Bungee Jumping/C5 Chapter 5
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Bungee Jumping/C5 Chapter 5
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C5 Chapter 5

I finally stood at the door of the thatched cottage and waited for the guests to come.

Just now, I was still nervously contending with 'Fake Country' Brian. I used to work as a guest, and I liked to dig into every detail. Brian kept saying "No Problems" and No Problems. But at the crucial moment, he loved to drop the ball. I asked him to prepare the food an hour earlier, but he couldn't wait. He couldn't wait on the right. I called Brian a few times, but he just didn't answer. It's only less than 15 minutes from the start of the reception. Brian then brought some people to deliver the things.

"What took you guys so long?" I glared at Brian. The experience of being a guest made me pay the most attention to being punctual and hate procrastination.

"I'm sorry, boss," Brian said with a smile, "I met with some small trouble, but it won't delay you. "

Fortunately, the wine table's food table had been prepared beforehand. The wine had already been arranged beforehand, so as long as the food was placed on the table, it would be fine.

I watched Brian and the others put the food away, and checked it from beginning to end. After confirming that everything was ready, I came to the main door.

After a few days of busy work, the official day of the reception was finally here. From now on, the embassy will officially open.

The tropical day was almost seven o'clock. The sun was still up, and the sun seemed to be reluctant to leave. Through the gaps of the coconut tree leaves, I can still feel the intense heat. I don't know if it's because of the sunset or because of the nervousness in my heart. Although I'm only wearing a white short-sleeved shirt, I still feel hot. It's so hot that it's suffocating. I keep pacing back and forth. To be honest, I was nervous inside. In the past, I used to play the role of a welcome guest at the reception. But that was as a guest official to welcome guests for the ambassador. As soon as the guests arrived, I went up to greet them. Then I introduced them to the ambassador. When the guests leave, I'll send the guests out on behalf of the ambassador. This time, I am no longer the ambassador's guest official, I have become the host. I am holding a reception in the name of the embassy. This is a new feeling and experience for me.

When my son, Xiao Song, was young, he heard of the term 'temporary replacement' from somewhere. When he came home, he asked me, "Dad, what kind of official is the temporary replacement?"

I was stumped by my son's question and didn't know how to answer it. I thought about it and said to my son, "Let's put it this way. The temporary replacement is similar to your acting form teacher. If the teacher is sick or if he has something urgent to ask for leave, the other teachers will represent him. I don't care about you. "

At that time, my son was still young, so I can only explain it this way. My son blinked his eyes. He looked like he didn't really understand. In fact, the temporary replacement of the embassy wasn't something that could be explained in a few words. Every embassy had an ambassador. When the ambassador was not stationed in the country, for example, when he returned to the country for a vacation. The ambassador will be the chief clerk of the embassy. In other words, the second in command will be temporarily acting on behalf of the embassy. The acting ambassador will be in charge of the embassy's affairs. This kind of temporary replacement could be of high or low rank. Depends on the size of the embassy and the level of its chief staff, the embassy has an ambassador, An ambassador is an ambassador, and most of the intermediate consulates are counselors. The smaller consulate might be, but there is a secret. . . Some can even be second or third secret. This was a situation, and there was also a situation where the two countries had established a diplomatic relationship. The highest diplomats the two countries sent to the other country's embassy were acting, not ambassadors. The acting on their behalf was acting on their behalf. No "temporary. " This kind of situation is very rare right now. Such an agent was usually of a higher level. In fact, it could be equivalent to an ambassador. Whether it was in the past or now, when two countries were at war, There were often cases where diplomacy between ambassadors was downgraded to an agent level. The temporary agent I'm currently in is another type of situation. Before I came to Gido, our country did not set up an embassy in Gido. Our relationship with Gido is handled by the Jibi Embassy, and the Jibi Ambassador, Juhua, is also appointed as the Jido Ambassador. I came to the Gedo Kingdom, Building the new building, the ambassador will still be appointed by Juhua, But the specifics of the relationship between the two countries will be transferred to the embassy in Gido, and I will take charge of the embassy affairs on behalf of the Juhua ambassador.

