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A lady in her thirties entered Aiden's office but I can't take my eyes off his back. I was not able to speak back to what he had said. I was left dumbfounded with the words I just heard.

I'll never put my claim in you.

Those words kept echoing in my ears while I felt numerous needle stabbed on my chest. I felt like I was poisoned by a venomous snake. My body's numb, my head feels hazy and my breathe hitched as I stare at Aiden's back. My wolf is in pain as well but its me who's taking most of the blow.

I wanted to curse the bond between us. Not feeling its significance at the moment.

"My Luna," the lady greeted me with a low bow. She just acknowledged me as this packs' Luna yet my own mate think otherwise.

Is he gonna reject me? He doesn't want me?

Questions flood in my mind that I feel I'm going insane.

"Go with Aurea, she will assist you with everything you'll need. I don't want any male near you. Take that as a warning." Aiden's deep voice come out chilly again.

I'm not paying attention with his threat. My mind is focused on why he have someone to assist me or bring me to his home when in fact he can!

"I'll take you home, my Luna." Aurea said humbly, her eyes still on the ground.

I nodded at her. I don't think Aiden is open for argument right now. And I'm not near on begging anything of him.

My pride rises. My chin rose proud as my ego continuously charging, fully ignoring my wolf's pain. I'm not the type who kiss any wolf's feet. Not my mate. Not even the Alpha.

"Let's go." I said to Aurea and started to walk outside the office.

The car ride was slow, letting me replay what had happened over and over again.

Maybe he doesn't want me. First, he didn't showed up the traditional way at the ceremony. The scene he must have caused with Nick and I was because of his wolf being possessive with me. But not because he'd want a mate. Nor he want me.

And then his words that doesn't speared my wolf straight into her heart comes second but fatal. How could he bluntly tell me he doesn't want to claim me? I never done anything to him for him to be upset. We just met! And yet the thought of having me as his mate disturb him?

"We've reach your home, Luna." Aurea interrupted my thoughts.

"Please. Call me Ashira." I don't want any claim or acknowledgement of something I'm yet to be deserved of.

"I'm sorry but you're our Luna now-" she hesitated.

"I know you can't smell Aiden's claim on me." I cut her words. Bitterness touched the tip of my tongue.

"But that doesn't change the fact that you're our Alpha's mate, Luna." She even bowed lightly to me. I just sighed and let her call me Luna in the end. These wolves hugged the tradition righteously, their Alpha should be ashamed.

I hopped out of the car and saw a western build house in front of me. Painted in white, two-storey and surrounded of trees everywhere. This is Aiden's house.

There's no neighboring houses and far from the center which explained the long car ride.

"Alpha Aiden asked me to assist you. He'd given me instructions but I'll do first what you wanted to." Aurea said. We're inside the house now. She's holding my luggage that she might picked up at the guesthouse earlier.

"What's his instruction?"

"First is to show you your room, Luna."

I'll probably hear the rest of his order but I badly need to get off this dress.

"Let's do that."

She walked ahead of me to the stairs. There's five doors in the second floor that I've noticed. We turned left and stopped at the second door there.

Aurea opened the door and I was welcomed by a large circle bed in the center of the room. The theme is in brown and white. Classic. The outside of the house screamed modernization while the inside were most vintage.

I eyed the room for a bit, not taking more step inside. I turned to Aurea who immediately bowed her head.

"Oh, please. Take it easy." I whined. Her outmost respect of me felt multiple slaps that I don't deserve it. Making me remember that her Alpha indirectly rejected me.

She just smiled in response. I sighed. Realizing whatever I'll say would be worthless because she made up her mind.

"Where's Aiden's room?" I asked curiously.

"The first door we passed is, Luna."

I nodded. So we're next to each other.

"What's the rest of his instructions?"

"I'll need to take you shopping for your clothes."

The reason girls from the mapping like me came with light baggage is because we'll be under responsibility of our mates when we find ours.

That summed up the shelter, clothes and food we'll need. Most likely, our main role here is to give them a pup. To multiply the pack and produce more of their bloodline.

"I'll also cook for your everyday meal-"

"I cook my own meal." I stated. That's the least skill I have but I don't want to be treated like a princess. Now I regret not participating Ophelia's cooking lessons.

She nodded, agreeing to my words. We talked for a little more and I found that she's the servant of Aiden. She took care of his house and his food.

"Where's your mate?" I managed to ask while settling my clothes on the closet.

"He's dead." I can feel the sadness in her voice.

I can't believe she's mateless and still coping with life. Most can't. I'm just glad she's a woman because if she's not then she'll be able to smell my abnormality which is being a stealer.

"How'd you survive it?" I asked, playing with my fingers.

"Alpha Aiden made me a servant. You know the Alpha's effect on the pack. Basically, I survived the pain for the responsibility I needed to uphold."

I understand her. Though the fact that she's coping because of the Alpha's power saddened me. I bet she wanted herself dead when her mate died. What's good thing that I can see is, she found something to focus on rather than to mourn and cry everyday.

We finished our talk when I called it a day. I let her go home to where she's staying. She lived not too far away in the woods.

