Bungee Jumping/C47 Chapter 47
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Bungee Jumping/C47 Chapter 47
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C47 Chapter 47

I didn't think much. After saying good night to Brian, I pushed open the door and entered my room. There was actually a girl sitting on the edge of the bed in my room. When she saw me enter, she nervously stood up.

I was shocked.

"You. . . Why are you here?" I asked. I recognized the girl in front of me. She was the one who danced with me just now, Angia.

"I. . . The Prince sent me here," Angia said, still nervous. The Prince was the way the villagers addressed Brian.

I can't say anything. I stood there like a wooden stake, without any thoughts. I didn't know what to do. I could feel blood rushing to my head, and my heart was beating wildly in my chest. Sweat immediately flowed down my forehead. My entire body is heating up and I feel like I'm suffocating. I almost couldn't hold on any longer and was about to collapse to the ground. In my heart, I fiercely ordered myself to stand still. I must not fall down.

Luckily, I didn't fall down. The entire process only lasted for a few seconds. It felt like a long night had passed.

I mumbled something, but I didn't know what to say. I instinctively rushed out of the room.

Like a deserter, I ran to the beach in a sorry state. I have nowhere to go. At this time, I don't want to go find Brian. I don't want to run into any more embarrassing things. I need someone to calm down. I found a coconut tree, sat on the sand, and leaned against the tree root.

The moonlight was blocked by a few other coconut trees. I sat in the shadow of the tree.

The night of the island, under the sea breeze, It cooled down. The waves washed over the beach, making loud noises. It was slow and rhythmic, the exact opposite of what I was feeling. My heart is still pounding. It hasn't calmed down yet. What happened just now happened too suddenly. Brian said he wanted to find me a girl, but I immediately refused. I thought he wouldn't act recklessly. Who would have thought that he would really. . . He really found a girl and waited for me in the room. Caught me off guard. I now understand the evil smile on Brian's face when he said goodbye to me.

It was too dangerous just now. I almost lost control of myself. Fortunately, I didn't drink too much, so I was able to stay awake and escape in time.

Brian definitely wouldn't know that the pit he dug for me. . . How serious the consequences would be. I thought of a former colleague who was about the same age as me. Almost at the same time, he was sent overseas for permanent residence. I went to Country F further away, and he went to a closer country. After three years, I ended my permanent residence and returned to China. But he was expelled. After many years, I finally know the inside story. So it turns out that after he was sent to America, Because he was proficient in the local language, he was like a fish in water at work. Once, Someone invited him to participate in an event elsewhere. During the event organized by the organizers, this guy didn't manage to control himself. First, he took a few more glasses of wine, then he was muddle-headed and got tricked into bed by a beauty.

When he returned to the capital, he was still scared. He was afraid that the beauty would look for him, but at the same time, he was also afraid of being lucky. He had been suffering from anxiety for a few days. Just as he thought that he would be able to muddle his way through, something happened. The beauty called him and asked him to meet at a hotel. After thinking about it, He still went. In the end, the one waiting for him at the hotel wasn't a beauty, but an official from the American Intelligence Department. Those officers took out evidence that he slept with a beauty. Forcing him to cooperate. Only at this time did he completely react, That beauty was actually a bait, he had fallen into her trap. Fortunately, On the surface, he agreed. After returning to the embassy, he told the ambassador about how he was instigated to rebel. His life was saved and he returned to the country. But diplomacy could not be done anymore.

That was a typical beauty trap. After I heard about it, I couldn't help but sigh, I felt a chill down my spine. This kind of beauty trick has only been read in history and spy novels, but now it really happened beside me. For a long time, I'll think of that colleague and feel sorry for him. I will also ask myself, If it were me, I would be able to resist the temptation of beauty. . . To be honest, I am unable to give a definite answer.

I want to smoke a cigarette. Touching his pocket, he realized that he didn't have a cigarette on him. When I first arrived at Red Fish Island, I put my bag in my room and put the cigarette in my bag. After I started smoking again, I only smoked when I was alone.

I didn't expect to experience such an unexpected test in a place like Gido. Luckily, I didn't fall for it. I don't think Brian was trying to trick me into doing anything for him. I suspect that Brian didn't even know that there is such a scheme in the world. His idea should be very simple, He just wants to find me a woman. I've long heard that Brian is a lecherous man with several women. . . In Gido, in Red Fish Island. This is his life. . . It's also a part of the local culture. Here, it was normal for men and women to fall in love.

