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Chen Tian no longer lost his girlfriend, all his previous unhappiness had long since disappeared into thin air. Now, everything in the world was so beautiful in his eyes. Right now, he always had the feeling that he was in a bright future. At home, Chen Tian Zhen's parents were burning with anxiety, just like an ant on a hot pan. Chen Tian had already left home for two days, where would he go? His parents frantically searched, searching every place they could think of, but there wasn't even a shadow of them. His mother had also been washing her face with tears these past two days. Where do you think this kid is going, Dad? He didn't pass the college entrance exam, so he was afraid that it might be too big of a blow to him. This child has always been strong since he was young. If he can't think straight, what should he do? " the mother cried to her husband. " Ai, I say, why do you only know the bad side of things? He was almost twenty years old, so how could he not know what he should do? Furthermore, didn't he also run away from home before? In the end, he still returned safely, so don't worry too much. Who knows, he might come back soon. " The husband was also extremely anxious, but he patiently comforted his wife.

"But, but my heart is not at ease."

Chen Tian walked along the road, thinking that his parents were extremely anxious because he hadn't been home for two days, so he quickened his pace. It only took ten minutes to get home. Before he even entered the door, he shouted, "Dad, Mom, I'm back!"

Hearing Chen Tian Zhen's voice, his parents finally let go of their worries. His parents rushed out of the house and looked their son up and down, as if they were afraid of losing something.

"Son, where have you been these past two days? "No matter how hard we tried, we couldn't find him. If you leave, you can't tell me or your father. You're making our family worry to death." When she saw her son, her mother became excited, and her tears began to flow again. Seeing her mother cry, Chen Tian thought about how anxious her mother had been these past two days. He could not help but have tears roll down his cheeks, "Mom, I made you worry. Didn't I say I was just going for a walk? Alright, Mom, don't cry anymore. Look, I'm still fine. " Originally, his father wanted to throw a tantrum when he saw Chen Tian. However, when he saw Chen Tian's tear-stained face, he couldn't help but say in a deep voice, "Child, you've been gone for two days already. You didn't even greet your family. A walk? Two days? "But it's good that you're back, it's good that you're back."

Chen Tian helped his mother wipe away her tears, then looked at his father and said with a smile, "Dad, mom, don't worry, I will never do this again. I will tell you wherever I am going, and I will not make you worry like this time."

"Son, mother, it's almost noon. The child probably hasn't eaten breakfast yet, so go cook," the father said to the mother.

"Ai, I'm too focused on talking. I'll go cook now."

My father went to the fields to get the food, my mother was cooking at home, and I gave my mother a hand. His parents were very happy. They had thought that Chen Tian would be disappointed for a while because he had failed the college entrance exam. However, from Chen Tian Zhen's expression, he was not affected by the college entrance exam at all, as if he was not the one who had failed the exam. As long as the son has no pressure is the greatest comfort to parents. Chen Tian was also very happy, it had been a long time since this family had been so harmonious. In the past, the family of three had never cooked together before. Now he realized that poverty was not so terrible, and that the pleasure of the poor was better than anything else, as long as they were happy. He was determined to let his parents live a carefree life.

This time, it was as dull as before, but there were only two more plates.

His mother looked at Chen Tian and said embarrassedly, "Son, you came back with green vegetables and didn't even have a plate of meat. But since you know about the situation at home, you can take it." The father glared at his mother and said, "Son of a mother, what are you saying? Don't be afraid of your son, let me think of a way to get your tuition fees. Tomorrow, I'll go buy some meat.

The words of his parents made Chen Tian Zhen's nose sour. "Dad, Mom, it's good enough to have so many dishes in the countryside. I'm very satisfied, really. Besides, it was all nutrition in the stomach, why would he buy meat? Oh right, dad, do you remember ten years ago, I got lost on Little Yuan Mountain. I just went to see him this time. He rarely eats meat on the mountain, so his body isn't that good. When he heard about Little Yuan Shan's old grandpa, his parents became interested as well.

