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C70 End

My story ends here. But I still feel like I haven't explained the end of the story. Then pick up the remnants to make up for the deficiencies and say a few more words.

Less than a year after the tropical storm, I was ordered to be transferred to another job and left Gido. Thinking back, no one expected that the tropical storm would happen. It was a huge disaster, but to me, it was a chance that could only be chanced upon by luck. That storm actually saved our relationship with Yoshido.

Two days later, I signed an agreement with Department Head Divip regarding the collaboration and construction of the Oceanic Observation Station. President Muni will be present to sign. Before I left Gido, the Oceanic Observation Station had already begun construction. After that, The Observation Station was successfully built and operated, becoming a model for our country's external cooperation. I heard that. . . I was very happy. Of course, I contributed to this.

After President Daru's condition stabilized, he returned from E Country to Gido, and I specially brought Lu Shuqin to visit him. President Daru has lost a lot of weight, He suddenly became old, and his hands and feet became clumsy. His brain wasn't very clear either. However, he could still recognize me. I introduced Lu Shuqin to him. She talked about what we were doing with Gido, and he smiled as he listened. . . He even nodded. I think he understood. Before leaving, I stood in front of President Daru, Bowing deeply to him, expressing his respect and gratitude. I remember that my eyes were filled with tears.

Because Muni had handled the disaster properly, his performance was outstanding, and he won the election a few months later with a high vote. As he wished, he became the president. As Muni's campaign partner, Divip went out and was expected to become the vice president. I have been maintaining a close relationship with them for the rest of my days in Gido, receiving their support and generous help.

Director Yousufu is as busy as usual, and he still goes out to sea every week to fish, but I dare not go out with him again. Our two families have become good neighbors, and Lu Shuqin and the fat sister-in-law have become very good friends. They often go to visit Mrs. Balls and help her do something.

After Delhi becomes happy with his son, his relationship with me becomes closer, and he is willing to help me if anything happens. However, the flaws in his personality that were difficult to overcome would be exposed from time to time, causing him to frequently lose himself at work. Probably because of this reason, President Muni finally let him out as an ambassador. The one to replace him was Vice Secretary Roger.

Renjie also left after me. Regrettably, we never contacted each other again. That's how diplomatic life is. Every time we go to a new country, we will make a new batch of friends. We will meet, know each other, and then we will never see each other again.

Brown left before me. Brown had always been good at drinking, probably because he had encountered setbacks in his work in Yoshido. He was depressed, and he drank more and more. It was said that after he left Jido, he drank too much on the plane once and went crazy from drinking. He was sued by an aviation company and had no choice but to end his diplomatic career ahead of time.

Brian's injury quickly healed. After Brian's wish was fulfilled, he came to China and specifically went to the old home of his great-grandfather, Lin Ahliu, to find his ancestors and return home. Brian's trip was arranged by me. But by the time he left, I had already left Gido. I really want to know how he felt when he went back home. But at that time, the communication was inconvenient, so there was no news of him. Later, I heard from my successor that. . . That time, Brian went to his hometown and paid a visit to the Lin Clan's ancestral hall. He met the descendants of the Lin Clan and cried loudly.

Before leaving Gido, I really wanted to bring Lu Shuqin to Red Fish Island, but I never found a chance.

The day before I left Jido, I drove a car. Bringing Lu Shu Qin along, I slowly circled around Yoshido Island and reluctantly bid farewell to this faraway island nation. Yoshido was like a scroll. Slowly unfolding in front of our eyes. It was a familiar scene, reminding me of the days and nights I spent in Gido. Happiness, sadness, joy, and every day and night that I had everything I wanted. I sighed at how I left a part of my life in Yoshido.

I really wanted to go back to Yoshido to take a look, but I never went back. Yoshido became an unforgettable memory that was deeply engraved in my heart. As time passed, it actually became clearer and clearer.

The End
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