Call Me Alpha/C6 The Encounter
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Call Me Alpha/C6 The Encounter
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C6 The Encounter

Thank you for reading this far!


His tight grip hurts my arm, making me flinch along with his dragging. I don't know where we're headed but we had passed the stairs, walking the hallway of the second floor.

The loud sound of the music from the party didn't offset my heartbeat. Having him this close made every hair in my body stand, giving me such a newfangled feeling.

I am relieved I found my mate but his powerful aura keeps making my knees tremble. I'm not okay with it but my traitor wolf is already submitting to his.

'Stop being submissive! He hasn't claim us yet!' I nagged at my wolf but she just shrugged me off, I growled.

"I-I can walk!" I tried to make my voice tough but it came out in a whisper. I growled to myself, continuously nagged at my wolf.

Aiden turned his head and looked at me, he didn't stopped walking nor let my arm go. His expression is somewhat in the middle of confuse and angry. I can't see his eyes clearly because of the dimmed lights but I'm sure its not red anymore. His wolf has calmed. A bit.

No words came out from him until we reached the double doors where I assumed was his office. He kicked the door open and harshly pulled me inside.

His office were dark, only a small light from the desk lamp brighten the room a bit.

My breathe is hitched and air left my lungs when he pushed me on the wall, trapping me with his arms placed at my sides.

"How dare you flirt with my Beta in front of my people!" He growled. He was not screaming but his voice has raised its tone, enough to convey his anger. His hardened expression didn't help to calm me. I started cowering under his glare, wanted to sink myself on the wall behind me.

Wait. What did he just say?


I've never flirt my whole life for him to easily judge me without the slightest hesitation!

I felt rage of fire build inside of me, I started to look at him straight in his soul. Waiving my stupid wolf who's not even bothered by this guys' words!

Aiden being my mate won't change the fact that I'll never let anyone outsmart me with their petty accusations! I've had enough experience judgement from my former pack. Now that I know I'll belong to his pack, I'll never let anyone judge me again. Not even him!

"I'm not flirting with Nick!" My defiant voice shocked him, caught him off guard for a second before growling at me. Opposed from my feisty behavior that I'm sure he's unaccustomed with. I don't care! He pushed me to feel this irritated.

His stare turned deadly than it already is. With dark face, he growled at me trying to scare my resistance away.

"You danced with him in everyone's presence including me." He emphasized the last words expecting for me to see his point.

I denied to understand his reasoning. He can't blame me for something I did not intend to do! And for God's sake, I just danced with Nick without any motive to anger Aiden! Hell, I don't even knew I have a mate earlier!

"If you'd stepped forward to me then I'll know you're my mate! You could've been the one I'm dancing with!"

I regret how the last sentence sounds when it came out. I seemed needy and wanted to have a dance with him. Or so how I thought.

Aiden's face softened. The dim light from the lamp gleamed his eyes. A shade of golden brown eyes focused on mine, making me quiver.

I'm drowning into his gaze, fighting my wolf as she tried to take control of the situation.

"You're mine!" He growled and wrapped his arm on my waist, crushing my body closer to him. A wave of electricity run down my spine. Still, I didn't break the defiant look I'm giving him. Denying my wolf to give an ounce of submission into him.

"Doesn't mean you can accuse me of being a flirt! If you wanted me, you'll show yourself in the ceremony! If only you did that, you could've avoid making such scene." I snarled at him. His eyes squinted, looking at me with disbelief.

"You came to my land to find me! Not to dance with anyone else!"

"Well I'm sorry but you're not there!" I snapped back trying to control my urges to wrap my arms around him.

I want to be closer to him even without the space between our body. I want him! It's harder to control myself each passing minute that he's this close to me.

"So its my fault." He was not asking but stating the words. Low growls escaped his chest, he's irritated. I blinked, affected from his dead serious voice. I looked away from him, bothered by his change in tone.

"I'm not saying that but its not mine either." I said in a whisper. His fingers dug deep on my waist. A low growl escaped his lips but it sound lusty.

I looked at him again and found his eyes fixed on my neck. His jaw clenched as he started trailing his fingers on my neck, where his claim should be placed. My eyes instinctively shut from the tingling sensation his touch brought me.

Damn! I never thought the mate bond could be this strong!

'Claim!' My wolf excitedly cheered to me. I can't focus on her now. My thoughts are clouded and everything seems to stop around me. Is he gonna claim me now?

I'm not against it. I wanted him to claim me, I'll feel more secure if he did but I'm also nervous from what's gonna happen. I'm yet aware of what situation a stealer like me will fave if he won't claim me now.

My wolf can feel his wolf's lust. He want to claim me but resistance is present on his face. He's trying to fight his desire but his feelings are clear to me. I can feel him! He wants to claim me!

'Claim! Claim!' My wolf yelled. My heart beats faster and loud, it's almost deafening.

Slowly, his head lowered to my neck. My closed eyes shut tight when the tip of his nose touched my skin. Damn it! I'm being drowned deep from the agitation we're sharing.

Aiden inhaled my scent and exhaled hard through his mouth, his breathe touched my skin once again and I can't contain my moans. The arms that wrapped my waist hold me even tighter. Another moan-like yelp came out of my throat.

"Your scent is so addicting.." he whispered on my neck. I hold my moans to myself when I felt the urge to.

I am lost of words. I don't know what to respond with what he said because his feelings mirrored with mine. His scent is exhilarating.

Suddenly, he moved back away from me. He looked me straight into my eyes before turning his head on the side, thinking.

He no longer holding me anymore that my body wanted to jump to him. To put an end to our distance. I want to slap my face from the thoughts I'm having but the bond between us is too strong. I can't contain it.

Aiden sighed deeply before turning his back on me. My chest flared with pain with what he did.

"You'll stay on my house. I'll have someone escort you there." He started. I heard some glass clinking and noticed that he poured liquor on his glass.

"I..." I wanted to speak something but I don't know what to say. I want him to come with me but I can't find my voice to say it. This feels wrong.

"I've called someone to take you there." His voice is cold, emotionless. Very different from what he just showed me a few minutes ago. I can't believe it. He's not claiming me when he should have!

"Won't you claim me?" I asked when I recollect my priorities which was to have my mate finish the mating process. Not the intimate part but at least he should start to claim me.

"I'm making myself as an exception into this tradition."

I paused my breathing. Did he just said that? Did he mean what I think he meant?

"You're not claiming me?!" My voice raised with shocked and frustration. How can he say that! My nose flared up with anger starting to build inside me. I cannot believe him! Just when I needed him to do his part of the mating, he's being exasperating!

He turned his head to the side with his back still on me, not entirely facing me.

"I'll never put my claim on you."

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