Bungee Jumping/C67 67th Chapter
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Bungee Jumping/C67 67th Chapter
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C67 67th Chapter

He walked out of the embassy, ISTEPEDHEWN. This sentence suddenly popped up in my head. Yeah, I stepped into an unknown world, I don't know what will be waiting for me in front of me.

The situation on the left and right side of the residence is similar to the embassy. I passed by the police director Yusuf's house and found that his house was also in a terrible state. The roof of the house had been destroyed. The yard was in a mess and the trees had fallen. The fence was gone. The fat sister-in-law was busy cleaning up the yard. She was mumbling something as if she was scolding someone. She used a dialect. I don't understand.

"Hello, Madam. " I politely greeted her.

"Hello, Mrs. Zhong," the fat sister-in-law said. When the fat sister-in-law saw that it was me, she spoke less emotionally.

"The storm yesterday was not small," I said.

"Yeah," the fat sister-in-law complained. "Look at how this damn storm destroyed our family. "

"Teis MusunFuture," I said, "It's the same for our embassy. "

"Hey, how do you think we're going to clean it up like this?" the fat sister-in-law said.

" Where's Director Yousufu? " I asked.

"He went out. He said that he went to help with the disaster. " The fat sister-in-law was angry. "It's like this at home. He doesn't care. "

I didn't say anything. It seems that all women in the world are the same when they complain about their husbands.

"Where are you going?" The fat sister-in-law asked.

"I'm going to the hospital to see our medical team," I said.

"Oh, you're the same," the fat sister-in-law said.

I smiled and didn't say anything.

After saying goodbye to the fat sister-in-law, I walked towards the Gido National Hospital. What I saw was. . . The Jido is beyond recognition. The Gido I see now, and the Gido I saw when I first arrived. . . The Gido I'm getting familiar with is no longer the same place. The original Gido, Poor, but the scenery is as picturesque as a painting. Now, he was blessed. It was as if a landscape painting had been splashed with brown paint, and the lush green had disappeared. It was full of rust.

The road under his feet had been full of bumps and hollows before, but now there were even more pits and hollows. There were also fallen trees lying all over the place, and he had to walk around them. Or he could walk over them. Almost all of the simple grass houses on both sides had been razed to the ground. Occasionally, there would be one or two. For some reason, they were still standing there incomplete. There was no place to shelter them from the wind and rain. Men and women, old and young, were out in the open, some were cleaning up the mess left behind by the heavens. Some were sitting on the ground with nothing to do. There were all kinds of things on the ground, except for trees, stones, and sand. There were also the corpses of various small beasts and birds. The most bizarre scene was that there was actually a goat sticking out of a fence. Usually, it was rare to see a goat in Jido. He didn't know where that goat came from. The goat looked fresh, but if someone had the guts to pick it up. . . It could totally be a meal of gluttony. In post-disaster days, good food like this was not easy to find.

The clouds were blown away by the big storm last night without a trace. Without the cover of the trees, the sun was shining on the wet and dirty ground without any obstruction. Water vapor rose up, making people feel hot and unbearable. I walked all the way, drinking water and wiping away my sweat. After walking for more than an hour, I finally reached the hospital.

The hospital was built on the back of the wind, and its back was leaning against a small hill. It had basically avoided a disaster, and I had to admire the intelligence of the designer. However, after a night of storms, The number of patients in the hospital increased drastically, and the original wards were not enough. Tents were temporarily set up in the spacious courtyard, one after another. Some of them had already been set up, while others were still being set up. These tents are for our help. Donkey Depei insists on increasing the number of tents in the aid supplies. This fellow who has been pestering me all this time actually has some reliable moments.

I found the captain of the medical team, Doctor Lu Ming, in a tent. He was busy treating a patient.

"You're here, Agent Zhong. " Lu Ming was overjoyed to see me.

"I'm here. How are you?" I said.

"We're all fine," Lu Ming said. "We're all busy saving the wounded. The hospital is short of manpower. We've been busy the whole night. We don't have time to rest. We're just a little tired. "

"You guys have worked hard," I said. Lu Ming's words made me heave a sigh of relief. Lu Shu Qin and I are fine. The medical team is fine. In other words, all of us in Jido are safe and sound. I can rest assured now. I hurriedly came out to make sure that all of us are fine. Only then can I call in peace. Report to Ambassador Juhua.

"Boss, are you alright?" A familiar voice suddenly came from behind.

It was Brian's voice, and there was a hint of excitement in his voice. I turned around and saw Brian lying on a hospital bed across from me. His face was a bit pale, and his left leg was wrapped in bandages.

"I'm fine. What's wrong with you?" I asked.

