Bungee Jumping/C2 Chapter 2
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Bungee Jumping/C2 Chapter 2
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C2 Chapter 2

After more than an hour as long as a lifetime, the plane finally landed safely at Gido Airport. The landing gear was on the ground. The plane was still running on the runway, and almost all the passengers in the cabin could not help but clap in excitement. The fat sister-in-law on my left quickly drew a cross in front of me. Then, she clapped her hands with all her might and shouted loudly. Her applause was very loud. Her elbow hit me hard, so I could only turn around to let her.

At that time, I was also relieved and clapped along with the other passengers. I believe that the strength I used to secretly act as the pilot must have worked.

I followed the other passengers who had fled in a hurry, and got off the plane that almost caused us to be doomed beyond redemption. I know, from now until the next time we take the plane, I'm safe, I have enough time to build the embassy.

Below the gangway is a runway paved with gravel. I've been to Gido before, and I know that the runway of the airport is paved with gravel. Stepping on the crushed stones, I walked towards the terminal in front of me with one foot high and one foot low. The terminal is two separate houses, brick walls and grass roofs, one for setting off and the other for landing.

"Hello Boss, Hello Boss!" I finished taking my luggage. Just as I was about to leave the country, I heard someone calling me. I turned my head and saw that it was "Fake Country" Brian.

"I'm sorry, I'm late," Brian said apologetically.

"It's fine, as long as you're here," I said.

Brian is a friend of mine in Gido. He runs a hotel in Gido and also serves as a shipping agent. Think about it, Gido is a small place. If he doesn't do it at the same time, it would be very difficult to earn enough money to support his family.

Brian's hotel had a nice name, Sea Grape. Actually, there was only a row of single-story houses and five or six rooms. The location of Sea Grape Hotel was not bad. It was located in the capital of Gido, Bakas, facing a bay. The scenery was like a painting, not far from the Gido government department. Therefore, Every time I go to Gido, I stay at the Sea Grape Hotel. One after another, I'll get to know Brian. Brian likes to call me boss. Now that everyone calls me boss, it's not strange to see so many people call me boss. But at that time, No one called him boss. I felt awkward when I heard him call me boss. But since he liked to call me boss, I'll let him do it. Brian had a strong physique, His skin was dark, and he was known to have the same blood flowing in his veins as ours. But his appearance, except for a pair of black eyes. . . It was very difficult to see any similarities between him and us. I have always suspected that Brian only said that to get close to me, so I secretly called him "Fake Country. " "Fake Country" Brian was very enthusiastic about me. As long as I ask him for help, He always accepts every request. This time, before I leave, I will call him. Ask him to pick me up at the airport. Brian immediately agreed, and now he really is here.

"You're finally here. Today is the third time I've come to the airport. I thought you wouldn't be able to come today!" Brian said with a smile, his pair of black eyes flashing with affection when he saw his family. Every time he saw Brian, I can see that kind of gaze. This gaze makes me feel warm. After the journey of taking risks and tiredness, today's feeling seems to become even stronger.

"Today the plane malfunctioned and flew twice before arriving" As I spoke, I used my right hand to extend two fingers.

"This is a common thing. You met him today as well," Brian said with a smile. His tone sounded like he should have met him long ago.

"Is that so?" I said.

"Of course, we often meet. Our country is small, We don't have money to buy a new plane, but we buy second-hand goods from others. The planes that we are using now are all old. He could only barely fly, so how could there not be some malfunctions? However, Speaking of which, there had never been an accident before. Do you know why? " Brian said seriously. Brian spoke in English with a heavy Gildo accent. He didn't know where he would add some syllables, and he didn't know where he would swallow some syllables. Many people definitely couldn't understand. Fortunately, Gido's accent is similar to Kibbe's, so I don't have any problems listening to it.

"What's the reason?" I asked.

"That's because our Gido people are blessed by God," Brian said and laughed again.

"Did you find the house?" I was also amused by Brian. Brian said it very casually, as if it was normal for a plane to run into trouble. Otherwise, it wouldn't be normal. But I didn't answer Brian's question. What I'm most concerned about right now is the house. From the moment Ambassador Juhua informed me to build the mansion, I've been looking for a house. I contacted the Jido Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I asked them to help me find the address of a restaurant, and they promised me well. But there was nothing else. I urged them a few times, but there was no result. Luckily, I saved one more hand and also asked Brian to help me find a house. I thought that Brian was very capable. . . If Gildo's Ministry of Foreign Affairs can't do it, maybe he can do it.

"I found it," Bryan replied with a smile, "What you asked me to do, I can't do it. "

"Thank you, then let's go take a look now," I said.

"Now?" Brian looked up at the sky, "There's no need to be so anxious. Look, it's almost dark, and you've been tired for the whole day. How about this, I'll take you to my hotel for a night first. Tomorrow morning, I'll take you to see the house. "

I also look up at the sky. Jido Airport was built by the sea. At this moment, more than half of the sun had already fallen into the sea. It seemed like it was about to completely fall into the sea. The night was gathering, and it would soon cover the entire world. A few dim lights had already lit up in the terminal.

"No, I'll go now. " I said in a tone that was not negotiable. According to my initial idea, if the house is suitable, I'll be ready to move in on the same day.

