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Our wedding preparation happened so fast. I can’t believe that they can finish all the things needed for the wedding in 3 months.

If you look at how grand our wedding is, you’ll think that the preparation took more than a year to achieve this kind of wedding.

Today is my wedding day, but unlike the other bride, I felt nothing. I don’t feel nervous nor excited.

I just look emotionless as the makeup artist does my makeup.

“You know what? From all the bride that I handled, you are the only one who looks emotionless.” My makeup artist said.

I just smile at her.

She sighed. “You should be jumping with joy right now! My gosh! You are marrying Andrew Maru Ottave! You don’t know how lucky you are!”

I just raised my brow. “So what?”

Her jaw dropped with disbelief.

I can't blame her, I knew that Maru is one of the hottest guys on earth. Plus he's a freaking billionaire. What more can you ask for?

But I don't know, I felt nothing. I know he's a great guy.

After our café date, we start going out for 3 months to get to know more about each other.

And I can say that he can be a good friend to me. Just friends, I can’t go beyond that. Maybe because I know that he loves someone else.

I feel sad about their relationship. I found out that after our family dinner he broke up with Jana. Even though I told him that it is okay for me if they want to continue their relationship even after we got married.

But Maru did not agree with that idea. As per him, Jana did not deserve to be a mistress and I agree.

The wedding will start in a few minutes.

I went out of our house and ride our limousine. With me is Yelle, my best friend.

“Girl this is it! You are finally getting married!” She said, teary-eyed.

I just smile.

She softly hit me. “OMG Mara! I can’t see any emotion in you! I don’t know if you are nervous or happy! Look at me?! I’m already teary-eyed because you are getting married while you?! Emotionless girl!”

I sighed. “What do you want me to do? I don’t feel anything right now!” I said in frustration.

“You know what? I’m almost convinced that your heart is made of stone.” She commented.

I just shrugged.

“But be honest with me Mara, are you sure that you don’t have feelings for Maru? I mean OMG! That's Maru!!! He’s so freaking hot! I can’t believe that you are not attracted to him.” She asked me curiously.

I let myself think about him.

“Well... Maru is handsome, I must admit. Plus he is a gentleman, I didn’t expect that he also has a sense of humor, and he’s fun to be with.”

I didn’t notice that I am smiling while describing him.

“OMG friend!” Yelle teased me.

“Stop that! You’re acting crazy again.” I said while chuckling.

She hugs me. “I’m just happy because I prove to myself that my friend is not made of stone. You have a heart finally! And I didn’t expect to see you blush.”

My forehead furrowed. “Blush?”

She nodded and smile teasingly. “Oh yes, my friend. If you can only see yourself while you are describing him, you will see how much you admire him and... blushing.”

I thought to myself. ‘Did I blush? Does that mean that I felt something for him?’

The limousine stops.

“Girl we are finally here!” Yelle happily announces.

I look outside and I saw people getting ready for the wedding.

“Are you ready to be Mrs. Ottave, my friend?” Yelle ask me while feeling giddy.

I just gave her a forced smile.

I felt my heartbeat fast. ‘Why did I suddenly feel nervous?’

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