Call Me Alpha/C4 The Mapping Ball Part One
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Call Me Alpha/C4 The Mapping Ball Part One
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C4 The Mapping Ball Part One

I woke up from soft knocks on my door. Brushing my eyes with the back of my palm, I slipped on a robe and headed to the door.

My head felt light when I woke up, feeling exhausted even after a deep slumber. I thought I can't sleep right away after the howl I had heard last night but my wolf is at peace, making me sleep soundly. None slightness feeling I'm near in danger.

I was welcomed with a trolley pushed cart with food covered in cloche tray when I open the door. I can smell its delicious scent, almost savoring it. My stomach made a loud growl, making me feel how famished I was.

No one was there. They just left the food behind. I pulled the trolley inside my room and closed the door, making sure to lock it again.

'Food arrived, sleepyheads!' Someone mind-linked me and I was certain it was Ava. We are from the same pack and already met each other, being able to access the mind link.

I guess she sent all five of us from Regal pack the same message.

I chose not to give a response and head to the bathroom to wash my face. After, I sat on the chair inside the room and placed the tray on the table.

My mouth drools upon seeing how delicious the served food was. I grabbed the spoon and start digging in.

I ate in silence, thinking of what to do today before the ball.

Invitations were sent to me together with the food. It'll be our key to enter the ball. The invite indicates the time the event will start which was 7 o'clock in the evening. I kept the invites safe, making sure it won't be lost or misplaced otherwise I'll be doomed.

I have the dress that Ophelia bought for me so I don't need to buy one from the shops which what it usually should.

It's an olive green dress with slit on both legs. The color Ophelia picked sure compliments the shade of my deep green eyes.

A silver pair of heels comes with the dress. Ophelia being the fashion addict that she is will never style me with an incomplete package. She knew I suck at dressing up.

I also have a silver necklace with the Regal packs's crest as its pendant. Paired with an inch long silver earrings.

I'm sure I'll shine tonight at the ball. Literally. The thought made me want to toss every shining stuff in my luggage. But of course, I didn't.

I also need to make my face presentable. I never do make-ups well but I knew the basics. I guess I can fix myself for the ball tonight.

With all those task aside, Im left with nothing to do for the rest of the day.

I was thinking of shifting into my wolf form and roam the Prime land. I love to have a run, to ease my feelings and feel free, but I'm scared someone will track my scent.

I'm lucky if its my mate I'll find as my mission will be done but if not, then I'll have a mateless wolf running after me.

Despite the last thought, I badly want to shift and run in this territory. It's a huge land, mostly green. The air is fresh, ambiance here is calming that I'd want to rest with nature.

I feel like I can roam around freely without judging eyes stabbed at my back unlike to my pack. Here, no one knew me.

Its like living a new life. Creating new identity.

For the first time in my life, I was grateful for having a mate away from home. Its the first time I felt grateful with this mate thing.

With my inhibitions, I decided to go for that run. Planning ahead for safety routes, I'll probably head to the river. Its mostly woods on the way and less chance of being spotted.

I took a shower and wore a loose shirt with short shorts. I did not bother to wear anything inside since I'll be shifting later. I went out of the guesthouse, making sure to avoid crowds.

I bought a bottled water at a store, making sure the storekeeper is a woman. I'm starting to have anxiety with my wolf's abnormality.

Since the back of the guesthouse is the woods, I decided to start from there. Quite thankful that everyone around me are females. Luck is still on my side since male wolves needed to stay out of the guest's sight before the mapping ball. The idea is to prevent men from distinguishing their mate before the party and breaking the purpose of the ceremony.

As I walked in the woods, one hand holding a bottled water, I looked for a tree big enough to cover me. I need to take off my clothes so I won't rip it when I shift.

I settled as I saw one. Looking sideways, I made sure no one is around. I grabbed the hem of my shirt and pull it over my head, stripping my shorts after.

The cool wind wrapped my naked skin, cold breeze of air coming from lips as I breathe. I called for my wolf, wanting to feel the warmth of fur all over me and shifted in my wolf form.

