BURNING ROMANCE/C6 Claire is in trouble!
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BURNING ROMANCE/C6 Claire is in trouble!
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C6 Claire is in trouble!

Daniela actually helped me arrange my clothes into the empty wardrobe that was beside my bed.

"Good night," I told her as I laid on my bed.

"Good night." She smiled, and retired to her bed. I closed my eyes, and slowly drifted to sleep.


"Sleepy head, wake up," Daniela yelled using my pillow to hit my head. I opened my eyes and rubbed my eyelids.

"It's still dark, why are disturbing my precious sleep!"

"You seem to be forgetting something this is not your home in the US. This is Singapore and you got to wake up early if you don't want to get into trouble."

Yeah, that's right. I can't afford to get into trouble on my first day.

"Thank for the lecture." I got out of my bed and yawned loudly. God, I still feel sleepy.

"You are dressed already?"

"Duh yes," she rolled her eyes.

"Just go take a bath," she said push walking me into the bathroom.

"Don't stay too long," she yelled from inside the room. I quickly brushed my teeth, and also took my bath after carefully disposing the bandage in the trash bin.

I came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my body.

"Wear this. Maid's uniform." She handed me a blue long gown. I put on my underwears before slipping the dress down my body.

"Your face is almost healed." I looked at it on the mirror. It was just a little reddish spot left.

"That's because Owen was quick to treat it."

"You are even more beautiful than I thought. The bandage actually hid your beauty. A few make up should cover that up."

"I've got make up in my wardrobe." I went to get it out and Daniela helped apply a little make up on my face.

"Wow, Claire you look stunning," she complimented.

"Thanks," I smiled looking at myself in the mirror. She wasn't lying at all, I did look beautiful.

"The master might actually choose you, you know?" What? No way!

"Don't be ridiculous. That will never happen. I'm not cut out for that crap. I can't possibly have sex with him." No way am I offering my body to him. I haven't even met him. I don't even know him.

"You are just saying that because you haven't met him. All maids are fighting to be his bed chamber maid."

"If he actually sleeps with them. How come none of them have ever gotten pregnant?"

"That's because he uses protection. The master has never had skin to skin sex with any maid. Maybe you can break that record." She winked and I tried so hard not to blush but my cheeks betrayed me.

"Geez, no way! I would never sleep with him!"

"Let's see how long you can keep your promise." She said as we heard a loud bell chime.

"It's time for breakfast." I looked at the wall clock, and it was just six. Damn, they eat breakfast way too early here.

Daniela lead me to a large dinning hall we had been taken to earlier when we first got here.

I never knew the number of slaves the master had were numerous. Worst part they all kept staring at me and muttering something to themselves.

"Why are they staring at me like that?" I asked Daniela.

"They think you are beautiful," I blushed as she said that.


"Yeah, the master might end up choosing you after all!" She squealed.

"Stop saying that!"

"Duh, it's true. Don't moan too loud OK?"

"God, you are unbelievable!"

"Hi, Claire right?" I turned to look at the two girls who received us yesterday. I think Xìng ér and Charyl.

"Good morning Head maid and Bed chamber maid." Daniela greeted bowing her head with both her hands joined together and I had to follow suit. This is sick.

"She's beautiful," Xìng ér giggled, and Charyl nudged her to stop talking before giving us a fake smile.

"So, you are the new intake of yesterday?"

"Yes." She eyed me from head to toe and on seeing that I was more endowed than she is, and also more beautiful, she frowned.

"Hmm OK. You may leave." She gave me one last look before I left with Daniela.

"She's jealous!" Daniela giggled as we walked to the table to take the food they were serving.


"Isn't she pretty? The master will definitely choose her!"

"She is not as pretty as I am," I scoffed.

"We both know she is."

"Then I won't give her the chance to be chosen."

"What do you mean? Hope you are not planning to do something evil," I chuckled as she said that.

