BURNING ROMANCE/C5 Meeting Daniela
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BURNING ROMANCE/C5 Meeting Daniela
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C5 Meeting Daniela

I paced around the waiting room waiting for the doctor to come out. I just hope nothing happens to Owen, he's all I've got.

The doctor came out of the room minutes later, and I rushed to him in anxiety.

"Doctor, how is my son?"

"He's fine. He is lucky to have being brought here on time. He suffered from an over dose of a sleeping drug, Ambien. Please ensure he doesn't take such a drug again."

"I will. Can I see him now?"

"Yes, you can but he's still unconscious. He will be awake in a few hours. Meanwhile, the nurses will have to move him to his ward."

"Thanks doc." We exchanged handshakes.

I walked into the room and saw two nurses walking out of the room with a tray of surgical instruments.

Looking at my son, a nasal cannula was inserted into his nostrils and it was connected to an oxygen generation.

A drip hung on a drip stand, and was connected into his arms. I can't believe I almost killed my son because of that bitch.

I never liked her, I just pretended to for Ellie's sake. Owen was always too close to her, and now she has succeeded in turning my son against me.

She's definitely gonna suffer in Singapore. I just need to look for a way to take care of her father, he's gonna be a threat to me.



My back hurts, I can't believe I was on a private jet for more than twenty hours. I had to take my bath in the plane, and also change my bandage too.

I was glad that my face was starting to heal. Owen was right after all, it really won't leave a scare. I wondered how he was doing, and dad would probably be looking for me now.

I wasn't the only one in the plane, about thirty people were there too both male, and female. About ten of the people were the agents, while the rest of us were slaves. It's still hard to believe that I'm now a slave

Getting to the airport, two of the agents cleared our papers with the check in officer.

Our visas and passports had already been taken care of before we left the U.S for Singapore.

I wondered how we got it so fast. I guess this Darrell guy must be really wealthy and influential.

After leaving the airport longue, we were convened in a coaster bus. The bus finally halted at a very beautiful golden gate after what seemed like forever.

The driver placed his palm on something on the gate, and it opened automatically.

I gasped in awe at the scenery of the place, it was a very large acre of land with different beautiful buildings on it.

The trees and carpet grasses added beauty to it's landscape. There was an artificial water fall at the center of the land. I gasped when I saw a beautiful blue lake as we advanced future into the building.

The bus finally came to halt in front of a large building. The most beautiful house which was the main house was just up ahead. We were asked to step down from the bus.

"Welcome." Two girls received us warmly. They looked Chinese.

"This way please." We were led to a large hall in the building.

"This is where all maids gather when the master wants to pick a bride chamber maid. The hall upstairs is where all the servants eat. I'm xìng ér, the current bed chamber maid of the master."

"I'm Charyl, the head maid. Tomorrow you will be taken on tour round the estate since it's late already."

A guy walked into the hall. He was cute, and I was starting to think he was the master but, he didn't have a cold expression so I guessed he was not.

"I'm guessing you guys already ate in the plane before the plane landed," he said, and they all nodded.

"Asher Bingwen. Just call me assistant master," he said in a funny way and everyone chuckled. So, he's actually his brother.

"Your work here is quite maybe easy depends on you…" he pouted unsure.

"The guys get to work in the factory while the girls get to do the chores, and take care of the master…and assistant master too." he grinned. Damn, this guy is funny.

"The master hates stealing, no one likes it anyways. Never barge into the master's chamber without being called upon. Do your work diligently. Whenever you see the master you must bow and also you must call him 'master' at all time."

"If any of these rules are broken, the cold room awaits you, and I really don't think you want to be there."

"No, Assistant master." They replied. I didn't say anything.

"Well, tomorrow the master will be choosing a new bride chamber maid. He does that every week, I guess that will be all."

"Xìng ér and Charyl will take the ladies to their quarters. Brian take the males to their quarter too."

We were all shared into different rooms. I was put in a room with three girls. They all laid on their beds, and there was one extra bed. I'm guessing it's mine.

"Hi, I'm Claire," I waved at them smiling. The two girls just ignored me. I guess they are not friendly.

"You must be one of the new intakes. I'm Daniela," She giggled. I gasped in awe as I looked at the exact replica of my bestie Danielle. The only difference was that she had Hazel eyes.

Danielle had blue shinning eyes. Maybe she was putting on contacts or something. How did she get here?

"Danielle?" I called hugging her.

"You know my sister?" she asked as we pulled out of the hug.

"Your sister? Are you a twin?"

"Yeah. Danielle and I got separated when we were six. Mom couldn't take care of both of us so she gave me up for adoption." How come Danielle never told me she was a twin?

"How did you end up here?" I asked as we sat on my bed.

"Well, my wicked foster parents sold me out. I suffered from child abuse for years before I ended up here. I have been here for a year now."

"I'm sorry about that."

"It's fine. How do you know my sister?"

"She's my best friend."

"I guess that's the reason I felt drawn to you. How did you get here?"

I actually told her about myself, right from they rape till now. It felt so good letting her share my secret. I'm so glad my step father can't harm me from here.

"That man is really wicked!"

"He's worse than wicked."

"Don't think about it anymore. This place is not really bad, and remember the master is choosing a bed chamber maid tomorrow," She giggled.

"What's a bed chamber maid and what's so special about it?" I rolled my eyes.

"Being a bed chamber maid means you get to serve the master on bed."

"That's crazy, like have sex?" I asked. She nodded and my eyes widened.

"What if you don't want to? Wouldn't that be rape?"

"You are only saying this because you are yet to see him. He's seductive in nature, and it's impossible to resist him. When you see him you will gladly spread your legs wide open for him without thinking. No girl has ever refused him sex before."

"That is not good then," I muttered. How can someone be irresistible? Is he a sex god or something?

"I wish it would be me. He's so damn handsome, but I actually think his brother is also cute."

"You are just like your sister, boy freak but I think she's worse."

"I'm not a boy freak!"

"You are."


Claire is about to meet her cold master.

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