Bungee Jumping/C6 Sixth Chapter
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Bungee Jumping/C6 Sixth Chapter
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C6 Sixth Chapter

Just as everyone is waiting for the president, someone walks in. At this moment, I still don't know that this person will become a victim that I can't avoid in Gido.

"Good evening, welcome!" I went up to greet the guest.

"Good evening, it seems like there are quite a few guests today," the guest said. His voice was a bit feminine and his tone was a bit strange.

"Yes, there are quite a few people here. I'm also very glad that you came," I still said politely.

"We've met before," the person smiled strangely.

"You are. . . " He smiled and his face became long. I suddenly thought of the screaming donkey faced man on the plane. "Yes. We met on the plane. "

"My name is Depei, I'm the vice president's office director" the person introduced himself.

" Nice to meet you, Director Depei "I said. The world is really small, the two people I remember the most on the plane to Gido actually came to attend my reception today.

"I'm here on behalf of the Vice President," Depei mysteriously brought his long face over and whispered to me. "He has something to do today and can't come"

"Welcome, welcome" I said. The vice president can't come, let his office director come, there's nothing wrong with etiquette, but if the vice president doesn't come, I'm still a bit disappointed. I'm worried that the president won't change his mind too.

Fortunately, not long after Demi arrived, President Daru and his wife arrived. The tall and sturdy President Daru, dressed in short pants and clogged slippers, came with his wife.

"Welcome, President" I quickly went out to welcome him.

"Thank you for your invitation" President Daru held my hand, and solemnly said to me, "Agent Zhong, On behalf of the Jido government, I formally welcome you to the embassy in Jido. This is a major event in the relationship between the two countries, an honor for us, and a great support for us. Of course, I also welcome you to come to our Jido as an agent. "

When President Daru said that, he intentionally dragged out the word" you "and then smiled as he patted me on the shoulder.

"I'm very happy that the President and Madam personally attended our embassy's opening reception," I said, "Your arrival is my greatest honor, and I can't thank you enough"

"You're welcome, such a big event, of course we'll come" laughed President Daru.

As soon as the President arrived, Balls walked over, indicating that the reception could begin.

Under normal circumstances, this sort of reception would have a specialized host. Either the second in command of the embassy or other diplomats with excellent foreign languages and image would be in charge. Presenting every segment of the reception. But I am a no-name commander, there is no second person in the embassy. I can only act on my own, Sing a one-man show and be my host. I will first invite President Daru and Permanent Secretary Balls to my side. Then I'll clap my hands and call everyone over. The living room isn't big, There were many guests, some of them already standing in the yard. Hearing the greeting, they all gathered around. I cleared my throat. Announce the official start of the reception.

First is to play the national anthem of the two countries, first is the national anthem of Gido, Then our national anthem. In advance, I prepared a dual card recorder. On both sides, there's a cassette tape, and on the other, it's the national anthem of Gido. One of them is our national anthem. I gave the task of releasing the national anthem to Brian. I was afraid that he would make a mistake in the order, so I rehearsed it countless times with him.

When I said play the national anthem of the two countries, Brian, who was waiting beside the recorder, pressed a "play" button and the national anthem of Gido rang. After the national anthem of Gido was played, Brian pressed the stop button. He switched to the other side and pressed the button to play our national anthem. After playing the national anthem, I let out a sigh of relief in my heart.

Now it's my turn to speak. Diplomatic speeches are very particular, they must follow a certain pattern. I have drafted speeches for Ambassador Juhua many times, I have some experience with drafts. There are a few aspects of preparing speeches that must be done. For example, to prepare the speech drafts, he had to do it in a few ways. When you go to other people's countries, you have to tell them about their good deeds. Praise them. This is one. For example, you are a diplomat. Speaking of the relationship between the two countries, this is the domain you are in charge of. It is my duty to tell you one or two legendary stories about the diplomatic relationship between the two countries. This is another one. For example, There were always some important issues in the relationship between the two countries, especially sensitive ones. It also had to be related. These were the fundamentals of the speech, there must be some in the script.

It took me a lot of time and brain to prepare the script for myself this time. While doing other things, I will also think about the speech. Even though there is a pattern, even though it is just those words. . . But when facing different targets, facing different situations. . . In the phrase 'misfortune', there was a continuation and enlightenment. The order of each level was different, so it was not easy to do it. Besides, This is the first time I'm speaking after I get to Yoshido, so I must give a good start. A good show. I also know in my heart that drafting a script is not the same as speaking to myself. I have the experience of drafting a script, But this is the first time I'm speaking. In order to make sure nothing goes wrong, I have to perform well on the spot. I even rehearsed it a few times in advance, until I memorized it.

