Call Me Alpha/C5 The Mapping Ball Part Two
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Call Me Alpha/C5 The Mapping Ball Part Two
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C5 The Mapping Ball Part Two

"Never forget: You're always a villain in another's story."



Ashira's POV

One last look at the mirror and I nodded to myself. Im contented with my reflection. This is the best I can do anyway.

I'm completely dressed up, ready to attend the ball. I fix my face with light foundation since I'm not really a fan of it. I made my eyes in a light smoky black shade, just to emphasize my deep green eyes and put some mascara on. I needed not to contour my face since its contrast is all in right places, also-I don't know how to contour. My lips is in the shade nude pink. My cheeks are naturally rosy and the thin foundation didn't cover it, so no need to put blush on.

My hair falls straight in my waist not needing straightener.

I grabbed the invitation card, feeling my own life depends on this piece of paper and head out of the room.

Ava, jump-walking close to me, greeted me. She's fully dressed herself and ready to go.

"Oh my God! I've waited for you to come out!" She exclaimed. My eyebrows flickered, I didn't know she was.

"What? Why?" I asked and started walking down the hall. I thought Ava get along with the four girls with us.

"Well, the girls will come in twos, that left me without one so I waited for you. I don't want to go alone!" She's really hyper. I wonder if her wolf keeps running in circles inside her. She's too energetic.

"Sorry, I didn't know. You could've told me." I said pointing in my head, referring to our mind link.

"I can't reach you at all. Your mind portal was closed." She pouted.

She's wearing a blue long dress with sleeves and plunging neckline. Her blonde wavy hair compliments the dress.

I stopped walking and looked at her. "What?" I didn't block her or anyone in my mind. I don't know what she's saying. "I did not blocked you."

"Oh, I'm not saying you did. It happens sometimes when we have a lot to think, we unconsciously close our portal. You must be too excited, too." She grinned at me and shrugged. I knew what she's saying but I have full control of my wolf. My portal never closes without my permission. And I have no ounce of excitement in my nerves at all.

My forehead was knotted all the way to the ground floor, bothered with what Ava had said.

'Did you purposely blocked my mind?' I asked my wolf but she's not talking to me. What game is she playing now!

It's 30mins to 7. A shuttle will pick up every guests in the guesthouse to where the ball will be held—to the pack building.

I bet their huge hall in that building will be the venue.

I noticed our number is not too much. Every She-Wolves with me came from different packs but we're around 50. No more no less.

Five 18-seater Van was parked outside the building, waiting for us. Anton, who welcomed us yesterday is up front, eyeing everyone with a smile.

"Okay, I guess everyone's here. Good evening, ladies!" He winked at us. I'm guessing this one is a player. "Hop yourselves in the van, a group of ten in each vehicle."

Me and Ava hopped on the last van, together with eight ladies I'm not sure who's.

The Van moved now and I heard cheery tiny screams from the ladies with me, Ava as well.

Everyone seems overly excited, I understand that though I can't feel the same.

At the ball, there is no need for me to be anxious for a mateless wolf. Every male wolf that will be present tonight are those 18years old and above men looking for their mates, too.

Since Prime pack members are over 500, I'm sure the ball will be packed with males.

"Have you heard? Their Alpha is still mateless!" I heard one of the girls in the van said.

I know the Alpha's name was Aiden. He's 23years old and mateless yet. I heard stories that he is good-looking and has the perfect sculptured body. Alpha Aiden started his title when he was 15. The late Alpha James, Aiden's father died early that needs him to take over the pack at a young age. I read it on Eric's pack documents before.

"Really?" It was Ava who join the girls' conversation.

"Really. I wonder if the Alpha will find his mate tonight."

Everyone let out a high-pitched "yieeee", probably wishes it would be them.

I scoffed. I never thought myself will mate with an Alpha. When I'm yet to know I'm a stealer, I never wished to be mates with an Alpha either. I've saw how Luna Maria is, Alpha David's mate from Regal. She looked loved yes, but almost caged.

Alpha's tend to be possessive of their mates. Obsessed. It's understandable since pack enemies often go for the Luna's head and kill the Alpha's mate. It's one way of winning a war. The Alpha undergoes hell pain and its wolf mourns, making them worthless to fight back.

We've reached the pack building. Loud music and strobe lights are sighted. The Prime's annual mapping party must be modern style. We, at Regal, perform the classic style, hugging the tradition.

Ladies from the first Van go inside the pack building hall. When it was our turn to hop out of the van, the girls with me are exhilarating. Ava even clutches my arm tight, letting out a high-pitched yelp.

We were formed in line. One by one, we'll enter the hall where every mateless male wolves will be.

"We're about to start." The host of the party was Nick, the Beta I met earlier today. He's up there where everyone can see him. Not bothering by using a microphone since each of us have enhanced hearing. He took a glimpsed of me and nodded his head, smiling.

