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C3 Alpha Aiden

Alpha Aiden's POV

'We got trespassers.'

My Beta, Nick, informed me through our mind link. Disturbing me from doing my thing.

I growled as I pushed the She-Wolf who's straggling above me, kissing me hungrily. My wolf is in heat and its so thirsty for sex these days.. This girl on top of me is just one of many that I had today. Just as playtime. A way to ease my raging libido which is too eager to be pleased.

The girl looked at me with a shock face. Probably puzzled that I pushed her. We already fucked a couple of times and I can't feel any exhaustion. I want more.

No, it's not the girl I that I want but... just sex.

Still, Nick's news cant be ignored. I'm the Alpha of the strongest pack in this region. It's against myself to prioritize pleasure over my responsibilities.

And whoever trespassed my territory are brave enough to do so. No one dared to set foot in my land unannounced or without my consent—unless they wish to be dead.

Lately, Rogue's are having death wishes. They never stop coming.

I growled once again when I noticed the girl is still on me. Her face got paled and get off my lap.

I sat down and reached to Nick.

'Rogues?' My growls are heard. My wolf is angry. My heat session was interrupted and my wolf's thirst was unsated.

'Yes, what do you like me to do to them?'

I grabbed my clothes and head out of my room.

'Bring them to the prison. I will kill them.'

Getting in my car, I can still feel the unsated heat of my wolf that made my mood worse than it already is.

And the thought that I'll lose some steam by killing some interrupting dogs? Huh. My wolf is pleased. So am I.

I drove to the pack building where the prison is underground.

'Don't you think killing them is a little harsh, Aiden?' My Beta being the balancer as he is, made my wolf angered by his question.

Beta was supposed to balance the Alpha's decision. They always need to say what's against the Alpha's resolve to balance the outcome.

Still, it is the Alpha's settlement. Beta's are just to balance but not to rule.

And I am the rule.

'I'm your Alpha and I'll do what I want.'

My wolf even growled at Nick in out mind link. For packs, the way my wolf growl will bend any members knees.

'Yes, Alpha.'

I parked on my spot in the building and headed inside. I smelled Nick's scent underground. He must have arrived.

I headed to the prison. Two Rogue male wolves are laying on the floor of the cell. Both of them are conscious but too weak to move.

"Alpha." The guards greeted me but I gave no attention to them. My wolf and I are just furious that we're too focused on killing the two Rogues.

I went inside the cell and my figure hovered over them.

"You weak bastards!" I spat at them. "How dare you enter my territory!?" I growled at them. I felt my guards took step away from me. Probably scared of me.

They should, as right now is my worse mood.

"Just k-kill us." One of the rogue said.

I gritted my teeth. My wolf is ready to do so.

"They wished to be dead." Said Nick. Trying to reach out on the back of my mind. Hoping I would recalculate my decisions.

Too bad. I won't.

I growled again. These idiot rogues! Every fucking time, they all have the same reason for trespassing my territory. Why do they run to my pack whenever they want to end their miserable pointless lives?

I snarled at them. My canines wanting to come out.

One of the Rogue closed his eyes. Preparing myself from my attack. The other one was just shaking and holding on into dear life.

If they'll gonna act like this after asking me to kill them, then they're just weak assholes.

And I exist to eliminate the weak.

Just when my claws are out, I slashed through their throats making their heads almost fell off.

Their blood splashed on the ground and some in my pants. Two guards came in to dispose the bodies.

My wolf is cheering with pleasure, I can feel him.

"Ohh." Nick said in disgust. I snapped at him and he stood straight, clearing his throat.

I walked out of the cell. Now my wolf had taken its revenge for disturbing our heat.

"You seem grumpy these days, Alpha Aiden." Nick who's walking behind me said. Almost mocking me.

He never use to call me Alpha unless we're at somewhere formal or in the presence of other packs.

And now, him calling me Alpha just means he's mocking me.

I let out a heavy sigh. Letting his mockery slide.

"My wolf is not in his usual these days."

I reached my office in the pack building, Nick still with me.

"The sexual extra activeness?"

I sat on my chair. Giving my temple a massage.

"I'm abnormally thirsty. It's my wolf. I can't control it that well when it comes to heat."

Nick paused for a thought. "Maybe you're near to meet your mate?" He concludes.

I growled more. It never occured to me that having a mate is helpful for the pack. For me it's just a self gratitude that Alpha's can have an heir. Though I can't see the aid of having a Luna in my pack.

"The annual mapping ball is in two days. Maybe you'll meet your mate then." Nick concludes more.

I growled at him. "You're not helpful. Get out."

Nick did walked away without any more words.

It's common that the wolf can feel the upcoming of its mate but I haven't thought of that before Nick shoving it to my face.

And if Nick was right, then I won't participate with the party this year. I'm not interested to have a mate.


Ashira's POV

The day all She-Wolves had been waiting for will be tomorrow.

