Bungee Jumping/C9 Chapter 9
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Bungee Jumping/C9 Chapter 9
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C9 Chapter 9

I can't get out of here. I won't be able to get out of the door, so I have no choice but to postpone my appointment. At the appointment. In diplomatic terms, it's also called a courtesy visit. The purpose is to establish contact with the leaders and important officials stationed in the country, to establish a relationship. Arriving at a new place, It was human nature to pay homage to a mountain, and diplomacy was no exception. There is also a saying in English, It was called Gettoknock. The diplomat has just arrived and must establish contact with the relevant departments in the country. He knows who he should look for and what departments he should look for to solve the problem. I'll go to Gido as the temporary agent, I don't need to submit a letter like the ambassador. But I still have to follow certain procedures. I need to send a message to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to inform them that we will be building the building in Jido. I will be the acting representative, and I hope that Jido will provide convenience and assistance. This was already completed before I arrived at Jido. After arriving at Yoshido, I first made an appointment with the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Balls, to actually report to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs first. I plan to finish the reception. When I have enough time, I will be able to meet with the leaders of Gido and the government. I have even contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I have also submitted a list of the leaders of Gido and other important officials that I want to pay a visit to, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has agreed to help me contact them. But now, I have no choice but to stay at home and recuperate.

I think there must be a reason why I got hit on the iron bridge for no reason. Because of that, I thought of many things. Diplomacy has no smoke, But it's also a battlefield. As a diplomat for dozens of years, I have heard countless stories about diplomatic weapons and hidden swords, Some legends, some are not that legendary. I know that on this battlefield, diplomats are actually facing all kinds of dangers at every moment. Some had heard of it, and some had experienced it. Some were in the past, and some were in the present. In short, Since ancient times, there had been no lack of deaths on this battlefield. Not to mention the distant, In the 1970s, when we first joined the international organization, there were people who were poisoned and killed. Once, We sent a delegation overseas to attend an international conference and stayed at a hotel. One of the staff members was unfortunately poisoned to death. The previous night, this staff member was still fine. The next morning, he did not wake up. It was almost noon when they did not see him. The other members of the delegation realized that something was wrong, so they forced their way into his room. In the end, they found out that he was already dead. The autopsy found that Nicholas was poisoned to death. Someone put a large amount of Nicholas in his teacup. In that era, the international hostile forces were rampant. This case of poisoning later became a headless case and had never been solved. It was also impossible to solve it. In the early 1960s, we didn't have many countries that built diplomatic relations with the world. Going through some non-diplomatic countries along the way is very risky. Remember that a few diplomats were detained when they passed through a country that didn't. They were locked up in prison. They were locked up for half a year. Also, our embassy was attacked, The diplomats were kidnapped, and diplomacy has never lacked such risks. We've heard a lot, After going through so much, we just consider these risks as part of our career. We only know that diplomacy in a peaceful era is not peaceful.

He remembered that during a period of time, unlocking letters at the embassy was a high-risk job. The embassy would receive many letters every day. There were letters from the government, letters from the local people, and letters from the local people. There were bills for the water, electricity, and city administration fees, and from time to time, there were parcels. In these packages, there were often letters of fear mixed in. There were even bombs and emails. I've encountered them when I was stationed outside for the first time. That time, one of my daily tasks at the embassy was to collect and disassemble foreign emails. When my predecessor took over my shift, He specifically told me to be careful when disassembling letters, especially those parcels. So at the embassy, Receiving these foreign emails was completely different from receiving domestic emails from messengers. One was as excited and excited as the heavens, The other was as calm and restless as entering the earth. Once, I received a suspicious package. I called over a colleague who knew the industry, He carefully opened it and saw that there were indeed explosives inside. Although the quantity wasn't large, once it exploded. . . It was enough to disable people. In other words, if it wasn't for his intelligence, My hand might have exploded, and my eyes might have exploded. He would have become a cripple. From now on, I have become more wary and wary of letters and emails.

I encountered a plane malfunction on my way to Gido. At that time, I felt that this trip wouldn't be smooth sailing in Gido. The plane safely arrived at Yoshido for a long time. I said to myself thankfully, the next time I take the plane, I'm safe. I didn't expect to be hit for no reason in just a few days after coming to Yoshido. Obviously, I won't have to wait until the next time I get on the plane before I'm in danger. The plane isn't the only thing that poses a threat to my life. There are other means of transportation, such as motorcycles. I can't be sure that this is a conspiracy against me. It's to scare me, or even murder me. I don't have enough evidence, But this possibility cannot be ruled out.

Brian came to see me and brought me some medication and bandages.

"Is there anyone who wants to harm you?" Brian suddenly said to me.

"I don't know," I said, "have you heard anything?"

"No, no, I didn't hear anything," Brian quickly said, "I just felt that it was strange. Think about it, we don't have many motorcycles here, so this kind of situation rarely happens. You've only been here for a few days, so why did it happen to you? "

" Yeah, it's really strange. "I said," If you hear anything, you must tell me. "

"Okay," Brian agreed.

I didn't continue asking. However, Brian's words made me realize that even though Gidor is remote, Although the customs of the people are simple, it isn't a paradise. The fact that Brian can think of it like that proves the problem. Like anywhere else, The international wind and grass would also spread to Gido through various channels. Let's not talk about anything else, just the diplomatic struggle between us and a third party had already landed in Jido. In fact, From the moment of independence, Gido has become a new position for us to fight with a third party. Although Gido eventually chose to establish diplomatic relations with us, But the other party's covetous eyes on Gido never stopped, and the infiltration never stopped. The reason why I came to Jido alone to build the dojo. . . To a large extent, I was forced out by the other side. I came to Gido, and according to what Balls said, "It wasn't easy. " Why wasn't it easy? The answer was very simple: someone was making a fuss. The forest was getting bigger. There were all kinds of birds. Jido's forest wasn't big, but it also had all kinds of birds. I have to be alert.

Also, after being hit by the motorcycle, This caused me to once again have deep doubts about the location of the embassy. I once again feel that this place is not suitable to be an embassy. The location is too remote. The risk is too great, it is not suitable to stay for long. When I first came here, I didn't take a fancy to this place. I had no choice but to move in. Now it seems that my first impression was correct. If I continue living here, I don't know what else will happen. I've thought it through. When I'm healed, I need to find another place to move out.

Oh right, I should adopt a dog, a watchdog, to protect the hospital. At the Kirby Embassy, we only have one dog. Raising a dog at the embassy is allowed in the country. The reason is for safety. Looks like I need a dog more when I'm here alone.

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