"You should know me by now Xìng ér I will do anything to have the master. We all know that the master is definitely gonna choose me next, and I won't let one Claire ruin my plans!"

“Take it easy Charyl remember you almost did the same thing to me when I got chosen."

"Your case is different. She will end up dying from what I'm about to do to her. I'm gonna make sure she visits the cold room today." She gasped as I said that.

"The cold room is death itself. Don’t you think that is too harsh?"

"I should have known better that you are a coward." I looked at Claire as she tried to use the chop sticks on the noodles. Too bad her beauty is about to go to waste!


Daniela tried to teach me how to use the chop sticks. I finally learnt how to use it and we finished our food after which I and the other new arrivals of yesterday were taken on a tour round the large estate.

Geez, it's just too big and my feet were starting to hurt from walking.

After the tour, we were given various assignments to do. I was asked to sweep and mop the floors of a large hallway along with three other girls.

It was a strenuous work indeed and my back was starting to hurt. So much for being a slave.

"You will get used to it in no time," One of the girls said when she saw I was already tired.

"Thanks. I'm Claire by the way." I smiled.


"We are Julia and Julie. You are beautiful!" The twins giggled together.

"Are you guys like telepathic? How come you guys speak together?"

"Yes, we are," they replied together.

"Wow, I have never seen telepathic twins before."

"Everyone has been talking about you."

"About me? Why?"

"We think the master is going to choose you as his bed chamber maid!"

"Why does everyone keep saying this?" I sighed tiredly.

"Cause you are beautiful!"

"But I don't want to get chosen!" I scoffed.

"What are you all doing talking? Get back to work!" Charyl said walking into our conversation, and we continued with our work.

"Claire come with me now!" I waved the girls goodbye before walking away with her.

She took me into the servant's kitchen, and dismissed the two girls there.

She handed me a tray containing a glass jug full of juice and a glass cup.

"The master wants you to serve him." I felt my heart skip a beat.

"The master…b-but why…me?" I stuttered.

"How am I supposed to know? Just do as you are told." She smiled at me and pushed walked me out of the kitchen.

I heard the bell chime three times as I walked out of the kitchen. I wonder what that means. Why would the master want me to serve him? What if I do the wrong thing? What if I get into trouble? What if he asks for sex? God, no way!

Not going at all may be worse. I got to the main house, it's not just a house it's a mansion, a beautiful one at that. I was stopped by some guards in front of the mansion.

"Who are you? And why are you here?"

"I was asked to serve the master with this juice," I said nervously, and they exchanged glances.

"The master doesn't drink juice." He doesn't drink juice? How come I was asked to serve him juice!

"What? But…"

"Who knows if she poisoned it?"

"What? No I didn't. I would never do such a thing!"

"Dala have this juice tested with the WG 06 food poison detection kit." The other guy dragged the juice from me, and walked away with it.

"Just pray that you are not trying to kill the master. You will be killed for that," he scowled at me, and I shivered in fear. What have I gotten myself into?

"I would never do such a thing." I was already sweating profusely. Hope she didn't poison it to put me in trouble?

The guy came running with a tube in his hands within minutes, and he gave it to the mean guy.

"How dare you try to poison the master?" he yelled kicking me on the floor. Tears filled my eyes as he said that. It then dawned on me that it was a trap, that bitch!

"I don't know what you are talking about? I was told to serve juice to the master," I cried on the floor.

"Who asked you to poison the master?"

"I didn't know it was poisoned, but Charyl asked me to serve the master juice. I don't want any trouble. I just got here yesterday, why would I try to poison the master when I don't even know him. Charyl set me up!" I yelled in tears.

"We will let the master decide then. Take her away!"

"I haven't done anything wrong!" I yelled as Dala lifted me off the ground carrying me roughly on his shoulders. Why does my life have to be so messed up?

"Master! Master!" I was made to kneel down in front of all the maids. My eyes met with Daniela, and she gave me a 'what's happening?’ look.

