Bungee Jumping/C62 Chapter 62
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Bungee Jumping/C62 Chapter 62
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C62 Chapter 62

When Lü Shuqin came, my state changed. I'm no longer alone. Before Lu Shuqin came, I had been fighting on two fronts. I have to be at the front and at the back. I often lost sight of the other side. Now, I don't need to worry about the two sides anymore. When I go out to do business, Lu Shuqin will be at the embassy watching over the house. Lu Shuqin became my secretary and typed for me. Recording, answering the phone for me. Visitor, reply letter. I also have someone to take care of in my life. Someone to cook for me, help me with hygiene. Whenever something happens, I also have a true confidant, so I don't need to nag with King Brown anymore. I have something to say. I'll talk to Lu Shuqin. I have neglected King Brown.

To be honest, I thought that after Lu Shuqin came, We would have a long period of grinding. In the past, every time I stayed in the country, I would have to go through a long or short period of maturing. After all, going abroad to stay for a long period of time. . . One minute with Lu Shuqin is two to three years, or even longer. During this period of time, We went through different people and things, and our shared feelings were blank. No matter how close a husband and wife were, they would become strangers because of this blank. Meeting again, Geographically, the distance might have disappeared, but the blank feeling of common feelings would require time to close up. This was a painful process of understanding and reconfirming one's feelings. Not every couple could survive through this process.

This time, Lu Shuqin and I actually used such a simple and direct method. Complete the process of understanding and verification. This is something I didn't expect. It was that cute love bird that saved me. Just like I said, parrots often visit the embassy's coconut trees. What I didn't say was. . . They often flirt on top of the trees, even making intimate movements without restraint. Sometimes I would scold them for intentionally angering me there. This time, I have to thank the Love Bird. The Love Bird came and flew away, It also took away Lu Shuqin's anger.

With a stable rear, the work ahead was also moving forward. The national hospital advance team quickly ended the battle. They came for a week and completed the mission. The conclusion of their investigation was that the Jido National Hospital had been out of repair for a long time, so it was better to renew it than to renew it. They would draft a report after returning to the country. They would make suggestions. As for the specifics, it would be decided by the country. After the medical team came, After the initial arduous training, they also established an effective cooperation model with the Jido National Hospital. The day the medical team arrived, My barefooted doctor officially announces his retirement. I often find time to visit the medical team in the hospital to cheer them up. Help them solve some of their daily difficulties. There was only one translator in the medical team, and the other doctors knew a little English. It was difficult to communicate with the locals. When the translator is too busy, I will go and help. The reputation of the medical team quickly spread in Gido. Not only did the people on Jido Island look for the medical team to treat their illnesses, but the people from other islands also started to come over because of the fame.

Unfortunately, the Ocean Observation Station did not make any substantial progress. The night before Ambassador Juhua left Gido, Vice President Muni was under pressure from President Daru. He came to the embassy to attend the Juhua couple's reception. As soon as Vice President Muni arrived, I invited him into the reception room. The co-resident ambassador had a short meeting. At this time, the other guests will be taken care of by the ambassador's wife, Lin Yi. Lin Yi brought the guests to watch the art exhibition. To watch the movie. The movie was set up in the yard. I had Little Zhang set up a screen on the grass in advance. I'll play the movie. I learned it at the embassy in my early years and wanted to take the opportunity to show off. Vice President Muni came, so I had to give up.

Thinking back, Ambassador Juhua and Muni didn't have a smooth conversation. In diplomatic occasions, There was also a question about whether or not they had a relationship. I don't feel like the two of them have such chemistry between them. Their conversation was deep, one foot deep, and one foot shallow. They couldn't step on a single point. Although Vice President Muni also expressed that he attached great importance to the relationship between the two countries, from his tone, I don't feel that much importance at all. The two of them also talked about the Oceanic Observation Station, but I don't even think that they were talking about the same thing. Vice President Muni's words are all to deal with. . . As he spoke, he would occasionally look at Donkey Depei who was sitting beside him. Donkey Depei also participated in the meeting.

"About the Oceanic Observation Station, I know that the President is very concerned about it," Muni said, "he told me before, and I firmly support it. As for the specifics, we can let Mr. Zhong talk to Depei in secret. Leave this to them, let them talk about it"

Since Vice President Muni has said so, Ambassador Juhua can't say anything else.

