Bungee Jumping/C63 Chapter 63
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Bungee Jumping/C63 Chapter 63
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C63 Chapter 63

Back at the embassy after the event ended, Lü Shuqin wasn't in the house. I went to the courtyard to take a look. Sure enough, I found Lu Shuqin in the vegetable field. After arriving at Jido, Lu Shu Qin displayed an adaptability that I didn't understand for so many years. This is probably the nature of a woman. Women are more adaptable than men and are better at adapting to new environments. In just a few days, Lu Shuqin had gotten used to the simple and rhythmic life here. She started to like the blue sea and the warm climate. And the flowers and plants in the yard. Of course, she also started to like this vegetable field. Ever since Lu Shuqin took over this vegetable plot of land, It's growing better and better.

"Looks like we can count on eating the vegetables we planted," I said.

"Yeah," Lu Shuqin said, "I really can't stand it without leaves. "

"Yes," I said.

"After Lu Shuqin arrived, she didn't complain about not being able to eat the meat, but about not being able to eat the green leaves. I had no choice, I took her to dig moss. After Lu Shuqin ate it, she complained.

"Yes, at most, I'll satisfy my craving," I said.

"You still have to plant the green leaves yourself," Lu Shuqin said.

As I was talking to Lu Shuqin, the phone rang in the room. I quickly went back to my room. The call was from the leader of the medical team, Doctor Lu.

"Agent Zhong," Captain Lu said over the phone, "I have something to report to you. "

"What is it?" I asked. I just met with Dr. Lu and he told me that something urgent must have happened. My heart tightened.

"I've reported to you that President Darru came to the hospital for a checkup a few days ago and found some problems. The hospital recommended that the President go overseas for a review," Captain Lu said.

"Yes, you told me before" I said.

"I just heard that the President fell ill when he went overseas," Doctor Lu said.

"Who did you hear that from?" I asked.

"The director said so," Doctor Lu said.

"What's the problem?"

"It should be a cardiovascular disease. "

"Is it serious?" Wang Yao asked.

"I don't know the details, said Wang Yao. I just heard about it and called you. "

" Okay, thank you. If it's convenient, you continue to follow this matter. Tell me if you have any news. "

" Okay "

Putting down the phone, my mind went blank. This is a huge matter. The importance of President Daru's relationship with the two countries goes without saying. The relationship between countries, It is a relationship between two countries, but in terms of how it works, it usually depends on one or two key figures. We have a relationship with the two countries, so today, To a large extent, it's because of President Darryl. If President Daru falls ill, the relationship between the two countries will definitely be affected negatively. How is President Daru's situation right now? I need to find someone to verify it as soon as possible.

"Who are you looking for?" I walked around the room as I muttered to myself.

"What did you say?" Lu Shuqin returned to the room at some point in time.

"Nothing," I said. I can't look for Sequeira. Sequeira is President Daru's secretary, asking directly is too reckless. Looking for the donkey face DePi definitely wouldn't work. It wouldn't be appropriate to look for Vice President Roger. He could only look for Renjie. Right, at this moment, he could only look for Renjie.

I dialed Renjie's number.

"I heard that President Daru is sick, I don't know if it's true or not, did you hear that?" I greeted him briefly, then asked directly.

"I also just heard of it" Renjie said.

"Do you know what kind of illness it is? Is it serious?" I asked.

" He said it was cardiovascular disease. I'm not sure what the situation is, "said Renjie.

"Then where is he now?" I asked again.

"As far as I know, he's in E Country," Renjie said.

After asking again, Renjie didn't have any more information. After putting down the phone, My heart is in a mess. I suddenly feel sad for myself. I walk to the courtyard. The wind was blowing outside. The King's brown hair rustled in the wind, and a leaf grew old. It was falling down. The King's brown leaves were very big. One leaf was nearly two meters long. The handle of the leaf was tightly wrapped around the trunk. When the leaf fell, the handle had to be peeled off from the trunk. Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! The entire leaf fell heavily onto the ground. I dodged a bit. I dodged a bit.

I had a premonition that our relationship with Gido would become difficult, and there might even be the possibility of us dying in the end. If you want to lay your cards on the table, how should I take it? Do I have a chance of winning?

I shook my head and sighed. I know, The resources I can use are already very limited. President Daru is sick again. The only force in the Gedo government that is determined to support us is going to be difficult to continue. I know that within this force, there is still the Ministry of Public Development and Fishery Affairs, Divip. But can he stop the decline of Darru's faction? I think it will be difficult. At the same time, Vice President Muni will take over the Gedo government. The Muni faction is what I need to fight for. Unfortunately, so far, I haven't managed to win them over.