"It's fine," Brian said. "I'm really unlucky. "

"What's wrong?" I asked again.

"Boss, you don't know," Brian said, "Yesterday, I was at home. I was worried about my hotel, so I drove to take a look. They were almost there. The wind started blowing, and my car spun a few times on the spot. It almost reached the sea. It wasn't easy for me to escape back to the hotel, but the hotel also suffered a disaster. I was smashed into this state. "

"He was smashed by a fallen cabinet and his leg wasn't light. I sutured more than ten stitches for him. Fortunately, his bones weren't injured," Lu Ming said. "We were afraid that he would get infected, so we gave him tetanus injections. It shouldn't be a problem. "

"You must take good care of him. He's from the same sect as us, and he has the same blood as us," I said.

"No problem," Lu Ming said, "We heard him. "

"How's the hotel?" I asked Brian.

"Don't mention it, it's not good anymore. Not a single room is good," Brian said.

"That's a natural disaster, don't think too much about it. Reach your legs well. With Dr. Lu and the others around, they will take good care of you," I said to Brian.

"Okay," Brian said.

After coming out of Brian's tent, Lu Ming took me to two more tents and saw a pregnant woman who had just given birth.

"Last night," Lu Ming said, "someone braved the wind to bring this pregnant woman here. It was a difficult birth and there was a huge bleeding. If I came a little later, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to live. For some reason, her husband insisted on not letting us operate on her and even argued with us. He said that if you want to operate on her, he'll have to invite you over. "

" Me? " I asked in confusion.

"Yeah," Lu Ming said, "We don't understand what he meant either. We can't contact you. I'll call you. I can't get through. You won't be able to come in such a big wind. If he doesn't agree, we won't be able to perform the surgery. "

" Does he want to invite other doctors to perform the surgery? " I asked.

"It's possible. " Lu Ming said, "It turns out that there's a doctor from E Country in the hospital. He's been on vacation for the past few days. When you said that, you reminded me that he might think that way. "

" What happened after that? " I asked.

"Time waits for no man," Lu Ming said. "She has to have a C-section right away. The risk of surgery is very high, and the local doctors can't do it. Finally, Seeing that things were not going to work out, Associate Hospital Director Di Carter came out to speak. Only then did he reluctantly agree to let us do it. The surgery was very successful. He gave birth to a son. The mother and son were safe. At this moment, his attitude suddenly changed. He keeps thanking us. "

"Doctor Lu, you did well. " I praised Lu Ming, then asked, "Then do you know his name?"

"I don't know," Lu Ming said, "but Dean Di Carter said he was from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. "

"Is his face especially long?" I think it might be the donkey's face. I heard from Renjie that Depei's second wife is pregnant. Depei had two wives, and his first wife gave him five daughters. Depei was unwilling to give up and wanted a son, so he found another young one.

"Yes," Lu Ming said.

"Then I know who it is. It must be the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Depei. Where is he?" I said. Donkey Demetrius was really lucky. When he was suffering a national disaster in Jido, there was actually Ding added to his family.

"He's not here now," Lu Ming said. "He should have gone home to get his things. "

"You guys did a big thing," I said to Doctor Lu, "I haven't done anything for a long time since I arrived at Jido. Maybe you guys solved it with a surgery. "

Lu Ming didn't say anything. He looked at me blankly. He definitely didn't know what I meant, and I can't tell him in detail.

After leaving the hospital, I went to the post office. I'm in urgent need of contact with the Hua ambassador. For most people, a storm is a disaster. But in the eyes of the diplomats, it is a disaster. At the same time, it is also a diplomatic opportunity. The medical team has successfully saved the mother and son of the Depei family, which makes me even more determined to do so. If at this moment, We can still provide emergency humanitarian assistance in time and strike while the iron is hot. Add another pile of firewood, and it will completely stabilize the relationship between the two countries. Perhaps we can also settle the matters of the Oceanic Observation Station.

I rode my bicycle to the post office. Doctor Lu Ming heard that I walked to the hospital and said that they happened to have an old bicycle. It was lent to them by Dean Di Carter. I gladly accept Lu Ming's good intentions. The bicycle was disconnected, and Lu Ming wanted to fix it for me. I didn't let him move. I believe my fighting ability is stronger than his. I hang the chain, He rode out of the hospital. Unfortunately, the post office was also in trouble and there was no way to call.

"The equipment is broken now, it's being repaired," Morrison said.

"When can it be repaired?" I asked.

"It's hard to say," Morrison said, "Why don't you try again tomorrow?"

He made a phone call. If I don't get through, it means that I have lost contact with the outside world.

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