Bungee Jumping/C7 Seventh Chapter
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Bungee Jumping/C7 Seventh Chapter
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C7 Seventh Chapter

The second day after the reception, I went to Becca. I never thought that I would be fine when I went there in the morning. I walked there on my own two legs, but when I came back, I was carried back to the embassy by a bicycle.

The night before, the reception ended. I closed the door and wanted to sit down and rest for a while. I found out that I was wearing a short-sleeved shirt and pants. They were all drenched in sweat. Both of my legs are stiff and I can't even sit down. On this day, I woke up at six in the morning and started working, all the way until late at night. I've been working non-stop for 17 to 18 hours. After the guests left, I relaxed a little. He wished he could immediately fall asleep. But before that, I still have an important matter to complete. I have to immediately send out the news of the opening ceremony in Gido. After today's matter, This is the work requirement and habit of us diplomats. I raised my spirits and filled a basin with water. Wiping my face and body, I changed into dry clothes. Feeling that I had recovered some of my energy, I sat in front of the desk. Picking up a pen, he began to write a draft of the press conference. After a tiring day, I found that my hands are no longer at my command.

I was so busy that I only sent out the draft in the morning. Holding a reception by myself, I was indeed very tired. Growing up in the mountains, I think I have a good body. However, time doesn't forgive people. After all, the year of knowing the destiny is approaching. After a week of work, I felt an unprecedented tiredness. It was as if all the spirit, energy, and spirit in my body had been sucked away by this reception. But I was also extremely excited. This was an important external affairs event that I had successfully opened up with my own strength. I think I should have completed the first mission that Ambassador Juhua gave me to get to Gido. I have officially established our embassy in Gido. Now that I think about it, I'm proud of it. I am the first person in the Jido Embassy. Jido is very cooperative and gives me face. The standard of attendance is very high. There were also other high-ranking officials from the Yoshido government who came to support him. Such a scene could only be encountered by chance in a person's diplomatic career. To be honest, the bigger the country, the better. On the other hand, the higher the status of guests from smaller countries. I've only heard from the seniors in the foreign world that. . . Now that I've personally experienced it, the joy in it is difficult to describe with words. It also makes me feel more like a diplomat with a sense of holiness and glory. Another thing that satisfies me is that, on behalf of the Gedo government, Powers once again reaffirms his support for our country's unification in public. The rumor that Gido wanted to establish diplomatic relations with a third party that has been widely spread in the outside world for a period of time also breaks by itself.

Of course, I also felt the surging undercurrents in the reception. Diplomatic events such as the reception, Looks like it's just eating, drinking, and speaking like an official, In fact, there's a lot of room for improvement. Other things aside, among the invited guests, Whoever came, who didn't come, what did they say? Even when you speak, what kind of expression does the other party have. . . You can feel the other party's attitude. The Vice President said that he didn't come in the end. . . I feel like there's a reason. What was the reason, I can't explain it for the time being. Although the representative of Country P, Brown, is here, But he doesn't come with good intentions. If he doesn't come with good intentions, it's like he wants me to eat a fly. Why did Brown have such an attitude? I can't explain it clearly for the time being. Also, When I talked about the third party's problem, I intentionally paused for a moment, and discovered that two people's expressions were different from the others. One was Depei. Depei lowered his head, He is not looking at me. He's here on behalf of the Vice President. There's also Brown. Brown's beard was a bit short, and he had a faint smile on his face. He must be up to no good.

This day, I wanted to sleep a little longer. I wanted to rest at home and take good care of myself. But when I'm old, I can't sleep much even if I want to. He got up early in the morning. I went to the yard and walked around. The air was very fresh. A few different colored plum blossoms were in full bloom. Large fruits were growing on the papaya trees. I picked the biggest papaya that was starting to turn yellow. Holding it in my hand, I felt like I had gained something. At this moment. . . A pair of little parrots are flying past me. These parrots are the legendary Love Birds of Lovell. They always come and go in pairs. Seeing them, I thought of Lu Shuqin. I've been busy with the opening and reception for the past week, and I haven't had time to send a safe letter to my home. I've decided to make a trip to Becca. . . I'll send a safe letter and add in some daily necessities that are almost used up.