"What are you doing?" I heard Lu Shuqin calling me, "Come in and eat. "

"It's going to rain," I said. As soon as they entered the room, the rain poured down. Looks like I have to go through a diplomatic storm, I think.

The next day, I received a call from Donkey Demi's secretary, saying that Demi's secretary had something to discuss with me and asked me to go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I have a feeling that this will be an unusual meeting. After Donkey Depei became a permanent secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I have been trying to improve my relationship with him, but to no avail.

More than half an hour after the appointed time, I saw Donkey Demi. Demi said he was busy dealing with a few urgent matters.

"It's fine," I said. I always have an excuse when I'm not on duty, I thought.

"Mr. Agent, I've called you here today. There are a few things I want to discuss with you," DePi said in a high-pitched voice, "The first thing I want to do is, after the medical team arrives, President Muni will discuss with me, hoping that they can take a look at other islands. "

"When we signed the two countries' medical and hygiene cooperation agreement, I remember that we agreed verbally. After the medical team came, I also told them that there shouldn't be any problems," I said. I noticed that Donkey Demi used to be the acting president when talking about Muni.

" President Muni wants them to go early, "Demi said.

"Then I'll discuss with them a bit more," I said. I know, Donkey Demetrius wanted the medical team to go to other islands early for a consultation. The election was the most important factor. They wanted to use the medical team to vote for Vice President Muni. But, I have my considerations. In my opinion, since the medical team is here. . . The effect in the national hospital is pretty good, take a look at the other islands. . . It can also expand our influence. I have no reason nor need to object.

"Alright, then please give me an answer as soon as possible. The second matter is about the third party," Donkey Face said.

Hearing Donkey Demi mention the third party, I immediately became alert.

" I remember you looking for the people from the presidential palace and saying that I had contact with the third party, "Donkey Demi said in a neutral tone.

"Yes," I said. When Donkey Demetrius said that, I instinctively realized that he wanted to cause trouble. But since Demi didn't want to avoid it, there was no need for me to.

"Last time, I didn't admit it. You know why," Demi said. "Actually, in my opinion, it's nothing. When I see them, it's the same as when I see you now. There's no difference. "

"I'm sorry, Mr. Chang Mi. . . " I wanted to interrupt Depei.

"Mr. Acting Mister, I know what you want to say. Listen to me finish speaking," Depei rudely stopped me from speaking. This formed a funny contrast with his sharp voice.

I took a deep breath and let myself maintain the reserved, calm, and polite attitude of a diplomat.

"They promised to provide us with two planes, which is very important to us," Donkey Depei said. "It is said that you are against it. For us, cooperation with you is cooperation, and cooperation with a third party is also cooperation. I don't think there is any conflict between the two. . . "

"This involves the unification of our country and the complete territory. Of course there is a conflict. " I can't stand it anymore and interrupted Depei.

"On this point, we have no objections," Donkey Depei quipped. "We acknowledge the unification of your country and the complete territory. This is not contradictory to our cooperation with them. Just like how we are also cooperating with you"

"I'm sorry, Mr. Chang Mi, I cannot agree with your point of view," I firmly said, "It is dangerous to confuse us with a third party. This does not conform to the principles set by our two countries, we firmly oppose it. "

"Listen to me, Mr. Proxy," Donkey Demetrius continued to quibble. "I just said that we are also cooperating with you. We are also studying the marine observation station that you proposed. We are not saying that we are not working with you "

" This is simply two different things "I say. "Then let me ask you, what are the conditions for a third party to give you two planes?"

"No conditions," Donkey Face said innocently.

I couldn't help but laugh, Donkey Face Skin is actually so childish. He actually thought that he could balance us with a third party. I can now tell that Donkey Demi wants to work with us, get benefits from us, and also work with a third party to get benefits. Fish and bear paws, they both want it.

"They just don't have any additional conditions," Donkey Demi said, "so we hope that our cooperation will continue and not be affected by our cooperation with a third party. "

"I'm sorry," I said resolutely, "that's impossible. We won't accept such an arrangement. I think our standpoint has always been clear. Between a third party and us, you can only choose one. How about we, or a third party, have no other choice? "

"If that's the case, we won't be able to cooperate with you on the Oceanic Observation Station project," Donkey Face said. "You know, on this project, we are under pressure from all sides. "

"I hope that this is only your personal opinion, not the Gedo government. I believe that the Gedo government will make a wise choice on such a big and big issue, "I said. I don't want to push Donkey Depei into a corner. I'll give him a way out.

The donkey face shouted but didn't say anything.

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