Bungee Jumping/C3 Chapter 3
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Bungee Jumping/C3 Chapter 3
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C3 Chapter 3

I spent the night at Brian's Sea Grape Hotel. I originally planned to stay at the new restaurant that night. My time is limited. I need to start preparing for a building reception right away, before that. . . I need to find a place to be the embassy as soon as possible. I didn't see the embassy address Brian chose at first glance. Thus, I gave up on the original idea, I decided to stay at the hotel with Brian for the night, and we'll talk about it the next day.

That night, I was lying in bed. I tossed and turned, but I couldn't sleep. Once I arrived, the mattress in the hotel was too soft, making it difficult for me to sleep soundly. My waist had a sprain when I was working on the farm. I fell sick and liked to sleep in a harder bed. Secondly, Brian inadvertently mentioned that someone had come to look for a house. It made me unable to calm down. Our people rarely come to Gido. Such a remote island nation, who would come here for no reason. Furthermore, If our people had come before, I would definitely know. There is only one possibility. Brian was wrong, he thought those two were our people. Those two weren't our people. Then they can only be third parties. In other words, third party's people came to Yoshido more than a month ago. What was the third party doing here? Business? It didn't seem like it. Yoshido was such a small place. What business could a mere hundred thousand people do? Tourism? It didn't seem like it. Tourism didn't need to find a house. Brian said that he thought those two were here to build a building. Were they really here to build an embassy? If they were really here to build an embassy, then the problem would be serious. That means the third party is here to steal territory, and they've had contact with the Gedo government. Even talking about the building of diplomatic relations. This also means that the Gedo government is wavering between us and a third party.

My waist is uncomfortable, I took a pillow and stuffed it under me, I put the cushion up a bit higher and felt more comfortable. Thinking about the experience of applying to the Gedo government for a building, I felt that something was wrong with the process. Two months ago, I had already applied for a building from the Jido government according to the ambassador's instructions. At that time, it wasn't confirmed that I was the one who went to Jido to build the building. But leave it to me. I was the one who drafted it, and it was decided by Ambassador Ju. Then I drove myself to the Jido Embassy in Kibbe, but after waiting for a long time, I still couldn't get an answer. During that period of time, I've asked the Jido Embassy a few times, and they've always been avoiding me. One moment, he said that he was researching in the country, and another moment, he said that he had not received any instructions from the country. This makes me very angry. I rarely get angry. The job of a diplomat is to deal with people. To complete your own task through someone else, if you get angry, There will be endless anger. This time, I'm really angry.

I'll call the permanent secretary of the Jido Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Powers. I've dealt with Powers many times before. Powers left a very good impression on me. Hot Troops were usually sloppy when it came to matters, but Balls was an exception. Balls does things in an orderly manner. He was a typical politician trained during the colonization period. This time, Balls' performance was also very unusual. He either did not answer the phone, or he stuck out his tongue. He wanted to say something, but he stopped himself from doing so, which confused me. Now I understand. The Jido government is a bit cold to us and refuses to reply to our application for the building. In fact, they've been in contact with a third party, hesitating between establishing diplomatic relations with us or maintaining diplomatic relations with us. Thinking up to here, I was so scared by my own deduction that I broke out in a cold sweat. In other words, when we applied to Jido for the building, The Jido government was also making eye contact with a third party, and they were even considering whether to establish diplomatic relations with the third party. If the Jido government decides to establish diplomatic relations with a third party, This also means that we have to cut ties with Jido, so I won't be able to make Jido.

My waist is still uncomfortable, and it's useless to use a pillow as a cushion. I might as well get up and walk back and forth in my room. I don't like the house Brian found for me. The embassy is the front door of the country. I've been to many countries, and I've seen quite a few of our foreign embassy, I've also seen many foreign consultations, some of which are as majestic as palaces. There are also ordinary buildings, but I've never seen a thatched cottage as a building. The thatched cottage was too shabby as an embassy. I cannot accept it from the bottom of my heart to represent the image of a dignified country. I hope to have a better choice. It would be best if it was a decent building, take a step back. A simple brick house is fine too. But Gido didn't. Gido couldn't provide the address of the embassy he could choose in other countries. Brian was right, Gido only had a thatched cottage. In Gido, Ordinary people couldn't even afford a thatched hut, they lived in a thatched hut. Jido's thatched cottage was similar to the greenhouse that was built in the paya fields in China. There were only a few wooden pillars at the top of the hut. There were no walls. It was so simple and crude that it could not be any more crude. The thatched cottage Brian found for me already belongs to a decent family home.