The feeling is serene. I loved how welcoming the nature is in this land. As I landed in all fours, I'm thirsty to have a run.

I started my way up North. I can smell the river ahead, hearing the currents and chirps of birds clear in my ears. My wolf happily ran fast towards the river.

I run fast and free. At this moment, nothing bothers my mind as if every hard thoughts I have now faded. My wolf is enjoying herself, telling herself that she belonged here. That this is where she should be.

I reached the clearing to be amazed by how beautiful the scenery is. Clear blue waters gushing freely in the river, green grass and tall trees surrounds. I love it!

The river is calling to me, for me to jump and take a swim. I did.

I jumped in the air, ready to fall in the cold water. Just when I was about to land in the water, I shifted back into my human form, making a perfect dismount.

The cold water made my naked skin shiver, almost painful but also relaxing. I swam until I'm out of breathe.

I inhaled deep, letting the air flow back to my lungs, filling it.

Suddenly, I snapped my neck to my right. I can smell a wolf. Someone's here!

I hid myself down the water, crossing my arms on my chest. Feeling visible under the clear water.

Bones snapping and clothes stretching is what I heard next. The wolf just shifted in his human form.

A guy around my age showed himself coming behind a tree. He's wearing a short but left his chest bare. He have blonde-brown messy hair, tall and lean.

"Why are you here?" His voice sounds irritated. With knotted forehead, he eyed me boldly making me wrapped my chest more.

He took a step forward but not too close. My breath is hitching from the cold.


"Are you one of the guests?" He cut my words, focusing his eyes on mine.

I nodded. Unable to speak from shivering. Damn I need to get out of the water now or I'll die from freezing!

"Walk out of the water. And wear this." He threw a black shirt on the ground and turned his back on me, giving me privacy.

I hesitated at first but when another cold wind pass me, I pulled myself out of the water.

My moves are quick, needing to get out of the cold. I grabbed his offered shirt and wear it, the hem reaching mid-thigh. The fabric is not helping the freezing feeling tormenting my skin.

The guy looked my way again once I'm dressed. My arms are still wrapped in front of my chest, trying to have a self-warmth which eventually failed. I'm freezing!

"I'm Nick, the Beta of the Prime. This part of the land is off-limits!" His voice raise a bit and hasn't changed, still irritated and a bit tired at that.

So he's the Beta. I only know pack information and the names of those in higher rank position but not how they look. This Nick is good looking. Cruz would be a Beta like him in a few weeks. How I missed that guy.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know. I promise I won't come here again." I said, trying to control my shaking voice. I'm not scared, just freaking freezing!

Nick sighed, dropping his eyes on the ground before shutting it tightly.

"I'm sorry I raised my voice. I'm just too tired handling everything while our Alpha is out there nowhere."

I was shocked by his change of mood. He just started whining to a stranger, he might not be too strict as he looked.

I saw how Nick's eyes widened, probably realized what he had just said.

"Damn it!" He cursed under his breath. "Pretend you didn't hear that." He ordered but his expression is almost child-like. He looked cute in a way.

"I didn't hear every words you said." I said, grinning ears to ears now. I'm still freezing but I'm starting to enjoy talking with Nick.

He sighed in relief and smiled at me.

"Let me walk you back to the guesthouse." He said, starting to be friendly.

We walked forward to the forest. I'd like to shift back in my wolf form since I'm still freezing but since Nick offered me a company back to the guesthouse, I thought I shouldn't.

"So where is your Alpha?" I decided to ask. I've been curious about it when he mentioned that earlier. Alpha's must be present at the ball tonight. It's a pack tradition and its the Alpha's job to witness every new She-Wolves his pack will have. Also, if the Alpha is mateless yet, he must be there.

"You said you'll pretend you didn't hear it." Nick's eyes are looking at me, widened in disbelief. I chuckled. His face is so funny right now.

"Sorry. I was just curious. It's the mapping party later and Alpha's should be there."