Once alone, I felt the surging feeling of being with Aiden. Missing him. This is normal because I got to know who my mate is but Im not used to it.

I tried waiving the thought of having him near me. There's a lump on my throat that's too hard to swallow. My body's aching for his presence!

A picture of Aiden's golden brown eyes staring at me with lust popped on my mind. I still can feel his touch on my skin. His fingers left invisible marks on my waist, making me feel the sensation of it only. I felt the heat rushed in between my thighs. Damn! I never felt this horny before!

I decided to take a shower trying to fight Aiden's effect on me.

Aiden's POV

I never intended to show myself at the ball. The least I wanted is to find my mate and get drunk from that incredible smell again. I locked myself at my office, letting Nick do my role of hosting the ball.

But when the ceremony started, I can only smell her! That sweet heavenly scent lingers on my nose that every fucking time it hits my nostrils, I'll put my hand on my nose. Trying to block her scent but eventually failed.

Male wolves attraction toward their mate is stronger. I may be able to smell her clearly but she won't know I'm around unless she'll laid her eyes on me.

My wolf keep nagging at me for my resistance. He badly want her and I hates him for being so. I don't want to have a mate! I don't want a messed-up Luna at my side!

I can feel everything that's happening below. The party was held on the ground floor. The ceremony was finished and everyone's enjoying the rest of the night.

I regret not staying on my house when my feet seem to have a mind of its own. The scent still lingers everywhere and I can't stop the mate bond's pull any longer. My eyes are closed tight as I went out of my office. I stopped on the hall where I can see the party below.

Her smell is there, everywhere. As soon as I looked down, my eyes fixed to the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. She's wearing an olive dress that hugged her body, the slit on the dress helped me take a peak of her perfect round legs.

I growled to myself, just with her sight and my abnormal thirst for sex seemed to cease. I saw her as she talked with my Beta, Nick. My hearing enhanced on its own to overhear what they're talking about.

"Come, dance with me." Nick even offered his hand to her. I growled to myself as I heard him say that. How dare him ask my mate to dance with him!

"You're no my type." My anger subsides as my mate said that. Her face is serious and she didn't reached for my dog beta's hand. My wolf cheered, proud of her already.

She must felt devastated when no one walked forward for her. I thought I'll see her crying and in pain like the usual reaction I've seen the past years but she seemed stronger inside.

My thoughts ate me that I did not heard what Nick replied. The next thing I saw was him snatching my precious mate's hand for the dance he's been hell bent to.

I growled inwardly. Can't this dog wait for his own mate! I'm itching to jump from where I stand to where they were but I stopped myself when I saw her letting him have that dance.

What the fuck.

I felt my chest tightened from the view. I was just proud of her for a minute and now she's letting him do as he wishes! Nick's not her mate! How can she let him touch her!

When Nick hugged his arms around my mate's waist, I almost lost it. My growls are getting louder each minute that I'm watching the scene.

My body starts to shake as they continued dancing and talking. I wasn't able to focus on their talk, my eyes are glued on Nick's arm around my mate. I'll break that arm for sure.

"Ashira." Said my mate. Even her name sounds beautiful. It suit her though that arm that wrapped around her needs to be taken care of.

My wolf growl loud enough for everyone to hear. My wolf's upset with what's happening but most at me.

And there, I lost it. My eyes turned red, my Alpha blood taking me over.

I jumped from second floor and land a few steps away from them. I'm breathing heavily, trying to calm myself when I was welcomed by a pair of beautiful deep green eyes and perfect face. Damn, she's so perfect.

I was starting to compose myself, stilled by my mate's sole presence when Nick pulled her a step away from me with his fucking arm still around what's mine! My eyes sharped to Nick's and his arm and that's enough for my anger rises again!

I growled and snatched Ashira's arm, feeling the best sensation I've ever encountered just from touching her. I stiffened when her body smashed into me, bolts of electrifying sensation shot through me. Her scent while this close is suffocating my lungs in a good way. I, with disbelief, liked having her around.

I looked at Nick again, using my Alpha to him. Making him submit to me. Letting him know his damned place.

"How dare you!" I growled loudly. I can feel the powerful aura surges around me, affecting everyone in the hall but with Nick taking the most blow. I intend for him to.

I felt my mate's hand clutches my shirt so I looked down on her, meeting her beautiful eyes. I can't see any emotion on her aside from the affection and fear. I must've scared her.

She then turned her eyes on those around us and back to me, giving me a message. I must have ruined the evening. Everyone are plastered with fear.

I growled, looking back to Nick.

"I'll deal with you later." I said through gritted teeth.

'I'll break that fucking arm of yours.' I mind linked Nick privately, making him paled more than he already is. He just bowed at me slightly. I'm not threatening him. I will break his arm later.

When Ashira and I reached my office, all I wanted to do when I placed her on the wall is to crush my lips into hers, to taste her inviting lips. But I took over control and stopped myself from doing so.

"How dare you flirt with my beta in front of my people!" I yelled. Those are not the words I wished to project but I can't take it back anymore.

I watched how she bowed down her head when she felt the anger I was trying to portray. I regret yelling to her for a moment before her eyes squinted and her head held high again. Meeting my eyes with hers.