Since the Prime pack is six hours away from our pack, I needed to get off today to head there.

We are six in total. Me and the five other girls from our pack have their mate in the Prime pack as per the mapping.

We'll depart at noon, riding a van. The rest of the She-Wolves will do the same but in different time. Some already left days ago since the pack they needed to settle in, will took a day or more.

Some She-Wolves from other pack also came to ours days before and until now. They already settled themselves here with the pack accommodating their stay.

We'll arrive to Prime pack a day early but that's alright since we'll need to be familiar with the place first.

Once done packing, I went to Ophelia who was in the kitchen and sat down in a chair, facing her.

I watched her cook, though I'm not sure what's she is making.

"Regretting that you never attend my cook lessons?" She grinned at me, mocking me.

She always invite me to join her cook but it's not my style. I would rather learn everything about the pack system but never did like burning the kitchen.

Partly, I have no gifts in cooking.

I snorted and Ophelia laughed hard.

These past few days, after the mapping, I never went our of the house. Literally, I took Eric's advice seriously. Not blending in with the crowd.

A grieving wolf for its dead mate is the last thing I'd like to come across.

"Did you packed the dress I bought you?" She asked. I rolled my eyes. I'm not really into dress. If its not a tradition for the mapping to wear that white dress, I wouldn't have.

"I did."

"Be sure to wear them at the ball, Ashi. It's a pack tradition. I'm already scared you'll wear jeans tomorrow when I'm not in sight." Her voice sounds joking but I know she's sad somehow. I am too. When she spoke the last words, it daggers in my chest.

"It dawned me that this may be the last day I'll be here." I said, changing the topic as I watch her cook. Giving her a small smile.

I could feel my eyes burning. It saddened me that I didn't gave them goodbye talks. I'm so close into tears right now.

If ever I find my mate tomorrow at the ball, then there's no going back here.

She mirrored my smile which made me feel dejected more.

"I'll miss you, too." She said, responding to the meaning of my words exactly. Her voice almost cracked, I know she's about to burst in tears but she's holding it in. I am too.

I cleared my throat as I felt a slump stuck in it. I'm on the edge of crying.

"I.. uh, thank you so much for taking me in. I..." I cleared my throat once again. Saying these things is so hard. "I felt how you treat me like a family."

"Awwe. You are family. We loved you and will always will. Don't forget that, chicken." She tapped my nose with her finger and I chuckled.

She loved calling me chicken since I always backed out from a fight when I first came here and they first had me. Ophelia helped me though. Her teasing made me want to be strong. And now, I do. But her teasing is still there.

I have no chance to say goodbye to Eric since he's off with the Alpha doing pack works. Cruz on the other hand, purposely left the house to avoid seeing me go away. Ophelia told me. Quoted "He loves you so much it hurt him"

I decided to leave a note. One for each of them. We can communicate through phones though I'm being more sentimental and still write to them the old way.

Eric told the Alpha about my case. Alpha David immediately agreed to Ophelia's plan that I should find my mate first.

Upon little research and I found that a Stealer is rare to exist. Sometimes its decades before you spot one.

And some wolves kept looking for someone like. Some who lost their mate that wanted themselves to feel complete again kept searching for a stealer.

There are also Alpha's who lost their mates, whom desire my kind. It's understandable since an Alpha cannot continue it's legacy once the bloodline was cut. The position will be handed over to the strongest in the pack which often is the Beta.

For me, it really doesn't matter who I'll be with. I can start making my own family with whoever I choose, and also I'm not interested with having a family of my own.

But a part of me was feeling the guilt and pain when that someone find its true mate. And I'll be left behind.

A war between wolves fighting to have me is also far from my objectives. I might ended dead from it.

And accepting a mateless wolf is also fine, but thinking I'm a rebound makes me feel meh. Nope. Not interested.

So technically, I'm just giving my wolf the chance to find its own. A way to be in a much less trouble.

I was on my way to where the Van was parked, waiting for its passengers. A mini suitcase on my hand, and the other is what I used to slide the door open.

I saw the five other girls who'll be with me in my journey to the Prime pack.

Three of them gave me the 'look' that I've been having ever since I set my foot in this pack.

For some, I will never belong. I came from nowhere. I may have the blood of a traitor for all we know.

Only one girl from the group smiled at me. The seat beside her is vacant and I decided to sit next to her.

"Hi!" She beamingly greeted me. I smiled back and say hi.

"My name's Ava. What's yours?"

"Ashira." I said, settling in as I sat.

The Van started moving while Ava and I talked. All I hear from her is how she's so excited to meet her mate. Mostly what I've been hearing from Lucy.

The rest of the drive, I was sleeping.

It was dark when we reached the pack. I was woken up by loud gasped of amusement from the girls with me.

The Van dropped us on a clearing in front of what I think was the pack building. A guy is standing there, waiting for our arrival.

He's tall and lean with a huge smile on his face. Almost welcoming.