The mother asked: "Son, so you are going to see him. Is everything all right?" Of course, he could be said to be a god-like figure. "He's lived for nearly two hundred years, but he still looks like he's fifty. There are no wrinkles on his face, and if not for his head of silver hair, it would be impossible to tell that he's an old man." Chen Tian introduced them to his parents. When they heard that the long-haired old man was two hundred years old, they all stood up in shock.

Father asked, "Is he really two hundred years old? If that's the case, you should see him more often. It's not easy for someone over a hundred years old to live alone in the mountains. If he wants, you can bring him over to our house.

Chen Tian shook his head and said, "He won't go down the mountain, but even if you didn't tell me, I would still have gone to see him. He is now my master."

"Your master?" his parents asked in unison.

"Yes, he is the sixty-seventh generation disciple of Wu Dang, Zhang Sanfeng. Now, I am his disciple. If you look at it like this, I should be the sixty-eighth generation disciple of Zhang Sanfeng." His kung fu is very high, but I feel that Master is not just that strong with his kung fu. " Chen Tian explained.

His father was very happy to hear that he was the disciple of an old deity, but he still said, "Son, if you have the time, don't bully others and don't cause trouble."

"Don't worry, dad and mom. I've been bullied since I was young. Besides, kung fu is used to strengthen one's body and protect one's family for the country. It's not used to cause trouble." Chen Tian said.

"It's good that you know it. It's good that you know it." said the mother, smiling. Chen Tian was very thankful for his parents' understanding towards him. They did not complain about his failure and had even promised him to learn martial arts and obtain great power. Where can you find such good parents who are always thinking for themselves?

The following days, Chen Tian lived a very fulfilling life. During the day, he helped his parents with their agricultural work and study. At night, he practiced the Taiji Fist and the Taichi Fist. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] Taiji Fist had a total of ten levels. The first four were relatively easy to practice, but after reaching the fourth level, every level would be one level higher. It was even harder than ascending to the heavens. If one didn't have willpower or perception, they would only be able to stay at the fourth level for the rest of their lives, never making even an inch of progress.

Chen Tian had only used 50 days to reach the fourth level. This speed was something he had never achieved before. He estimated that he would need two years to finish training in the fourth stage. Chen Tian thought to himself, "It shouldn't be that difficult to reach the tenth level." However, he did not expect that such a thought would pose a great hindrance to his future cultivation. After reaching the fourth stage of the 'Taiji Divine Art', Chen Tianzhi felt as if there was a clear spring flowing within his body, causing him to feel extremely comfortable. His energy was also extremely vigorous; even three days and three nights wouldn't be enough.

At the same time, Taiji Fist's progress was also incredibly fast. Ordinary people would only be able to achieve such results after decades of practice, but Chen Tian only needed two months to get two layers of fire. It was truly a miracle.

The summer vacation ended quickly, and when Chen Tian packed her things to go to school, he felt a little embarrassed at first. The news of him and his girlfriend had already spread throughout the school, and it was unknown how many people would laugh at him. However, thinking about it, it was a fact that he broke up with his girlfriend. It was also a fact that he was insulted by his girlfriend's mother. If others want to laugh, then laugh. In school, perhaps because of their existence, the students would laugh a little more, and the pressure on their studies would be lighter.

Just as Chen Tian was about to get on the car, his father handed him the money and said, "Ahh, really, you must eat your fill at school, you must pay attention to your health, and you must have a safe mind. Don't worry about the family lack of money, your mother and I will think of something. However, your mother and I are not by your side. You must know to take care of yourself, right now we are not worried about your results, but your body. "

Chen Tian held her father's hand and said, "Rest assured, dad, I will take care of myself. Mother's health has always been bad. You must not do heavy work. "

His father nodded and said, "Don't worry and just study. I'm here at home."

The car drove off and Chen Tian sat inside with a heavy heart.

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