That sounds very long-winded. Diplomacy is that long-winded, because the matters between countries are very complicated and require a set of rules. Diplomat treatment, rank, and naming are all unified in the world, and they specifically sign international treaties.

I'll be the temporary ambassador to the embassy in Gido, and there will be no change in my diplomatic rank. And I'll be a first class secretary. To be honest, I'm a little disappointed. The diplomats more or less all had the dream of being an ambassador in their hearts. They liked to hear people call them "Youre. Elen. " Of course, I'm no exception. I hope that I can keep improving, and that I can become a Counsellor this time. A Counsellor is the only way to become an ambassador, and if I want to fulfill the dream of being an ambassador, I must take this step forward. Of course, this is what I think in my heart, in front of others. I didn't say anything. To my surprise, when Ambassador Juhua talked to me, He specifically mentioned my rank.

"The situation this time is special. The country is in a hurry to send you there. As for your rank, it will not change for the time being, but I will think for you," Juhua said.

"Thank you, Ambassador," I said. I know Ambassador Juhua is talking about giving me the title of Adviser. I thank Ambassador Ju Hua for thinking about me, But I know that this is up to the organization, and it also depends on whether I can get Gido this time. This is an emergency, Otherwise, they wouldn't have sent me to Yoshido alone. To me, this is a chance.

As an agent, he stood at the door and waited for the guests to arrive. For the first time, I truly feel the burden on my shoulders. Jido is a small country, but can I take care of this country? Because a third party interfered in the fight, Our relationship with Gido is on the front line of the national diplomatic struggle, and it is far more important than what Gido should have. At the tip of such a storm, Ambassador Juhua has given me two tasks, one is to stabilize the relationship between the two countries, and the other is to stabilize the relationship between the two countries. The other one he didn't say. I don't know why he didn't say it. He said he would tell me when the time comes. I can't ask. Ask what you need to ask, and don't ask what you shouldn't ask. This is our rule. Can I complete the two tasks that Ambassador Ju Hua mentioned?

It's about time, the guest hasn't arrived yet. I'm starting to worry about whether the guest will come, how many people will come, whether the President will come, whether the Vice President will come.

"Brian, why aren't the guests here yet?" Seeing Brian walking past me carrying a box of beer, I couldn't help but ask.

"Don't worry, boss," Brian smiled and said, "You still don't understand our Gildo people. We're used to being late. "

"Yes, you're right. I got it. Go do your work. " I said. Actually, even if Brian didn't say it, I knew it. The Southern Continent people have the habit of dragging things out, and that's how Kibby is, and so is Gidor.

Just as they were worried, a guest came. The earliest to arrive were Kibi's embassy representative, Renjie, and his wife. Probably because I was stationed at Kiebi, Renjie gave me face and was the first to arrive, which made me very grateful. I shook hands with Renjie warmly, thanking him for being the first to come and support me.

Next came the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Permanent Secretary, Powers. Balls is about the same as me in the middle, slightly thin. Black eyes, black skin, Three or five years younger than me, but his white hair is no less than mine. Every time I come to Yoshido, I have to deal with Gido's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and I have to see Balls. If I see too many, I'll get familiar with them. Become friends. I keep feeling that I have quite a few similarities with Balls.

"Seeing Balls coming over, I quickly went up to him and extended my hand to shake his hand warmly. When Balls came over, I had a feeling in my heart.

"Welle, Myfield, Consolidated! YoukNowishnothings," Balls congratulated me. Balls studied abroad in Europe. He speaks in a clear tone. I once asked him why he didn't stay in Europe. He wanted to go back to Gido. Powers told me that he worked in Europe for a period of time after graduation. He originally wanted to stay there for a long time. But he was not acclimatized to the climate in Europe, so he could not adapt to the climate there. One reason was that it was too cold, and the other was that he could not bask in the sun. He had wanted to endure for a few years. Slowly, he would get used to it, but in the end, it was the opposite. The longer he stayed in Europe, the harder it was for him to adapt to the climate there. His body's reaction became stronger and stronger, and he also missed the tropical climate more and more. In the end, he decided to return to Gido.

