for the Vice President's office's Depei. "

"Why is it Depei?" I asked in confusion. "This matter should be managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. What does it have to do with Demi?"

"It's like this," Balls explained, "you know, President Daru went on vacation. Now it's President Muni. . . Diplomacy is also under his control. So if you want to settle this matter, you need to find Dean Depei. "

" Damnit! " I cursed in my heart. Balls speaks very diplomatically, but I can tell that. . . Although the bearded Brown gave him a lot of pressure, the biggest problem now is not the bearded man. It was with Muni. In other words, Powers had encountered a nail at Muni's place. Because of this, That is why he asked me to go straight to Depei.

Putting down the phone, I felt incomparably lonely in my heart. Now, things have become complicated. I want to find someone to discuss this. Analyze the situation and see what to do next. I have no one to discuss. Ambassador Juhua. . . I've already made a promise on the RH International Organization, and I said it wouldn't be a problem. I can't go back on my word with Ambassador Juhua, I'll say that there's no problem, and then I'll say that there's a problem. I gave myself a military order, I have to take responsibility for it. Of course, there is still one of my compatriots on Gido Island. . . That was Liu Yang. But Liu Yang is unable to understand my current situation.

Stopping the cup and throwing it down, I can't eat. I thought of Li Bai's poem. The current me is the state of mind described in the poem.

Blondie shouted in the courtyard. The yellow hair must have met a bird again. As long as he saw a bird flying into the yard, searching for food on the ground, The blondie would chase after it, shouting as he chased. The bird flapped its wings in fright and flew away. When they flew away, feathers would fall down. The feathers were dancing in the yard. I looked at the yellow-haired man's world, the yellow-haired man's world. The yellow-haired guy chasing the birds was his game.

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