"Alright then, boss, I'll listen to you. " Seeing my firm attitude, Brian hesitated for a moment before agreeing.

The car that Brian drove was a motor, milky white. It was a second-hand car that Brian had bought from Kirby. The car was already a bit worn out. We packed our luggage into the trunk of the car and got into the car.

Brian started the car a few times before starting it up. There was only dirt road on the island of Gildo, and there was no decent road. Cars were rare, and there were not many of them on the island. Most of the cars used to pick up guests at the airport were motorcycles. Brian had a car, and even though it was old and worn, it was already very impressive.

"I heard that you won't be leaving this time, boss," Brian asked as he drove.

"Yes," I said, "this time I'm here to build a building. I won't leave if I come. "

"That's great," Brian happily said, "If you need anything, just come to me. "

"Of course," I said.

"[Why are you the only one?]" Brian curiously asked, "Iman, You're the only one here to build the building?"

"Yes, I'm the only one at the beginning, and more people will come in the future. I said. This is also what Ambassador Juhua told me. Ambassador Juhua said this is an emergency, so he told me to go first and then send someone over.

"Oh, I see," Brian said.

Brian drove his white motor and bummed about a quarter of an hour on the bumpy dirt road. Then he passed through an iron bridge and turned on a narrow slope. The car shook a few times and finally stopped.

"Here we are, boss. " Brian pointed to a house in front of him. "It's here. "

"This is it?" I asked.

"Yes," Brian answered.

"How far is this place from Lucas?" I hope the embassy is in the capital, Lucas, closer to the government department.

"About five or six kilometers," Brian said.

"It's a bit further away," Brian said. I calculated in my heart. Brian's car wasn't fast, and he had to drive for more than ten minutes. It might take more than an hour to walk.

"This is another island. It's a bit far to walk," Brian admitted. "But I don't think that's a problem. When you buy a car, you will definitely buy a car, right? It's not that far away. "

What Brian said made sense. When there was a car, the journey wouldn't be too far.

I didn't say anything else. I got out of the car, and Brian got out as well. Brian led me to see the future embassy he found for me.

There was no light outside, but it wasn't pitch black either. There was a moon in the sky. The moon was almost a full moon, and the moonlight was very good. Under the bright moonlight, I can clearly see the black thatched house in front of me. This is a thatched cottage. Such a thatched house immediately reminds me of Autumn Wind's Fury in August. The poem also reminds me of my hometown. It reminds me of when I was young. When I was little, I grew up in the mountains. . . I lived in a thatched cottage. The difference was that Gido's thatched cottage was made of reeds and grass, while the thatched cottage in my hometown was made of stone walls and grass.

Borrowing the moonlight, Brian took out the key, opened the door, entered the house, and then turned on the light. I was surprised that there was a light here.

"There aren't many places where Jido has lights. You're lucky that this used to be the place where a UN official lived. So there's electricity and water, "Brian said proudly.

I didn't say anything, I just focused on looking at the room.

"However, there's often a blackout," Brian honestly added.

This is the actual situation. I thought to myself, I didn't say anything.

Brian brought me around the thatched cottage. The thatched cottage wasn't big, there were four rooms. The room and the room were separated by a wall of reeds. I calculated that one could be used as a living room. One could be used as a bedroom and the other as an office. The other can be used as a kitchen and a meal. But to make an embassy in such a thatched cottage is far from what I imagined.

"Is there any other house that I can choose?" After a round, I asked Brian.

"No," Brian said affirmatively. He must have heard the disappointment in my tone. "You know, there aren't many good houses like Gido's. It's very hard to find a house with water and electricity like this. Some time ago, someone seemed to have come to look for a house, but they didn't find it either. "

" Where are we? You said it was our people? " Brian unintentionally said. One sentence, it made me suddenly alert and nervous.

"Yes, they said they're from your place, and I think they look like you too," Brian said.

"Them? How many people are they?"


"When?" asked Wang Yao.

"Just a month ago. "

"What are they doing here?" Wang Yao asked.

"I don't know either. They said they wanted to find a house, but they didn't say why. I thought they were here to build an embassy, but you said you were going to build an embassy," Brian said.

" What happened after that? "

" They left. They first stayed at the Sea Grape Hotel for a few days, then they left, "Brian said.

"They didn't rent a room?"

"No," Wang Yao said.

"Hearing that the two of them didn't rent a house in the end, I secretly heaved a sigh of relief. I guess that the two of them came from a third party.

"It took me a lot of effort to find this house," Brian said.

I smiled bitterly. "It took a lot of effort to catch a shark" was what Gido said. I heard them say, The meaning and "took a lot of effort. " It was the same. I believe Brian is telling the truth. However, the house in front of me is too different from the embassy I imagined. You know, Looking for the address of the embassy, generally speaking, there are three criteria that cannot be missed. That is convenient, safe and decent. No matter which standard, these few thatched huts must be used as an embassy. It is indeed hard for me to accept.

"How about this, boss," Brian saw that I was hesitating and didn't say anything, so he added, "You stay here for the time being. What about me? I'll help you find it. When you find something better, you can move over. "

I still didn't say anything.

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