"Yes, it's not easy. " I followed his words. Balls' words were a little strange. Since it was a congratulatory message, At the same time, he was filled with emotion. After arriving at Gido, I went to visit Balls and reported to him. Other than welcoming me to the Jido Building, That was also the first sentence Balls said. Thinking back to Brian mentioning that a third party had come, I'm sure there's something hidden in his words. It's hard to say about the matter of our Jido Building. I didn't ask directly. I took a roundabout way to get him to say it. Balls is a smart person, he understands what I mean. But I won't say it directly, I'm just hinting that someone has a different opinion about us at the Jido Training Hall. I want to ask who it is, I swallowed it back when I was about to ask. After all, this was an internal matter. It was just asking. The other party might not say it, but it would be awkward instead. Thus, he indirectly asked. He asked if anyone from the third party had come. Balls kept it a secret and didn't say yes. Neither did he say no. Balls' attitude seems to further confirm my suspicions.

"Welle, we've already sent you the invitation you asked us to send. I reckon that there will be a lot of people coming tonight. "Wales is a catchphrase for Powers. It seems like he wouldn't have been able to speak without Wells.

" Thank you. Without your help, I'm afraid my embassy won't be able to open. "I expressed my gratitude to Balls in a roundabout manner.

"You're welcome. " Balls owed his body.

"Then, are you the one speaking tonight?" I asked. I will give a speech at the reception. When I met up with Powers, I hope that there will be someone from the Gedo side speaking up as well. Powers agreed on the spot, saying that he would speak on behalf of the Gido government. The Gedo country is small. The President himself was the Foreign Minister, and the Secretary of Foreign Affairs was the second in command. He is in charge of the daily affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Thus, it is perfectly normal for the Secretary of Foreign Affairs to speak.

"Yes," Powers nodded.

The guests arrived one after another. It was like doing business. As long as they opened a business, After that, there would be business that would follow and hold a reception. . . As long as there were guests, the other guests would follow. I stand at the entrance. I shook hands with the guests. I greeted them as I invited them into the living room. Now, I'm no longer worried about whether the guests will come or not. Instead, I'm worried that I won't be able to handle my own work and will not neglect the guests. I will stand at the door to welcome the guests in a while. Later, I'll take some time to return to the living room to chat with the guests, afraid of neglecting them. At this moment, I am really at a loss for what to do. I wish I could become an omnipotent Sun Wukong and pluck out a few hairs. With a breath, I transformed into many myself.

At that moment, a fat man with a full beard came. One look and one could tell that he was not a local.

"Thank you for your invitation," the bearded man said. "My name is Brown. I am the representative of Country P in Jido. "

"Welcome," I said.

"[Jido doesn't have many diplomats here, so welcome to Jido as well] Brown said.

"Thank you," I said.

"Integrity, Gido is such a small country, you guys are here to build your dojo too. I guess there shouldn't be anything to do, "Brown said in an unfriendly manner.

Brown's words made me feel like I ate a fly. I glared at him. Brown obviously had a hidden meaning in his words, but right now, I don't have the time to bother with him.

After a while, the living room was filled with people. There was the president of the Jido Parliament, five out of ten Cabinet Ministers. There were also the regulars of the various ministries, the police director, and other high-ranking officials of the Jido government as well as their wives. It was worth mentioning that the police director's name was Yousufu. He brought his wife along with him. I looked at her wife. I was amused. So it turns out that his wife was none other than the fat sister-in-law who sat beside me on the plane. The diplomats of other countries who are permanently stationed in Jido. The representatives from international organizations and their wives are also here. Seeing so many people coming to support me, although I'm busy, I am happy in my heart.

Right now, only the President and Vice President have yet to arrive. Powers said that both of them would be here today.

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