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After Chen Tian left the girls' dormitory, he walked towards the school's administration office. He still had to go there to register and register.

In the administration office, many of the school's leaders were there.

Chen Tian shouted, "Report!" and walked to the side of Director Liu.

"Director Liu, I'm Chen Tian, level 2007. I only have 230 marks for the college entrance exam. I want to review it for another year, and next year I'll take the exam again. I wonder what procedures I'll have to go through for the entrance exam?" Chief Liu turned around and looked at Chen Tian with a disdainful smile. "What did you do in the three years you were in school?" If you do not commit major crimes, there will be no end to small matters. The school has a rule that you are not allowed to fall in love, but you just won't listen. It's fine if you don't want to listen, but you still have to be a bit more smart, and not openly whisper things to each other in public. Look at you, the matter between you and Hu Xiaoyan had turned into a storm in the city, and now you, Chen Tian, are synonymous with early love. Your college entrance examination results are only 230, I think a year of study will still not be good college, you think there is a need to review? "Go back, go back and help your parents with their farm work. Don't waste your youth here." Hearing this, Chen Tian Zhen was so angry that his lungs were about to burst. The matter between him and Little Yan had brought about a bad influence, but it was her mother who had insulted him first. A year of study, as long as he worked hard, he believed that there would definitely be a miracle. He really didn't expect that Director Liu would use his own little Yan incident and his university entrance examination results to make a big fuss about, preventing him from entering the academy. Chen Tian suppressed her anger and said with a smile, "Chief Liu, I know this is all my fault. I will definitely fix it. I hope the school will give me a chance." "I will study hard and add one more student to the school." You? "Where are the university students?" Director Liu said sarcastically.

Chen Tian could no longer suppress the anger in his heart. Due to anger, the zhenqi in his body circulated crazily, and his short hair stood up straight. His eyes emitted a piercing cold light, and a strong aura was emitted from his body. With Chen Tian at the center, a powerful aura formed within a radius of one zhang, making it impossible for anyone to approach him. The surrounding teachers and leaders all stood up and quickly retreated. Director Liu was so scared that his face turned pale and he began to pee and pee.

"I just want to be a good student. I just want to get into a good university, but you won't give me a chance." Why, why? "Answer me!" Chen Tian roared at all the leaders and teachers in the room. The zhenqi gushed out along with the voice, forming a powerful sound wave that shook the entire room, causing the desks to fly into the air, and even cracks to appear on the glass. The Leaders and teachers were even more shaken until they felt dizzy and dizzy. Their eyes were blurry and they felt as if they had been struck in the chest with a heavy punch. Everyone tasted something sweet and spat out a mouthful of blood. Chen Tian didn't know yet.

What came out wasn't true energy, but true essence. The energy emitted by true essence was dozens of times greater than true energy. Even though he had his < < Previous Chapter

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He had only reached the fourth floor, but the angry roar from before did not suppress the Shaolin Temple at all.

If his cultivation had gone a little deeper, everyone present would have turned into idiots even if they didn't die.

"Chen Tian, stop." Do you know what you're doing? They are all teachers of the school. If something happens to them, you can't bear the responsibility. " The principal, who was blocked by a strong force field, could not take even half a step forward. He could only shout loudly from outside.

After being called by the principal, Chen Tian calmed down and retracted his cultivation. He looked at the mess in the room and did not want to believe that he had done it himself. The principal walked into the room and pointed at Chen Tian. He wanted to yell and curse at him, but when he thought about the division leader, he could not help but shiver. In the end, he just said humbly, "What do you want to do, naive?" Chen Tian knew she had done too much. She said with an embarrassed smile, "Principal, I'm sorry." I just wanted to study for a year, but the school leadership didn't agree, and they even ridiculed me. I'm sorry I lost control of my emotions. " His smile was devilish to the principal, who could not help but feel a chill in his heart and sweat profusely. "A year of study is no problem." The school will waive the tuition fee, considering your family's difficulties. In addition, the school also gives you one room each and a living allowance of 200 yuan per month. I hope that you will put all your energy into studying. " Chen Tian nodded and happily said, "Then I'll thank the Principal. If there's nothing else, I will be leaving first." The principal had long wanted to send this god of pests away, so how could he not let him go?

"Good, good." "Then take your time, I won't see you off." The moment Chen Tian walked out, he walked towards the school garden. He was currently feeling extremely vexed. Taiji spoke of peace of mind, rootless and endless. Why was he so angry today? It seemed that he had to control his emotions in the future.

The school had arranged for Chen Tian to be in class three.

In the afternoon, Chen Tian and the homeroom teacher walked into the classroom together. The class teacher thought of the students and introduced them, "Hello everyone. A new student came to our class today. His name is Chen Tian. He is a grade 2007 student. Since he didn't get into university, he came to our class to repeat his studies." I hope that you can get along in harmony, study together and improve together. "Alright, Student Chen, just find a seat and sit down." Seeing that there was an empty seat in the last row, Chen Tian wanted to go and take a seat.

"Chen Tian, come here and sit with me." Chen Tian looked over when she heard the sound. It turned out that she was the person he met in the car, Xiao Yu. She was smiling as she looked at him. There were two dimples on her small face, making her look exceptionally adorable.

Xiao Yu pointed to the empty seat beside her and said, "Here, come sit here." Chen Tian walked over and sat down. "Thank you." Seeing Chen Tian sitting beside Xiao Yu, all the students had faces full of jealousy and confusion. Why wasn't I sitting next to her? Why would the ice beauty let him sit next to her?

The teacher was lecturing on top while Chen Tian was seriously taking notes below.

In the principal's office.

The vice principal said to the principal and several leaders, "In my opinion, Chen Tian must be expelled. We do not need students like this." Let's not talk about his results for now. Just because he beat up the school leader, we should let him be legally responsible. " The headmaster snorted and said, "Of the five thousand people in the school, who saw him hit someone?" He shook it with his voice. Was he an ordinary person who could use his voice to heavily injure a person? You didn't see that I was an ant in front of him. Besides, when you went to report the case, you said he used the Lion's Roar skill to send the teachers to the hospital? "Do you think it's a movie? Let's not talk about them, even if I saw it with my own eyes, I wouldn't dare to believe it." "Then what should we do?" a leader asked.

The headmaster sighed and said helplessly, "What else can we do? Just keep him from causing trouble at school." "As for the area outside the school, that is not our jurisdiction."

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