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Bungee Jumping/C68 Chapter Chapter 68
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C68 Chapter Chapter 68

I gloomily returned to the embassy and found Lu Shuqin who was even more depressed than me.

"What's going on?" Lu Shuqin complained as soon as she saw me return.

I didn't say anything. I know that Lu Shuqin has encountered a problem.

"Zhong Liang, what's going on?" Lu Shuqin said, "I can't even light a stove. "

I understand. Lu Shu Qin's depression isn't because of anything else. It was because the stove couldn't light up. When Lu Shuqin came, she saw that the conditions here were tough. She didn't complain. Yesterday, she and I had a tropical storm in the water. She didn't say anything either. Today, in front of a stove, she finally couldn't take it anymore. Humans have weak spots. I know. Lu Shuqin always felt that she wasn't good at housework, so she would always go crazy about whether the stove was on fire or not.

"Let me take a look," I said. I checked the gas tank. Luckily, the gas tank was fine, and the switch was still on. I checked the stove and found that the stove was filled with water. I opened the stove and used a cloth to dry it. I opened it and used a match to light it up. The fire started.

"Are you alright?" Lu Shuqin asked in surprise.

"Alright, I'm fine," I said.

"There's still water. The tap water was cut off, there was no water. How are we going to live these days? "Lu Shuqin asked.

"That's a problem," I said. Gido Island was already short of water, and it was due to the desalination of the seawater. Not only did the storm damage the communication system, but the water supply system was also cut off.

"We don't have much water left," Lu Shuqin said.

"Oh yeah, I remember now," Lu Shuqin said. "I said, there seemed to be a small reservoir under the garage. When I moved in, they told me to take a look. It should be urgently used. "

I quickly brought Lu Shuqin to the garage. It took me some effort to open the lid.

" There really is water, "Lu Shuqin said in surprise.

"Yes, save it. It should be enough for us to use for a while," I said.

"They are really considerate. " With water, Lu Shuqin smiled.

" If you live on such a small island, you have to be prepared, "I said.

"Then what should we do tonight? The room is too damp," Lu Shuqin asked again.

"We can't stay in the room. I'm afraid we can only set up tents today," I said. I originally wanted to bring Lu Shuqin to the Sea Grape Hotel to hide for a few days. Now that Brian was injured and the hotel was seriously damaged, I could only give up on this idea. Fortunately, the embassy had a simple tent that could be used.

"Sure, it's good to stay in the tent," Lu Shuqin said, her tone filled with anticipation.

When I set up the tent, Lu Shuqin told me that someone had come.

"Oh, right, I almost forgot. Someone from the Foreign Office came to look for you," Lu Shuqin said.

"Why are you looking for me?"

" He said that he will have a meeting at Cheney's tomorrow morning at 10: 00 a. M. About disaster relief. He wants you to attend. "

"Tomorrow morning?"

"Yes," said Wang Yao.

"They are definitely going to ask about the disaster relief. I haven't contacted the ambassador yet, so what should I say then?" I complained.

I didn't have a good night's sleep, so I thought about a lot of things. Plus, I'm not used to sleeping in tents, so there were still a lot of mosquitoes. Lu Shuqin didn't sleep well either. Lu Shuqin was most afraid of mosquitoes, so she was woken up several times by the bite.

"Are the mosquitoes here all right?" Lu Shuqin asked.

"It's nothing big," I said casually.

"I heard people say that getting bitten by mosquitoes causes malnutrition and will cause a fever," Lu Shuqin said.

"It won't be that easy. It's not as easy as just taking a bite from a mosquito. It's not like I never had it. Besides, Now that the medical team is here, it's even more fine, "I said. Of course, I didn't mention that I came back from Red Fish Island with a fever, Suspected of getting a revolutionary fever, I almost lost my life. I also didn't mention the story of Ambassador Juhua and his wife beating up twins. I don't want Lu Shuqin to worry.

"That's true," Lu Shuqin thought for a moment and said.

Before the second day's meeting, I went to the post office again, but I still couldn't make the call. I could only bite the bullet and go to the meeting.

As soon as I entered the meeting room, I saw Donkey Face. Pi smiled as he welcomed me.

Donkey Demi dragged me down the aisle.

"Agent Zhong, I'll call you. I can't get through, so I wanted to find you, but I didn't have time," Demi said in a low voice. His tone was obviously much more humble than before.

"Is there something you need from me?" I guess Depei wanted to talk about his son, so he asked intentionally.

"Fortunately, the medical team is here this time," Donkey Depei said. "Otherwise, my wife and child would be finished. "

"I heard from Doctor Lu and the others that you like your son. Congratulations," I said.

"Thank you. However, I have to thank you, "the donkey face said.

