Bungee Jumping/C59 59th Chapter
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Bungee Jumping/C59 59th Chapter
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C59 59th Chapter

The arrival of Ambassador Juhua and his wife has temporarily filled up every single lonely pore on my body. I originally thought that. . . Only children can go crazy when they come. My mother said that when I was a child, there were people who went crazy when I was a child. If there were guests, I would be very excited. If that's the case, It was the same for his son, Xiao Song, when he was young. This was probably hereditary. I always thought that when people grow up, When people went crazy, they wouldn't be cured. Now I finally understand that this isn't a matter of whether they can be cured or not. People were fundamentally afraid of loneliness, and they liked liveliness. It was like this when they were young, and it wouldn't change much even if they grew up.

The arrival of Ambassador Ju Hua and his wife also made me feel reliant on them, and that restless feeling that I couldn't help but quietly disappear. During normal days, I'm the only one in the embassy, and I work at the embassy. I rest at the embassy. Where am I going? The embassy goes. Theoretically, no matter what happens, I can ask the ambassador for instructions from within the country. But it's only in theory. Most of the time, I can only rely on myself. Things in life are still fine, The things in work seem to be very weak. Diplomacy, this thing, No matter how small the matter, it would involve the interests of the country. . . It has to be handled with extra care, just like how artists treat their own works of art. So there is a saying that diplomacy is an art. Since we are related to art, We can't be casual, we have to show the style of an artist. He had to be extremely careful. He had to pay attention to every stroke. He couldn't be careless. This piece of work in my hand is our relationship with Yoshido. As soon as Ju Hua arrives, this piece of work will be returned to him. With him as the lead, I can only act as his hand.

In the next two days, I will run forward and help the Juhua couple, Zhang Luo. Arrange for one event after another. I accompanied them to see President Daru and Vice President Muni, and I met almost all the Ministers. I'll be their driver, As a secretary, I'm so busy that I feel like I have three heads and six arms. I seem to have regained the feeling of being a small errand boy for the guest officials. I realized that this kind of work is the least worrying. As long as I sit there and listen, I don't have to think about what to say. I won't say anything. These are all Ambassador Juhua's matters, I have to do it, Just arrange the meeting, prepare the gifts, Write down the meeting notes.

Just as I expected, Ambassador Juhua and President Daru's meeting was friendly and friendly. The two of them exchanged words, one after another. They had a good chat. Daru took the initiative to talk about the third party. After returning from Red Fish Island, I looked for Sequeira, I talked to him about the third party's arrival. Sequeira seems to have reported to Darius. Darius reiterates that Gido has always supported the unification of our country. This makes me very grateful. Daru also mentions the matter of the Oceanic Observation Station, saying that he has ordered Minister Divip to give his full support. What I didn't expect was that. . . Daru didn't forget to mention me in front of Ambassador Juhua, praising me for being capable. . . A good diplomat, also saying that I'm good at cooking. I was too embarrassed to say it to him. It seems that. . . That banquet left a deep impression on President Daru.

Such a meeting was truly delightful. At the end of the meeting, I acted as a guest photographer and took a photo of President Daru and Ambassador Ju Hua.

"When it's printed out, don't forget to give me one too" Daru smiled and said.

"Of course" I said.

"Oh right, Ambassador, I'm leaving the country today, and I can't attend your reception tomorrow night, so I'm sorry, "Daru said as he sent Ambassador Juhua out. President Daru went abroad to attend a regional conference. He originally planned to leave the day before, but because Ambassador Juhua was coming, he deliberately delayed it by a day.

After leaving the presidential palace, Juhua was in a good mood and said emotionally, "As always, President Daru is friendly to us, and every time we meet, he always makes me feel touched. When it comes to matters we care about, he always stands with us, how rare "

"Yes" I said.

"[He trusts us. ] He knows that no matter what we do, we won't lie to him, "Juhua said.

"Unfortunately, he won't be participating in this election" I said.

" Him not being president is indeed a great loss for us "Juhua said.

Compared to Daru, seeing Muni could be said to have many twists and turns. After meeting Daru, We'll go directly to see Muni. Vice President Muni's office is in the government office building, not far from the presidential office. We'll be there as soon as we step on the accelerator. In the end, Muni wasn't in the office. The secretary said that he had something to do at the last minute and would be back soon. We waited for a while. We waited for a while more, but still no one came. I discussed with the secretary to change it to the next day. We'll come again the next day. We still missed it.

"Heisdificult," Juhua rarely talked about others like that.

"Yes, it's not easy to do it," I said angrily.