I know, I can choose to stay at the Sea Grape Hotel for a while. Wait until I find a suitable house before moving in. But I can't afford to wait. Ambassador Juhua clearly instructed me to build the embassy as soon as possible after I get to Gido. And to hold a reception on the 10th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between the two countries. I also made a promise to Ambassador Juhua. It is the duty of a soldier to carry out an order, the same goes for a diplomat. To fulfill my promise to Ambassador Juhua, I need to find a address as soon as possible. If I take a step back, I might not be able to wait for the ideal house. If I can't find a more suitable one. . . If he turned back and found that the house was gone, he would lose everything. I can't waste any more time on the address problem. If I can find a better place in the future. . . I'll talk about it later.

Early the next morning, I found Brian. He was busy preparing breakfast.

"I've thought about it, I want that house. " I said to Brian. After a night of thinking and weighing, I decided to live in it first. The most important thing now is to build the embassy first.

"That's right, boss," Brian was very happy to hear that. "You go in first. If you're not satisfied with living there, we'll think of a way to find another house. "

"Then it's a deal," I said, "I'll go in first. What about you? Think of a way to find a better house. "

"Sure, @ @ # # 2DB7554 Noproblem # # @ Nooblem," Brian smiled and nodded. " No problem "was Brian's catchphrase.

After breakfast, I first went to the grocery store near the Sea Grape Hotel to buy some daily necessities. When I came back, Brian helped me move my luggage and daily necessities into the car.

"Everything is ready, boss," Brian said, "Shall we go?"

"Let's go," I said.

Maybe it was because it was daytime, or maybe it was because he had thought it through. Looking at the house Brian helped me find, my feeling changed. . . It became bright. The bright tropical sunlight shone on the thatched cottage, smearing a layer of bright luster on the thatched cottage. The lush and flourishing flowers and plants in front of and behind the cottage added another kind of colorful beauty to set off the contrast. The thatched cottage seemed to have a life of its own under the sunlight. It was no longer a black pile of grass under the moonlight.

"I said it was pretty good," Brian said with a smile, as if he could feel the change in my mood.

I nodded as an answer. As an embassy, the difference is too great, I thought to myself, but I didn't say it out loud.

"Do you want me to help you clean it up, boss?" Brian asked enthusiastically.

"Thank you! No need. I thought about it and declined Brian's good intentions.

"You really don't want to help?" Brian asked again," If you want, I can send you one or two people. I have people there. "

"Really, there's no need," I shook my head.

"Okay, boss," Brian handed the key to me, "Just as I said, if you need anything, feel free to look for me. "

"Okay," I said.

"Bye, boss," Brian said.

"Bye," I said.

Brian waved at me and turned to leave.

"Wait a minute," I suddenly called out to Brian who was about to get into the car.

"What is it? Boss," Hearing the voice, Brian turned around.

"Didn't you say you could find a diesel generator? In a few days, I'm going to hold a reception. Get me one in the next two days. Also, I need a phone here. I wonder if I can install it?" I said.

" Before you came, this room used to be occupied by a UN official. There should be a telephone line, so the call can be connected, "Brian said, then went back into the room to check and found that there really was a telephone line.

"Then help me pick it up as soon as possible. Otherwise, I won't be able to find anyone. " I said.

"No, boss, I'll do it right away. Who asked me to have the same blood flowing in my body? I won't leave you here and not care. If you need anything, come to me, "Brian readily agreed.

I waved my hand and bid farewell to Brian, the" Fake Country. "

Standing at the door of the thatched cottage, I watched Brian get into the car and drive away in the white car. My heart suddenly felt unusually empty. Right now, I am the only one left. I have walked around the world by myself countless times, but I have never felt as lonely as I am now. I turned around to look at the lonely thatched cottage.

A thatched cottage, with me, would be an embassy.

This is probably the world's crudest embassy in the outside world, and it's also unique and has no distinction, I think.

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