"I feel that Vice President Muni's words aren't sincere enough, most of them are perfunctory" After the event ended, Ambassador Juhua said.

"I agree too," I said.

"No matter what, since Vice President Muni said to keep in contact with Permanent Demetrist, then you should keep in contact with him. Remember, you must do more work "Ambassador Juhua took care of me and said.

I agree.

After Ambassador Juhua left, I went through Depeg a few times, but there was no progress. Depei's mind didn't seem to be on this matter. I can vaguely feel that he's waiting for something. As for what he is waiting for, I can't guess.

What I didn't expect was that the representative of Country P, Brown, would stab him. I had a fight with Brown on an unexpected occasion.

That day, I brought the captain of the medical team, Doctor Lu, and translator Little Yang to the government office to meet with the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Public Development and Fishery Affairs, Spies, to discuss the matter of bringing in medical equipment from China. We just sat down in the waiting room, and Brown also came. I greeted Brown and knew that he was here to meet the executive secretary of the Ministry of Trade and Commerce.

"Mr. Agent, we are all waiting here," Brown suddenly said, "I have something to ask you. I heard that you are planning to build an Oceanic Observation Station in Jido?"

"Where did you hear that from?" I was surprised that Brown would ask this question.

"You don't care where I heard it from," Brown said, "tell me if this is true. "

"Yes, how do you say it, no, how do you say it," I said. He neither admitted nor denied it. He wanted to see what Brown really wanted to say.

"By saying that, you are admitting that there is such a thing. " Brown was not stupid.

"Why do you think so?" I said.

"Actually, let's put it this way. Regardless of whether you admit it or not, we will firmly oppose it," Brown said.

What kind of words are these? They are completely unreasonable, I think.

"Our Country P has a close relationship with Gido," Brown said. "We provide a large amount of assistance to Gido. Our market is also open to Gido, which is an important consumer country for Jido's fishery products. It can be said that without the support of Country P, Gido won't have today's development. "

" Mr. Brown, we really appreciate the cooperation between Country P and Jido. Similarly, we also have a fruitful cooperation with Gido, "I said.

"What do you mean fruitful cooperation? Don't you want to build an ocean observation station here?" Brown punched. "You want to use this observation station to strengthen the influence on this area, no, monitoring. This is something we absolutely cannot agree with. "

"Wait, Mr. Brown," I retorted. "We don't dare to wear such a hat. As long as you spend some time understanding our foreign policy. You will know that we seek cooperation with other countries. . . It is based on the principle of equality and mutual benefit. We do not seek to establish a sphere of influence, our cooperation is not targeted towards any other countries. We also don't want others to point fingers at our cooperation. "

" We think the Observation Station poses a threat to our safety interests in this area, "Brown ignored me, He continued to speak to himself. "We have communicated with the Gedo government many times, and our position is very clear: We cannot let such a thing happen in this region. We also clearly express to the Gedo government that if there is a need, We will reconsider our assistance to Jido. "

This is undoubtedly a direct threat to Jido. Country P had always regarded the Southern Continent as their territory and did not want other countries to interfere. It seemed like. . . The Ocean Observation Station incident had hit a sore spot in Country P. Brown jumped so high, which proved this point. However, From Brown's words, I can tell that. . . On the issue of the Oceanic Observation Station, Brown has secretly exerted pressure on the Gedo government. . . But it has no effect. Otherwise, he wouldn't have said so much to me. It seems that President Daru didn't submit to the pressure of Country P. For a small country like Gido, To be able to do this was very difficult.

Thinking of this, I have a plan. I said bluntly, "Mr. Brown, you should know. . . Our foreign policy and one principle. . . It is to maintain equality between big and small countries. We will always stand together with weak small countries. In international affairs, we will not make false accusations. And we don't swing sticks. Because this doesn't conform to the internationally recognized rules of international relations. "

" Mr. Zhong, "Brown glared at me and said," I would like to reiterate that we won't allow something like this to happen to the Oceanic Observation Station "

"Then let's wait and see. " I also glared at Brown without showing any weakness. I suddenly remembered that Brown had said something in my bungee jumping dream, Hewholaugh, Laugh.

Yes, I'll wait and see. I'll see who laughs at the end, I'll say it in my heart.

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