Brian may not have any ill intentions, but it makes me very embarrassed. He played a little trick to stir up the deepest secrets of a single man. This kind of privacy is the last thing I want to be exposed. He also hated being tested on this kind of thing. That is our taboo. For a long time, our embassy is full of single men. We self-deprecatingly call ourselves "monks. " We wrap ourselves up, Wear a thick layer of armor so that no one can see our emotional world. Most of the locals wouldn't be able to understand. . . How can these guys be invulnerable in front of women? Therefore, there was once a saying that was passed down: It said that these guys must have taken some kind of medicine or been injected with some kind of needle. Or perhaps they had practiced some sort of technique. Of course, it was just a legend. These seemingly strong 'monks' had the same emotions and desires as ordinary people.

In that era, it was not easy for 'monks' to find a partner. They couldn't even see a woman. How were you going to find a partner? If you can't find one yourself, you can only rely on someone else to introduce you. This kind of introduction is different from the domestic ones. You can meet in China, overseas. . . The two of them are on different sides, it is impossible to meet. We can only look at the photos first. He could send a photo to each other first. If he took a fancy to it. . . Then, he contacted them. By relying on a photo, a few letters to love, and finally getting married. . . At that time, it was a common thing, and it would also be a love story that only belonged to that era.

He remembered that there was once a young colleague with the surname Zhang who stayed at the embassy. We call him Little Zhang. He was connected to a girl in China and started dating. At the beginning. The two of them felt pretty good. Slowly, a problem arose. The girl was very satisfied with him. Little Zhang, on the other hand, had less and less feelings for the lady. There was one time Little Zhang came to me to complain.

"There's no way we can continue this relationship," Little Zhang said.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I don't know why, but I just feel that something isn't right," Little Zhang said.

"Is that so?" I'm a little coping.

"Say, the letter she wrote at the beginning was alright, but now she's writing so badly that it's impossible to read. Why don't she write a series of words? Otherwise, she won't be able to reach the meaning of the words," Little Zhang complained.

I didn't say anything. I know that Little Zhang was talking about a female worker. She wasn't very cultured. I don't know what to say.

"I suspect that the first letter was a knife that someone else caught for her. Now, she's the one who wrote it," Little Zhang said unhappily.

I still didn't say anything. Little Zhang was going to throw up. There was no need for me to say anything. All I needed to do was listen.

"She's quite satisfied with me. If I break up with her now, I'm afraid she won't be happy," Little Zhang continued.

"Okay. " I don't know if I can say yes or not.

"When we return to China, I'll immediately break up with her and break up with her. " Little Zhang was very determined.

The ending of the story was quite dramatic. When Little Zhang returned to the country, the girl went to the airport to pick him up. The girl's parents also came to pick him up. Little Zhang was a foreigner and had just returned to the country. He did not have a place to stay. The girl's family directly brought him to her home. They had already prepared the wedding room. They were just waiting for Little Zhang to come back and get married. Little Zhang realized that the girl was cute and obedient, so he half-shoved her. She became someone else's son-in-law.

It was hard to find a partner, but it was easy to lose a wife. At that time, there were many of us. It's common for newlyweds to go overseas and live permanently. Lovesick without end. " Speaking of which, it was also a kind of romance. It was still alright if they could persist. If he couldn't endure it, then the outcome would be a bit miserable. The pair that makes us most emotional. . . The groom leaves the country after a week of marriage. When he comes back, he sees the bride leaning against someone else's arm.

The wind was a little strong, and the leaves rustled. He felt a little cold on his body. I turned around and hid behind a tree with wind behind my back.

Brian asked me if I was missing a woman. No, that was a lie. Thinking was the truth.

I wonder what Lu Shuqin is doing now? Based on the time difference, she should be in class right now.

Lu Shuqin and I are college classmates. After graduation, I will be a diplomat. She will stay at the university to teach. Before I left the country for the first time, we confirmed our relationship. . . After three years, I will return to the country and get married. I calculated that I married Lu Shuqin for twenty-two years. Only seven or eight years are spent together. The rest of the time is spent in isolation. In China, husband and wife lived separately. We can reunite at least once a year, and it will take at least two years for us to be separated. Or even three or four years before we can meet. After a long time, when we meet again. . . The two of them basically became strangers. Every time, Lu Shuqin and I will need a long period of time. Only then will we be able to get used to each other and accept each other and return to a normal family life.

Strangely, once we separate. . . We will habitually enter the nostalgic mode, and enter the mode of writing and looking forward to letters. I will write to Lu Shuqin when the time comes. I will also look forward to Lu Shuqin's letter at the appointed time. When I receive the letter, I will read it over and over again. At night. I often sit in the empty courtyard, staring blankly at the moon and stars in the sky. I thought of Lu Shuqin, who was far away in the country.

Right now, I'm alone on Red Fish Island, leaning against a coconut tree. Listening to the sound of the waves, Through the coconut grove, I see the moon hanging in the sky. The moon was surprisingly round and bright. Looking at the full moon, I couldn't help but think of Lu Shuqin.

On the night of the southern continent, the full moon rested on the coconut branches. It was half distinct from the clouds.

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