I guess Nick did not found his Alpha. Alpha's are the one in-charge of hosting pack tradition events like this. But since the Beta is the one up there, I'm thinking the Alpha is still on runaway.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Before we start this event, I ask every male who can't smell your mates here tonight to go home or get back to your work." He said.

The men inside the hall scattered and only few of them was left. At first they are hundreds and now they're down to below fifty.

I guess some of us won't meet our mate tonight.

"Let us begin." Nick said and everyone stand to their tracks, knowledgeable of what to do next while Im just following them. Im really unaware of how this ceremony works. If only Lucy will be here then someone might have enlightened me.

I watched what was happening to some girls who were first in line. They walked inside the hall, they stopped at a certain point, not too much in the center, and male wolves are gathered in a curved line.

A few seconds and one male wolf stepped forward. Low growls coming from his lips. Looking intently at the lady's eyes.

"Mine," the male wolf said to the she-wolf. The male's blue eyes turned pitch black, his wolf turning over. His canines are showing as he dipped his head on the girl's neck, smelling her scent before burying his teeth where he should, claiming the She-Wolf in front of everybody.

Soft gasps and growls came from the girl's mouth, savouring the pain and pleasure from the male wolf's claim. I wonder how that feels. I never been bitten my whole existence.

Once done, they walked away from the center and moved their way to the side, on the tables. Their eyes shining with affection, bodies close to each other.

The line goes on and on. Same thing repeats over and over again. The claiming in front of everyone and settling to the side.

Some girls don't have their mate. No one moved forward for them means their mate might be somewhere, in a mission, or dead within the last five days. The last one's tragic.

Ava was one of them. No one walked forward for her.

Her mate was not present. And she cried hard once she was sitting on the side. I liked to come to her, hug her and comfort her. She must feel devastated wondering where her mate was. Or if he still is alive. She's so excited in all of this yet she didn't found hers.

I want to go to her but Nick called my attention.

"Hey River girl! It's your turn." He said with everyone to hear, waving at me with a smile plastered on his face. I blushed upon realizing I was holding off the line.

I stepped forward and stopped at the point where everyone was stopping. I eyed every male wolf left in front of me and noticed no one was taking a move forward.

Thoughts fly in my head. Damned fuck! I have no mate here as well?!

Just before I was feeling pity over Ava, now I feel agitated. Angry. Almost frustrated. I cannot live another year being afraid that danger might find me! I need my damn mate now!

I need my wolf to know where she belongs so I won't be stolen! I don't want to be stolen!

"Ohh.. I guess your mate's not here too, River girl." Nick said with pitying voice. That's my cue to step out of there and walked to where Ava is.

"Sucked, huh?" I said to Ava. Not looking at her, just hearing her sobs and heavy sighs. I'm far from crying, I am furious.

I needed to find my mate and for all times, he figured to be away now or even dead!

"I hoped for him." Ava cried once again. Hard sobs now, trying to control and make a loud sound.

I sighed. If only I can tell him how blessed she is still than I am.

"Don't worry. You'll find him soon."

"That depends," she cried again, now sounding a bit childish. "If he's not dead before that time comes!"

I chose to be silent. She has a point but for me, if her mate will be dead soon or even now, she's lucky she haven't met him. Or else she won't survive that blow.

Having the mate bond is like being gifted of another life, another wave of feelings and happiness. Losing them, it's better to be dead.

"Excuse me. Those who didn't find their mates tonight may go back to the guesthouse or enjoy the rest of the party." A She-Wolf attends to us and gave an apologetic smile before turning her back on us.

We're five in counts, all failed to meet our mate tonight.

"I'll stay." One said.

"Me, too. Might as well enjoy the night."

Ava wiped her tears and crinkle her nose. "I'll enjoy this then." She said.

I smiled at her slowly building confidence again.

"Their Alpha is not around, right? I didn't see him." One girl noticed.

Not only me notice it, even them. I'm thinking of how irresponsible the Alpha is for running away and leaving tradition like this.

"Yeah. I'll wait for him, maybe he's mine!" One girl chirped and I can't help but raise my brows. It's not wrong, what she says. But if they already knew the Alpha left his responsibility, then why dream of having a mate like that?

Every girl with me scattered and start doing what they want to do. They eat or get a drink or dance with their shemales. Ava also stand on her feet and asked me if I'll like to eat. I humbly denied, feeling far from hungry.

Ava went to the food table and take her time thinking what she should have.

I felt someone tap me on my shoulders. I turn around and saw Nick's beaming smile.

"Oh, hey." I said smiling back at him.

"Someone's broken-hearted." He teased. I rolled my eyes at him, my smiles fading fast. He became too friendly with me though he just met me earlier.

I wonder if he's just warm to people or is it my 'stealer' magnetizing male wolves.