I guess the master was already choosing a bed chamber maid that explains the bell that rang. I'm sure Charyl must have planned this.

He turned to look at me and our eyes met. I almost lost my breath and I found myself drooling.

He was even cuter than I imagined him to be, and he had this cold look on his face, really cold and it was kinda hard to read his mind.

"What has she done?" Assistant master asked.

"She tried to poison the master with juice but she claims that Charyl set her up," he said showing them the test tube, and the juice.

"What? Me? Why would I ask you to poison the master?" she denied it just as I had imagined.

"You fucking bitch! How dare you try to set me up? You just can't get over the fact that I'm more beautiful than you are so you're trying to get rid of me!" I yelled at her.

"Liar. Why would I be jealous of you? I never sent you anywhere. Master she's lying!"

"Trying to poison the master is a big offense. You could be killed for it!” Assistant master yelled.

"I didn't do it. Charyl is lying. Why don't you believe me!" I cried. In as much as my life was pretty messed up, but I didn't want to die.

At least not yet, not until I get my revenge.

"Liar! You planned to kill the master, don't try to drag me along with your evil deeds."

"I didn't do it," I looked at the face of the master but he remained cold and silent. Why isn't he saying anything.

"Why ain't you saying anything? Is this how you like to watch the innocent get punished? If that's how you are, then you are just as worse as the devil himself!" I yelled at him. Fuck him!

His eyes darkened and I could swear that I saw a flicker of hurt in his eyes.

"Claire!" Daniela cautioned.

"How dare you speak to the master that way? Throw her into the cold room!" his brother yelled.

"Master, please you can't do this. Claire is innocent," Daniela fell on her knees trying to beg for me.

"Do you have any proof?" His voice softened a little. Is it just me or does she have an effect on him? Claire, what are you thinking? You're about to die.


"I guess not, take her away."

Dala tried to touch me but I pushed him away. "Don't touch me I can walk on my own!" I yelled at him and followed them out but not without shooting that God forsaking master a deadly glare.


"This should sound as a warning to most of you. The cold room is death and I don't think you want to be there. Too bad she just made herself a scape goat." Asher muttered staring at me and I just looked away.

I tried so hard not to cry, but I couldn't help it. Claire is the only real friend I've had since I have been here, and now I'm about to loose her.

The master sighed, and looking at all the maids in the room. He finally chose Charyl, that witch. I bet she framed Claire. She smiled happily as that master choose her.

"And there we have it. Xìng ér hand her the beads." It was the symbol of the bed chamber maid.

Xìng ér placed the beads on her head, and she smiled happily.

"I believe we are done here," the master said walking away without paying attention to Charyl.

I was worried about Claire. I ran out of the hall straight to where the cold room was.

"What are you doing here?" the guards asked.

"I need to see my friend."

"I'm sorry, you can't see her."

"Just let me talk to her. Please?"

"Fine. I give you just two minutes "

"Thank you."

The cold room was made of metal since metal is good conductor of heat and damn it felt so cold in here.

"Claire," I called looking into the room through the glass on the door.


"Mom said not to give up," I kept assuring myself that as I paced round the room. I was getting confused, this place is damn cold.

It was like I was put in a freezer. My breath was getting cold, and I was already starting to pale out. Claire hang in there.

"Fucking bastard," I cursed under my cold breath. How could he do this to me? Is this how I'm gonna die? This is the worst death ever.

I couldn't even get my revenge on those who hurt me. In my next life, I would hunt them all one by one. I closed my eyes and cried my eyes out. At least, I get to be with mom.

"Claire," I felt a bit relieved seeing Daniela.

"Daniela, are you here to let me out?" I muttered as I shivered. It felt like I was gonna die any moment from now.

"I can't, Claire," she cried.

"What do you mean? Aren't they gonna let me out?"

"No Claire. They are gonna let you freeze to death!"


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