Bungee Jumping/C58 Chapter 58
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Bungee Jumping/C58 Chapter 58
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C58 Chapter 58

After the hairdressing, I came to the yard with Ambassador Hua. Ambassador Ju Hua has something to discuss with me. I brought two rattan chairs and placed them on the side of King Brown. Then I took out some fragrant straw oil and lit it. Fragrant straw oil can repel mosquitoes.

"This place is not bad," Ju Hua said.

"Yes, you don't have to worry about being heard," I said.

When Ju Hua heard that, he laughed, and so did I.

"Zhong Liang, I'm here to see you, and also to promote the Oceanic Observation Station project," Ju Hua said. "If the Observation Station project is successful, it will be the first type of external cooperation in our country. It will be groundbreaking. Our country values this project very much. They have high hopes for this project. "

I listened attentively and didn't say anything.

" You did a lot of work in the beginning, "Ju Hua continued," I came this time to see how to promote the project to be implemented as soon as possible. I'd like to hear your opinion. "

"This project," I thought about it and said. "Ever since I received instructions from the country, I've been actively promoting it. Just like you said, If this project succeeds, it will indeed be of great significance. But I feel that it will be very difficult. President Daru supports it. He's friendly to us, Turn on the green light on all the issues, this project is no exception. The Ministry of Fishery and Society is the main docking unit, Minister Divip and President Daru have a close relationship, so they are proactive "

"You're not afraid of mosquitoes, so you came to the yard to talk about work," Lin Yi suddenly rushed out of the house and said.

"I ordered this. " I pointed at the fragrant outhouse oil.

"She's afraid of hitting the pendants, but she's afraid of mosquitoes," Ju Hua smiled.

"What is this?" Lin Yi asked.

"Fragrant straw oil," I said, "the English name is Citronella. "

" Oh, I've heard of it before. "Lin Yi also studied English and was also a diplomat.

"I got it from someone else," I said. There was once when the EC representative Smith held a dinner party in his courtyard. I went to attend, and he used Aromatic Maocao to drive mosquitoes. I also asked him for some, but he was unwilling to use it.

"Will it work?" Lin Yi asked.

"It will work," I said.

"Oh, right. " Lin Yi suddenly changed the topic. "Where's your dog? Why didn't I see it?"

I didn't expect Lin Yi to suddenly ask about Blondie. I was at a loss for words and didn't know how to answer. I don't want to talk about Blondie.

"I remember you adopted a dog, right?" Lin Yi asked.

"Yes, it was adopted. . . Over a dog," I said unwillingly. The embassy wants to get a dog, so you can't get one just because you want it. You need to register and register. Before the adoption, I asked Ambassador Ju Hua for permission. So, Ambassador Ju Hua knew, but he didn't expect Lin Yi to know as well.

"What do you mean by adoption?" Ju Hua asked. "What about now?"

"Let's. . . Lose it. " He couldn't hide it anymore. I said gloomily.

"How did I lose it?" Juhua was excited.

"I can't say," I said. "When I adopted him, he was still young. When he grew up, he found out that he was a male dog. There was no right to do it here. The blonde kept running out after a while, and the number of times he ran out increased. The last time he ran out, he never came back. "

" How many days ago did this happen? " Juhua asked.

"It's been more than a week," I said.

"It can't be that he was kidnapped, right?" Lin Yi asked.

"That's possible," I said.

"Then did you call the police?" Lin Yi asked.

"Yes," I said, "but it was useless to call the police. They definitely couldn't find out who did it. "

"If they left on their own, that would be fine. But if they were kidnapped on purpose, that would be a problem," Ju Hua said.

I nodded.

"That means that there are still people who are thinking bad things about us. We have to be careful," Ju Hua said.

"Yes," I said.

"Then, other than the dog, do you have anything else you want to hide from me?" Juhua asked.

"Other things. . . " I was caught off guard. I didn't expect Ambassador Ju Hua to be so relentless. From the moment Blondie left, he started asking other questions. Regarding work matters, I will report every single one of them to Ambassador Juhua. But I have never mentioned anything about my various experiences in Gido. I didn't tell him about the plane crash, but. . . I didn't tell him about the sea crash, I didn't tell him about my illness. I also didn't tell him about my injury. I don't think there's a need to tell him all this. If I did, it would only make him worry.

"Zhong Liang, Zhong Liang," Ju Hua said, "I know you well. If you want to say something but want to say something, it only means that you must have encountered something else. Speak. "Ju Hua leaned against the back of the chair and stared at me.

