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001: Chen Tianzhen's results were not good. It could be described as bad. But that didn't mean he wasn't smart. On the contrary, he was very smart, but he wasn't interested in reading.

There were still two hours until the exam, so Chen Tian was at the school entrance. He was carrying a steaming breakfast for his girlfriend. Chen Tian loved and doted upon his girlfriend. Of course, this included preparing breakfast for her tomorrow, even during the college entrance exam. He was eager to see the road, hoping his girlfriend would arrive early. He knew about his girlfriend's temper. It wasn't just a normal temper. If he pissed her off, then he wouldn't be able to live a peaceful life for a week.

"Really, what are you looking at?" Chen Tian Zhen was slapped hard on the back.

Chen Tian abruptly turned around and saw his girlfriend who had suddenly appeared behind him. "Little Yan, when did you arrive?" I've been waiting for you for over an hour. " Little Yan accepted the breakfast emotionlessly. "What are you doing here so early? Didn't you say you could come half an hour earlier?" "By the way, how did you do in math yesterday?" Chen Tian sighed and said, "What else can I do? I don't know how to solve a question." "Fortunately, there are a lot of multiple choice questions, and the probability of the four answers being correct is one in four. If I count it this way, I should get 42 points." Little Yan glared at him. "Hmph, you sure are confident." "Chen Tian gave an embarrassed smile and said," "I'm speaking the truth." " "Little Yan suddenly ate a mouthful of rice, frowned at the word" Chuan ", then spat out the rice," "Pah, pah, pah." Staring at Chen Tian, he shouted, "Is this the breakfast you prepared for me?" Didn't I tell you to come just half an hour earlier? Why didn't you listen? Let me eat a cold meal, eat a bad stomach how to do? Have you ever considered my feelings, have you ever really cared about me? " "Being yelled at by Little Yan, Chen Tian was stunned for a moment before she immediately smiled and apologized," "Little Yan, don't be angry. I'll accompany you to eat beef noodles." "Little Yan threw her breakfast on the ground and said loudly," "You can eat it yourself!" Then he turned around and walked back to the school.

Chen Tian had been in love for two years, but he just couldn't understand why this woman's face could change just like that. Chen Tian knew that his girlfriend would be so angry that he would have to suffer for a while longer. He immediately shook his head and entered the exam grounds with a heavy heart.

Half a month later, the college entrance exam's results came down. Chen Tianming's grades were the lowest in school: Chinese 89, Mathematics 48, English 37, Comprehensive 56, Total score 230. Chen Tian was not surprised by his results. In his three years in high school, he hadn't really listened to a single lesson. It would have been strange if he had entered a key university.

When the head teacher saw that there was no hint of disappointment on Chen Tian's face, he asked, "Naive, what do you think about your results?" It doesn't seem to make you sad that you failed. " Chen Tian lightly smiled, "Why should I be sad? This kind of result is to be expected." I haven't studied seriously these past few years. Wouldn't you find it laughable if I were to become the top scholar? If that were the case, then heaven would be unfair to those students who studied hard. " The homeroom teacher gave Chen Tian a deep look. "You've wasted all these years. Don't you feel pity? Don't you feel regret?" Chen Tian replied with a smile, "Regret?" Maybe. But would that work? "Rather than regret it, it would be better to consider how to go along with it in the future." "Then what is your future path?" the head teacher asked again.

Chen Tian looked out the window, and after a while he shook his head and said blindly, "I don't know." Just then, a girl burst into the office, followed by a middle-aged woman who might have been her mother.

"Teacher, how did I do? How many points did I get?" The homeroom teacher turned to the girl and said, "So it's Little Yan. You did well in the exam. 407 points, no problem at all for a third-rate university." When he saw the middle-aged woman, the head teacher took a chair and said, "Is this Little Yan's mother?" "Please take a seat, take a seat." "Little Yan, you're here!" When Chen Tian saw Little Yan come in, he quickly went up and asked. The question sounded urgent and ambiguous. Anyone could tell that the relationship between the two was not ordinary.

The middle-aged woman looked over at Chen Tian and saw that she was wearing a blue dress. It was very old and had already been washed until it turned white, but it was still considered clean. Presumably, he was also a poor bloke.