Before I opened my mouth to speak, I took a deep breath. I calmed my nervous emotions down. I will first announce the official opening of our embassy in Jido. At first, I was in a bit of a hurry to speak. My mouth couldn't keep up, after all, English is not our native language. While everyone was applauding, I stabilized the rhythm. Following the routine, I will first use a few words. Praise Yoshido's beauty and the friendliness of the people. I can feel that the people below are very happy to hear that. Then I talked about the importance of the relationship between the two countries. Then I changed the topic to the sensitive issues of the relationship between two countries. The most important and sensitive issue between us and Yoshido is the problem of a third party. The more sensitive a problem is, the more unavoidable it is. Others might think that you don't care and cause misunderstandings. So you have to say it. Of course, you must pay attention to technique. He had to explain his standpoint and not offend the other party at the same time. When I was talking, I didn't mention the third party directly, but rather, I wanted to express our stance on the unification of the country. At the same time, I'm emphasizing my respect and support for this stance. This seemingly innovative diplomatic resignation was actually better than. . . It was just like the 'Jingu Spell' in Journey to the West.

As soon as the third party finished speaking, I paused for a moment. By now, I can easily grasp the rhythm of my speech. I used the corner of my eye to glance at the guest who was standing in front of me and listening to me. I noticed that other than one or two people, everyone was staring at me. Obviously, everyone was listening to me seriously.

It's time to end Sofall. I'll say it to myself. "Today is also the 10th anniversary of the two countries' diplomatic relationship. On such a happy day, the establishment of our embassy in Jido has a deeper meaning. It marks the beginning of a new period of friendly cooperation between the two countries. The embassy's opening was supported and helped by President Daru, the Gido government, and all the friends present. I sincerely express my sincere gratitude to all of you. I am very happy to be the first temporary ambassador of the embassy. I am willing to do my best for the development of the relationship between the two countries. I believe that when I fulfill my duty, I will be able to receive everyone's generous support and help. "

The last sentence: The English I use is: IamSurethall, iwilleyowusssuplestact. This is an English phrase, and it just so happens that it is what I want to say the most.

After I finished speaking, President Daru took the lead and everyone gave me a warm round of applause. I bowed to express my gratitude. Just as I was about to walk away, I suddenly saw Balls smiling at me and pointing at himself. I suddenly remembered that I still had to fulfill my duty as a host and quickly went back.

"Oh, right, I almost forgot. Next, please allow me to invite the respected Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Balls, to speak," I said. My little mistake, entertainment everyone, including President Darru, all the guests present laughed.

Powers politely owes me a favor, and also nods to the President. He then takes the speech from the secretary and starts speaking. Balls represents the Gedo government to congratulate us on opening our dojo in Gedo. He also thanks our government for the generous support and help that we have given to Gedo since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. On the third issue, Powers also responded to me. Powers said that the Gido government will reiterate our stance on the unification of the country as usual. Balls didn't directly mention a third party. But I understand that he's targeting a third party. This is what I want to hear the most. With these words, to be honest, The rest of the words are non-essential and can be completely ignored. In the diplomatic speech, Sometimes, only one or two sentences were the most important.

I happily shook hands with Powers to thank him for his speech just now.

Once Balls finished speaking, I'll treat the guests to the prepared food and drinks. What's lacking in beauty is that I can't make them prepare delicacies with national characteristics. I don't have a chef, Our people haven't even come to Gido to open a restaurant, so we can only get the Sea Grape Hotel to prepare some local food. Most of them are fish and shrimp, with some cooked wheaten food. Fortunately, I brought some canned food from our country from Kibi. There's dried vegetables and dried meat and Eight Treasures Rice, which is just in time to be used. At least there are some ethnic dishes and desserts to embellish them. There were receptionists who sent a plate of food to President Daru and his wife respectively. This was something I discussed with Brian beforehand. I accompanied the President and his wife, talking about some of the things that happened during their visit to our country. I invited President Darru to visit again when he has time. President Daru happily agreed.

Everyone ate and chatted happily. Just as I thought this reception was over, The power suddenly went out. In the end, the diesel generator, Brian, couldn't start. I didn't complain to Brian. On this day, Brian had already done enough. I thought of a sentence that a colleague once said: Without any surprises, the reception is incomplete. Of course, he was joking, but he also told the truth. To ensure that there were no flaws in the event, it would be even harder than ascending to the heavens. Fortunately, The house was also prepared with masts. I asked the waiter to light the masts.

President Daru and his wife and the other guests left under the light of the masts.

After sending off the last batch of guests. It was already late at night.

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