"Shut up." I snorted and lightly punched his arm. That's so unladylike to do now while wearing all this make up and dress.

He laughed, amused by my misery.

"You got issues." I said, my lips flat. Seriously?

Well, if I'm like the rest of the She-Wolves tonight, then failing to have my mate is just meh. But I'm in the matter of life and death. Not literally but yeah, death.

He laughed again. I rolled my eyes and looked around. We're attracting audiences because of his noise. I scowled at him and widened my eyes, making him stop laughing.

"Sorry. Nobody spoke to me that way, a female, I mean."

"You're being too friendly with me." I raised one brow as I said that. In my pack, no one except Lucy wants to be around me. And his action now makes me question it.

"I am? Well, you're not hard to be with." He shrugged. "What are your plans now that you're broken?" He grinned playfully. I rolled my eyes again decided to ignore his teasing.

"I'll probably go back to the guesthouse. I'm not a party person."

He grunts, probably hates my plan.

"You'll waste the evening that way. Come, dance with me." He offered his hand and I just looked at it. He seems nice, Nick. But not my type.

"You're not my type." I said, ignoring his hand. He laughed hard at my words.

"And now you're being hard to be with. Come, I'm not into you either." He said half-laughing making my brows raise.

He then sighed and snatched my hand, pulling me on the dance floor. Soft music was played, perfect for slow dancing.

He snaked his arms on my waist, pulling me closer to his body. I rolled my eyes again, feeling uncomfortable with all the eyes lingering at us.

"How does it feel to dance with the Beta?" He playfully said, full of his own self-confidence again.

"My Dad is a Beta. You have no effect to me at all." I grinned when his face got knotted, hating how I destroy his confidence easily.

"Not from the strongest pack though." He grinned. I just laughed at how he try to pull himself up again. I didn't argue with him at that one. He's probably stronger than Eric and Cruz.

"What's your name by the way?"

"I'm surprised you'd ask." I laughed. He has got angry with me, whined at me, joked around me and told me a secret yet he haven't ask my name but now.

He chuckled. "I forgot to."

"Ashira." I said, smiling.

"You look good toni—"

His words were cut off when a loud growl from upstairs took everyone's attention. From the sound of it, it was from someone powerful. Powerful enough to make everyone's tail tucked and shaking. I got scared too only a slightness, my wolf is too confident right now that I seem to be less affected by it.

We looked up but before we could see who's up there, a man fell down on his feet in front of us. Making a perfect dismount. I watched as he bended his knees to support his weight from the impact.

I was welcomed by a pair of deep red eyes, my senses getting all flared up. He's an Alpha. My Alpha!

"Mate!" My wolf joyed! I want to be relieved as well but his anger starts cowering on me. I can feel myself shaking.

Alpha Aiden is my mate!

He's furious. Anger and pain was all over his face. He looked at me with disgust and affection. I didn't know those two expression can be combined but it's what was written on his face.

His heavenly-scent lingers on my nose, almost made my mouth waters. Despite his anger, I'm surprisingly attracted to him, too much that I want to throw myself on him, to have him wrap his arms around my body. I want to feel his warmth. Now!

My wolf is making me crazy. I controlled her thoughts before she took me over, scared of being ashamed in front of his people.

He shot a look at Nick and Nick stepped back a few step, dragging me with him.

Aiden snapped his glare towards Nick's arms wrapped around me. I can smell danger, a feeling that he will burst any moment now. And my instinct didn't failed me!

Alpha Aiden let out a loud growl towards Nick and I, making Nick's hand dropped on his side and stepping away from me.

"She's mine!" he growl loudly, saying the words to Nick who's almost pale, heads down, cowering from his Alpha's power. Afraid, tail-tucked.

Aiden grabbed my arm tight, pulling me closer to him. I felt electricity shot my being when his skin touched mine. His eyes softened as soon as my body smacked with his, feeling secure over what was his.

He sniffed my head and his arm circled on my waist, tugging on it tightly that I'm sure his claws ripped through that part of my dress. My eyes closed on its own when his head lowered on my neck, inhaling my scent.

I was lost the moment his breathe touched my skin, and when he kissed the part where the claim should be, I moaned softly. He growled softly upon feeling my reaction, I can sense his arousal, his heat is calling for mine.

I blushed on the thought that everyone in this room may smell how aroused I am. With that thought, I hid my face on Aiden's chest.

"How dare you!" his growl was pointed to Nick's who still had his head low, eyes focused on the ground. One of my hand clutched on his shirt while the other tugged on his arm. I looked him in the eyes and then to the people around us. Sending him a message to not cause trouble in the middle of this ceremony.

He closed his eyes shut and growled before looking back to Nick.

"I'll deal with you later." he snarled at him before looking around, his chin is up and looking confident, powerful. "The rest of you enjoy the evening." He ordered before walking away from the crowd and the eyes of his people. Dragging me along with him.

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