Some would think that he's being nice and warm to us as their guests but since I knew how pack works, I know he's being cautious with outsiders of their pack. Which was us.

"Welcome, ladies!" His voice is even cheerful. "I'm Anton, the one in-charge with your group. If you'll follow me, please?"

He turned his back on us and took a step before facing us again. Caughting us off guard.

We all looked questioning by his behavior.

"Just checking if one of you is mine." He smiled sheepishly. He's a joker.

The girls from my pack laughed at his remorse. He did, too before leading us the way again.

We walked away from their pack building and lead us to another building. Not too far from where we're dropped off.

"This is the guesthouse. Prime pack prepared a room for each of you, ladies."

Ava, the girl with us, put her hands up.

"Yes?" Said Anton. Smiling to her.

"I'm just curious. How do you know how many ladies you'll have as a guest?"

I shrugged from her question. That makes sense. Since I never took interest with this mate topic, I have no clue about it.

"Oh. Pack reach out to each other for that. We'll inform how many ours will come to yours after the mapping, and they do the same. Every pack does, actually." He humbly explained and continues once no one have any follow-up questions.

We reached the lobby of the guesthouse. Our pack have guesthouse as well for events like this or if other Alpha's need a meeting visit. But Prime pack's guesthouse is way bigger. It's tripled the size of ours.

"Everyone is to fill out these forms." He handed a piece of paper to us. "We'll pass those information you'll provide to the pack office once you've meet your mate. For official purposes only."

"And if we won't meet our mate at the ball?" It was Ava again.

Her questions are informative for me. I knew less about mates than I should but I don't think I have the guts to ask like that. I'm quite thankful of her curiosity, feeding mine as well.

"That's rare to happen here at Prime pack but IF, we'll send you home the same way you arrive."

"Does that mean we won't meet our mates forever?" I'm surprised I asked. I was bothered by what he said, considering that in my case, it's almost a mission to find my mate. And his answer just disturbed what I was aiming for.

"It depends. If you ladies missed your chance this year, you'll participate the mapping again next year and repeat the process."

"What part of that apply the 'depends' part?"

"Well, if the mapping shows your mate had died, it's entirely different then, wouldn't it?" Anton smirks. Now I have the feeling that those warm smiles are for a show.

He had a point. A year-wait is long. Anything can happen within a year and if we miss this chance, then it will be like risking our fate.

We finished filling out the forms and hand it over our guide. He gave each of us a card with the number of the rooms we're assigned to. Mine is 512. Which is the top floor of the building. As I said, the guesthouse is extravagantly huge.

"You can roam around the pack tonight and tomorrow before the ball. There are shops within the pack temporary available only for the event. No one is to leave the pack land or even set foot outside our territory. That's an ultimate rule so its best to remember it. Once you're with a mate, that rule is will not apply. Goodluck, ladies!" He waved us goodbye and left.

Since I don't belong to our group, I decided to find my room alone. The rest of them are still talking, complimenting everything they eyes saw.

After settling in my room, I took a bath. The warm water calmed my nerves that I already felt sleepy. I slip on my tank top and shorts and lay down on the bed, tucking myself on the blankets.

Im ready to be drowned in my deep sleep when I felt someone was looking at me.

I opened my eyes and looked around. Steadying my eyes on the window.

No one is there.

What should I expect? I'm five floors above the ground. No one can sneak peak at this high.

But my wolf is calling to me. She's asking me to look outside the window. She wants me to go to the window.

I tried shutting her down. I badly needed sleep from the exhaustion of the ride but my wolf is resisting. It's persistent. She wants me to open the window. And let it open.

I'm growling as I stood and walked towards it. I clicked open the locks and pull up the window. I saw no one outside. Practically, nothing.

My window is facing at the forest and its dark out. I growled when I can't hear my wolf now. A minute and she wants me to open the damned window and when I did, she hung me up?

I closed it again, not liking the idea that some mateless wolf barging in on my sleep. I sighed in relief when my wolf didn't argue when I closed it.

As I went to bed, a loud howl was heard all over the pack.

I was stunned. The howl seemed frustrated, irritated and longing.

The thought of some mateless wolf, finding my scent, made me pale.

I forgot that pack guesthouse are soundproof and in our case, smell-proof.

It is made that way to prevent our mates to smell us and break the purpose of the pack tradition. Also, if another Alpha came for a meeting visit, overall privacy should apply for them. That's why guesthouses are made that way.

Someone must have catch my scent as I open the window. Probably lost me when I closed it again.

Was it my mate? Was it a mateless wolf? I cringed upon the last part.

'What have you done!' I angrily said to my wolf.

'Just a tease, that's all.' My wolf playfully said. I growl at her and shut her up. She does not seem aware of the danger her abnormality can cause!

That loud howl from a wolf is scary. It literally made my knees weak and jelly. Whoever it is, I need to be careful before the ball.


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