"Oh, right. There's also the matter of the bomb. "

"I know about the bomb. Because of the bomb, you changed the house. "


"[Is there anything else?]"

" Does taking a plane count? " I asked back. I have to take the initiative.

"I guess so. "

"The traffic here is dangerous. If we count it in, there will be a lot more. Almost every time I take a plane, I'm in danger. "

"That's true. This time, we came without any danger. "

"Yeah, you guys are two hours late this time. "

"It's not a big deal. When the plane took off, it was hit by a bird. When it went back, it changed into a plastic mask. "

" Isn't that dangerous? I've encountered it before. "

"Then you really have nothing else to hide from me?" Ju Hua was unwilling to accept it.

"No more," I said with certainty. It's right to use defense as an attack. I successfully reversed the initiative of the conversation. In the end, I didn't tell him that I was hit by a motorcycle. I don't want him to know about this. Of course, I didn't tell him either. I almost went out to sea with Powers. If I went out to sea with Balls that time, I'm afraid that I might not be able to survive. I wouldn't have been able to sit together with Ambassador Hua today and have this conversation.

"Then you guys chat. I'm going in," Lin Yi said. "It's a little windy outside. You guys should go in early. "

"Where were we just talking about? She interrupted, "Ju Hua shook his head and said with a smile.

"Speaking of President Lu's support for the Observation Station project, the Ministry of Society Development and Fishery Industry also supports this project," I said, "but the opposition has openly expressed their opposition. I don't know where they got the news from"

"This is expected" Ju Hua said, "The opposition has always been in contact with a third party, it's not surprising for them to oppose this project"

"Country P isn't happy either. I heard from the Kisbeto representative that Country P isn't interested in our project and has been tricking us behind our backs," I said.

"They're afraid that this project will affect their control over this region," Ju Hua said.

"You're right. They've always regarded the southern continent as their territory, so they won't easily let us build such an observation station here, "I said.

" It seems that this matter not only involves our relationship with Gido, but also the geography and politics of the Southern Continent, "Ju Hua said.

"I'm afraid we'll have to fight with Country P on this issue," I said.

"I agree with your judgment. You must be fully prepared," Juhua said.

"One more thing. I think Vice President Muni's attitude is crucial," I said, "logically speaking, Muni should be in line with President Daru. But because Daru is no longer participating in the next election, Muni will take over. And now, Muni is completely disloyal to the relationship between our two countries, as well as a third party. "

" I'm going to see him this time, right? " Juhua asked.

"Yes," I said. "It wasn't easy to see him once. I've only seen him in social occasions up until now"

"Not alone?"

"No, not even once I keep feeling like he's hiding from me. I mentioned wanting to see him several times, but I didn't manage to see him. "

" Then he gave me a lot of face this time. "

"The ambassador wants to see him, he doesn't dare to not see him"

"He needs to do his job"

"[He has an assistant, the current secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, called Depei]"

"What's the name of the secretary if not that?"

"Balls. "

"That's right, it's Balls. He seems to treat us quite well. "

"Balls was unfortunately killed when he went fishing. " I suddenly felt a little guilty.

"Is that so?! What a pity. "

"Yes, Balls is very friendly to us and has helped me a lot. " Speaking of Balls, I felt uncomfortable again.

"What a pity," Juhua let out a long sigh.

"Right now, Depei is completely different from Balls," I said. "He wants to balance things out between us and a third party. Not long ago, someone from the third party came over. It's said that they saw him and even said that they wanted to give him two planes. I tried to negotiate with him, but he denied it. But I think he must have met someone from a third party"

" That's very bad "Ju Hua said.

" Yes, he has a huge impact on Vice President Muni, "I said," I've always wanted to do his work, but so far I haven't been able to make much progress "

"I've always been thinking," Juhua said, "What kind of method is there to free us from this quagmire? As long as the problem between us and a third party exists, Others will weigh it and use it. Because there is profit to be gained here. The best way was. . . Of course, it would be to solve the problem of the third party. If he couldn't solve it for the time being, what should he do? Did he have any other tricks up his sleeve? I think there is definitely one. I have a general idea. The Oceanic Observation Station must be pushed forward. There will be risks and difficulties. But it's worth it "

I didn't say anything. In Ju Hua's words, there was a Muchford. I fell into deep thought.

"It's getting late, let's end our conversation here today," Ju Hua said, "I'll think about it more carefully. "

"Okay," I said.

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