"Is this your classmate, Little Yan?" The middle-aged woman asked Little Yan, "Such a passionate classmate is really rare." Hearing her mother's discontent, Little Yan gave Chen Tian a fierce glare and quickly explained, "Mom, the school teaches us to treat people with courtesy. In fact, every student is so enthusiastic." Am I right, teacher? " The head teacher also saw the middle-aged woman's dissatisfaction with Chen Tianzhen and quickly said, "Yes, yes. The school teaches every student to treat others with courtesy." When the middle-aged woman saw that the form teacher had spoken, she did not say anything further. He just gave a fierce "hmph".

Chen Tian was extremely displeased. He had never met Little Yan's mother before, so why did she have such a huge opinion of him? Could it be that she knows of my relationship with Little Yan, but so what?!

"Auntie, have we met before?" "If I've ever offended you before, I'm here to apologize." When the middle-aged woman heard this, her expression became ugly. She never thought that a yellow-haired boy would talk back to her in front of her teacher. " We haven't met, and you haven't offended me. "You were educated at school, and you know how to treat people with courtesy. I am just a boor. Do you think you will offend me?" "Chen Tian said," "It's good that you don't have it, but you seem to have a big problem with me." " The middle-aged woman looked at Chen Tian and asked meaningfully, "You like our Little Yan?" Chen Tian, the homeroom teacher, and Little Yan were all stunned by the middle-aged woman's naked question.

The homeroom teacher looked at Chen Tian, wanting to see how he would answer. Little Yan did not expect her mother to ask such an embarrassing question in the office. She lowered her head, blushing from shyness.

Chen Tian was also surprised by this question, but he still took a deep breath, summoned up his courage and said loudly, "Yes, I like her!" "How many points did you get on your test?" The middle-aged woman asked again.

"T230." Chen Tian Zhen's reply lacked the confidence he had before.

"Where do your parents work?" "To work at home in agriculture." The middle-aged woman smiled contemptuously: "Look at you, you are only 230 points, I will test higher than you. Talking about people, you don't look that good. Talking about family status, your parents are farming at home." You can tell from your clothes that you are a pauper. You like Xiao Yan, do you have the ability to like her? Are you qualified to like her? What can you give her? You know what she wants? You say you like her, but do you just say a few sweet words to her every day? If that's what you say you like, everyone can do it, not to mention you. Humph, a toad wants to eat a swan. "In my eyes, you are just a petty person who doesn't want to get ahead and only knows how to deceive a girl's feelings." The head teacher thought that the middle-aged woman had gone overboard and quickly stopped her from talking any further. "Alright, stop it, he's just a child. If he has anything to say that offends you, please do include him in more." Little Yan also took her mother's hand and said, "Mom, don't talk so much." Chen Tian cried. He did not even know how he cried as two streams of tears rolled down his face. It had been a long time since he had cried. He had even forgotten the feeling of crying. In the past, no matter what others said, he would always laugh it off, "Walk your own path and let others talk about it." It was his motto; before, he had thought he had no dignity, or rather he had given it up. He felt that as long as he was happy, he would feel good about himself. Other people would say that I don't seek to improve, that I am despicable, that my mouth is on someone else's body, and whatever he wants to say, he will say it as he pleases. But this time, he cried. Little Yan's mother's words crossed the bottom line of his heart. These words also made him realize that he still had dignity.

Chen Tian thought to himself, "A villain who does not have good results, is not handsome, and does not seek to improve himself, and only knows how to deceive young girls?" I was such a person, but why hadn't I felt it before? "Haha, so it turns out that I'm just a useless villain with no good points." Little Yan saw Chen Tian Tian's pale face, her expression was wooden, her eyes were empty, and tears kept rolling down her cheeks. She felt ashamed in her heart, "Naive, don't be like this. "Don't take it to heart." Chen Tian looked deeply at Little Yan and asked, "Little Yan, you've never liked me, right?" Xiao Yan was flustered by Chen Tian's gaze, but she looked him in the eye and lowered her head, whispering, "Innocent, we, we are impossible." Although her voice was soft, it was like a bolt out of the blue to Chen Tian, she had never liked him before. Chen Tian fiercely threw his hand away and rushed out of the office.

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