"We agreed to see each other, but it's not like we'll see each other again. It seems like it's just like you said, he's disloyal to us, "Ju Hua said.

"He's been swaying left and right about the third party's problem, unable to make up his mind," I said.

"Then it's gone. If he doesn't, we can't force him," Ju Hua waved his hand and said.

"Okay," I said. I promised him verbally, but I thought in my heart, Ju Hua's words don't sound like his personality. Ju Hua looked like a cultured scholar, but he had a very stubborn side to him.

As expected, it only took a short while for Ju Hua to go back on his word. "I think we should fight for it and see if I can see him before I leave. It's better to see him than not seeing him. At least we can do some work when we meet. "

" I'm afraid it's too late, "I said.

"Think of a way to squeeze in," Ju Hua said.

I thought about it and said, "If you insist on squeezing, you only have two hours. One is the night reception. Let's see if he can come. If he can come, I can arrange for you to chat with him alone for a while. Another thing is that tomorrow morning, you will leave Jido to meet him. "

" It would be best if it's tonight. It'll be too rushed tomorrow, "Ju Hua said.

"Yes," I said, "I will try again. "

I'll call Muni's office when I have time. Muni's secretary promised to ask and then called me back. When I returned with Ambassador Juhua and his wife, I asked Little Zhang, who was staying at the embassy, if he had received a call. Little Zhang said that he had not received a call. I'll call Muni's office again. No one answered the call.

I'm depressed. I told Ambassador Juhua about the situation. When Ambassador Juhua heard that, he was also depressed.

The reception was held in the name of the Ambassador and his wife. It was a grafted reception. I originally planned to hold a photo exhibition to introduce our country's culture. . . Then release a glorious documentary. The visit of Ambassador Ju Hua and his wife happened to coincide with the timing of the photography exhibition. I've decided to change this event into a reception, and the exhibition and the release of the movie will remain unchanged.

Preparations for the early stages. I'm the only one. After Little Zhang came, I left the preparations for the reception to him. Little Zhang hung the red lanterns he brought at the entrance of the embassy. Once the lanterns were hung, the embassy immediately had a festive atmosphere.

At night, Ambassador Juhua and Madam Lin Yi stood under the lanterns to welcome the guests. Little Zhang arranged wine and food inside. Brian and a few others were also busy at the front and back. Today, I have become a "free man. " I can stand next to the Ju Hua couple in a while. Accompany them to welcome the guests, then run back into the house. I'll take a look at Little Zhang's situation. When I was in the same position as him at the reception, my poor and helpless appearance formed a stark contrast.

"Ambassador, why don't you leave Little Zhang behind for me?" I smiled and said to Ju Hua, "I have a companion and a helper. "

"Little Zhang can't be given to you. " Halfway through his sentence, Ju Hua realized that he was joking. He laughed and changed his words, "If you want to give it, you can give it to me. One for another. "

I know that Ambassador Ju Hua said that one for one, and that was to use Lu Shu Qin to exchange for Little Zhang. Thus, he chuckled and did not say anything else.

Jokes are jokes, but my heart is not at ease. Sometimes. . . Jokes are just to cover up the uneasiness in my heart, just like the me right now. I've been thinking about Vice President Muni. After knowing that President Daru can't attend the reception, I secretly called Sequeira from Ambassador Juhua, hoping that the President would appoint a representative. . . As a guest, attending the reception. I even hinted to Sequeira that I hope Vice President Muni can come. Thus, I still hope that a miracle will happen.

The minister arrived one by one, Renjie, Smith, and Vice President Muni had yet to appear. I became even more anxious.

"Vice President Muni definitely won't come," Ambassador Juhua pulled me to the side and said, "It's about time, why don't we start?"

"Wait a bit longer?" I refused to give up.

At this moment, the donkey-faced German Skin appeared. This surprised me. Demi actually didn't accompany Daru overseas. Under normal circumstances, when the President went abroad, the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had to accompany him.

"Welcome, Mr. Permanent Secretary" I said. I'll introduce Depei to the Juhua couple.

"Welcome, Mr. Ambassador, to visit Gido" Depei shook hands with the Huawei couple as he spoke, "I'm very happy to inform you, Mr. Vice President will be arriving at your reception soon"

I thought I misheard.

"Then we will be honored" I heard Juhua say.

Sure enough, after two minutes, the siren of the motorcycle came from afar. Vice President Muni, accompanied by two bodyguards, appeared at our embassy for the first time. It was only later that I found out that Muni reluctantly agreed to attend the reception due to Darryl's interference. Darryl also specifically left Delhi behind to accompany Muni.

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