"I'm not flirting with Nick!" She fought back. I was caught off guard for a second because no one ever yelled at me before. I growled and thought that my mate is stubborn, not liking the idea of it.

Our argument went on. I knew I shouldn't have said what I've said specially how my words implied to her but I can't take it back now.

I'm so close to her that my mouth is watering. I can see her face clearly, her lips continuously inviting me, her body's warmth is making mine flare with heat.

My jealousy subsides as my thought were clouded by her effects on me. I want to kiss her, devour her, to claim her. Make her mine.

I want to taste every part of her body, make her quiver from my touch, I want to be inside of her! The mate bond is too strong, I can't control the my anger to be replaced of lust, of want.

"So its my fault." I intend to end this argument, accepting defeat and taking responsibility of my dreaded actions. I can't admit it to her but I know my fault, she has none of it.

"I'm not saying that but its not mine either." She whispered that made every hair on my body rise. Damn, why did that sound sexy?

I held her firmly, not giving any space between us. A soft growl escaped my lips and I knew she can feel the same thing I'm feeling. Lust.

She turned her head on the side, avoiding my eyes. Her hair fells back and I took a sight of her beautiful neck. I gulped when the urge to claim my mate hits me.

I want to dug my teeth on her neck, to mark her that she's mine. It's normal for a wolf to be possessive of what was theirs but I never thought I'll ever be one.

Her eyes looked at me again and caught me eyeing her neck. I trailed my fingers on the part of her skin that I'm itching to bite on. Her eyes closed slowly as she felt my finger.

I groaned inwardly with the sight. Suddenly, no arguments were needed. All I want is to touch her.

'I can feel her lust! She want us!' my wolf overjoyed. I can smell her arousal every time I move my finger, loving the sensation I also ought to.

'Claim her now!' my wolf once again said. As if bewitched, I bend down and pressed my lips on her skin. Kissing it gently. This is where I'm gonna claim her. I said to myself as my lips touched that part of her neck.

I smelt her arousal risen with what I did. The bulge on my parts just proved how arouse I am, too. I sniffed on her neck, loving the sensation we're giving each other. Liking how I affect her.

"You're scent is so addicting.." I whispered, my lips not leaving her skin. I pressed her closer to me when she moaned softly.

My canines came out, ready to bite her and put my claim on her when an image of my parents faces snapped on me.


I hastily moved away from her, letting her go. I turned my back on her and tried to contain my feelings. I felt the frustration when distance ate us, I want her near yet I can't forget where I stand.

I'm an Alpha. I shouldn't give in to the bond.

I groaned to myself as I shut my eyes tight.

"You'll stay on my house. I'll have someone escort you there." It's my responsibility as her mate. She's my responsibility now.

I decided to mindlink Aurea, my personal servant. Asking her to come take my mate home.

I poured alcohol to my glass. I needed it.

"I..." My hand stopped when she's about to speak before continuing once she didn't utter a word.

"I've called someone to take you there." I drank the alcohol straight, feeling it burn my throat but not enough to overcome the heat Ashira has given me.

"Won't you claim me?" She asked. I paused for a moment. I wanted to. But my past is haunting me. Yes, I'm scared of claiming her. I might not be the mate she's expected to be. I can't bend my knees for her.

"I'm making myself as an exception into this tradition." I simply said. Giving her the message I meant to say.

"You're not claiming me?!" Her voice risen and I felt her pain. I'm hurting her and damn these mate bond for letting me know!

I want to look at her, to see how she react right now but I stopped myself and ended looking at my side.

"I'll never put my claim on you."

Every words that left my mouth are half-meant. I regret it the second I said it, not liking the feeling of hurting my just had known mate.

Aurea came afterwards, no more words came from her to me. My servant taken her to my house, I'd given her orders of what to do to her. I can't be around her now, I'm not sure how far my control can go.

When she had left, I wanted to run to her, to follow her fading scent. I can't have her far. Damn it.

I decided to call Nick. I'm not forgetting his flirtatious act toward my mate.

When Nick entered my office, I go to him with inhuman speed just as he stepped inside, the door haven't even closing.


I did not say a word and snatched his arms. My eyes turned red, letting my Alpha blood take over, giving me full power.

I gripped his wrist tightly, feeling his pulse rapidly beating before I turned his arm on his back making him cry from the pain.

"You've messed with what is mine." I said through gritted teeth.

"I didn't know, Alpha--Ughhh ahh!" I broke his arm before he can finish his words. I don't care what he knows, I've seen what I saw and I don't like it a bit.

I let go of his arms when I heard enough bone cracking and screams of pain from him. He fell with his knees on the ground and clutched his arms, holding the screams to came out of his throat.

He was huffing for breathe, feeling another pain as the damage is starting to heal.

I licked my lips, slightly satisfied with the sight before walking back behind my table.

"You're dismissed." I said with finality. He weakly stood and bowed lightly before heading to the door, his hand clutching his healing arm.

I closed my eyes and sighed when I felt another wave of desire to be near Ashira. I shouldn't go home tonight, or else I will lose it again.


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