Bungee Jumping/C19 Chapter 19
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Bungee Jumping/C19 Chapter 19
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C19 Chapter 19

I'll bite the bullet and go see Depei.

It was truly a gathering of enemies. To me, anything related to Depei won't be easy. I'm afraid I won't be able to avoid it in time. Life is a joke. The more you want to hide, the more you want to hide. The more difficult it is to avoid them. I just exchanged blows with Donkey Demi at the E Embassy reception and pushed him back. I let him eat a soft nail, and in less than two days, On the other hand, I'm going to look for him, and it's really different now and then. That's how it is. If you want to deal with the people you like, you have to bite the bullet and deal with the people you don't like. Diplomacy. Anything can only be decided by national interests, not personal evil.

"What I told you the other day, do you understand now?" The moment they met, Donkey Depei asked. He seemed to be certain that I was going to find him and was waiting to ask me the same thing.

"I came to see you for another matter," I tried to avoid his question, "I came this time to talk to you about the RH International Annual Meeting. "

"Is that so?" When Depei heard this, he seemed very unhappy. His face was longer than usual. He put his foot on the coffee table and looked like he didn't care.

"We hope to get support from the Gido government at the RH International Conference," I directly expressed my stance.

"Okay," Depei said, "but we also need your support. "

The anger in my heart is soaring up to my throat. I forcefully suppressed it. It's not that diplomats don't have anger, it's just that our profession requires us to learn to suppress it. Of course I know what Donkey Demi means. He wants to hook up the two questions, He wants us to provide financial support for their election in exchange for their support on the RH International Conference problem. Diplomatic connections are a common thing, but such connections are against our principles. Depei immediately mixed up the two things, Looks like I'm in trouble today. But since I'm here, no matter what he says, No matter what his stance is, I have to find a way to convince him. . . Get him to support us.

"We've been supporting Gido," I said. In order to support my point of view, I've listed a series of aspects of our support for Gido, including resources, The projects, and so on. Finally, I said, "We hope that Yoshido will support us in the annual meeting of RH International from maintaining the relationship between the two countries. "

"I'm not trying to make connections," Depei quipped. "You need our support, and we also need your support. "

This was not hook, or something.

I tried my best, but no matter what I said, Donkey Demi didn't budge. He only cared about one thing: The election for Muni. Donkey Depei insisted on putting the two together, insisting that if we don't agree to provide funds to support Muni, the Jido side wouldn't be able to support us at the RH International Conference.

The conversation fell into an impasse.

"Mr. Depei," I made a final effort, "Both of our countries are developing countries, and we have always supported each other. We support the struggle for independence of Gido, support the development of the country after Gido's independence. We have also always provided selfless assistance to Gido. We thank Gido for his help in international affairs regarding the unification of our country. As well as the RH International Organization's support for us. I think this mutual support is beneficial to both sides. We hope to further develop this mutually beneficial partnership. Personally, I think. . . Let's not hook the two up, but separate them. We will also provide assistance to Yoshido in an acceptable way in the future. Support Yoshido's social and economic development. We sincerely hope that Gido will support us in the RH organization's proposal regarding our relationship as a whole.

I feel that I am very assertive and very clear that as long as it is not linked, we are still willing to provide necessary assistance.

"Gidor also attaches importance to the development of the relationship between the two countries," Donkey Depei said in an official tone, "Because of this, we hope that you can support Muni. Only when Muni is elected can the relationship between the two countries continue to develop smoothly. Mr. Proxy, isn't that the case?"

I was actually speechless. What Depei said makes no sense, but it's something we can't do.

The donkey face Demi is cunning enough. His rhetorical question makes it very difficult for me to answer. The Jido opposition has always advocated developing relations with a third party. If the opposing party, I, am elected in an election, then Jido is very likely to cut ties with us, and establish ties with a third party, This is something we don't want to see. Donkey Depei knows that I understand the cause and effect of this, and he also understands what he means. . . Only when Muni is elected can we ensure that the relationship between the two sides continues to develop steadily. Depei treats it as a card to apply pressure on us if we support Muni with money or not. For me, I can't make any promises. What I can promise is that we will continue to provide assistance to Gido as much as we can. To a country, not to a person. In other words, Even if it's between Muni and the Gido opposition, we would prefer Muni to be elected. We can't provide him with any help in the election. Because any help to a party will violate the principle of not interfering with the internal affairs of other countries.