"You're welcome, this is your good luck," I said.

" Yes, my good luck is also thanks to you, "Demi said," In the future, if you need anything, feel free to look for me. "

"Okay," I smiled. It was hard to believe that this donkey faced Depei in front of me, my poor master in Gido, had a completely different attitude towards me in one night. I have always called him donkey face in secret. It seems like I can't call him donkey face anymore in the future.

The meeting is presided over by the Minister of Society Development and Fishery Affairs, Divip. The ones participating in the meeting are the few of us, me, Renjie, Smith and Brown. Looks like this is an envoy blow. Divip didn't say much, he immediately asked Muni to speak as soon as he arrived.

"This wind disaster, we, Gido, haven't encountered it in decades," Muni said. Muni's words were different from Daru's, and had an obvious official tone. "From what I remember, we've never encountered such a huge storm. Thus. . . The losses we suffered were disastrous. We now know that about a dozen people were killed. Three to four hundred people have been injured. As for the exact number of casualties, we are not sure yet. You know, some of our islands are already hard to communicate with. Now that it has been completely cut off, what kind of losses have we suffered? There's no way to understand. We can only pray for them, hope that they are safe. The economic losses we have suffered are also great, Rebuilding after the disaster will be a slow and difficult process. We have decided to postpone the election. In this difficult time, we urgently need the support of the international community "

Muni continued," You represent our most friendly country, as well as one of the most capable countries in the world. Today, we've invited a few of your representatives, hoping that you can help us, and the sooner the better. Right, the sooner, the better "

"Your Excellency" after Muni finished speaking, Brown was the first to speak, it seemed like this guy was prepared for this. "We, Country P, express our regret and sympathy for Gido's disaster. I have already contacted our country. We are prepared to help Gido with 500,000 USD. In addition, we are willing to use our resources. . . Help Gido understand the situation of the other islands. In fact, this work has already begun. "

" Thank you, "Muni said," we really need your help. "

"We, E Country, also express our regret and sympathy for Gido's disaster, and we are willing to donate 200,000 USD to him. As for the specifics, I will discuss it with the Permanent Secretariat Depei, so we won't talk about it here. "

"Our Kibby also suffered a disaster," Renjie said very quietly. "I'm sorry, I haven't been able to contact our country until now. I'm afraid the situation is more serious. But in the midst of the disaster relief, we will stand together with Gido. "

After Renjie finished speaking, it's my turn to express my stance. My current situation is rather awkward. I know that at this moment, Gidor is looking forward to seeing me take out something, especially Divip. The more things I take out, the more beneficial it will be for him. But I can't take out anything. I haven't even contacted China yet.

"We empathize with how Gido was attacked by the tropical storm, and the casualties and property losses caused by the storm. We express our deepest sympathy and sincere condolences to the Gido government and the people, we have a friendly relationship with Gido. . . We will provide assistance as much as we can to help the Gedo government and the people of the Gedo government get through this crisis. As for exactly what to do. . . I'm trying to get in touch with the country. " Although my words sound like a bluff, I successfully avoided the awkwardness of not being able to get in touch with the country and saved some face in terms of momentum. This is the goal I want to achieve.

"Thank you, Agent Zhong, for your stance," Muni said, "We have high expectations for your government. We hope to hear the good news as soon as possible. "

Without a doubt, Brown had stolen the limelight in this blew. I feel very unhappy. I'm trying to build an Oceanic Observation Station in Jido, and Country P is against it. If Country P were to suppress me in terms of disaster relief and disaster relief, it would be detrimental to the Oceanic Observation Station project. The one laughing at the end would be Brown. I can't just admit defeat like this.

After the meeting ended, I went to the post office again.

"Mr. Zhong, you're here again?" Morrison said, "You can call now. "

I finally got through to Ambassador Juhua. I told Ambassador Juhua about Gidor's disaster situation, and also about the embassy and medical team. I learned from Juhua that Gido was also attacked by a tropical storm, and the embassy was also affected.

"Do you have any suggestions?" Juhua asked.

"Just now, Muni asked a few of our agents to go for a meeting to ask us to donate money to Gido," I said. "My communications here have been cut off. I'm calling you from the post office. I suggest that the country quickly provide humanitarian assistance to Gido as much as possible "

"You and I will go together. Gibby needs help here too," Juhua said. "In that case, I will immediately report to the country and request that they consider providing humanitarian assistance to Kibi and Gido at the same time. "

"That's great," I said, "Ambassador, I have a small suggestion. Material transportation takes too much time and cannot be saved in a hurry. It's best if we can think of another way. "

"I understand," Juhua said, "keep in touch with me. Also, after the disaster, you must pay attention to your safety"

After the Ambassador of Juhua spoke, I let out a sigh of relief.

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