He sighed agreeing at my words. "I don't know where he is. I've been looking for him but I can't find him anywhere. Every works was left behind and I finished all of them in his behalf. That doesn't made me happy." His whines are so childish. If I'm not in the mood for humorous talk right now, I might have said its his job as a Beta. But I just laughed at him.

"That river is my last resort. If he was not there then I don't know where he is. That's his spot. That's why its off-limits. If he's the one who found you, you could be dead right now."

"Well, I guess I'm lucky its you who found me."

"You bet." He said grinning at me.

I laughed again. He's so full of himself but whines because of overworks. I'd like to say it to his face but didn't.

He paused walking and stare at nowhere. I was confused before I realized he must be talking with someone through his mind.

He closed his eyes and sighed a heavy breath before looking down at me. "I need to make a detour. You can go back by yourself?"

I nodded my answer and said my thanks. He nodded at me, his face looking serious again before turning his back at me. Running with his inhuman speed.

As for me, I decided to shift on my wolf saying sorry to Nick's-now ripped-shirt and run back to where I left my clothes.

Nick's POV

I was running South where one of the wolf guards told me they spotted Aiden.

That guy has been gone since yesterday night and blocked everyone from his mind, not letting us send a message.

I was exhausted from all the works he left behind. He never leave his works unfinished but now.

If Aiden is at the South part of the land then he must be in the ruins.

I've reached it and spotted him leaning his back on a big tree near the ruined building. This building used to be the pack building before a war took place between the Ravenous pack. It was a tragic war, many of our wolves died and some home was burned down to ashes. Aiden's father was the Alpha back then.

Aiden was naked and unconscious. Numerous bottle of liquor on the ground everywhere.

I walked to him slowly.

"How'd you find me?" Aiden said with low growl. He then sniffed in the air. "Who're you with?"

"Some guest who got lost." I replied, slightly unsure why he asked. He just shrugged so I let it go.

"What happened to you? The ball will be in a few hours. You can't attend it wasted." I kicked some of the bottles stumbling my way. I swear I sound like a mom now.

"Like I can get drunk." He said. Yeah, well, his immunity with alcohol is way over average.

I sighed. "What's your problem, man!" My tone is frustrated and irritated by his behavior. Lately, he's not in his usual. Something's bothering him and I know it's his wolf.

"I found my mate." He scoffed, sounding unhappy and disappointed.

"Really? Who was it?"

"I never did see her. I just know she's here. I smelled her scent." Aiden's voice is hoarse, tired.

I know he never liked the thought of having a mate. Well, I understood him. Despite what happened in the past, I'm sure he won't like the idea of having one.

"Your howl scared everyone last night." I informed him. Im serious! I felt his pain through our pack bond that I almost peed on my pants.

"That's not me. It's my wolf. It's angry that I'm rejecting the idea of having her. He's frustrated that we didn't catch her. The scent was gone in a blink, we didn't meet her."

Our wolfs can be annoying at times like having our mate. Its hard to control when it wants to be around his female. If my Alpha is having a hard time, then I can just imagine how it feels. Alpha's have the stronger control of their own wolf. But I guess when it comes to mates, Alpha is not an exception.

"You should be at the ball tonight." Whatever is happening between him and his wolf, he can't abandon his role tonight.

He growled, getting agitated by the thought that he was left with no choice.

"I know." He answer in defeat.

I sighed. I wonder how it felt like to have a mate your wolf want but your humanity refuses to have. Its not like the human side of Aiden can shut the bond. His wolf will torment him for sure.

Aiden stood up, no expression can be read in his eyes. This kind of sight from him screams how dangerous he can be.

"You know, not everyone will be like her." I want to cut my tongue as the words slipped my mouth. Damn! I'll be killed with my own clumsiness.

I was expecting for Aiden to beat me to pulp but no reaction came from him.

"She can be all she want but I'll never be stupid like my father." A sharp growl escaped from Aiden's throat before he jumped in the air and land on the ground in his black wolf.

I watched him run away to the center, back from home.

I want to believe with his words but having a mate is like being chained. If Aiden can fight his wolf, then his words may be true. Otherwise, he'll be hell bent on his mate's feet.

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