"Can I meet the acting President?" I said. I think it might make sense to directly look for Muni.

"I'm sorry, I can't help you with this," Donkey Demi immediately rejected me.

I left unhappily with Donkey Demi. I gloomily returned to the embassy. When Blondie saw me return, he happily circled around me. The blondie was happy, but I was extremely depressed.

"Go, go to the side. " I waved my hand and told the blondie to leave. The blondie looked at me in confusion and walked away bitterly.

Now, things have entered a dead end. I thought of the waves and undercurrents I saw in the reef bay. What is unfavorable to me now are two forces, one is Country P. The other is Muni. I don't know if these two powers are working together or not. From my confrontation with them, the two sides have different demands. It doesn't seem to be working together. Right now, the only power we can fight for is Darryl. I've decided to go look for Balls again.

I told Balls the details of my conversation with Depei.

After listening to me, Powers fell silent for a long time.

"I will follow your suggestion to see Dean Depei," or I will break the silence. "No matter what I say, he insisted on linking the support from RH International to funding. You also know that this does not conform to our diplomatic principles. "

Balls nodded.

"How about you help me arrange for me to meet up with Muni? Maybe I can convince him," I said. I've thought about it. Depei kept saying that he represented Muni, and I suspect that he was speaking the truth.

"Welle, Welle. " Balls shook his head. "I'm afraid it's very difficult. "

"Then there's only one way," I said, "I don't know if it's convenient to ask, but where is the President now?"

"You mean, you want to go directly to the President?" Powers looked at me in surprise.

"Yes, I want to go directly to President Daru," I've already thought about it before going to meet Powers. If it really doesn't work, I'll go straight to Darryl. At this time, he's the only one who can break this trap.

"Welle, to tell you the truth, I contacted President Darryl before," Balls said, "He told me to discuss with President Muni. "

"But you know, now that Vice President Muni doesn't understand," I unconsciously raised my voice, "if we don't get Gidor's support on this matter, This will be very detrimental to the future development of the relationship between the two countries. Having been in diplomacy for so many years, I know, The good and bad relationship between the two countries can sometimes be reflected in one or two crucial matters, handled well. . . The relationship between the two countries will develop smoothly, handled poorly. . . The relationship between the two countries would be affected and even regressed. This is the key thing that we are facing right now. As you know, Our government values this matter very much. If at this time, on such a crucial issue. . . If we don't get Gido's support, then it will undoubtedly be detrimental to the relationship between the two countries in the future"

"I understand what you mean," Balls said, "and I agree with you. We don't want to see the relationship between the two countries be damaged because of this matter. "

"That's right, we don't want it either. I know that President Daru values our relationship, and now only President Daru can break the stalemate. So I want to see him directly "

" Welle, how about this "Balls was silent for a long time before saying," Maybe that's the only way we can do it now. I'll arrange for you to meet the President. "

"Then where is he now?" I asked.

"He's on vacation with his family on Palm Island," said Powers.

"Palm Island?" I've heard of this island before, but that's all.

"Yes, Palm Island, about 300 nautical miles from here"

"It's quite far"

"[Yes, I'm afraid you'll have to take a plane]"


"[There are no flights to Palm Island, you still have to find a way to rent a plane]"

"You don't have to worry about that"

"Then when are you going?" Balls asked.

"Of course the sooner the better," I said.

"Then let's do it tomorrow!"

"Okay, I'll go and prepare now. "

"But there is one condition. "

"Just say it"

"You must absolutely keep it a secret for me. You must not tell anyone that I arranged for you to go, "said Powers.

"No problem," I agreed immediately.

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