Bakas is located on the other side of Gido Island. After arriving at Gido, Brian drove him to Lucas several times. This is the first time I'm walking on my own. From the embassy to Lucas, I have to cross an iron bridge. I can vaguely see it from the courtyard of the embassy. I really like that iron bridge. The iron bridge is very ordinary. It's only about 50 meters long, and it's erected on a small channel. The two islands were connected together. The iron bridge was a scenery, embedded in the surrounding tropical wind. It made this remote place more or less have a modern atmosphere. Walking on the iron bridge, I think of my hometown's bridge. My hometown's bridge was built in the ravine. With the bridge in the ravine, it would save me a lot of detours. It also increases the scenery for us children. . . There are more places to play. When he was young, he went to school and after school, he walked across the bridge. I would stop and look at the surrounding mountains. I looked at the scenery of the four seasons in the mountains, at the cars and pedestrians that passed by occasionally. Sometimes. . . I would also play games with my other friends on the bridge. There was a small stream flowing under the bridge, and the water in the stream was sometimes rapid. Sometimes, it will slowly flow down the mountain. In my opinion, the bridge is a kind of connection between the mountain and the outside world. It always gives people a mysterious feeling.

After crossing the iron bridge, he arrived at Gido Island. The main island of Gido, the name of the country will be named after it. Gido Island was a coral island, It was thin and long, and there was only one path from beginning to end. On both sides of the path were coconut trees. In the coconut trees, one could see simple and crude thatched houses with wind blowing from all sides. Just like Ji Bei, Ji Duo Clan. Those with good conditions would live in the thatched cottage, and those with poor conditions would live in the thatched cottage. The first time he saw these thatched huts was when he saw them for the first time. I couldn't help but worry. I wonder what I will do in winter when I see these thatched huts that are neither wind nor rain. Then, on second thought, Jibi is a tropical area, and all year round, it only has a temperature as high as summer. There was no distinction between the four seasons, and there was no winter either. I couldn't help but laugh. I was amused by my own ignorance. Ever since I was a child, my deep-rooted concept was that there would always be four seasons in the world. It was only then that he began to gradually accept that there were still places in the world where the four seasons were indistinguishable.

Along the way, there were tropical scenery. Coconut trees and palm trees could be seen everywhere. There was also Phoenix wood. Phoenix wood was blooming, with red and yellow colors. It made this island nation look enchanting. Compared to the beautiful flowers and trees, the road beneath their feet was not worth mentioning. They had long been out of repair and potholes were uneven. There were some pedestrians on the road. They were dressed simply, and some were wearing slippers. Some were even barefooted. There were no cars or motorcycles on the road. Most of them were bicycle, tock, tock, tock. Ring. Ring, ring, ring. Back and forth. Passing by me. I found that there were all kinds of brands on the bicycle. There were foreign brands. There were also brands from our country. I am very familiar with domestic brands of the bicycle. They look very friendly, but I didn't expect them to be in the distant Gido. There is also our bicycle. Looking at the bicycle coming and going, I suddenly want to have one too. On such an island, Riding a bicycle is definitely not fun. However, these bikes. . . And the sporadic motorcycles, as well as the rarer cars. . . It seemed to be a little out of tune with the surrounding environment, a representation of modern times. . . The other represented the original, put together. The contrast was too strong. Other than these few new things, Gido was basically still in its original state. It was as if nothing had changed in thousands of years. The ecosystem was naturally primitive, and the way people lived was still very primitive.

I walk on the road with the sun on my head, reversing time and space. It is as if I have returned to the past, back to when I was a child. I walk on the road to my hometown to go to school. For diplomats, we often have this kind of confusion. We go abroad and stay permanently. When we go to a country in a different time zone, there will be a time difference reaction. If we go to a country at different latitude, we will encounter seasonal climate differences. Other than that, We are still transmigrators of time and space. There are so many countries in the world, and the historical development stages of each country are different. We often have to experience the transmigration of history. One type is transmigrating to the past, another type is transmigrating to the future. To a place more developed than our own country, It was transmigrating to the future, while the other type was undoubtedly transmigrating to the past. Such a transmigration. . . The contrast was so great that it was difficult to describe. What followed was shock and pain. In his career as a diplomat, Every few years, we have to move to another country, which is a few years of living in the past. Living in the future for a few years, constantly switching between two states. . . Only by returning to the motherland can we be considered to have returned to reality. But even if he returned to his own country, We are only passing by in a hurry. In a few years, Like a soldier going out to war, we will move to another distant place. Going through a completely unfamiliar, past, or future life.

Needless to say, my trip to Gido this time is definitely to travel back to the past. Actually, I've already transmigrated to the past when I was stationed at Gibby's residence. Gido's development is even lagging behind compared to Kibin, and when I transmigrated to Gido, I've transmigrated to a distant past.

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